We All Want To Be Special

We all want to be special.

Is it really that simple? Does all the bitching, pissing and moaning boil down to everyone wants to be a special little snowflake?

Ever since Flex Raids were announced as a new feature, I’ve been silently observing comments, discussions… remembering where I’ve heard these same old stories before.

I’ve pieced together the bullshit behind a lot of the discussion.

Put simply, it is this belief; “Blizzard ruined the game by dumbing everything down in ICC to get more people carried in raids, then even stupider with bonus LFR idiocy in Cata, and now any moron or baddie gets to feel like they should be allowed to raid in Pandaria. Blizzard wants everyone to be able to raid, and when everyone can raid, then there is no point for real raiders to play the game because there is nothing special about being a raider anymore.”

Reminds me of the nefarious plans of some super-villain. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

“Some content should be exclusive, only for those who earn it. Baddies don’t have any right to see it, but now since Blizzard caters to them, the game is ruined and they think they have a right to see content. In the same tier it’s current, no less!”

“If some content isn’t exclusive, if there aren’t cool rewards for the hardcore raiders, then why should they play? There has to be something for the baddies to look up to, to aspire to become, although they are too bad to ever put the effort into getting better. Because they’re bad.”

“That is what exclusive rewards are for. To give someone the feeling that they are special, different… better.”

“That’s why the game is an MMO instead of a single player RPG. So other people can be my audience and bask in my radiant glow of awesome.”

Is that really what it comes down to? If people don’t get to be special snowflakes and feel superior to others, the game isn’t worth playing?

Adapt or die, motherfuckers.

Maybe the game was about that in the beginning.

Maybe it has been like that for years, and maybe those roots run deep and will never entirely go away. Rare pets, rare mount drops, insanely low drop chances, heroic content, PvP ranked ladder matches, races to world firsts that ding special snowflake achieves.

Competition with winners and losers is a part of the game.

Problem is, those of wee brain have missed the point that it’s a big ass game, and the competition is just one part of it, a part that is easily ignored if desired.

It’s a big motherfucking game. It spans worlds, ages of legend and despair, times of triumph and trial.

There is room enough for love, war and everything in between.

If you need to feel better than others around you with rare mounts, world firsts or achievement points, good on you. I laugh my ass off at you, and I’ll do it in your face, but good for you. I’m glad you have a place to find life affirmation.

Exclusive content? Exclusive significant group content that I am to be denied because I don’t now nor will I ever invest the time someone else does in the game? I said bullshit years ago, I say bullshit now.

Every time a new method of bringing friends together is added, I rejoice inside. Battletags and RealID friends. Cross-server raid groups. LFR options available whenever the PLAYER is able to have time for one rather than an entire group. Hell, Queueing for LFR with a handful of friends and chatting along in Vent while a bunch of silent stragglers roll right alongside.

Now, even more fun friend flexibility. Cross-server Flex Raids for current content that requires more coordination and commitment than LFR, but fewer solid ‘numbers’ of people.

I cannot count how many times I’ve seen a raid group of 18+, who are left with no choice but to “Go to the General Chat to look for more or the raid is canceled.”

Oh yeah, those must be bad players, because they only had eighteen players in the group. Good thing they weren’t able to raid.

Are you kidding me? Go suck a drainpipe, Luigi.

Would I love to see it work with eight players? Yes. Or even nine.

I would like to see a Flex Raid system where you need two tanks, two healers and three DPS for a core team, and then you grew it from there. Maybe, for every additional four DPS you added, you’d be best served to add one more healer… or even a DPS/healer hybrid.

Regardless of how it eventually works, this isn’t Vanilla WoW anymore. The game grew up, how about you do too?

The game and it’s content is not exclusive to those who have the most time to play, and does not belong to those who do more than it does to anyone else. The hardcore raider spending 50 hours a week raiding heroic modes in WoW is not an exalted King, gracing the rest of us with his or her majestic presence.

Fuck them, we also play who cross-server raid with our friends whenever we damn well feel like it.

Tired of it. Tired of the same old tired entitlement bullshit.

That’s what it is. Someone who wants the ‘best parts’ of the game tailored to a small, special sub-set of the paying player-base. The rest of us are supposed to pay our monthly subscription fees and help fund the content that they experience, while we stand by and admire from afar.

Bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Hey, if you want an exclusive experience that nobody else will have the privilege of seeing, code your own damn game, play it in single player mode, and then delete it. Grats, you won.

Oh, wait, are we playing a single player game? Oh, no it’s an MMO. A group game, a dare I say it SOCIAL experience.

