Diabolical Temptations and Time Sinks

Diablo3 - Tyrael

As much as I love World of Warcraft, it’s strength and weakness is that it is a living world. It changes over time, and the challenges grow ever stronger.

If you want to stay current with the challenges you will face, you have to give your characters constant attention. Feed them raids and instances, complete daily quests for Lesser Charms, improve your gear and unlock the content, get those legendary questline drops.

I love the feeling of having a persistent world to drop into, the sense of accomplishment in achieving raid goals, finishing the legendary, cleaning up some old goals that were left by the wayside.

Yep, I love it. Yep.


What, we’re in a lull? Nothing at all whatsoever new coming in WoW for months and months as we wait for the other new Blizzard games to be released to our undivided attention and wallets?

Thank GOD that’s over! Seriously, I need a break, man.

I like having that living world to play in with my friends, but seriously, there is more to gaming than WoW. There is, right?

Coincidentally, a new patch was released for Diablo 3, a game I last played when Dragon Soul was a thing. I had reached level 36 on my Wizard, beaten the first difficulty of the game, and faced having to do it all over again a second time in a more difficult setting just to hopefully someday reach level 60.

Nothing sucked WORSE than beating the first play through of Diablo 3 without coming close to reaching level 60 and the unlocking of equal-opportunity multiplayer.

Also, I had a love/hate with the Auction House.

On the one hand, I could try and get great items for reasonable prices that increased my power. On the other hand, if all the best upgrades came from the AH, why the fuck was I playing in a game that was about loot drops? At level 36, loot runs aren’t happening. I’d just be running to get gold to buy better loot. And my apologies to all of those that love economy games, but playing the AH isn’t a fun game to me. Too much time investment to get a means to an end, gold for better gear.

So, I guess my problems with Diablo 3 were running out of game before hitting end level, and missing the point in playing when you can buy the best gear.

Enter the most recent patch. Everything revamped, quest XP boosted to heck and gone, and smart loot drops so the stuff that drops is far more likely to be of use to you.

Also, the promise that the auction house is going away very soon.

Well played, Blizzard. Even knowing that you’re setting everything up so there is nothing new to do in World of Warcraft right while things are heating up in Diablo 3 for the new expansion, here I am, logging in to D3.

Well played, indeed.

By way of comparison, I reached level 36 when Diablo 3 first came out having cleared all four acts and completing the game. A little over 20 hours played, level 36.

I now have a little over 10 hours played on my newly started Demon Hunter, I am level 33, and I JUST completed act 1. Just now moved to act 2 and Caldeaum.

If the XP continues as it has, I should be hitting level 60 and have all my core abilities and runes unlocked by the time I’m reaching the end of my first complete lay through the story.

This feels perfect to me. THIS is the rate of progression in a game I like.

I have purchased nothing for my Demon Hunter, and yet at the recommendation of my friend Arrakeen, I moved the difficulty of the game to Hard for better XP and drops, and I am managing just fine. Maybe a little slower, but the satisfaction at having a legendary drop off a boss kill is HUGE when leveling.

Oh yeah, did I mention I’ve had legendary drops? I’ve actually had six legendary drops since I moved it to Hard difficulty immediately after killing the Skeleton King. I got Leoric’s Crown twice, bracers twice and a ring twice. They seem to scale to the level you are when you identify them, so you can use them immediately, it’s awesome.

A bunch of my guild friends have made a Diablo 3 clan and seem to be even more active in it since the patch than I am. One of the great things about being in a clan with them is that they are all level 60 already, and I get to see the gear they loot.

Did you know that awesome loot from World of Warcraft is also in Diablo 3? I didn’t.

Alke looted Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. In Diablo 3.

I asked what it looked like, and he said it looks like it does in WoW. I saw him with it in a quick multiplayer team up, and yep, it looks freaking awesome.

That is not the only WoW item in Diablo 3. Far from it. I’ve seen a lot of very cool weapon designs from WoW in Diablo 3, and it’s just too cool seeing these items I am familiar with in a different game, in a different context.

I’m just… I’m having a blast. Demon Hunters are so satisfying to play. I remember loving the graphics of my Wizard spells, but this is just as cool, and I get a pet, too! Demon Hunters get companions, and they are up ALL the time!

