I Could Use Your Advice

So, this morning I was playing on my son’s main character.

He has been working on the Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies for months, and had finally gotten to within a stone’s throw of being exalted. Just a few more days of quests… or about 6 Onyx Eggs.

He asked me to help him find a few Onyx Eggs, in the hopes he could achieve exalted this weekend, when he’d have some time to look for hatchling pets in the Arboretum. In case you didn’t know, the only way to be able to tame Wild Hatchling battle pets in The Arboretum is to be exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. So it’s not just the beautiful mounts, it’s some of the cutest pets in the game, too.

So, yeah. I decided to be helpful dad, and get him some eggs this morning. I just achieved exalted myself a few days ago, so I know where I had been finding eggs. I thought I should be able to score one or two.

There is a point to this, I promise.

I flew around the isle looking in the usual spots, and I saw an Onyx Egg on a ledge. I swooped down, landed, opened the egg, and mounted up to fly off. Before I took off, someone on a carpet flew up, paused, /spit on my character, and flew off again.

Now, here is where I made the first mistake. And it’s a big mistake, I grant you.

I whispered him with one word. I said, “Really?”

Yes, I did. And it was a stupid mistake. Someone that will /spit on you because you’re looking for eggs too, and you found one? Not someone that will respond well to any kind of response to their behavior. Just… if you /spit on someone in the open environment, you’re too high strung. This ain’t PvP, this is just flying around doing your thing.

So, I screwed up. I was on my son’s character, and I responded to someone that was rude. If I had been thinking at all clearly, or had any coffee yet, I might have restrained myself.

The person, as I should have expected, whispered back. A lot. Not really swearing so much as dumping on me for being childish enough to cry about being spit on. I called them childish for spitting on me, and put them on ignore. I don’t need someone whispering my son, and I seriously regretted opening my damn mouth.

The person then proceeded to swap to each and every character they have on the server, apparently outraged that I put them on ignore.

They kept this up for a long time. They followed me around, /crying at me, /lolling, and every time I’d put them on ignore they’d swap over to a new one. I was talking to them throughout this, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t swearing, but I was trying to get them to stop, explaining that this wasn’t my character that played on my account, it was a character I let my son play, and I was ignoring him because I didn’t want someone whispering my son with this stuff.

That just set him off more.

Now, here is my dilemma.

I took screenshots of everything. As soon as he started swapping characters to continue to harass my son’s toon, I wanted to keep some kind of record of character names, so I could put them all on ignore for his other characters.

I never expected him to go that far, continuing to change over as soon as he found he was being ignored on one.

After I had all of his characters finally ignored, I saw in /1 General he began announcing back on his first original character, that my son’s character, called out by name was a whiny something or other.

I mention this because I was surprised that even though I had him on ignore, I could still see what he said in the General zone chat tab.

What do I do next?

I’ve honestly never had something happen like this, where someone spends over a half hour stalking my sons character. Even after all of his characters were ignored, he kept flying on top of my character, hovering in place, obscuring my view, doing /cry, etc. He even, and this was funny, I was hovering high up near one of the narrow ledges an egg can spawn on, and he did a /duel… and the flag appeared on the narrow ledge, and it dismounted him, causing him to plummet to his death. Okay, I chuckled, that was funny. Whoops!

But seriously, what do I do?

I mean, it was really annoying. While he was ranting at me for all that time and stalking me for having gotten that one egg, I got seven more Onyx Eggs. Not racing him to them, mind you, just flying around and going, “Oh! Another egg! Wow, that’s sweet”.

After I got the seventh egg, I might have announced in /1 that I had found seven Onyx Eggs after he had started stalking me, and that he was very lucky for me. Yes, I was weak. Someone else said “Bonus!”

So I found enough eggs for my son to hit exalted… heck, I found enough for him to have one extra for a souvenir.

But, I didn’t want to call him down until this was resolved in some way, because my son doesn’t need to be harassed.

It left me worried. The guy shows every indication of having nothing better to do with his time than spend a half hour camping my son’s character, even after I explained the situation. And putting him on ignore didn’t stop it, he just posted in general, and physically followed me around emoting.

But if I post all the screenshots of all the chat logs, showing his character names, that seems inappropriate.

