If you were in charge of Warcrafts next expansion, what would it be?

I’m old, so I have a collection of sayings, tired old sayings worn so thin they’re nearly transparent. Aphorisms. Amorphisms? No, they have shape, they just don’t have life. Anubisms?

One of my favorites is, “When you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s easy to forget you’re there to drain the swamp.”

That was the main theme behind most of my old pen and paper role playing campaigns. I’d give the players a big over-arching questline to pursue, something big and grand and important, and then toss little annoying alligators at their asses to see if they could retain focus.

I loved having groups that were formed mostly of easily distracted players, with that one person that would keep trying to drag them back on target.

“Yes, I know the farmer has lost sheep to something lurking in the woods, but do we really have time to woolgather when the Queen’s virgin son is slated to be sacrificed and his soul consumed at the next full moon? How’s about we tell the local sheriff about the mutton-muncher*, and get our butts on the road. We don’t have time for Larry the Lamb** games.”

Alligators and swamps.

Let’s apply that to World of Warcraft right now, shall we?

We’re right in the middle of a wonderful expansion, killing dinosaurs, tearing it up in the Throne of Thunder, smacking down Lei Shen and destroying or uncovering the secrets of his power. We are pursuing the Sha, ALL of the Sha, wherever they may lead.

We’re farming, raising dragons, battling pets and looking pretty.

The war between Alliance and Horde is at the breaking point, but instead of resulting in a free-for-all, the Horde is fracturing over the actions of the ‘chosen one’ Thrall placed over them, and the Alliance is holding that same despotic overlord responsible for all the bad shit that has happened lately. So far. Well, except for Jaina. Who knows what that lady be thinkin’.

We can foresee a grand ending, with the current Horde Warchief overthrown, and the entire faction in turmoil. Will the Alliance swoop in to take advantage during the confusion?

Where do we go next when the Horde Warchief is taken down?

What major story will the next expansion bring us?

Taking one lesson from past expansions such as Cataclysm, we’ll probably just log in to find out it’s already been a few years since Garrosh was destroyed and a new Warchief was chosen, and things will be what they will be. We can then go and read a good book to find out what our characters missed.

Sorry, that was probably a bit snarky. Accurate, but snarky.

What if we were to try and imagine what our next expansion would be?

Right now we’re all occupied with the day to day playing of the game and the digestion of each content patch. We lament the ongoing delays of Pierre and the Skyclaw mount, we rejoice over reduced Lesser Charms fees for our Mogu Runes, and generally have fun in the now.

What about the big picture? What about the NEXT big picture? We don’t really know what’s going to happen, for all we know the last Sha will signal the resurrection of the Old Gods and the coming of Sargeras to destroy them, and us.

But we think we know we’re gonna take down Garrosh.

Let’s work from there, and think about where it would be really fun to go if we didn’t have to worry about the consequences to players.

Someday soon there will be a grand battle and Garrosh will be taken down. Right?

What, exactly, happens next is anyone’s guess. Will Vol’jin become the next Warchief, as datamining seems to indicate? Will Thrall (called in some circles the big green Jesus) come back to save the day?

Will something (Sargeras) come out of left field, something totally unexpected?

I truly welcome you to share your thoughts and daydreams on what our next expansion could be, where the big story could take us next, what would be big enough for a whole new expansion.

For myself, here is what I would love to see, the expansion I can’t stop thinking about, the game I would love to play in, so maybe by writing it down I’ll purge it.

The setup:

With the fall of Garrosh, and possibly the revelation and overthrow of the final Sha, the Horde will be in disarray.

The aftermath would be a sensible time for all within the Horde to re-examine their reasons for being together, what they each as a race had brought to the Horde, and what each had lost through their loyalty and commitment to their oaths.

A time perhaps to decide whether what was gained was worth the cost, and also to ask the question; was the Horde as a group as faithful to all of the races that were part of it as those races were to the Horde?

