And Now For Something…

I might be doing something a little different, in preparation for patch 4.3…

Laser Chiken on a Turbo Chopper

I flew in to Albuquerque, and boy are my props tired!

Worst thing is, trying to adjust to long cast times and dealing with spells getting interrupted by moving after the insta-destruction of the Warlock. Run and Gun or Extra Big AoE modes should be standard talent choices for every ranged spellcaster, damnit.

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  1. Yay for boomchickens! My main is a boomie for MoP (switched from mage) and am really enjoying it. It doesn’t crank out the DPS numbers like a mage, but I find the playstyle a lot more engaging. Frustrating, sometimes (the whole turret thing), but I like that it requires more attention, thought and strategery to play well.

    Plus, I love the spell animations. You definitely know when there’s a boomkin in the raid with those moon/sunfire glowy balls o’ death!

    More cast-while-moving options would be great, though. It’d be nice if we could snag that Spiritwalker Grace from shammies like Resto Druids can.

    Hope you have fun with yours!


  2. I find the whole eclipse mechanism extremely clunky. Gotta cast nature, no gotta cast arcane, no– Somehow it’s even worse than watching for procs, which is also high on my list of dislikes. After Wrath, I didn’t like bear tanking any more, I’ve always called the kitty my lolcat spec, so out of other options, my druid went resto in Cata. Boomkin became the offspec because that gear can pretty easily overlap with resto if all you’re doing is using boomkin to quest.

    I got Balance Power Tracker to help with the eclipse thing, and that may help you. But I’d recommend building up resto for 5.3. You get the advantage of the healer queue for LFR–not as fast as it was, but still much better than dps–and you’re not in a “leadership” role like tanking. Outside of a few horrible occasions, healing LFR isn’t particularly difficult; usually it’s a lot easier than healing a dungeon. There’re a lot more healers than tanks so you’re not on the spot as much.

    Healing is not my natural role at all, but I’m adequate for LFR and can help guildies with the healer queue and occasional dungeon, so it gives me something to do with the druid.


    • Oh yes, Balance Power Tracker is a must. Default UI is useless.
      I always found it refreshing to have another button to spam mindlessly. On my mage specs I always got annoyed with only having fireball/AB/FB to push when I didn’t have a proc, dot refresh, so on and so forth.


    • And the weather in cata is mighty fine, mighty fine. Beats the hell out of the snow we’ve been having..

      Who says having a little fire isn’t such a bad thing, scarecrow?

      And in other news, I’ve been running the Molten Front dailies every day for a week, my Hunter tamed Deth’tilac (and that was hella fun!), got a Seared Scortchling stone in a Zen’vorka bag, etc.

      Still trying to get one more, so I can have one after I mail this one to Alex.

      Elemental pets are his ‘thing’. He made sure to point out he has a water waveling, pebble, lump and wind thingie from Westfall, he’s just missing a fire elemental. Hint hint. So he gets a scorched, and I, I get more dailies, lol.


      • That’s awesome! Elemental is my thing too – but I don’t like pet battling, so I only have a few…

        Related, I’ve just (as of yesterday) built a Holy pally set, and healed a normal dungeon. Haven’t been Holy since WotLK, so its a bit different – did a normal so I wouldn’t feel a total fail, even though I could queue for heroic.

        It went surprisingly well – though I might just go Ret and pick Holy for gear… Priest and Druid healing are a bit less nervewracking.


  3. Boom-kin are the best-kin

    I’ve tried other classes, but none of them can really beat lasers from space. I mean, tossing a fireball is cool, but making the MOON shoot a laser at someone? That’s just fun.

    Plus, having Incarnation, NI, and Celestial Alignment up all at the same time just gives you such a warm, fuzzy feeling of simultaneous ridiculous damage and ridiculous healing. Not as much as in 5.0, but still pretty fun.


  4. I’m in Albuquerque!

    I tried Balance in MOP – it’s very sloppy feeling. To me, at least.

    What’s happening to Balance in 5.3 that’s prompting this?


    • What is happening in 4.3 is, I am running the Molten Front dailies every day, and my druid feels underpowered, so I wanted to blow stuffs up.

      What is happening in the current game, is I don’t want to tank for strangers in LFR, strictly following my ‘do not deal with asshats’ rule, but in 5.3 you can run as one thing, and select loot for another spec. So, I wanted to get my boomchicken spec viable and geared before that goes live, so I can run as one thing and get gear as a Guardian.

      What, you didn’t think I was going to ignore my bear forever, did you?


  5. All the years I’ve read your blog as a balance druid, and now that I’ve switched to my fire mage as my main (for now), you play one???



    • LOL!

      I played one in Cata for a brief period of time on a raid team, before I stopped due to the schedule conflicts.

      So far, my biggest quality of life improvement is what they did to Mushroom placement. Now I can simply start one spell, dump three shrooms and then clickie ‘splode.

      But really, I am hating having to stand perfectly still to cast long cast spells. Driving me buggie.

      I did run both halves of MSV LFR last night, got a slew of upgrades. I’m up to about 466 effective iLevel. So, I only completey suck instead of totally suck.


  6. Enjoy! I tried it at the end of Cata and never quite grokked it. Swapping sets of spells because of the eclipse mechanic felt sort of silly to me. At least for the demolition lock, there’s a power surge rationale.

    I assume you’re making this change to better balance out loot distribution in the raid?

    No matter what, trying out new-to-us things definitely can spice up the old girl. And hey, there’s that glyph that let’s you avoid being in moonkin shape! That’s something. Be sure to report back on your experiences! If they’re solid enough, I may be willing to forgo my cat spec, which at 385 still doesn’t feel good to me.


  7. If you’re preparing for patch 4.3, that IS something different. 🙂

    And it looks like that roflcopter would give you a headache, with the blades walloping your antlers like that…

    My druid grew up as a moonkin back in vanilla… as soon as I saw that big goofy owlbear, “Oh yes. I must have this.” I actually main tanked as a moonkin up through UBRS… that was a lot of fun. 😀 No taunt, but two or three hits of moonfire usually pulled them back, and if all else failed the greatest AOE taunt in the game, tranquility. With the side effect that it healed whoever was getting beaten on too.

    Different classes do take a lot of getting used to… I never did manage to get into playing a priest, was just too different from the druid. Hope you have fun with it, though. 😀


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