The WoW Bucket List

Tonight, a milestone was reached.

My son and I joined Soldris and Cain in an OpenRaid event, a 10 person Firelands Heroic run.

In that run, this happened;

Ragnaros Rising

This was Ragnaros, risen from the molten fires and standing before us in all of his incandescent glory.

And then we rolled him for his lunch money.

Seeing Ragnaros standing was, for my son, one of his deepest desires in the game.

Tonight that desire was fulfilled, and he was so stoked we had a hard time getting him to calm down for bedtime.

That is what I want to talk about. Things we desire in the game. Moments we want to experience, expectations we want to fulfill, just once, before we end our time with WoW.

For my son, one of the things he wanted most to do in the game, one of his deepest desires was to someday see Ragnaros standing there, risen from the lava and radiant with rage. And, you know… lava. And then to kick his ass.

My son is only ten, so granted it’s not a goal on the same order as be the next CEO of Exxon. But it was a no-shit serious “I will someday” goal. He took it as seriously as anyone could.

I think the term ‘bucket list’ has been overused, but it’s a strong sentiment. A list of things that go beyond the everyday, the ordinary, things you want to do to satisfy an inner need before the end comes. Not just Valor capping or daily quests, not another scenario or heroic to pass the time.

A list of goals you hold dear to your heart, the things you would love to see or do before your time with World of Warcraft was done.

Things that would fulfill your own desires, satisfy the itch that keeps you playing this game.

Tonight, my son achieved one of his goals. He saw Ragnaros standing on his own two feet, killed him, and achieved the “Firelord” title.

What are some of your own closely-held goals? What special experience or achievement would be precious enough to place on your own WoW Bucket List?

8 thoughts on “The WoW Bucket List

  1. I’m not sure if I could call it a bucket list, but something I really want and have wanted for years is the High Warlord title. I remember how much I envied players who had it back in the days when it was harder to get than now, I respected them so much just for having that title. That was back when I was new to the game and didn’t really know much. It seems much easier to get that title now, but I don’t have the time to do RBGs and no team.


  2. Find a friendly raid group, clearing current content that runs on East Coast Friendly times that needs a hunter. Alas I run on a California server, so the better raid groups run too late.

    Have already done several of my other Bucket List items.


  3. Previously on my list:

    The first times I went into a raid at level. When I first started out in wow, I didn’t raid. Just quested and instanced. But I had friends in raiding guilds who would do things like show me and a few guildies through kara after they cleared it. I even got to do gruul’s and mag’s at cap because they needed bodies and although we were inexperienced but okay geared, we followed directions and were responsible. It just blew my mind to be a part of that.

    The first time we did Lich King. We were casual raiders and it was the end of the expansion so (for us) it was still a tough fight. I did it on my holy priest alt, since they needed her more than my tree druid main (I leveled the priest because they broke healy druids so badly that expansion). When everyone died, my heart was totally pounding and the RL in vent was yelling “don’t release! don’t release!”

    During Cata. I forget what raids or instances it was. Our group at the time had tons of tanks and dps, but not many healers. So me and 2 other guild leads had to run our healers a lot of the time until other folks started to try healing. And I was finally able to bear tank once in a while! I love being the off tank the best; it felt more fun than being the main tank.

    Currently on my list:

    Any time I see a blingtron up, I log onto my tailor alt because rumor has it, there is a super tiny chance of a rare drop tailor pattern for a boe top hat. I really want that because a top hat on a non-wargen tickles my sense of humor.

    I also need to start doing archeology again, because I really really want a crawling claw pet.

    Every Darkmoon fair I fight Jeremy Fessel because I want the Darkmoon Eye pet. I think I am on month 5? with no drop. . . .

    A wow friend of mine passed away from sudden natural causes recently. This month I want to try and get together a bunch of folks on motorcycles, since he loved those in RL, and maybe go on a short road trip and picnic somewhere in his memory. Fireworks and balloons and dancing. At the very least, get some screen shots of the group and post to his facebook page. August is the month for Obon. It is like the Japanese version of day of the dead.


  4. For me it was Kingslayer. I wanted to kill Arthas during the Lich King era, but I work nights and getting into a raid group back then was just about impossible if you couldn’t play from 5pm to 10pm. I tried setting up a Saturday Morning raid group on my server but it never panned out.

    (Incidentally, LFR was the feature that brought me back to the game after a brief unsub period.)

    It wasn’t until earlier this year, when some of my guildmates were rolling through Icecrown for mog gear, that I finally got the Kingslayer title. And a few weeks later, we nabbed the Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 man) as well!

    Back in May I saw my guild leader flying on the Corrupted Firehawk and knew it had to be mine. We set up a 10 man group and rolled into the Firelands. 5 or 6 weeks later all 10 of us had the Firehawk and the Firelord title! That was two things off my list, getting that mount and setting up my own raid group.

    Other than a few mount drops (Onyxia, grr) there isn’t much on my list right now. Probably why I’m taking a WoW break at the moment.


  5. I don’t know if I quite have a bucket list left, mostly Im waiting on drops (mounts, pets, etc).

    I’ve seen many of the fights in the game, both Normal and heroic versions. I wish I had a way to see the classic stuff not in game anymore. The little cut scene things linked to rare and legendary weapons that no longer can be obtained.

    That said Congrats on the Firelord and such. It’s a neat bit added to the end of the fight.

    You know how to reach me if you need help with anything else on that bucket list?


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