A lot could happen from there, but what I’d love to see happen next would focus on the actions of one prime mover; Sylvanas Windrunner.

There is much that has not yet been resolved with Sylvanas.

She is powerful, independent, intelligent, she is an outstanding character that I would love to see stand on her own as the focus of her own story, setting all of the past behind and working towards brand new goals defined by her alone.

At the same time, she has her own motives that ultimately put her against everything that lives.

Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken have long been a part of the Horde, but it’s been for convenience, strength in numbers against the might of the Alliance. They share little in common with the long term interests of the other living Horde races.

What use to the Forsaken, secure fields to plant crops and domestic animals? Expanded land rights and defended territories? The Forsaken don’t need fields, they need fortresses. They don’t expand, they isolate.

What have we seen from Sylvanas since the Cataclysm?

She does not rule a distinct natural race, but she does control a united cultural group that has grown from the perspectives of intelligent and free-willed undead working together to form a new type of civilization.

She has, despite saying that there is nothing more horrible than suffering the torment of being a soul trapped in an undead body, sought to increase the numbers of the Forsaken to expand her power base.

She has used weapons of mass destruction against the direct orders of her faction Warchief when it suited her purposes and furthered her own aims, with asides to her commanders that made it clear the culture within the Forsaken is to let the living fools believe that they can give orders to the Forsaken, but we know better.


Does Sylvanas strike anyone as being the kind of person to leave questions concerning the undead unanswered? Does she seem the sort to be satisfied with being told by some patriarchal living overlord, “The war is over, and that is all you need to know.”

No, Sylvanas took the power of the last of the Valkyr to make more Forsaken, and if she had access to it she would presumably seize any other legacy of power over the undead she could get her hands on.

And all that aside, after the history Sylvanas and Arthas share, does it even make sense that she would not want to know exactly what had happened to Arthas, in loving detail?

And along the way, oh yes, what became of the power he wielded over the undead?

I would love the next expansion to begin with the existing factions of Warcraft shattered.

I would want to see people log in and find three factions to choose from: Horde, Alliance and Forsaken.

That’s right. THREE.

And right there on the character select screen, you could choose which faction your existing characters were now going to be a part of.

We could use the expansion “and some time has passed” thing to our benefit. So time has passed since Garrosh fell, the Forsaken split off and formed their own faction, and we live in troubled times? Good, in the time that has passed I can decide what my character did, and create an entirely new backstory.

Stay with your existing faction and maintain all of your guild relations and history? Or take a free faction change, with ALL that goes with it, to switch factions, keeping your race if going from Horde to Alliance or back, but choosing to be an undead version OF YOUR CURRENT RACE if you choose Forsaken.

I would love it if the new expansion started with Sylvanas having already overcome Bolvar Fordragon, seized the helm and the Frozen Throne, and taken her Forsaken out of the shadows into open war against the rest of the living, ALL the living.

With her new power, Sylvanas could raise any fallen race as a new undead, and so the Forsaken faction would consist of undead of EVERY race, not just humans.

As for the Horde and Alliance, there has been adequate groundwork lain to support either entire races breaking off and changing faction, or giving individuals the choice of which faction they would choose to be a part of.

I mentioned I’d prefer the individual choice, since entire races changing factions takes the choice out of the player hands, especially where guild participation is concerned. For many of us, the friendships we have within a guild is more important than faction.

But screw it, I’m not even remotely thinking any of this could really happen, so why not entertain the idea of the Tauren joining the Alliance, and the Gnomes allying with the Goblins to join the Horde? Come on, if the Goblins were to succeeed in making the biggest boomer ever that blew all the radiation out of Gnomeregan, finally returning the city to the Gnomes, and if the Dwarves run by the Moira dominated triune were openly hostile to Gnomes, wouldn’t that make a plausible start?

We could have a Horde where the fall of Garrosh led to Bane and Vol’jin seizing power from the Orcs, breaking the chains of Orc hegemony and establishing a new Horde governed once again by a shamanistic/druidic council that looked to working with the natural order rather than the steel fortress stuff of Garrosh.