Things have changed. That’s what this is all about, and it’s what keeps bringing the complaints and the cries of “WoW is dead”.

WoW has changed. It’s not all about you anymore, and it hasn’t been for a while. So bitch all you want, sit in your bird nests and open your little shrieking mouths to cry for food, Ji-Kun ain’t gonna cram exclusive lore down your throats anymore.

The game has been opened up for the masses. And those masses, for all you fucking cry about it, hey it turns out a lot of them are pretty damn good raiders, no matter how much you want to deny it and call them baddies.

I run in LFR. I do it all the time. And for every ‘baddie’ I see, I see four self-important egotistical little shits and twenty other people who are doing what they are supposed to in a raid, and doing it well.

Newsflash; it’s the self-important egotistical little shits I put on ignore.

So keep crying.

You play the game your way, I’ll play it mine, and we’ll see who has a better time of it.

From the looks of things, you’re going to have the satisfaction of reaching the server-first “Choked to death on his own bitter bile” Achievement. Grats.

While you’re doing that, and bitching about the death of WoW and how much it sucks, I’ll be talking to folks about cross-server Flex Raid groups and looking forward to having fun.

33 thoughts on “We All Want To Be Special

  1. I don’t have the choice to raid hardcore any more. Work + family commitments are just too much for me. And my guild is struggling a little with normal – we clear it, but a bit later. For us, we will likely run Flex and then Normal. Flex will bring in people who only want to raid for a short time, who want achievements, who can’t raid every week of the year. Then those who want more can carry on. Flex is for me. I feel special 🙂


  2. Everyone likes to feel special, the issues stem from what people use to give themselves that validation. Some people need to see themselves as ‘better’ than others, and can only be happy if they have something other ppl don’t have. I personally don’t get that. I saw someone post on the forums citing an example of “what if you were given X spiffy car, that would feel special. But now that person has given everyone the same spiffy car, so now it isn’t special any more.” That’s why they were upset, because they cannot enjoy something unless it has exclusiveness attached to it. Oddly though, in this drive to ensure everyone else gets put in their place, they ignore that there is already things such as challenge modes, heroic raiding, spiffy once off pvp season rewards, feats of strength etc that are available to those with the skill, determination and desire to go after them. I don’t begrudge other players those things, so why the hell am I begrudged some content aimed at me and my guild?

    I like the flexible raid option, and I think it would be good if it started from about 8-9 and moved up to 28. When we were a 25 man raiding guild we always had a couple of spare ppl.

    Personally I detest the WSG battleground, I can’t stand it. My in game quality of life would be immeasurably improved if it just disappeared. But you don’t see me going around whinging on the forums about it, I just blacklist it when I remember and move on with my life.


  3. Every now and then Bear gives me something that I wholeheartedly agree with that it burns me to the soul. This is one of them. Damn him and his lightning fingers 🙂 now I can’t rant about it! Great post Bear 🙂


  4. “Clockwork says:
    June 11, 2013 at 1:03 am

    They say skill is distributed as a Gaussian curve, and those that are the most vocal about being “elite” often fall on the extreme side of it…sadly for them, the game is supported by the middle portion of that curve.”

    Now see, this is an easy mistake to make, but if you use Chrome or Firefox and get the Cogshanks app that lists people’s alts on forums, you get to see if it’s true and for the most part, it’s completely false. I have not seen a single post by an actual ‘elite’ raider complaining about any of this and many of the ones posting these pathetic whines have downed between 0 and 1 heroic. The real elite players? They don’t care, within a month of the release they’re in normal/heroic gear and only bother with LFR on alts or if they need to gear an OS/stand-in for certain hm fights. The people complaining are the wannabes. They ‘think’ they’re elite, they want to be regarded as elite, but they’re raiding their poor little hearts out and just can’t make it. They post these whines and diatribes complaining about anything that reduces their feeling of ‘specialness’, which pretty much is ANYTHING, since it’s not like they can point to rankings or having cleared everything on heroic to feel good about, and….they always seem to do it on alts, to try and prevent people from actually looking at their progress and laughing.

