Wildstar Bot Buddies!

Okay, I might have written my last post a bit too soon.

Right after I published, I logged in to enjoy a bit more BlasterBunny hijinks.

Almost immediately, I unlocked a new ability.

A pet!


And guess what?

It’s a tank!

I played with my new bot buddy, and after another level, guess what guys, OMG guys, guess what guess what…


This time, an artillery bot buddy!

It tells me I am only allowed to have two bots up at the same time.

Only two.



There ain’t no ‘only’ to be found here.



5 thoughts on “Wildstar Bot Buddies!

  1. When I first saw the picture, I though I was looking at a WoW Gnome standing in Toshley’s Station BE in some radical xmog gear near some NPC’s I don’t remember being there. Yup, total WoW nerd.


  2. 1. You’ll eventually get a Dimisher Bot which places a snare on your enemies. There may be others, but my Engy is only 18 right now.

    2. You can’t name your bots in Wildstar, so they feel more like Warlock pets than Hunter ones. I’ve started calling mine Bob the Bruiser and Arty.

    3. If you go the scientist path, you can also have your Scanner bot active and it doesn’t count against your ‘bot’ count. He won’t fight for you but it does enhance that ‘I’m traveling with a pack of angry robots!’ feel.

    4. The bots do have some pathing and AI issues. I trust the Developers will work that out.


    • I loved my bruiser bot – the way he jumps in… and more importantly can cause the PURPLE MUST KILL NOW feeling…. 🙂

      You can also play without bots as an engineer if you want (which was mandatory in PvP because they bugged out!) – which makes them more warlock like too!

      There is a fourth bot type – the Repair Bot which is unlocked by AMPs (aka talents) somewhere in the 30s I think you get enough points for them.

      I haven’t played since the before the big Engineer patch (was due about early March?) but I’d hope a lot of the bot issues have been sorted by that patch?


  3. I just started the beta today (got in from my pre order) and I’m definitely playing an engineer once it’s released. I’ll hold off for now because I want the experience to be new and fresh when I’m playing for real.

    A bit on your previous post about Wildstar. After only 15 minutes my impressions are very similar to your impressions. The combat is a great mix of first person shooter meets WoW. Target locking and auto attacks have always bothered me. Playing as a Spellslinger, I’m realizing that I should get a MOBA style mouse for easier run n’ gun combat. There are a lot of jaded MMO bloggers who have basically said “meh, 3 monther” about Wildstar. I don’t think there is a MMO that will ever satisfy them (I’m looking at you Keen). My main concern is that I’ll have enough stuff to do once I hit max level. I generally don’t raid but WoW has managed to keep my occupied for a while now. We’ll see how well Wildstar does at that.


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