In other words, a hippy cult Horde dedicated to working together as true partners, a Horde open to establishing peace through strength. And I’m okay with a hippy cult Horde.

The Alliance has been set up to try and assist the Trolls to overthrown the rule of Garrosh, but with all Jaina has done so far, especially in Dalaran, and us handing her a powerful staff imbued with the powers of Lei Shen, am I the only one wondering what atrocity may yet spring from her irrational actions?

I say irrational, and I mean it. I still feel that, for a leader of the Kirin-Tor, and from the talks we saw during Operation: Shieldwall, Jaina is on very unstable emotional footing and is still capable of anything.

Will she be able to keep all of her still-existing rage focused on Garrosh? Or will she use that staff to unleash hell on innocents among the Horde?

Can you imagine a three front war? Horde and Alliance having to work with each other, join together to truly face the enemy of all that lives, Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken.

And perhaps, just perhaps, the big story in that expansion could be Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken seizing and repurposing all of the power of Icecrown Citadel. And maybe adding to it the power of the Titan devices in Ulduar…

In response to losing terribly in battle against this energized Forsaken, would the Alliance and Horde be able to work together to take the terrible Titan weapons and devices they have just seized from Lei Shen and the Mogu, and learn how to control them to defend their own peoples and pit them against Sylvanas?

Legendary items are one thing, but when both sides unleash Titanic weapons upon each other, will even the world survive?

What would happen next? With such devices, such power… the power to create new bodies, of stone and flesh and other things, to transform matter from one state to another..

Would it be possible for the Forsaken to be out to convert all that lives to undeath, while the Alliance and Horde seek to master the Titanic forces of Pandaria to convert all undead once more to the living, or at least the permanently dead?

Could the tools of the Titans be used to create a final cure for the Curse of Unlife?

Remember, I said leave behind what Blizzard might or might not really do. Blizzard could go to a three faction system and explode story possibilities, but I’m sure they wouldn’t then have an expansion war that resulted in player-controlled undead characters being forcibly changed to living characters at the end.

Well, I think they wouldn’t. I know I would, but hey. I’ll take risks because I don’t have millions on the line from a commercial enterprise.

I can imagine playing that expansion. Of looking at the character select screen, and wondering… do I stay as part of the Alliance, after everything that Jaina did, with Varian watching and doing nothing to really stop it?

Do I join the Horde, and do my part to try and help rebuild in the aftermath?

Or… do I decide that my character is one of the many to fall in the final battles, and is reborn as part of the new, expanded Forsaken?

I know we’re only halfway through Mists of Pandaria, screwing around with Mogu and on the Isle of Thunder, but I can’t help thinking about the Forsaken, how ill a fit they are in any living faction, and how they truly do deserve to be treated with respect and given their own place to shine in the dark of night.

How awesome it would be to expand the Forsaken by allowing undead of every race, and not just human? I mean real undead, not reskinned colors on existing races as they did with Death Knights. Broken jawed, stitched together Gnomes is what I’m saying.

If you could imagine anything for the story of our next expansion, the cost and time of art resources and technology no object or concern, what would it be? Where would you want to drive this bus?

*Formerly muttonguzzler. I changed it just ’cause I thought mutton-muncher sounded funny. Er. Funnier.
**Like Mickey Mouse games, but fluffier. Because the story would be a piece of flu… oh, you get it.

26 thoughts on “If you were in charge of Warcrafts next expansion, what would it be?

  1. Win.

    With the final boundary removed in Mists (the fact that in PVP no Horde player had an identical profile from a distance to an Alliance player, Panda’s crapped rice on that), this is a perfect idea.


  2. I want the next expansion to be that we use the titan creation machines that the mogu have been protecting and with the water from the wells of eternity start to rip the Old Gods out of the earth and we trounce them.

    But, in the process we also trash Azeroth.