    Now I’m by no means an elite raider, don’t have any realm first, don’t really expect to get any, though I try my hardest to push, do everything I can. But looking at wowprogress ect, I’m somewhere in the top 10%. And looking at the people whining about Flex and LFR, that’s better than most of them. And I love the idea. I will use it myself for doing the raid achievements and for gear possibly at the start, then, just like LFR now, I’ll have no reason to do it and won’t bother. So why should it bother me at all that other people are? I’m not a 4yr old, I’m not concerned if someone else has the same toy as me, I’ll just happily play with mine ;p


    • Yup, the real bleeding edge raiders don’t give a damn, I don’t believe they are on the forums complaining. They’re elite in the same way you say ‘an elite athelete’. It’s a couple of rungs down, the wannabes, that seem only to be able to feel good about themselves by lording something over others. I think they have an over inflated sense of their place in the raiding hierarchy.

      It’s is often the case that those complaining that WoW is too easy, haven’t touched a heroic mode ever. Never touched a challenge mode etc. They’re whinging for the sake of being obnoxious.


  5. When I started playing WoW, it took a long time to hit level cap. Raids were 40 man or nothing, and more often than not, you really needed 20ish solid players, and 20 more bodies to do something useful for part of the encounter. I enjoyed the comraderie, I enjoyed the hard work and effort, and I loved the feeling of finally getting a boss kill. But it was rough, and guilds fell apart.

    Then, BC. We got a 10 man, and raid cap went down to 25. This was better; Karazhan was fantastic, and a lot of the other content was really good too. But ultimately, there were still problems that you had with 40 man, but slightly different due to the number of folks involved. Things were concentrated, if that makes sense.

    In Wrath, 10 mans became a thing. This was a really good change, for groups who liked to keep things small. But they were second class, with loot that was not as good, and there was gnashing of teeth. But overall, the changes were good, although things were perhaps not as difficult as they could have been for some, and perhaps too difficult for others. But Blizzard listended.

    And in Cata, things got harder. A lot harder. Perhaps too hard, by comparison. Things got harder in different ways. Again, I don’t know if it was better or worse. But then they gave us LFR, and at that point, things were really good. The guilds for whom Cata difficulty early on made things hard if not impossible were able to raid again, and while you can’t call it “real” raiding when compared to normals and hard modes, it was a really good way for people to get their feet wet and experience content, and get loot that they might never otherwise have a chance at.

    So, now we have MoP. Blizz is still learning, still tuning, still focused on providing an experience for everyone who wants one. LFR is still going strong(although the tiered unlock for Throne was agonzing), and is really about where it should be. Normals are good stuff, and Heroics are what they always have been. But then, they get this idea. Flex raids. Perfect for the guilds who have too many for 10s, but not quite enough for 25s. For those guilds who get a little stuck on Normals. For those folks who want to raid, but like where they’re at. It’s a little something for everyone. And I’m pretty stoked about it all, even though it might not have anything to offer me.


  6. (Long time Lurker here..) It seems to me, that the same players complaining about LFR/Flex Raids onoes it teh EZ mode!!1! are the same folks complaining that thy shouldnt have to do dailies for rep grinds & faction rep shouldnt be required for gear & recipie purchases. At least thats what I see in /Trade.

    There was a long complaint session just yesterday with players crying ‘BC was better! Blizz needs to go back to how it was in BC!’

    I dont think these players actually raided in BC. I did a little of Kara at the end. I remember attunement quests, endless dungeon runs for rep (since diff instances gained rep for diff factions), hoping to get special rare item drops to turn in for Aldor rep & dusts for inscriptions. Ive been working on getting all my BC reps to Exalted & even on a 90 its brutal. Endless dailies for Netherwing & Skyguard mounts, and Im still only halfway to exalted with Aldor, even w the Outland Loremaster quest achieved.
    If the MoP-daily quest-rep grind complainers were transported back to BC they still wouldnt be happy.

    Also, the Elite argument, ‘Blizz ruined the game by catering to casuals – thats why subs are down’ doesnt make much sense either. Elites are by definition a smal percentage of the population. That’s what makes them elite.;). Loss of a percentage of elites would would be a small amount of total subs. If casuals comprise a larger portion of subs, then by the terms of the Elite argument, expanding the game’s focus on casuals should increase the number of casual & bring in new players.

    Fact is, WoW is getting old. Few of my friends that I raided Wrath with are playing in MoP. But I am. And I’m still having great fun. =D


  7. Damn Bear, you sound P to the O’ed. This issue, or rather the response to this issue, really seams to be bothering you. I do agree with you, in most of what you are saying.