Stuff lasts on the blog forever. Four months from now, someone could be reading the archives and see the screenshots, and it will be new to them so there will be fresh wonder at the childishness, and they might possibly whisper him. Months later, mind you, after what might have been just one bad morning they had.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no big thing in any way, it’s not like there would be an army of outraged gamers swarming him. But those of you who do read my blog, friends one and all, would probably be pretty annoyed and want to call him on the BS. Some of you might whisper him about his behavior, and the question arises… is that fair?

This wasn’t griefing a raid group or some other group thing. This wasn’t something that would be a public service to get out. I feel that if I’m in LFR and I find someone in my battlegroup that is clearly intentionally trying to wipe the raid repeatedly, then giving you his character name and server is a public service. You can then put them on ignore and not worry about seeing that one character in your own groups in the future. There is a reason to share it.

In this case, it was harassment on a personal level, and not to one of my characters but the one my son plays on my account. I don’t want my son to have to deal with that because of my actions.

Do I report it to Blizzard? If I do, how do I show that it was multiple character swapping and stalking? Is there a method where I can link screenshots I took to Blizzard, without making the screenshots public?

I could really use your advice on this one.

I talked about this in Guild chat with Trajar, and his opinion was that with stalking/harassment like that, putting it all up on the blog would be entirely reasonable.

In the long term though, what he did to me was a single morning where he might have just been really cranky. He did say early on that he /spit on me because he’d been farming eggs for hours and the one I got was the first one he’d seen. I don’t think that justifies stalking and character swapping to keep up the insults, but it would explain part of why he was so angry.

I have to think that if I had one bad morning, and regretted it later… what a nightmare it would be to have people still coming at me about it for days afterward. Nothing you can do if you regret it then, and even if you tried to apologize it wouldn’t matter. Someone could search for your character name, and there it would be, long after everything was long done.

But reporting it to Blizzard… Cassie thinks that Blizzard takes this seriously, but we both talked about it, and we can’t think of how Blizzard would have any way of knowing if we were telling the truth about what happened, short of being able to provide screenshots, and I’ve never heard of Blizzard having a mechanism in place to have you submit one.

So… post on the blog, report it to Blizzard, let it all drop, what do you think I should do?


EDIT: Updated with information from Blizzard CM Daxxarri:

Harassment is a serious issue, and we’ve dedicated significant resources toward dealing with it. In fact, we have a large support team, and we’ve (comparatively) recently implemented faster tools to deal with harassment.
If you’re experiencing harassment in-game, there are a few steps to take.

  • Don’t respond, or get involved in an argument. Stooping to using language that violates our policies simply opens yourself up to suspension, and doesn’t accomplish anything. Seriously, don’t do it.
  • Use right-click Report on their name next to any lines of text that contain offensive language–the appropriate category should be Language.
  • Use /ignore to close the lines of communication.
  • If your harasser by-passes the /ignore feature and contacts you on an alternate character, immediately place that character on ignore, then open a support ticket to report Ongoing Harassment, and include that phrase, as well as the offending player’s name, realm, the exact phrase that they used to harass you and that they by-passed the /ignore feature to do so. Please be detailed, our Support team works hard, but they aren’t wizards. Mostly.

On the forums, just mouse-over the offending post, then click the ‘downvote’ hand, then select the ‘Report’ option.
You won’t receive notification when another player receives any kind of disciplinary action due to our privacy policies, but rest assured that we like to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding what constitutes acceptable conduct in-game.

47 thoughts on “I Could Use Your Advice

  1. 1. Report his ass.
    2. Install a mod like “Ignoremore” Far more effective than the built in blocker as it blocks wispers and general chat across all your characters.

    I’m so glad I moved on to Guild Wars 2.
    Since joining I haven’t seen a single case of this type of behavior.
    Shared nodes, shared kills, shared loot is glorious.

    Ellifain – Now a Char Guardian 🙂


  2. Naturally, I’m in the “report them” camp. But I wanted to add my thoughts on another point you brought up.

    You were hesitant to report or do anything official because of a chance they were having a bad morning. While that speaks to your willingness to empathise, my stance is that everyone is responsible for their own behaviour. If they act in a way that is rude and has the potential to threaten your (or your son’s) enjoyment of the game, then it doesn’t matter what kind of day they are having. It doesn’t matter if they have been flying around aimlessly for hours farming eggs, only to have the first one they see snapped up by someone else. It doesn’t matter if they are raging behind the keyboard. NONE of that excuses the kind of behaviour you experienced, and if they receive no official feedback from Blizz saying THIS IS NOT COOL, then they will be free to continue to think that that kind of behaviour is acceptable.