    Part II of the expansion is the Titans coming back and seeing our trashed planet. They threaten to re-form the planet and us included. But we say, “no way, jose; we have the well of eternity” They back off and warn everyone that we are now uber powerful.
    The two factions dissolve and we night elves and dwarves and walk into Origimaar and orcs and walk into Iron Forge.

    Then we get the Titans terra-forming tools and we rebuild Azeroth, smooth out the big craters and put out the fires and it’s lovely and beautiful with butterflies.

    And then, Master Cho takes the key and locks up all the tools and information in some city called … Ul-something.


  3. I think Rades nailed back in 2011. Listen to this from his blog: http://www.orcisharmyknife.com/2011/02/garrosh-demon-blood-sylvanas-master.html

    “I think Vol’jin would have seen enough, and would be the only one brave enough to do what needed to be done for the good of the Horde – forcibly remove Garrosh from power. Plus, how AWESOME would this be, to have his incredibly badass threat come to fruition?

    However, it would be too late. Varian would realize they’d never have a chance like this again, with the Horde leaderless, demoralized, and vulnerable, and a fully prepared and angry Alliance army at Orgrimmar’s gates. Varian would order the attack, and though Vol’jin and Baine (who no doubt would be extremely pleased to see Garrosh gone) would mobilize the Horde forces, it would be a losing cause, and they’d get pushed back into the city.

    It would be an incredibly bloody affair on both sides, with hundreds from both sides dying on Orgrimmar’s streets, but the Alliance would slowly overcome the disorganized Horde forces. However, just like the Wrathgate, everyone will have forgotten one important element.

    The Forsaken.

    Right as Varian and Tyrande are about to declare victory – perhaps Vol’jin and Baine are even defeated and helpless – Sylvanas would appear, possibly disguised as a generic Horde soldier, something she’s done in the past. To the shock of everyone watching, she would command her Val’kyr legions to go to work, raising the hundreds of freshly dead corpses as brand new Forsaken citizens.

    The Alliance army would be horrified and enraged, but they would also be suddenly, vastly outnumbered. Varian is a meathead, but he’s not suicidal. He would be forced to order a hasty retreat.

    Meanwhile, the beaten, bloodied Horde would have no choice but to thank Sylvanas for her timely rescue. Even though many survivors might still distrust and even fear her, they’d know that she was the only reason they were still alive, and the only factor that had kept Varian’s chin from defiling Orgrimmar’s throne.

    In fact, with the Horde in such a weakened, staggered state, and with the Alliance still so rabid for blood, I don’t think it would be long before we’d see the naming of the first female Warchief. Think about it – not only did Sylvanas completely save the day, but she’s a brilliant military mind, she’s a born leader, and most importantly, she’s got the charisma, presence and discipline to hold the tattered remnants of the Horde together.

    Besides, who else are they going to name to the throne? Vol’jin has the experience, but he’s never shown any ambition to be Warchief. He seems comfortable in a supporting role. Not to mention that some Horde would probably dislike the way he dealt with Garrosh, assassinating him rather than challenging him in open combat. Baine is way too young and inexperienced, and Trade Prince Gallywix is an unknown who hasn’t done anything of note. And Lor’Themar? Hahaha, please.

    Sylvanas is really the only possible choice.

    And her first act as Warchief would be to name her loyal follower, High Warlord Cromush, as her second-in-command.”


  4. I don’t know that I would have set this in motion myself… but I have for a long time (since the begining of pandaria) predicted that the next expandsion will be “World of Warcraft: Defection”. Pandarian’s being a playable race for both sides was to get us to put our feet in the water, and realize that it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I predict that with what Garrosh Hellscream is up to, and with the actions of Jaina and other allience leaders… the members of the allience and the hoard will be distraught, and no longer trust in the side they have sworn alleigence too for their entire lives. You will be able to leave your faction, and possibly join the other side.

    Precedence has already been set in motion with City of Heroes/Villians… their expansion pack “Going Rogue” allowed you to do this very thing. You had to search for “Tips” that lead you to missions, that generated rep… after 10-20 missions, you’re given a chance to do an epic mission that once completed gave you a chance to change your faction.