    “My enjoyment of the game should not affect yours”. I agree. HOWEVER, in a game that is all about making your character better and more powerful, it is easy to see where some of the complaints now and in the past are coming from. If you are a college kid, and have 40 hours per week to dedicate to the game, maybe you should be able to make your toon “super-tits-awesome”. Like, wings and halos and stuff, with a global announcement that tells everybody in the zone that “Super-Tits has logged on, and he is going to be mining this afternoon, move aside”. Ok, perhaps not that far, but I see the point. I lost several phenomenal raiders over the years because the guild was not progressing fast enough for them, and they wanted to move on to harder challenges faster. And I saw their point. I might have gone with them…had I not been the guild master. But I always took quality people over skilled assholes, so we moved at a moderate pace. And we had fun.

    “The masses pay just as much for the game, therefore should be able to see the ENTIRE game”. Again, I agree. Again, I have a HOWEVER. There is something amazingly rewarding about doing stuff that is really hard. Like, just getting keyed for Kara was pretty hard compared to leveling up. Getting keyed for it, finally getting a raid spot off the bench, and finally killing Prince was AMAZING. If it had been “dumbed” down for the masses to enjoy, it would have been pretty easy for me. It would not have been as special, and I may not even play WOW any more. So, how do we find a middle ground? 10 man raiding was Lich King’s attempt at it. A decent try too. I created a new guild with online friends, and had my best Wow times ever in LK. LFR was Caty’s attempt at it. My feelings for LFR are mixed. It killed my small casual group of late night adult raiders, but it gave everybody a chance to see the last boss of the expansion. I personally hated LFR, and didn’t do them after a few times running as a tank and healer. It wasn’t the bads, it was the hatred from the people you could tell were actual raiders. I don’t play with those kinds of people, and playing with ¾ of the raid on ignore really isn’t any better than fishing in my opinion.

    Now, flex raids? I’m on board with this one. Damn, I wish they would have done flex raids instead of LFR last expansion. Really, REALLY wish they had. This is an AWESOME idea. Shit, they should have done this back in LK. SO many times I needed to pick up a couple people because we only had 23 people on. Or we made two 10s, and some had to sit. THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!

    I’m stoked about this, and it makes me want to get my toons up and raiding again. I’ve been tooling around Pandaria on my hunter just questing when I’m bored at night. This gives me some hope for the future.


  8. I like Flex harder content than LFR with better rewards since our guild refuses to run LFR (too toxic I guess) and normals are too hard for some of our members
    hopefully we’ll get further on flex even if it’s the same 10 people.


  9. Just my two-penneth to say I agree! Boring I know … but I’ve always believed that the majority of people (not even those that play WoW, but those out-in-the-world people) are good, friendly, nice people. WoW players are simply a sub-set of “real people” … you get the majority who are decent folk, who putter around and do this n that, happy to dabble and faff – try a bit of raiding, pet battles, LFR, PvP, etc, etc. Some of them find they are better, or enjoy certain bits of faffing more than others – some of us are completely used to the idea that we’re pants at a lot of it, enjoy most of it regardless, and leave nary a wave in their wake.

    It’s those who complain, whinge and bitch about stuff to the point where you think .. why play then? You’re not getting paid to play the game .. indeed you’re paying them … if you don’t like it, don’t do it. Or, if there are certain aspects you don’t like .. well you know what you can go do. Not that!

    And they’re the ones who are making more of a problem for the rest of us. A new player comes into WoW .. say he/she is puttering about doing stuff .. quests, instances or BG’s perhaps … if one of the first things they encounter is someone /spitting on them, or swearing at them for taking “their” metal node/herb/insert whatever they feel is “theirs” today … or for being rubbish dps (at level 25), for being a “noob” or simply not explaining why they feel that THEY are more entitled and better than the new person … then if I was that new player, I’d leave and never look back.

    Which means less “normal” folk for guilds like mine, where we could guide and provide a home for them, and hopefully give them some idea of how people should behave. Which would then lead onto more raiders .. which leads us onto flexible raiding …

    As it has currently been described .. /flex raiding isn’t going to help our guild anymore. It would have done, times past, when we regularly had a few more people than we had places, but now we’re regularly having a few more spaces than we have people. Now if they could wangle it so that the minimum for flexible raiding was 7 or 8 .. now that would help greatly …


  10. You know Tome and I are right there with you. I was just looking over my Battletag friends this morning knowing if I asked any one of them to go derp in end-game stuff at any time, they’d be there for me. And how cool is that? Nothing better. Thank you for calling the bullshit out. It was starting to stink.


    • Oh, and not even end-game stuff: searching for a pet, or sitting around chatting — whatever. The friends are the game, not the other way around.