    So, report away, is my vote. Damn their excuses, their behaviour is what you are dealing with, not their emotions.


  3. I’m guessing you’ve already done it, but definitely following through with the Ongoing Harassment ticket.

    People like that ruin the game for everyone, and they never confine it to just one person. It drives me nuts. One of my guildmates actually had to report a guy the other day for emoting that he wanted to do non-consensual sexual acts to her butt. (Yeah, I’m not using the exact words.) And then acting it out with his character. I hope they slam that player with the ban hammer, because that is so far beyond acceptable that I can’t see straight when I think about it.


  4. I’d name and shame them right here as well as reporting them. It’s unfortunate that you ran into someone like this at all, nevermind on your son’s character, but from what you’ve said of their behavior that doesn’t sound like a cranky morning to me, I’d venture to guess this is their normal behavior. As such, I’d like to be able to put this guy on ignore on all my ally toons and I’m sure plenty of other readers would too.

    It’s a pity you’re on a PVE server or I’d be asking if you had any horde friends who could group with me over bnet to get me over there, I’d find it hilarious to camp this guy for you ;p I’m sure I’d be getting enough whispers from him to get him banned in no time!


  5. report him – but I want to add a word of warning. He might draw in guildies or use other personal accounts to flame war your son. This could easily escalate, but NOT doing something is an invitation for him to continue behaving like that. You’ll have to be watchful, maybe ask your own guildies to help and monitor. That could escalate and turn really nasty.

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  6. I love the way you handled it originally… if someone does something like overreact to me getting a node that I got to first (I mean, hell, I GOT THERE FIRST), I’ll do the exact same thing you did to find out if the person was just monentarily idiotic or a terminal case: “/w Really?”

    If they ignore that or respond back with a sorry or whatever, I let it go. If they respond in a way that indicates a true dick lies behind the keyboard, I’ll /ignore.

    If they work around the /ignore in any way… flipping toons, publicly calling you out, etc… they’ve fed right into the Blizzard anti-harrassment policy that you linked above. Once they’ve gone that that extent they’ve basically violated your restraining order and have opened themselves up to punishment.

    Personally, I think this can and should include shaming on a blog in a case like this. The /spit was done publicly, the General chat was done very publicly. It’s not like you’re going to post their real name and home phone number… they’re acting out behind a pseudonym, all you’re doing is publicly reporting that pseudonym as a harrasser. While you may have made a mistake in engaging an asshole, he made a bigger one in engaging you. RNG doesn’t just suck in LFR.

    What I *wouldn’t* suggest you or others do are some of your follow-up activities… if their response to your “Really?” is anything other than cordial or nil, /ignore at that point and don’t re-engage. If they go to General or Trade (and I’m surprised you could see them posting there after /ignoring as well), just ignore it, with the possible exception if others are chiming in (for or against the idiot) and you choose to respond, that “So-and-so has been reported for harrassment”, then ignore anything from that point on. I wouldn’t do that but if you feel the need to say SOMETHING, I’d go with that or similar.

    I’d also consider reporting him to his GL but that was already addressed in a previous comment and, frankly, I haven’t gotten very far the few times I’ve done that (all for item ninjas pre-LFD/LFR)… seems that chronic assholes tend to be known assholes and the guilds are well aware. Guess that shouldn’t be a surprise.

    Of course, if you choose to engage, go nuts… but not on your son’s toon.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been a lot more liberal in my in-game right-click reporting lately… it’s quick, it’s painless. Blizz likely doesn’t do anything with most of it but if they get multiple reports on the same person, I suspect it gets their attention. If nobody reports, it’ll never get to that point. So, if in doubt, report.


  7. .. and this is an argument for having the option to not only /ignore a character, but an entire account. On ALL of your own account. The amount of times I’ve ignored someone on one character and really wished it would automatically ignore on all is huge.

    But yes .. report report report .. I’ve reported people for a lot less.


  8. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Bourke

    I agree with Pryde (and others) that you should forgive as well, but while forgiveness is necessary, it is not sufficient.

    Reporting this to Blizzard is not the same as screaming this toon’s name from the town square. It’s appropriate and already exists as mechanism for responding to such situations.