    You first had to leave your side and join a middle faction of mercs… which left you out on your own (no guilds, no reputation with anyone). but you could stay that way and do missions. And search for more tips on either side to build up your “rep” wth that side, get your epic mission again, and choose to go heroic (if you did nice happy heroic missions) or villianous (If you decided to be evil).

    So for “Defection” it wouldn’t be a trivial thing to leave the allience or hoard, and once you choose to go down that path, you’re reputation with all the faction stuff goes to hated… joining the otherside wold be similarly difficult, and once you do… well… hello untrusted reputations across the board. (Hell, we even have NPC reactions already in place from the death knight questline to throw apples and spit on you)


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  6. I still think Sylvanas got driven off the rails and right off a bridge… I grew up as Horde, for most of my wow life, and while the apothecary society quests were there from the very beginning, I had the impression that it wasn’t something she was really involved with. Especially with how she fought in the battle for Undercity after the Wrathgate. (the alliance side was like watered down marinara… weaksauce.) If she’d ACTUALLY been behind that, would she have allowed one of her biggest powers (Varimathras) to be killed? Or made a stupid decision like tipping her hand at all at that point… if the dragons hadn’t come in, at best it would only have killed a couple of big groups, and not really affected anything that followed much.

    Me, I’d like to see a couple of things… the Emerald Dream expansion that has been talked about forever, (Still a druid at heart…) and much less PVP. Would like to see them all brought into a more coherent timeline, too… as it is, you start in Cataclysm, go back in time to BC when the draenei and blood elves had just joined their respective factions, (Unless you’re one of those, of course, then you start in BC and go to Cataclysm) then forward some to WOLTK, back to Cataclysm and on to MoP…

    They’ve really been pushing PVP hard this expansion with all the gear that you can learn to make being PVP to start, and not-PVP crafted gear being much harder to get hold of. Adding a bunch of new factions would just make that worse, although the big changes to the world could be interesting otherwise…


  7. My question would be more along the lines of “how many more expansions are there going to be?”
    I haven’t heard anything about Titan yet but wasn’t the last timeline that it was supposed to release in 2014?


    • Seems like there will be two more. 90-95 will deal with the last remaining threats to Azeroth like Azshara, any remaining old gods etc, and the begining of the formation of Velen’s predicted Army of Light. Once the Army of Light is formed, that will form the basis for the 95-100 expansion, WoW’s finale where we face off with Legion and take down Sarageras himself.


    • OR if Blizzard is closer to releasing Titan they could just make a 90-100 expantion where we take down the Legion and Sargeras and wrap up WoW to lead into Titan.


  8. I’ve been thinking for a while that I think we’d end up with a Horde/Alliance peace, if not a complete alliance… shared communications channels, cross-faction grouping, etc. Sure, there would be some day-to-day animosity between the races but that would just make for some good stories. There’d obviously have to be some sort of enemy requiring a more permanent combined force than LK did in Wrath to facilitate that but what I couldn’t get past were the PvP implications of only having one faction.

    Your idea of a Forsaken faction is the perfect missing piece, the only change I’d make is to end up with 2 factions, Forsaken and Even Alliancier (I’d probably tweak that last one), I wouldn’t keep Horde and Alliance around as separate factions, the game isn’t designed for a 3rd faction and it would leave the player base even more fragmented than it is now.

    I love the idea of having Forsaken versions of all existing races, something that the Pandaren were basically a trial balloon for, having the same race in both factions. They’re already working on a revamp of the in-game player models that’s taking, by anyone’s account, longer than expected… they have experience with making undead versions of existing races in DKs, it would be a relatively trivial thing to just add a bunch of undead models while they’re working on them anyway. The timing for that type of change is PERFECT, assuming a year until the next expansion hits, that gives them plenty of time to work on the models.

