Something New for the Ninth!

Saber Sushi

I logged in last night to see we had a surprise gift from Blizzard.

It was the start of World of Warcraft’s 9th anniversary!

Nine years.

That is one hell of a long time to be playing a video game.

Surely I’ve seen everything there was to see, been every place there is to go after living for nine years in a virtual world, right?

I got a present, too!

Blizzard gave me a token that puts the ugliest damn tabard I have EVER seen on my character, and oh yeah, a buff worth +9% bonus XP and reputation for killing stuff!

Woot! Time to go fish up some bonus rep with Nat Pagle!

Um… so. Fishing gets me fish, but I’m not actually killing anything? What, not even the damn fish? Look, I gots this ittle club, I catches the fish and then I gives ’em a whack behind the ear, kills ’em dead. Look! LOOK AT ME AS I’M KILLING THESE FISH GIVE ME THE REP DAMN YOU.

Yes, fish have ears. Hey, in MY world fish have ears. And my billy club of whacking is +5 to hit against fish ears.

Don’t make me show you what a lightsaber can do to a fish. I will! Don’t think I won’t. Saber Sushi is all the rage in Northrend.

Um. What was I saying? Geez, I gotta cut down on the coffee, wtf.

RIGHT! That’s it, ninth anniversary.

Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads… 

Woah, sorry, flashback.

After nine years, what, Blizzard thinks I’m still focused on leveling up alts? They give me a buff so I get bonus XP when I kill stuff? Who the HECK is still leveling up characters in this game?

So, at the moment my big focus in the game is leveling up my Warrior alt, so I decided last night I’d…

….what? Yeah, yeah, whatever. So what, they got me pegged dead to rights. Alts4life.

It feels like a lame gift, but it IS only the ninth anniversary. Show me a buff item like this (and that horrible tabard, it’s almost as bad as the sweater) for the tenth anniversary, there will be some serious disappointment over here.

I’m talking sad bear eyes.


Don’t make me give you the sad bear eyes, Blizzard.

Back to my warrior, HOLD ON I said I tried something new.

I reached level 68 Sunday, so last night I started out in Northrend, having fun kicking some Scourge butt in the Borean tundra.

As I tooled around in my sporty purple vest, I thought of doing an instance. I blew through two levels in an hour, didn’t need the XP, but what the heck. Cassie and Alex both enjoy hauling my butt around instances and I take a definite joy in blowing up ALL the old content with my Warlock.

But wait! It’s the ninth anniversary of World of Warcraft.

I’ve got to do something to make this different, to make this occasion special.


Maybe I could try to run MYSELF through a dungeon!

After all, it IS an MMO. What better way to celebrate all that I love in the game but by trying to remove all other signs of human existence? Turn it into a solo excursion!

A three hour tour….

I logged my Warrior in, and then I tried to start a second World of Warcraft game on my computer, and logged in as my son’s Warlock.

They both ran side by side!


I’ve never, ever done this before. Is this dual-boxing? I always thought that meant having two computers side by side with both characters on the screen simultaneously, as if I had, dare I say it, dual boxes.

And I thought dual boxers did stuff like have keybinds and mapping and some arcane software so what their main character did the other characters would mimic. I ain’t gonna try any of that crap, I’m old.

But I can have the game running in two windows on my computer, load up both characters, and then tab between them.

So I have the warlock invite the warrior, tab out and back into the warrior and shit, not fast enough, invite timed out. Try again.

Okay, gotcha! In a group.

I fly the warrior into the Nexus, then tab over and fly the warlock in.

Okay. Quests!

Get the quests on my warrior, walk up and tell the warrior to follow the warlock. Stay! Good boy. /pats head.

I tab out and back into the warlock, okay this could be a pain.

Let’s go!

I walk forward and begin blowing up bad guys.

So far, so good.

I blow everything up, looting on the warlock (on free-for-all), and at the first boss, after it’s dead I tab out, flip into the warrior, pick up the quest item book, loot the commander, re-follow and tab back in.


But what happens when the warrior gets attacked?

It turns out that, even though the warrior got attacked once, it didn’t stop following. I really only had to flip back when I wanted to loot a boss.

Um, I did find out one sterling piece of advice I could pass on.

You know that point after the rift platform where most of us learned to jump down as a shortcut?

Yeah, don’t. Don’t do that.

But seriously, I don’t know if that was dual boxing or what but I ran myself through the Nexus and then through Utgard Keep, and it was easy as pie.

Since getting attacked doesn’t drop the follow mechanic, I didn’t even have to tab in and out all that much.

