My Pre-Blizzcon spoiler-free predictions

Good morning, folks.

As we wait for the opening ceremony of Blizzcon to begin, I wanted to get my expansion predictions out there before the floodgates of actual data come roaring out.

I know there have been ‘spoilers’ and other things going up on places like MMO Champion, and I have not read them. I might be and probably will be 100% wrong in my predictions, but that’s part of the fun.

I know we’re seeing “Warlords of Draenor” as the probably titles of the next expansion. That’s not really a spoiler, it’s all over the place because of the licensing.

I’m basing my prediction mostly on what I feel the game would benefit from in actual play.

I predict the expansion will bring a focus back to Outlands, in two parts;

First, I think the existing Outlands zones will be revamped the way Cataclysm refreshed Azeroth, improving (or simply changing) the leveling experience from 60 – 70.

Second, I think that we will either see an entire world/continent of Old Draenor accessed from the Caverns of Time, OR we will see a series of seperate zone/dimensions accessed from multiple portals throughout Outlands.

Here is my thinking on the second part.

Draenor was torn apart by Ner’zhul when he tried to open multiple dimensional portals to new worlds for the Horde to conquer. It was when traveling through one of those portals that he was captured by the Burning Legion, and eventually transformed into the husk of psionic armor that was the original Lich King.

Those multiple dimensional portals were created, orcs fled through them (or charged into them as solid armies bent on conquest) as the world of Draenor was torn apart around them.

The Burning Legion was clearly out there through some of them, because they nabbed Ner’zhul.

It makes sense to me that armies of orcs may still be out there spread among multiple dimensional portals, some of whom are either waging their own ongoing wars of conquest OR are actively fighting for or against the Burning Legion on other planets.

All it would take to bring us back into this storyline would be for some of those far-off orcs to try and open a return portal back. Somehow, some way. The maguffin of how isn’t important.

What this would give us is potential portals opening in key areas of Outlands, and that would change what is going on there in those zones right now, bringing them all current with drama for us to take part in. Orc/Burning Legion invasions into Outlands through portals, the homelands of the orcs (Thrall’s gramma!) and draenei that we have to protect, etc.

Even orcs requesting we provide aid to them on some of those far-flung worlds defending against the Burning Legion.

The other part of that second idea is just me being kinda grumpy.

I’ve done the Empowering the Hourglass quests, and I feel like seeing our good buddy time traveler Nozdormu watching over Garrosh is ominous.

I wonder… what happens if Garrosh, still alive and awaiting his trial, is given the opportunity to go back in time to original Draenor and ‘redeem’ his father, prevent him from ever drinking the blood of Mannoroth in the first place?

Does anyone think that would end up well? A happily ever after tale?

What if Sargeras, once a presence within Medivh… is now a presence in Nozdormu instead, and that is the corrupting influence we’ve been seeing? And Sargeras is now guiding Nozdormu to get Garrosh back to Old Draenor and change the events that led to the downfall of the Burning Legion on Azeroth?

What if we have to pursue Garrosh into Old Draenor as a still-vibrant intact world, and face the Horde and Burning Legion all over again, a do over but with Sargeras revealed as being the spirit inhabiting and eventually freed from Nozdormu?

See what I did there? Two completely different ideas for the level 90+ content, both spun from pure BS.

The only thing I really believe is that the expansion reveals are going to be all about revamped Outlands and new Burning Crusade modern day Outlands stuff.

Okay, I’m only hoping.

I’ll be watching new news from Blizzcon as eagerly as anyone else!

5 thoughts on “My Pre-Blizzcon spoiler-free predictions

  1. Seems to me many are upset about “time travel”. As if this is the WoW version of the Fonze jumping the shark.

    Dudes, chill. Caverns of Time is a place. We have been time traveling since BC. It’s a well ingrained part of the game. I sat out of the last half of Caty, and most of Panda Land, and am not sorry I did. I caught up with timeless isle (time travel foreshadowing anybody?) and got two toons raiding. I’m looking forward to getting in to the next expansion, fresh and on time instead of coming in late. Most of all…I’m REALLY looking into picking out one of my level 1 – 20ish alts and saying “BOOM, welcome to level 85 biotch! Lets see how you ride!”. I’m thinking my Lock or my mage perhaps.

    I think there are things to look forward to here.


  2. It’s marginally better than the primary theory espoused on MMO-Champ, but if the whole ‘Garrosh escapes and does time-travel to fuck with the universe’ thing pans out, I’m out. 1) I don’t want Garrosh to be the mid-expac boss. We beat him once. And really, I blame Wrynn for not just killing his ass outright (so if this theory takes off, I’m burning Stormwind to the fucking ground to kill your dumb ass king). Sargaras behind the time corruption would be a nice reveal, and a worthy opponent – along the lines of Deathwing. But just no on anything Hellscream related.

    TBH, I haven’t read anything that makes me excited to re-up for the expac. MoP will probably be the last I play WoW… I’ve given a lot of my life to my little toons and it’s been fun – but its time to put down the crack pipe – or at least change the e-sig cartridge. If the WoD is truly headed in this dismally unimagined direction, it’ll make severing ties so much easier… so in one aspect, I hope it is… in another, I’ll be sad that the last (probably) expac for my favorite game will be utter ass.

    I eagerly await the reports from those with access 🙂


  3. And Lady Sylvanis (long may she reign) takes advantage of everyone being off world to increase the power and influence of the Forsaken across Azeroth! Give me some special Forsaken only 90+ content!

    I know this will never happen, but I still think Race specific content would be very, very cool.


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