    Frankly, BBB I’m a little saddened that using such a mechanism to defend your son’s enjoyment of a GAME (!!!) even requires thinking about.


  9. Report him and then forgive him, because letting the negative feelings fester will just sour you on a good game. Teach your son how to forgive people like this too, so he can have the tools for dealing with this sort of behavior in and out of the game.


  10. I will add to the chior: R.E.P.O.R.T. H.I.M.

    I had to deal with bullies like that. I gave up playing on a realm I liked because of the harassment. Don’t let that happen to you or yours, BBB. 😦


  11. If he’d been egg hunting for hours, he was doing it wrong. Lots of resources on the web for where they spawn. It’s about playing smart, right?

    The /spit emote is one of my least favorite things in game. It is just so, so awful and graphic. I much prefer /rude. It gets the point across without being so graphic, which takes enough of the edge off of it.

    This dude was clearly out of line. I hope that Blizzard shuts him down for a while to cool his heels – he clearly doesn’t know how to play well with others, especially when it comes to node protocol.


    • Completely agree with this. Does anyone other than an asshat ever use /spit for anything other than just being over the line rude? I really have never understood why it’s even in the game.


  12. I could just pile on and agree that you’re handling this the way you should, but I would like to add my 2 coppers.
    Since he said he had been hunting eggs for hours and he felt justified in /spitting because you took “his” egg, my first observation is that he is probably either lying or exaggerating. In either case, he is FAIL.
    If he had, in fact, been hunting for hours, and this was the first egg he found, his farming abilities are FAIL.
    Finally, if he was so unsuccessful in farming any of these eggs, chances are you were not the first person he came across while farming. Makes you wonder how many people he abused before you responded. Since he seemed to have practice in getting around the /ignore, he is possibly a serial harrasser. Once again, FAIL. Basically, you’re doing the right thing by using the system to flush this miscreant from the game. Keep logging your son’s toon on occasionally to see if he rises to the bait. Good luck!


    • My son has been online quite a bit tonight, and there hasn’t been a problem.

      He has his Azure serpent, he tamed a Crimson hatchling, all is right with the world.

      Now he’s spent the last half hour saurok leaping, and engineering hang gliding seeking the highest points to launch from.

      While humming, and I’m not making this up, he is humming “Ode to Joy.”

      My son is fucking saurok leaping and hang gliding over the Isle of Thunder while fucking humming Ode to Joy.

      My son wins the intergames.


      • I’d keep an eye out for the guy for the next few days or so, just to be safe. There might not have been a problem tonight because the he’s on an enforced “vacation,” and he’ll start up again once it’s over. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson and will leave you all alone, but you never know with these kind of guys…


      • Engineering FTW. I love doing that too. 😀 Would love to have high-jump and long fall boots available as tinkers…


  13. Report him, the sooner the better. Chat is logged, there will also be a log for the times he logged his characters in and out. It will all show up. Had this happen before, Blizzard was on top of it.

    If you don’t he may keep at it, seen this go on for days. He’s in the wrong, no reason you or your son should have to put up with the abuse. Plus, after that he might think twice about doing it again to someone else.


  14. In addition to the much repeated “Report them”, I would take this a step further by reaching out to their guild leader and expressing concern with the way the player is behaving and how it’s reflecting on the guild. Also draw attention to the fact that the character is typically played by your son and therefore is cyber-bullying of a minor which is the hot button topic right now. Ask the guild leader to speak with the member regarding the way they are behaving towards their fellow players.

    One of 2 things will happen, the guild leader will apologize and be contrite, or they will take offense. And for the record, when I do see someone swoop in on a node I was working on clearking the mobs from I’ll give them a /glare because they’re just being rude by that action.


  15. Okay, now that we all agree that he, she or it should be reported, it’s time for phase 2.

    Find him and put an arrow to his knee. Then steal his sweet roll.


  16. Thank you, everyone, for your advice and different points of view on this.

    In the end, I have opened a ticket on my sons character and reported it with all of the character names, the date and the time range. Thanks to the screenshots I took, those saved the time stamp right in the file name.

    What I did not know, and the ticketing process and report a player info didn’t include this info, is that there is an official process they want you to follow when you open a ticket for this exact situation.

    You are supposed to open a ticket with the exact wording “ongoing harassment” in the description somewhere. Presumably to aid their filters.