    I’d lose the Undead race entirely, focus on a less icky look for the Forsaken models… I don’t think your “broken jawed” look would appeal to enough players to achieve any sort of faction balance, the models would have to be similarly popular to the revamped living ones. Current undead players could somehow have their consciousness put into a new Forsaken toon of any race to compensate. If you did want to keep Undead around as a Forsaken-only faction, maybe make Pandaren living-only to keep the balance in check. I don’t see having an Undead non-Forsaken race making sense and since there aren’t Pandaren DKs, it makes sense to not have Pandaren Forsaken, either.

    It’s easy enough to come up with lore reasons for most of the Horde factions to join up with the Alliance against the Forsaken. Tauren and Blood Elves would be almost trivial at this point, Trolls will be easier to justify after Alliance spends 5.3 helping out Vol’jin, Goblins are more mercenary than Horde and will follow the money, Pandaren are already on both sides and will probably look forward to reuniting, I’ve already killed off Undead as a race… that just leaves Orcs, not sure how I’d lore my way to bringing them across but I don’t think it’s insurmountable. Maybe have them feel some responsibility for whatever eventually does Garrosh in and wanting to atone.

    Sylvanas and her crew have been MIA for most of the past two expansions… what else could she have been up to other than massing an army?

    If they hadn’t already revamped the old world in Cataclysm I’d also have Sylvanas take over the Eastern Kingdoms entirely, or at least the northern portion… but I don’t think Blizz is ready for another old world re-write.

    This all just makes far too much sense and addresses far too many open hooks. Make it happen, BBB!


  9. Here’s what I’d do.

    Bring back the Legion in a BIG way. A REALLY big way.

    Two factions: Azeroth vs. the Legion.

    Within the factions, two major (pvp-based) splits… Horde/Alliance, Jaedenic/Illidari (OK, I made the first word up. but something like that.)

    For the first 90 Azerothian levels, we have the game we all know and love, including conflict with the Alliance/Horde as we know now, but allowing for cooperation between Horde and Alliance players when not engaged in PvP.

    For the first 90 Legion levels, we have a totally new but generally equivalent game, including battlegrounds with the same layout/objectives but different art. Races, classes, and spells with different names/art, but which mirror the Azerothian equivalents (yes, I have played SWTOR, I think they had a good idea.)

    AFTER level 90 and the end of Garrosh, the two games converge. Alliance and Horde become allies, as do the two Legion subfactions. Now it’s Azeroth vs. the Legion. For the 90-95 expansion, we beat them off Azeroth.

    For 95+ and subsequent expansions, we travel to the other worlds the Legion has corrupted and de-corrupt them. *Endless* possibilities.


  10. Shatter both factions, definitely, but don’t throw Jaina & Sylvanas under the bus as being “irrational”. Given that this expansion has been “Varian can do no wrong!”, I want to see him DEAD at the end of MoP. And Anduin too. Meanwhile, on Horde side, Garrosh definitely bites it. And kill off Thrall permanently too. Have Alliance blood on Horde hands and Horde blood on Alliance’s hands. The War roars on in full circle…

    …and with both sides caught up in the hate and leaderlessness — with the former factions now squabbling for power grabs from within — THAT is when Sargeras and the Burning Legion strike Azeroth. But this time the races of Azeroth refuse to work together. Despite all the pleas of the neutral organizations and everything that Wrathion has warned against, what’s left of the mortal governments would rather war with themselves rather than the actual threat to the world this time. A fatalism of total nihilism and escalation of aggression. Unless heroes from within can usurp control and stop the hate in time, one way or the other, Azeroth WILL fall…


  11. I feel like I just read a spoiler alert, your idea is so exquisite! You may be more than onto something here…in the meantime I’ll keep wishing to be a Vykrul girl….


    • Vrykul as a playable race for a new expanded Forsaken faction would actually make sense, with a battle rez as part of their racial… OMG I think my head exploded for even considering that OP of a racial…


      • Seems like during the Siege of Ogrimaar there are going to be an awful lot of dead bodies of soliders from both the Alliance and Horde. If Sylvanas was to say, have her Vyrkul rez then, she would suddenly have a very large and formidable force to command.


