World of Warcraft has gone insane with Recruit a Friend

Good morning, my friends.

In the wake of all the BlizzCon craziness, can I just say the timing on the revamped Recruit a Friend program is hilarious?

“Now that’s you’re all abuzz over the awesome things coming in the next expansion, pimp the game to your friends! Get them to ditch their old abandoned accounts and make brand new ones! Reap those yummy rewards, you know you wanna catch ’em all!”

Yes. Yes, damn you, I do.

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but if you are an active player and you Recruit a Friend someone that starts a brand new account, or has an active account less than 30 days old from like right now, and IF they pay for two months of game time, then you get your choice of one of eight awesome rewards, including four ultra rare pets and the Emerald Hippogryph.

You can’t use it to bring back players that have left the game, you do that with a Scroll of Resurrection, a completely different program that has NOT been revamped or had rewards expanded. So for all of you who might have been interested in coming back, I’d be happy to shoot you a Scroll of Resurrection, but you can’t be RAFed on your existing accounts.

“All those moments, lost. Like tears… in the rain.”

You CAN create a new World of Warcraft account on your existing Battle-net account. Did you know that? One battle-net login, multiple WoW accounts. My son actually has THREE, a free-to-play, a Recruit a Friend, and a third full account which is our only paid account on his battle-net. When he logs in, the screen prompts him to pick among WoW1, WoW2 and WoW3.

I talked to customer support about it once… if I wanted to, I could transfer characters from among the various accounts to consolidate them into one, then remove the unwanted ones. Just haven’t seen any reason to. You never know when they might change things so that there are new rewards to shooting a Scroll of Ressurection over to a long dead account, you know what I mean?

All that to say, you could both revive your original account and create a new one, then after enjoying the xp bonuses transfer characters and consolidate later.

Or keep playing Guild Wars 2.

Allow me to say this straight up – if you have any interest in creating a new account to play in advance of the new expansion, and would be willing to be my Recruit a Friend buddy, just let me know at Be happy to friend up with you, I have warlock cookies.

As an avid pet collector, it really hurts to see those pets, the tigers especially, gated as Recruit a Friend rewards.

Would I buy them for $10 or $15 if they were on the Blizzard store? Yes, at least I would buy the tigers. The pigs, I long ago accepted I wasn’t going to get the pigs so I took my own Mr Wiggles, upgraded him to Rare quality and leveled him to 25. I’ve got my porker, and he’s a peach of a pet!

Am I going to buy another copy of the game for $20, then pay for two months of game time at $32 total, just for one pet? $52 for a pet. Really?

No. No, I’m not. It doesn’t sound like much until you spread it across 4 pets. The day I spend over $200 to collect four pets in a game where I already have over 500 pets is the day Cassie shoots me.

And as she stands there over my rapidly cooling body, the smoke wisping from the barrels of the shotgun, I won’t even ask why. I’ll utter with my dying breath, “Thank you for freeing me from the madness…”


For more details on the new Recruit a Friend system and the rewards, check out the official post with in depth videos and the process at

And again, if you’re looking to come back with a fresh account and would like to be my recruit a Friend buddy, send me an email!

Pimping done, over and out.

10 thoughts on “World of Warcraft has gone insane with Recruit a Friend

  1. I went through the self-RAF process myself yesterday so one caveat that was a bit vague on the info I saw, you CANNOT RAF to an existing starter account… I had one already that I’ve used over the years for creating raid groups on my own and had a toon into the mid-teens and Blizz has been offering me a $5 Battle Chest upgrade on that account for a few weeks now… I’d kind of hoped to RAF that starter account to get a bit of a head start but the RAF process will create a NEW starter account for you. And in my case it charged me the full $20 for the upgrade, I wasn’t able to figure out a way to leverage the $5 offer on my other account. Pity.

    Also, trying to level 2 toons at once on 2 different machines is a bit more convoluted than I’d hoped and I’d rather not switch to just farming mobs… shared credit quests are fine but there are quite a few that aren’t. If anyone has any suggestions on how to simplify that process somehow (but within the T&Cs of the game) I’d love to hear them, I haven’t been able to find any good resources with recommendations for doing that type of thing, doing a general search for multi-box suggestions seems to result in nothing but BG complaints about multi-boxers.


    • If you want to multibox I would suggest going to There are lots of helpful guides there and people who are willing to help. They do not tolerate anyone trying to break Blizzard’s ToS as it gives the entire community a bad name so it is a good resource.

      I play 1, 2 or 3 accounts at a time and it is a lot of fun. It is easier to play on a single machine with multiple monitors if you have that available. You really just need a key broadcaster to be able to send keystrokes to multiple instances of WoW. There is lots of information about it on that site though.


    • You don’t even need the multiple monitors in my opinion. I played two accounts on my laptop and just controlled them both with key replicator software. I found it to be lots of fun for $5 for two months of time.


    • I appreciate the suggestion, I’ll take a look on the weekend. I’ve gotten reasonably good at playing the way I am but I imagine over the course of 80-90 levels I’ll start to feel less thrilled about my current process so anything that’ll help automate things will be welcome.


  2. I’m really annoyed that they added the 4 pets this way, like you I would have snapped them up asap from the blizz store, but theres no way I can afford, let alone be bothered to sort 4 new accounts to get them. I’m just going to have to accept the fact I can’t get these 😦


  3. I am sure you will probably get lots of offers for RAF (maybe enough for all of the pets) but if you don’t then you may be able to get them for around $20 each if that makes it more fathomable. For example, Gamestop is already advertising $5 battlechests for black friday. If you buy one of them and get a 2 month card prepaid card for $30, that is $35 total. If you take into account that you then get a free month when the RAF account uses the 2 month prepaid card then that is $15 off the total (give or take a few bucks). That is close to $20 for each pet. Not sure if that is still too expensive but it certainly has me thinking hard about it hehe.


    • That is a very good point on cost. It seems there is a $5 Black Friday sale on the WoW battle chest incoming.

      Also, haven’t had a single email, and I don’t really expect one. After all, anyone that has ever visited my blog had a WoW account already.

      Hopefully someday they will do a similar buff to the Scroll of Resurrection!


  4. I wouldn’t argue being a buddy again via battlenet I’d… I have totems and two bear like claw weapons on my panda shaman… They go nicely with warlock cookie


  5. Technically you’re only paying for 1 month as the first month you buy nets the original account a “free” month.

    Just saying…not like I’ve done this 3 times before or anything…


  6. 4 pets you say? That’s a suspicious number. If I was crazy, I might consider grabbing 4 RaF with all expansions, auto-levelling them up to L90 and 5 boxing my way through the WoD content.


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