I asked Arrakeen what companion she liked, and she said the ferrets. Ferrets? Ferret pets that run out and gather loot off the ground for you?

Oh my god, yes, give me my Beastmaster fix! I grew up on that movie, oh yes oh yes, gimme! FERRETS!

The other thing that’s amazing is, even though I’m barely half way to max level, my character looks cool. Nothing like the incredible looks of max level characters with amazing legendary gear, but still satisfying;

Beartrap the Demon Hunter

Yeah, I know. Nothing is color changed, but I’m replacing stuff too fast to worry about it.

Using a bow is very satisfying. And I like that I can equip a quiver in the offhand and still use two handed bows, I’m not limited to a two-hander, or a one-handed crowbow and quiver.

Sorry, irrelevant.

My point is, the changes they made to Diablo 3 have really transformed the game experience for me.

I know it’s an evil plan, I know I’m falling right into their diabolical clutches, I know that all of this is just ensuring that I’ll be buying the expansion for a game I haven’t played or even thought about in what, two years?


And yet, here we are, and here I am, and damn you Blizzard, it’s working.

If they had released new content right now, I’d never have logged into Diablo 3. I’d have had to stay logged into WoW every night to keep up with everything. Like a job.

I’m being manipulated, and you know what? I’ve decided I’m all right with that.

Can’t wait until I get to 60 and get that legendary ring that gives me my own Treasure Goblin to follow me around!

Diabloe 3 seems to be the game where all the cool magic toy ideas Blizzard has gets brought to life.

I guess having had a Cow Level takes some of the credibility out of “we can’t do goofy stuff like that because it would ruin your immersion in the game. WE’d have people raiding with fish as a weapon.”

I’ve heard tell of a chicken gun. I don’t know anything about it, but my imagination is picturing me wielding a gun that shoots chickens at a target.

In Rapid Fire.

In flames.

Rapid Fire stream of flaming chickens at my opponents.

That explode.

I’m all right with that. No, really, I have no problems with this concept.

I only pray it’s true.

See you in hell?

7 thoughts on “Diabolical Temptations and Time Sinks

  1. I stopped playing with a 60 barbie and 38 wizard. Loaded it up this weekend as my WoW guild have all pretty much gone D3 for the interim. With the 50% exp boost, I leveled my wizard to 57 in about 6 hours played. Had 3 guildies with me last night playing on expert – the xp flew (and we died a lot – but it was fun). Going back to normal mode solo, felt like cheating… everything just melted under my disintigration beam.

    It’s funny that these things are so cyclical – but I guess that just means we’re true nerds. Haven’t picked up Demon Hunter – the ferrets look fun… can’t WAIT for Crusader though – love the bulky tank types – Gotta name my first one Sparhawk. For reasons.


  2. I haven’t played D3 in around 2 years either. Got towards the end of my 2nd second act on one character and into my 2nd third act on another and said, “No. Just NO. I will not replay the same areas on the same characters over and over again.” and quit playing. Now you’ve made me want to check it out again. Darn you BB.


  3. Thanks for the tip. Patched the game yesterday and started a new sorceress. Actually getting useful drops and hitting lv 20 by mid way through Act 1 is awesome. So glad the auction house is gone and there is no need to troll it for hours looking for deals.


  4. I am playing my first HC character because I wanted to play it again from start, HC normal I finished act 1 at 20 after taking almost every side event I could.


  5. I didn’t realize the patch had changed leveling so dramatically. I heard about the “no more 4 playthrough” thing, but didn’t know the details.

    After being disappointed with D3 on the computer, I very quickly fell in love with the console version (which is where most of the Loot 2.0 system comes from).

    Now I’m hooked on playing Hardcore. It’s a much better game (for me) when death has real meaning.

    Once the Ultimate Evil version comes out for PS4 (D3+Expansion) that will be the final push I need to buy the new console.

    Glad you’re having fun!


  6. FYI, the item I mention is actually Cluckeye the bow. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/cluckeye

    It doesn’t really shoot chickens as projectiles, it just let’s you cluck like a chicken when you fire it. I used artistic license.

    Well, I took liberties, I can’t really call what I do here artistic.

    Licentious liberties?


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