    So if this same thing does happen to you, Blizzard does want you to open a ticket and describe what is going on, including the words “ongoing harassment” so they can take a look at the logs and see what steps they feel are important to take.

    Read all of their advice here; http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7319952349#12


  17. Report him. This is their definition of harassment, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough for this to be the one that gets him a very long vacation.

    The shared account is no big deal, you’re allowed to give access to one of your minor children on your account. There might be something in the parental controls you can turn on to protect your son from him if he does retaliate.


  18. Hey bear,
    Long time lurker here, (since wrath), just my two cents. I have to agree with everyone above, report this harasser. Your son does not need this kind of grief when he logs in to play.

    Additionally, thank you for your blog! I learned to tank here through your posts and have enjoyed all of your posts, tanking, cub report or just general conversation.

    Ganluin Guardian druid Alextrasza


  19. Bear,

    The final decision on this one has to be yours. Having not been there myself, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have reported him myself. That said, my experience with trolls of this nature has been to live and let live. Publicly thowing his names out wuld probably validate your concerns of retaliation and future trolling. Most of my experiences with rude people has been a 5 minute encounter after which I never hear from them again. This may or may not be the case for you.

    As far as reporting, if you are to take any action, this is the best course. I don’t forsee Blizz having any major problem with the fact that you were playing your son’s account; they limit accounts to 1 character online at a time to prevent two people from playing the same account at the same time. Browse through your ToS and EUA to see if there is any direct verbage on the matter. Chances are, even if there is any verbage on the matter, Blizz would likely appreciate that you, as a father, are taking an active role in your son’s online experience.

    Best of luck in this matter.


  20. Riegnman is right; it’s not likely that this is the first time he’s done this. Being a douche is being a douche. If it was me, I’d post it here for all to see, but I’m vindictive like that. If he’d spit, you replied, he was a dick, you ignored him and it was over, that’s one thing. But he was putting concerted effort into being as big an asshat as he could manage. If you were on a pvp server I’m sure he’d have switched to an opposite faction character and either camped you or gotten other people to, or both. Since you can’t just rightclick-report now, probably, open a ticket and send it, then go to the ticket on the website and it has the ability to add screenshots.

    I had some level 50 goober begging from my level 6 warlock back in early BC, and when I turned him down he started harassing me in whispers (while I was mocking him in general and people were laughing at him), threatening me with his ‘broham’, whatever that is, who was TOTALLY a GM and would ban my account, and eventually sexually harassing me to the point where I reported him and he was banned a few minutes later. (I know because a friend of his started the same thing and told me…)


  21. I wouldn’t worry about it being just a bad morning. Just a bad morning is the emote and a little bit of a reaction. Over half an hour of harassament on multiple toons is over the top. Just think about the time it takes to log off and then back on and the memory ro track down the name of your sons toon. It would take some effort to harass on that level.


  22. If you really want to provide them with the screenshots as well as having them look in their logs, there is a way (or used to be, at least, haven’t tried it in awhile). If you put in a ticket about the guy, you can then go over to the account on the battle.net website, view your ticket, and at the bottom you can add additional information. Near the text box for that, there should be a link to upload an image. Like others have said, they probably won’t take it as proof, but it might help them to have the exact text if they’re having trouble finding it in their chat logs or something.


  23. Just adding to the “yes, report it to Blizzard” choir here, since there are a few extra resources they have on their end:

    a. They can’t monitor everything in real time, but they *can* log most of it
    b. Given the names, they’ll be able to confirm they belong to the same account
    c. Given the times, they’ll be able to confirm the sequence where the other player logs in, whispers to your son’s character, you ignore them, etc

    It’s admirable that you’re concerned that the other player may have just been having a bad day, but while that’s a good reason to avoid public shaming, reporting them to Blizzard is important since Blizz will have the extra info to know whether it is a one-off incident or part of a pattern.


  24. If it were me, I wouldnt mention the whole being on your son’s toon thing and report the jerk. Let them know how long this went on and to what extent and they can check the records.


  25. I’m hazy on the playing-a-kid’s-account thing, if you confess to blizz you were playing your son’s toon, is that a problem? Or do you leave that part out?


    • Technically you’re not supposed to account-share, but I think that Blizzard has special policies with regard to parents and children playing on the same account. In other words, I don’t think BBB should worry about that in the slightest.