  11. My issue with all the “casual modes” is this. If there’s no effort required to see the content then I won’t be able to play at the level I’d like to, where there’s an actual challenge for me. The reason for that is if people don’t have to push to succeed then they won’t get good enough to perform at heroic levels. As players drift off, the pool of new players wanting to step up to heroics will dry out, eventually killing off the section completely. Which leaves me short of a social group who want the challenge and are willing to put the time in.


    • Where does one find people like that though? I can’t do Heroic mode current content with my guild, too many people (including two healers) have zero situational awareness to even do normal modes. They really enjoy raiding, but hate the overly complicated (for them) mechanics. Normal DS was about as challenging as they could do – they loved it, we all did – but MOP has tuned all the mechanics for raiding up, presumably so they could then tune them down for LFR, to the point that it’s become impossible for real casuals like I raid with.

      I’ve done some OpenRaid cross realm stuff, but I don’t want to leave my friends permanently and whore myself out to one of the few decent raiding guilds on my server. I certainly don’t want to completely alienate them by moving off server.

      So, I’m sorry you feel that adding easier content will diminish the pool of prospective heroic raiders for you to pull from. But there are far more of us that don’t reach those heights – not because WE can’t, but because we prefer playing with friends and family who don’t have the time or inclination to. And that’s ok. Really.


      • I’d have no real issue with it if they ditched LFR in favour of it, since LFR has gone the way of LFD. Mindlessness without any respect for others, for the most part, since they don’t have to work together for success, just single player it till determination builds up then “DONALD SMASH”. At least if you form the group or most of it then queue for a few extras, you’ll have more of a sense of teamwork and achievement since its described as ‘casual progression raiding’ not ‘smashed in the first lockout or people complain’. It’s probably where they should have gone in the first place and it might have stopped the guilds splintering, and given people a chance to raid without becoming the “faceless mob”.


      • I don’t agree. LFR right now is my only source or raiding due to not being able to commit to a raid schedule. Flex had the potential to let me and others like me try to raid with friends without letting them down if we can’t show up one week. LFR should still be there as a backup.


      • When my guild called it quits on raiding last expansion, LFR was my only source of raiding as well. It didn’t take long before I just stopped raiding, because while it may be the same or similar content, I personally did not consider it “raiding”. Something I can do while watching South Park on my other screen is not really any different to me than farming herbs or fishing.

        Even when they fixed the roll situation where people were not stealing gear from each other, it wasn’t fun. What is the point of gearing up anyway, if the raid isn’t actually any kind of challenge?

        The flex deal sounds awesome. The “problem” that many will bring up, is that with separate lockouts, hard core people doing regular raiding will feel it’s a “requirement” for them to run all three, every week to maximize their gear in order to progress faster. This happened back in LK during the ToC Raid. I don’t see that as an issue for the majority of people, but that will be a common complaint if the lockouts are not tied together.


      • You missed the subtle change to Flex that I mentioned in my post. If you can “queue for a few extras” then your backup is still in place, but the toxic “I don’t know who you all are, you don’t know each other and we’ll never meet again, so I can be an asshat/slacker/abusive/plain malicious person” raiding is gone. Queueing into a half built raid means you’re more likely to want to try, or you’ll be kicked, and you may even find more battle tags to raid with later. It’d help return the list sense of community. Kinda like trade chat PuG raids but battle group wide.


    • I suspect we’ll see heroic mode raiders eventually all server transfer to a small number of servers that remain very lively. That’s what I’m seeing on my dying server now, with normal mode raiders (we don’t have any guilds left with more than 1/12 heroic ToT). And truth be told, I think attrition and declining subscriber numbers would cause this to happen anyway.


    • There’s a flaw in your thinking – you assume that everyone would want to raid at the highest levels if they were just incentivised the right way. If they just have that push to succeed, then they’ll get good enough to perform at heroic levels. That just isn’t true. The lack of a ‘psuh to succeed’ is not the reason there aren’t enough heroic mode raiders to your liking.

      Not everyone wants to do heroic raiding. Doesn’t matter what incentives you put in front of me I will firstly never have the time commitment, and secondly I’m never going to have the reflexes and skill necessary. I’m not bothered by the fact that some ppl are better at a video game than I am, WoW is my first and only MMO. I don’t care that there are heroic only fights I won’t see. I’m cool with heroic only achievement,s mounts, gear, titles – you name it, I dont’ care if heroic mode raiders have it. I don’t have in game envy, nor do I feel something I have obtained is in anyway diminished if every other person in the game happens to have it to, that’s not my issue.

