Thank you for your support!

Thank you to everyone that has had kind words for the Pet Battle tamer post I put up over the weekend.

The core reason for my post was to help someone who had yet to level a full team to 25.

When you are just starting out with pet battles, knowing that it is going to take a long time to level that first team to 25 is challenging. If you’re going to level a team to max, you want to know that those pets will continue to aid your pet battling goals on into the future.

Having a small list of pets that you know will all work well together can help provide focus on what to capture and level first.

That was the purpose of my post, to provide a small list of pets that are fairly easy to get and work well together. Pets that you know, with some helpful tips, will be able to complete daily Pet Tamer battles while you level up more pets for some variety and fun.

My friend Monstre was the one that originally said it would be helpful to have a list like that. He enjoys leveling pets he tells me, but he sure would’ve liked to know what to level first.

So, I wrote a post.

The greatest reward I can ever have is when someone tells me something I wrote was actually helpful. In this case, I got immediate gratification, because when I logged in Sunday Monstre told me he’d already obtained all the pets from the list, beaten the tamers (including the Pandaren Spirits!) and was happily working through the Beasts of Fable.

He also gave me a Flawless Battle-Stone in thanks. That’s right, one you can use on any pet family. A greater gift no pet battler can ever give to another, and I am very thankful. Tips are not requested, but will certainly never be turned down.

Turn it down? What do I look like, crazy? My Unborn Val’kyr was Uncommon for far too long! I already had my Tentacle named Monstre, so I’ll have to think of something else fitting to name the Val’kyr in his honor.

The moral of the story is, there are many paths to victory in Pet Battles. This is just one starter guide, and it serves a very specific purpose. There are other guides out there to seek and enjoy.

Probably the most highly recommended I’ve seen were pointed out to me in the comments, the Pet Battle Strategies (PvE) written by Phraide, true works of genius with incredibly fine-tuned tactics for both beginners and veterans, that can be found at this link at the WarcraftPets forums.

BUT! Don’t get too caught up in the hunt for that one specific recommended pet before you take a shot at a battle. If you take a close look at what types of pets the enemy has, what they are weak against, and what abilities they use you will probably find something that will be strong against it. It may not be the ‘right’ pet to use, but if you win, there is plenty of time to refine your technique or play around with various other pet combinations later.

I know I am always learning. Always. I keep finding out that there is often a much better way to do something, but after I found something that worked I stuck with it. It’s great to see how other folks solve the same battle challenges.

I hope that when the Celestial Tournament arrives, it finds you sitting pretty with a wide variety of pets eager to nom nom nom all over the competition!