Mentoring Minecraft – Tour Guide

As I said in my last post, I’d show you how to get to the sand village and temple from the Minecraft survival map I’m playing on.

The first part is to generate the same world.

To make this world in Minecraft 1.7.4, I named it whatever you’d like, started with Game Mode: Survival, then went into More World Options and chose;

SEED -5263306753596067336

Generate Structures: ON

World Type: Default

Allow Cheats: ON

Bonus Chest: ON

What I saw when I logged in was;

1 - spawnpoint

I then turned, and looked to my left. I was among some trees, and I found my bonus chest to the left of me, surrounded by three torches. Inside it had a few stone pickaxes and some wood. I grabbed the stuff, equipped the pickaxe, then harvested the chest and the three torches.

Hey, free chest and torches, come on. What, the bunnies and sheep need to see at night?

Still looking towards that left direction, I saw an interesting mound or hill in the distance. It looked like some of the new biome stuff I’d read about, so off I went to investigate.

2 - turntoleft

I aimed a little to the left of that mound, so I would be traveling through woods to chop down for torch sticks, and some of those cows I’d find on the grassy plains.

3 - aimtoleft

I left my high point, cutting down a few trees along the way and, um, convincing some cows to offer some meat for future fine dining.

4 - advancetohill

Visiting with the cows led me over the short rise, only to find a nice set of cave openings in the ground before me. Pretty big ones, too, once you peek inside. caves full of coal and some iron to get started on your armor and iron pickaxe.

6 - caveofgoodies-cont

I stopped in the cave for a little bit, gathered up the easy to get iron ore, lots of coal, walled myself in for the night and made my traveling furnace and crafting table. Made some stone swords and more pickaxes, torches, cooked some steak.

Continuing on in the morning, still heading to the left of that interesting rocky hill, I came across a river with a sand biome on the other side. I saw a sand hill right ahead, but there was also a funky looking tree off to the right of it.

7 - sandbiome

I decided to cross the river, and start heading kind of to the right edge of that sand biome. I wanted to get up on it to see what was around, but I was also curious about that tree.

8 - onthesandhillgaze

Getting up on that sand hill and looking a little to the right, behind where the big rocky mound was, I saw more funky trees. Also, cactus! I found some pumpkins around this area too. Pumpkins, I was told, were a necessary ingredient in making Iron Golems to protect villages someday.

I decided to head over towards those funky trees.

9 - overtheriverandtothewoods

Okay, so a river runs through it. Say what you want, this is a fertile land, filled with things for me to cut down to make torches. Also, I see sheep!

Time to cross the river and get in those woods to get me some wool. Three wool are needed for a bed, advance!

10 - whatthesandhill

So I climb up on the hill and get some wool, gather some more wood, and I notice off in the distance in front of me a peculiar sand hill formation. It’s almost like a pyramid… or, is that like a sphinx? A head on the left with tall pointed cat ears, and a sloping butt? Let’s find out!

11 - andanotherriver

And… another river. Technically, the same river, meandering about. I can see it ain’t a sphinx, but it still looks weird.

12 - okaywhatisthatsandpile

Seriously, what is this thing? Is it a sign from the gods? A marker left by traveling aliens to help them navigate through the stars?

Or a random pile of sandy bits?

13 - onthesandpile - adoublehill

I finally reach the sand pile, climb it, and find… well, it’s sand. In a pile. Go figure, right? But from this high vantage point, I see even more interesting natural landscape features, including a saddle between two hills, with stone and a cave entrance visible.

And is that, right over the saddle, some kind of building peeking out?

It’s worth mentioning that from where I’m standing in this picture, seeing the saddle between two hills, if I had turned to my left I would have spotted a sand pyramid and orange markings on yellow sand towers letting me know there was a temple over there. A temple with a nearby lava pool!

But I didn’t look over there on this trip, instead I decided to proceed ahead, and check out that building or whatever it was.

14 - ontopofthathill

I climbed to the top of the rightmost hill of the two, and there below me were an entire sand village filled with people, and just past it some orange markings on a sand tower and a pyramid indicating another temple of riches to be plundered.

And are those farms? Fresh food! Villagers! Subjects just waiting for a benevolent evil overlord to take over and make some trains, then get them to run on time. Awesome!

Seen from a height, it’s a heck of a place.


One tip I have for you. If you check out that pyramid over to the far left, there is an entrance at the top.


Now, if you enter that, you will find inside a single room and you’re supposed to drop down, then move off between some pillars and dig a hole down away from the center. Under the floor is a hidden chamber filled with TNT, with a pressure plate trigger, and a BUNCH of treasure chests. If you dig straight down to it, you land or set off the pressure plate, blow up the TNT and ALL of the chests.

All that lovely treasure, gone for good.

The idea is, you should dig down off to the side, go down some and then come in on the hidden chamber from the side where you can find and capture all the TNT first.