  26. Open a ticket on the website and report the person. I think you can add screenshots then.

    I don’t think you should publish names on the blog.

    Best regards,


  27. Agree with everyone. You must report this ahole. Very sad however, how the wow community has become such a cesspool. I reside on the Stormrage server and the dbaggery is epic.
    Keep us updated. I’d be interested to see what happens.


  28. Chances are that you are not a one-off example from this guy. Someone that would go that far has made this a hobby and is probably how he makes himself feel good. It’s not just your son that this d-bag is trying to terrorize. He is probably a 12 year old looking for a way to make himself feel more important.
    People like this are the exact reason that I feel it is my personal obligation to monitor every aspect of my kids(9, 10 and 15) gameplay on wow. Not just so they don’t get harassed but so they don’t feel that it is ok to behave this way themselves.


  29. Things like this happen. In my opinion, I would spend a little time over the course of the next few days on the character. If it continues, it is then no longer an isolated incident. Once may be a bad day. Twice is a repeat offence and should be handled as such with the full list of names given to Blizzard. They will know if the character names are connected, something you would have no way of knowing if it had not occurred.


  30. Like everyone has mentioned Blizzard should have logs of everything. Action more than likely will be taken. What I wonder though, is that if a person is angry enough to stalk you for 30+ min, and they get a 3 day ban or something, will that just make them angrier? I’ve never had to deal with this sort of thing.


  31. BBB,
    In case the previous strong responses haven’t convinced you, I wanted to add my own, with its own little flair. Yes, you absolutely and without any doubt should report him, for all the reasons mentioned above, but for another reason that’s a little more selfish and self-aggrandizing.

    I would include in your report who you are and your blog – not as any kind of threat – for the simple fact that you’ve been a HUGE proponent of the game for many years. That your son has garnered so much joy from this game, had excellent, creative ideas that have led to artistic exchanges (Tesh), and how he’s really grown up with WoW to some extent, and that you’re ONLY purpose in this report is to PROTECT his game play, will hopefully cause what GM sees your ticket to react swiftly and harshly to such a belligerent, nauseous player.

    Don’t hedge or pull punches. If this guy were behaving this way around your son in real life, how would you react? Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean it’s any less real. I threw a lot of weirdos out of the school yard before and after school when I worked in NY (since I knew all the parents) and those weren’t biologically my kids. Let him have it.



  32. He’s by definition harassing your sons toon…. I say find the right email for blizzard, and email all the screen shots, the time/date, your son’s toon name, and simply state that your son is being harassed (yes, luckly you were on the toon, but it could have simply been your son getting that egg, and he pull the same knee-jerk reaction).

    Really, as someone who has been threw this on my own toons, I don’t know why Blizz hasn’t implemented Cross account ignores. People like this is what has been making World PVP almost impossible on PVP realms (as in, I kill their 90, they make a lvl 1 alt on my side to complain, get ignored, make a new alt, complain some more, till your ignore list is about full).

    Report it, send the SS’s, and hopefully Blizz will look into it.


  33. Get this guy reported, because these kind of people are precisely the kind we never want playing anything online. People like this also need to understand that this is not a one player game, and that sharing is what grown ups do and don’t get whiny about.

    Don’t worry about showing the harassment: Blizzard know everything. Give names of every toons and approximate times and you’re golden.


  34. Definitely report it to Blizzard directly. If you can also provide the date and time of day this helps them to find it quickly on their logs. Another thought is sometime in the future, if you need to, change your son’s character names.


  35. Afaik Blizzard has logs of the chat, so they should be able deal with that twat. I remember that from reporting gold sellers and pretend Blizzard GMs on Moon Guard (yes, I’m on Moon Guard). I used to take screenshots, but the real GMs always told me they weren’t necessary, so I stopped eventually and just kept reporting.

    I would definitely report the twat. It’s harassment, plain and simple.


  36. Report it to Blizzard. They keep logs of EVERYTHING and are pretty big on harassment. If you want to send them the screenshots just put a link to an album of them in the ticket.


  37. I would report it to Blizzard, they can see all the chat logs on their end 🙂 Blizzard doesn’t accept screen shots as proof because they can be doctored/photoshopped in one favor or another. Mention all of the names of the characters, and then say that you were able to see them in General Chat, even though you’d ignored them

    Hope you get this resolved,


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