      There is nothing Blizzard could do to make me want to work and push myself to be a heroic mode raider, and if they took away the content I do have in the hopes I’ll go raid with you, then they would lose my subscription because I don’t want that and I don’t think I should be forced into that route because a very small portion of the player base think their game play is being compromised because I’m not sufficiently motivated for their liking.


  12. I think it’s almost comical the way some players react to new features like this. Like, the players who are complaining the loudest are claiming that this is just catering to the casuals, and destroying the hardcore aspects of raiding. Then you look at the actual progress of those complaining loudest, and they are in no way the top-end best-of-the-best players. I would like to think my guild is pretty good (7/13 hc) and we honestly couldn’t care less about the flex raiding. We may try it out once or twice, but the fact that another player enjoys something that isn’t as challenging doesn’t suddenly make Ra-Den fall over and hand everyone their best in slot gear.

    There’s millions of people playing this game, and if some of them enjoy something which I don’t (scenarios are an example) then I honestly don’t care. I’m glad they have something they enjoy to help us all pay for the continual development of this game we all enjoy. Plus, if they can get a significant number of players to raid, no matter what difficulty, this will encourage more energy put into raid development, leading to even better content.


    • This. I just can’t grok why those who can do Heroic mode would even care about flex raiding (both doing it, and those who do). You’re still getting Heroic ilevel gear, we’re getting something like 28 ilevels lower. Your gear is bright red or gold or silver, ours is dull green or blue or orange (and transmogged to boot).

      I agree with BBB in that it’d be really nice if Blizz could make it 8 man minimum though. My guild, which only raids on Friday nights, typically has between 8 and 13 people on (generally in the 8 and 9 range). So every Friday we either pug (hasn’t happened in MoP yet) or people sit out (all too often). Needless to say, everyone in the guild is very excited for Flex. We’re so casual, we just beat Jin-rok for the first time this last Friday. We’re 2/6 in MSV and never did beat the first bug in HoF. (Not that we’ve gone back… it’s odd that once we overgear something, we hardly ever go back until it’s the next expac.)


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  14. My concern is, knowing me, there’s going to be that itch in the back of my mind to play ALL THE LOCKOUTZ. Fighting the week maximization compulsion has always been a little tough for me; I think metrics of susceptibility to addiction are more a spectrum than binary, and regardless, I am very very functional, but… a new, separate lockout? An additional chance at loot a week? Oh my. 🙂


  15. They say skill is distributed as a Gaussian curve, and those that are the most vocal about being “elite” often fall on the extreme side of it…sadly for them, the game is supported by the middle portion of that curve. The elite end still gets world/server-first achievements, some of the rarest mounts, heroic loot (though if any of this has changed I stand corrected, I stopped at the end of Cata), but there is no sense wasting development time on content the majority will never see, and “Oh but they’ll aspire to it,” is not enough, because eventually they will get tired of running and leave, then there won’t be that development budget.


  16. “Oh noes, someone who I’ll never meet and who has no impact on my game whatsoever has pixels that look the same as pixels I have! This is the WORST THING EVER!”

    Hate it when people think they’re superior to others just because they do what they like and if other people don’t like it they’re OBVIOUSLY wrong. I like the idea of flexible raids, and wish it was around in ICC… we several times had 12 or 13 people, so some had to be left out…


  17. Funny, I don’t recall reading much about bad players populating H25 endgame raiding guilds. Nobody’s taking that away. I dunno, maybe they feel that Blizz should spend a lot of time on content that only .5% of the playerbase will see, but I’m thinking Blizz has an answer for them, and it isn’t “Wow, that’s brilliant!”

    I really think opening raids up to more people has improved the entire raiding experience. More people are seeing it, so they have to take more care with it. Back in the day, of some obscure bug emerged in Naxx-40, they didn’t even care since all of one tenth of one percent of all players in the game might see it, and besides, BC.


  18. I can’t wait for flex-raids. We have a small guild consisting of working adults and parents. We have a core group of 12, and it sucks to have to sit anyone when all of us manage to show up. All of our play-time is limited and having to step out on the day that you actually have time to play is no fun.

    Having a somewhat reduced difficulty without removing any of the actual mechanics will probably suit us just fine. Better to progress through slightly easier content (but still have to pay attention), than banging your head against a stupid bug boss that will just not get squashed. (Looking at you: Ambershaper Douche-bag).

    How the 12 of us having fun together can possibly affect the enjoyment of any of the remaining 7 999 988 WoW-players remains a mystery to me.


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