I had excellent guidance from the Cub… but when I dug down there, there was nothing but one hell of a deep hole. Some zombies spawned in that dark hidden chamber, and stepped on the damn pressure plate, blowing themselves and my treasure to kingdom come.

The Cub says what I SHOULD have done was have the game set to peaceful before I ever even approached the temple, so mobs couldn’t spawn in those dark places.

Live and learn.

Ah, but there was a surprise!

Since the damn thing was all blowed up, I jumped down in the hole to see if anything was exposed.

What I found were openings to naturally-occurring underground caves that kept going down and around and following tunnels and shafts until it all opened out in a massive underground chasm filled with bad guys. I put torches all over the place, came back to where the exploded shaft was, picked a side and began tunneling some stairs up. I ended up with a place right next to my village where I could quickly descend to the depths in search of massive amounts of coal and iron, which I found there in abundance.

Truly, a plethora of riches on this map. Everything I could want to make anything is there. Even lava pools and lots of water so I can capture them in buckets to make obsidian for enchanting tables and Nether Portals!

Basically, I can bunker down and build, instead of running around wondering where all the cool stuff is.

If you enjoy Minecraft and were looking for a nice world to tinker around in with plenty of materials to build from, this is a nice one. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy New Year, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Mentoring Minecraft – Tour Guide

  1. Very cool, thanks for the in-depth response. It looks like the game costs $27 so that might make a good gift or special reward.

    When is the best age to start Minecraft? Your Cub is in 5th grade. My son is 6 (kindergarden) and does normal Lego sets without help and Lego Technic sets with only minimal help, though his attention span doesn’t usually see him all the way through a Technic set so it gets completed in 2-3 stages. He’s ok with the mouse and is (for instance) slowly mastering mouse-moving in WoW though he prefers me to do any combat and needs me to get him unstuck maybe twice in a 30-min play session. He’s ok with point-and-click and is getting better at left button vs right button.


  2. Thanks SO much for these two posts. My older son (6yo) is a Builder by nature and Minecraft seems like the perfect thing for him in just a little while (just have to wait until he’s not freaked out by zombies, skeletons, and the idea that things come out at night).

    I may have to install it and play around… to research. For HIS sake. Of course. >.> But seriously, I was uncertain how to install and configure it since I don’t know anyone who plays it IRL and didn’t want to spend the time randomly messing around until I found the best map. Thanks for the explanation and the seed ID. Very helpful from a “noob parent”‘s point of view. 🙂

    PS, I love your Cub Reports, it’s wonderful to hear from gamer parents.


    • Good morning, Saliira!

      One thing to remember with Minecraft, it’s got two different difficulty settings to make sure it’s appropriate for any audience.

      The first is, it has a “mob and hunger” difficulty, ranging from peaceful on up. In peaceful, no mobs exist anywhere, and you never get hungry and it is almost impossible to die. Almost. I managed it by taking as swim in lava. And I mean swim, if I got out the fire would eventually go out. This mode is what my son usually stays in, and it can be changed whenever you’d like, just leave a map, change it, go back in. Also, you never get hungry so you never have to worry about growing food on a farm, or ever have to kill a cow for a steak.

      The other difficulty is the game mode. There are three game modes, “Survival”, “Creative” and “Adventure”.

      These are usually set when you create a world, but you can change it inside the world if cheats are enabled, by typing /gamemode0 to go to survival and /gamemode1 for creative.

      In survival, you only have the blocks and materials you gather, farm, mine and craft yourself.
      In creative, your inventory changes to show unlimited supplies of everything possible in the game. Also, you can fly in creative so you really can do anything you’d like and build anywhere. A great mod to use is called “TooManyItems”, which also adds more tabs for ALL the items like bad guy spawns so you can create an arena and then set bad guys to fight each other. The TooManyItems mod also lets you set what time of day it is, so if it’s getting dark you can instantly reset it to daylight.
      In adventure mode, you can’t break blocks. It is the mode you set a map to if you created it as an RPG adventure, and you don’t want players cheating their way to victory breaking blocks around your traps and jumping challenges.

      The normal young child settings is peaceful/creative, so they never see bad guys, no zombie tenseness, no dying from hunger, no hunting the cute cows or sheep, and can build anything they want without having to slowly hunt for materials first, and can fly for neat perspective screenshots.

      I typically play in survival/easy, because I am still learning but I want there to be something tense or to keep an eye out for. And it really makes the night matter, because creepers gonna creep.


  3. There’s a neat little trick – since you a played with cheats on, you can teleport!
    tp x,y,z
    It will bring you to wherever that is. You need to be careful because sometimes it will port you into a block if you’re not careful. But walking around on the surface it’s great!

    There are some seeds out there that people have REALLY explored with coordinates for temples, witch huts, spawner rooms, pyramids, mineshafts, and villages.

    Your village from yesterday’s post looks amazing by the way!!


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