      • Half the classes already have a battle res anyway, and you can only use one or mumble during a raid, so it wouldn’t be that overpowered. (mildly annoyed that something that used to be unique to druids is now handed out on streetcorners… even HUNTERS have one.)

        Would love Valkyr as a playable race… free flight might be a better active racial, with the wings..


  12. Slightly related – I was reading a Lore post about what could possibly happen with Garrosh – where the question was posed, is he Corrupt? The idea is, if Garrosh is simply hot-headed and wrong thinking rather than influenced, then it’s possible the raid on Orgimmar will simply knock sense into him instead of kill him. In the end, the Horde might be run by a council of racial leaders – with Garrosh potentially being one of them.

    It’s not the direct I’d take the story – but it’s plausible.


    • My personal thought is that Garrosh will be corrupted by the seventh and final Sha that has never truly been bound, the one behind the entire current situation, and we’ll be facing some seriously bad stuff in the final raid.


      • I actually think that Garrosh has been corrupted by the Avatar of Sargeras (the one Medivh had for so long). I think once we kill Garrosh we will force the Avatar out and then it’s game on!


  13. I have noted previously that I would jump all over a three faction game. I loved the RvR in DAoC because it was so chaotic. One team could be doing really well, making incursions into a foreign land, and boom! you’re jumped on by both other factions, because it was in the best interest to get your beach-head destroyed.

    It’d be interesting for the Forsaken to gain forces from other races – and would open up lore wise why suddenly they have shaman and druids and paladins in their midst… Plus, maybe finally add in a 12th class – the Dark Ranger. God, I’d be ALL over playing an undead Belf Dark Ranger. I don’t care if I couldn’t master the game play and be frustrated – I’d play it exclusively. Forever.

    On the other hand, why not go full bore and bring back the four factions from Warcraft III?

    Nelfs splinter off from Alliance and go isolationist – pushing the Horde off from Northern Kalimdor, taking back and curing Felwood and repairing Hyjal in the process.

    When picking the Nelf faction, you don’t get all undeadified – you get more vibrant! They’d accept anyone other than undead to their sanctuary – as it would be on an individual, heroic, basis, and not mass race basis – so even the individual orc and troll would be welcomed, should they feel the need to abandon the Horde. Pandaran’s opened the door to cross faction racial options, obviously.

    They definitely have the tech to make this work. It would certainly breathe new life into the game (especially with upgraded models!)


    • I’d love to see it splinter into four factions. I’ve wanted three for a while now as a Tauren player; I’d have a third, more or less neutral faction of Tauren, NElf Pandas and… er… High Elves, maybe. Throw BBB’s Forsaken-Undertaken faction in there for the fourth, and I’d be happy.

      Then again, I’ve also wanted weird things like that “accept anyone” mechanic, almost like the “betrayal” quests or whatever they were in EverQuest, where you could change factions. It could lend a lot of depth to role playing.


  14. I mentioned to my girlfriend just the otherday, What if the Sa got introduced to the Lich King. A being of Hate, Anger, Fear, Doubt…. All the Sha could pile on board and give us super Lich King, or Queen maybe with Sylvanas. Yeah that could be the next expansion… Sha Undead. Of course that means the Lich King/Queen would have to go to Pandaeria right? Or Can the SHa, in a host, live outside of Panda Land?


    • Given that the Sha are remnants of the Old God, I would hazard to say they can leave Pandaria… wasn’t it the mists that kept the rest of the world safe from the Sha’s influence? With them receded, it’s only a matter of time before the other continents are infiltrated.


  15. I really like this idea!! For me, I think I would like some sort of journey through the elemental planes or else some sort of alternate plane of Azeroth. An Ethereal Plane version of Azeroth would be awesome, allowing us to explore that upside down version of Kara.


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