Requesting Suggestions for Minecraft Mods!

Okay, I’m finally stepping up to where the other parents are with this Minecraft thing.

How embarrassing is it to be a gamer dad and have the only kid in the class who can’t play modded Minecraft games?

The Cub has wanted to play various mods on Minecraft ever since he found out we had it, but the Feed The Beast system I tried for whatever reason was just crashing the game. And my computer. Fine. Whatever.

I have finally taken the time to learn how to install the Minecraft Forge API, set everything up properly and tested, and have a ‘mods’ folder all set to drop mod zip files into to mod the game.


Um, okay.

Given a Cub that has never run anything but the stock game, I am looking for your suggestions on what mods would be small, bite sized pieces of awesome fun for the 1.5.2 game client.

I know he has stated a desire for the Portal Gun mod, and apparently there is also some kind of ‘aether’ world or something that is the opposite of the nether, that you can create a portal of light to access, and ignite/activate the portal with gold and wool or something. Um, what?

I know many of you are experienced hands at Modding Minecraft, and I hope you can guide me to which mods would be fun ones for him to start with.

Nothing says ‘you’re old’ quite like getting your game modification lessons from someone whose voice just changed. I learned how to get the game set up and tested by this outstanding Youtube video, which I strongly recommend if you’ve been as slow as I was to get started with mods;

13 thoughts on “Requesting Suggestions for Minecraft Mods!

  1. Surprised no one mentioned Mo’ Creatures, but then, part of the Mo’ Creatures is being added (or has been added) so I’m not sure how it works anymore. I usually play only the Tekkit and the Feed The Best modpacks, as they are very simple to install. If FTB crashed for you, it could be that you don’t have enough RAM. It eats ram like a hungry dinosaur on steroids.
    But there are lighter packs, in this case I was thinking of the Yogcraft pack (which is available through the FTB launcher). It comes with alot of mods, but not as many as Feed The Beast Ultimate.
    In the FTB launcher there is also a pack which is called… DivineRPG? Or something like that. You have some bosses running around and classes and things.

    Mo’ Creatures have always been one of my favourite mods though. Quite simply, it just adds more animals. Alot of them. The horses that are being added to minecraft is from that mod, but the mod itself adds alot more. Including rideable scorpions and elephants.
    You can even put a very large saddle on a mammoth, and if you play multiplayer, 2 people can ride it.
    There’s also tameable cats, birds, goats and other things.
    Personally I always liked it because it adds a bit of life to your world.

    Twilight Forest is nice as well. Adds another dimension which giant trees, bosses and some cool stuff.


  2. Hard to say, Bear. I used to play with a mod and I forget what it’s called. One of the best parts, though, was a different TNT box called “The Nuke”. you have to power it with redstone to fire it off, but the effect…..have him set it off AWAY from his creations. This thing will put a crater in the moon.

    Aside from that, Xray vision mods are nice because they let you see diamonds, iron, coal, redstone, emerald, and creatures through dirt and stone. Meaning you don’t have to spend hours diggig around looking, you can just turn Xray on and see where the goods are.

    Finally, if you or he have ever been Poke`mon fans, Pixelmon is a mod that brings Poke`mon to the cinecraft world. I personally haven’t tried it, but you want someone to check it out first, Pst me in-game and let me know, I’d be more than happy to assist.


  3. As the IT guy, I feel that I should warn you that minecraft mods are .jar files. That means that they can be packed with more than just awesomeness. I have 400 members on site here and had to completely wipe and reimage 5 computers last week alone because of “The only thing that I did was install minecraft and some mods to check out on lunch”
    I reimaged 11 computers last week but only 5 were confirmed that the last thing they did was install minecraft mods.

    Just be careful and make sure you have backups/restore points in place is all.


  4. Myst craft and/or twilight forest for exploration
    Red power 2 for advanced building blocks (1/8-7/8 thickness, widths) and awesome lighting options for some stellar builds.


  5. DeGei has given a list that lines up with the mods I am currently using (FTB tanks my laptop too). I also suggest getting Not Enough Items (NEI) to go along with all of these mods else you will spend most of your time in all the various Wiki’s learning the recipes (not a bad thing but everyone has a different opinion on that >.< )


  6. Asked some friend (lol, third post for the win) on what they like.
    Thaumcraft is more of a ritual magic mod. No casting spells, more making magic objects, including wands, tools, and super awesome adorable golems.