I did find out my computer can’t run two windows of WoW AND run Chrome as a browser at the same time, holy crap Chrome about took my system DOWN on a stutterfest. Closed it out and everything was fine again.

All these years of hearing people talk about dual boxing and all that stuff, all the times people talk about doing recruit a friend with themselves and leveling up two alts side-by-side, and this was the very first time I even thought to try it.

Go figure, it was kinda fun, and certainly convenient.

It will never replace Cassie or Alex running me through old content and letting me die from getting eaten by ghouls, though. NEVER.

Still, I can see those two AM drunken instance crawls, me dragging my son’s hunter alt through Molten Core for no reason other than to see how far he can aggro shit and how fast I can blow it up before he dies.

Happy ninth anniversary, everyone. I hope you all find something new and different to try out to keep it fresh and fun!

9 thoughts on “Something New for the Ninth!

  1. Hi long time lurker here, I dual box here and there and an addon I use is called jamba you can find it on curse. and it has some nice features like auto follow after fight and take the same quest flight path as leader.
    I use 2 computers and an app called teleport for mac or input director for windows. This lets you mouse from 1 screen to the next to control either computer with 1 mouse and keyboard. just my 2cp


  2. I like it for rep grinds on my alts… Rep via tabbards is nice… Also the emporor Rep got easy… But I guess I’m just getting back after a raid or two.

    And no killing the fish for you… I would love to see you get attached by a world boss (of fish) after you fish up your 10000th fish or something like that.


  3. The biggest problem with having a character on follow is the character going AFK. Once they go AFK, you stop getting xp. When I multiboxed on one computer I used HotkeyNet, a freeware multiboxing program, to send a few commands to the following character. Just sending the spacebar keypress to the other window will keep the following character from going AFK. I usually made a follow hotkey and used that as well so I could keep one of the windows minimized most of the time.


  4. You were basically able to solo those dungeons at-level? Hm. I’ll have to try that, although I’m heirloom free (at the moment, hopefully that changes very soon, 5.4.2 can’t hit soon enough now that I heard that).

    Yeah, that’s basically what I’ve been doing with my self-RAF the past week although I’m doing it on two machines (I have two, so why not…). I tried the software recommended at the site referred to after my comment a few days ago but it seems those are more designed if you want to have to functional toons going at once (both attacking, doing rotations, etc). That wasn’t really my goal, I’m just questing and frankly, I’ve gotten good enough at what I was doing that I don’t really need more functionality than I have. I also don’t generally need a second attacking toon, warriors have gotten a significant bump in the leveling dps that they do since the last time I leveled one.

    I also discovered that if you follow while on a flying mount the mount will take off automatically (but will usually get stuck if you try it while underwater, which I think is a bug more than a feature). I bound “/follow primarytoon” and “/cast mount” to my two thumb buttons on my second toon mouse so I just poke those buttons on that mouse occasionally when I get unfollowed or dismounted and I use that mouse for picking up and turning in quests and for looting quest items off bodies as necessary (but I avoid those quests whenever I can, they slow me down a bit). I haven’t needed the second keyboard for a few days now.

    The pace is good and now that I have some rhythm the second mouse isn’t really an issue… it actually feels weird not to be doing that when I play a toon normally. Switching zones or areas in a zone with phasing involved (quest phasing or CTZ) does usually unfollow you but you learn to watch for those spots and they aren’t really an issue for me anymore, I know when to expect them for the most part. Also, a few quests here and there don’t seem to play well for two toons at once, they just have to be re-done on the follow toon (two examples from Dragonblight, the Chromie quest with the Infinite Dragonblight and the one where you’re compelled to jump off the cliff). This shouldn’t be any different from a normal group doing those quests, though.

    Couple of hints – when you’re dealing with cogwheel-type quest items that you have to pick up, do it on the follow toon first… that becomes a much more painful type of quest once they stop sparkling on your main toon (although with side-by-side windows that may be less of an issue). Also, put a raid mark on both toons, makes it easier to see if the follow toon unfollows. Finally, avoid mounts with wings, it’s much easier to see what you’re doing on a Horseman’s mount or on a flying panther or similar… also means you can use the same mount macro no matter where you are.


  5. I found on my old computer when running 2 copies of WoW that if I minimised one of them it used vastly less system resources


    • Is this true?!? I’ve been waiting for connected realms to do this (having created newbie alts on every RP server, since I don’t know who will be connected to SoE) – and not even sure if mail works across connected realms…

      But if this is true, this will make me so happy, as I can finally get my heirlooms to a set of Alliance somewhere else!


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