    If you get Forestry, there is an Extra Bee mod that adds more, interesting bees to breed, and a few genetic manipulation tools.

    If you get Forestry AND Thaumcraft, there is a mod that adds some combined stuff, magic imbued items from Forestry and more magical bees: Thaumic Bees.

    If you son wants to get some technical minecarts that do cool things, Steve’s Carts 2 is for him.

    Mystcraft adds the ability to create new dimensions via books (based on Myst I believe), really neat and has some fun concepts, might be a bit advanced and can bog the computer down a little.

    ExtrabiomesXL adds new biomes and trees to discover while exploring. The red woods can bog down some graphics cards. Still cool.

    Equivalent Exchange 3 adds magic stuff, still in development so not everything is used at the moment. A neat little one for the time being.

    Sadly one of my favorites isn’t updated yet, but it adds a magical monster hunting handgun, and other cool monster hunting magical swag, Xeno’s Reliquary.

    Also, if a mod has Worldgen stuff (new ores, new biomes, buildings, etc) he will have to start a new world, or explore new areas to cause them to spawn as any area he has already been in will already be saved as it was at the time of the first visit.


  7. I forgot to mention pretty much any mod updated for 1.5.1 will work for 1.5.2 or 1.5.x as those tend to be bug fixes rather than coding changes. Only the second number changing (for example they are prereleasing 1.6 versions for testing at the moment, Horses are being added along with hay bales, Hardened Clay blocks (which can be dyed), carpets made from wool, and several other things) will break the mods, probably. A bad bug could require mod updates, but unlikely.


  8. You can also get a Gravity Gun mod from iChun and a cool hat mod too. The Portal gun mod has Everything you need to recreate portal in Minecraft. Including Aerial Faith Plates, Long Fall Boots (Durabilityless Diamond Armor Equivalent boots that negate all fall damage), All three forms of Turret, 5 versions of the Portal Gun (Basic, Atlas, P-Body, Potato, and Bacon!), Companion Cube, and music disks for both end themes and the radio loop. The colors of the Bacon and Potato guns can be customized in the config file. To make a Bacon Portal gun combine a raw porkchop with the Basic Portal Gun.

    Other Popular Mods include, Forestry (Has a complex bee breeding system, farming machines, new tree breeding, and more ), Buildcraft (which has a pipe system and Forestry is designed to work with it ), Thermal Expansion (adds machines and ores for Forestry and Buildcraft ), Ars Magica adds cool castable spells ( ), Modular Powersuits (adds a customizable, upgradable armor set that is really cool ), The Twilight Forest (Adds a perpetual Twilight dimension, like the Nether, with random bosses in cool locations like a Lich tower, Minotaur maze, Large Snake (called a naga) in an open courtyard, and a Hydra with a mountain den ), and finally a pair of mods from the same guy designed to work together, Natura (adding new trees, berry bushes, ores, and a couple monsters to the world, ) and Tinker’s Construct (Which allows customizable picks, swords, axes, etc that can be upgrade in unique and interesting ways ).

    I haven’t gotten to play with all of these, since FTB is still a patch behind (Troubleshooting compatibility and waiting on a few mods at the moment), but been watching lots of videos in prep for them joining next patch update. Ars Magica & Tinker’s Construct are the highest on my list. Twilight Forest adds lots of new things to see and baddies to fight in it’s realm.

    And if you ever get FTB up and running (no pressure), our server is open to the public for applications on our Enjin site:
    would be cool to have you stop on by someday, but again, if you can’t no big deal. Good luck and hope the cub has fun.


  9. How interesting! It comes complete with sentry guns, so you can set defenders around your base that won’t attack you. Hmmm.


  10. In order to test it, I looked up Portal Gun Minecraft mod, went to iChans webpage, downloaded the iChanUtil and Portalgun mod, put em both in the mods folder, and Alex is now happily portalling away in game. Worked perfectly, even though the PortalGun mod is for 1.5.1 and the game version is up to 1.5.2. So, hey hallelujah, I did something that worked for a change.


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