A Serpent in the Garden of Azeroth

Don’t ask me why, but I got a wild hair up my ass about getting the legendary cloak on my Hunter.

No, not the new Horrible Hordie, I mean on my happytime Alliance hunter, Beartrap.

Beartrap, who had been my main bear all the way through the Isle of Thunder, only to be dropped like a mortar base plate during a 20 mile forced march in favor of my shiny new Warlock.

Poor Beartrap had reached 14 of the Secrets of the Empire out of 20 Mr. pencil-necked pipsqueak Wrathion wanted. And I was already exalted with the little twerp, too! So close, but no orange meta gem.

Poor, poor Beartrap.

This could not be borne any longer!

Also, I’ve run out of anything in the game to do that holds any interest for me. Never before have I felt this complete sense of “who gives a shit about WoW, there’s nothing to do” like I do right now. Even during the long stretch of Dragon Soul raiding in Cataclysm I didn’t feel this sense of having nothing left to do.

Just… blah. If this is how I feel now, I am pretty sure I’m not making it to a fall/winter expansion release without unsubbing for the summer.

But there is still this one thing. I could finish out the legendary cloak on Beartrap before I make a decision.

Who knows, I could find a renewed sense of purpose in the game, I could become reinvigorated by the world and fall in love anew with soaring across and Azerothian skies.

And pigs could fly out my butt from all the bacon I eat.

This last weekend I decided to see if I could get any of the missing secrets. I did this by subjecting myself to LFR over, and over, and over. Late last night I endured Lei Shen attempts over and over and over, but at the end of it all 20 were mine!

Now to stick a harpoon up a flying serpent’s ass and run like hell.

Chain running LFR has left me feeling a little sick after witnessing the fruits of the boosted 90 program.

I’m glad the mechanics worked out well, and I get that saying “get your max level character now!” has more punch than “get your 85 and then quest to earn those last five levels so you get some idea WTF you’re doing.”

It still remains that I have never seen so many people, shiny and new, bravely setting out into the world of LFR with no idea how much crap they’re getting into.

It is always painful to see innocense lost.

Hunters seem to be the class that are the most obvious offenders. They have talents and spells that damn near shout ‘I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m in your raid!”

I see Aspect of the Pack left up all the time now.

One person left it up for an entire boss fight, on the Dark Shaman encounter. Entire fight, same hunter left it active the entire time. My UI let’s me see the name of the buff provider when I mouseover, so there was no mystery here. Whispers, ENDLESS whispers throughout the fight to please turn Aspect of the Pack off went ignored.

Others weren’t so kind. I tried to get them to take it off by whisper, but once the tanks figured out who had the buff up, it got ugly and public.

The person never did take it down. We wiped at about 5%, and everyone stood around until the hunter could be kicked from the raid.

I can easily picture them not knowing how to respond to /i chat, or know how to chat at all, or know which button clicks off an Aspect since it’s not like a normal spell.

As bad as that sounds, there is the case of the hunter I met in the first wing of Siege LFR.

During the Fallen Protectors, I noticed this one hunter had a cute wolf pet, and it stayed by his side the entire fight.

I didn’t say anything, we were busy, and maybe they were Survival and didn’t really feel they needed their pet for max deeps.

After the Protectors, on the way to Norushen I checked the damage logs, and they had about 35k DPS. That seemed… a mite low. Not as low as the 20k warrior I saw that stood in ALL the bad, and didn’t understand why they kept dying, but still bad.

So I whispered them, and suggested they change their pet to active because it could add a lot to their DPS.

The person was grateful for my advice. They had never played before, never heard of websites about WoW, bought the game because they could play at max level, excited to raid like they’d always heard of, and were afraid of doing the wrong thing. So they had the pet on follow and passive so as not to cause trouble or do the wrong thing. Did I have any tips?

I tried to help them as best I could, and they seemed very nice. They wanted to play, but didn’t really understand how anything worked so they shut stuff down if they were afraid it might cause problems.

Compare that to the other hunters I saw that left Growl on all the time, but still.

It makes me sad. It’s nice that there are boosted 90s available to bring people into the game, add more subscriptions right when things seem boring as hell for the next 6 months or more without anything new to do. OMG.

I don’t feel that’s it’s doing much of a service for that the new player when there is nothing in game to specifically help them understand what to do with the level 90 now that they got it.

I think the implementation was miles short of being done well. To do something like that and do it well would have taken a revamped version of their ‘challenge modes’ specifically designed to ease a new level 90 healer, tank or DPS through the basics of their class.

A ton of work? Sure. Work that in my mind was necessary. Too late now, but if it was too much effort to do that for the brand new player that never heard of the game before, then they shouldn’t have given free boosts with the purchase of the expansion. Leave it an in-game purchase for existing players.

This is the time, above all others, when those ‘welcome to WoW’ guilds that Blizzard had been building on the servers would do the most good. A place new players could be nughed where they could be told where to find those websites, a place to ask questions without ridicule or embarassment.

Too bad that program fell by the wayside.

I see a lot of trying in LFR. A lot of willingness to give it a solid go, stick with it and win. There seem to be more pleasant attitudes than ever before, at least if this entire last weekend was any indication.

Not from everyone, though. Oh, no.

You’ll be happy to know there are still plenty of asshats that are all about themselves and the ‘go go go we’ve been waiting 15 seconds I’m going to pull for you’ bullshit, and who haven’t adjusted to the fact we’ve got a new generation of player we need to bring up to speed. Or who simply don’t give a shit.

I actually saw it last night on Lei Shen. Three wipes, lost a bunch of people, one of the new DPS that came in (along with a change of tanks and healers) literally posted a stopwatch of 0:17 and said ‘go go go what are you waiting for’ and then ran and pulled.

Didn’t even have groups set up with healers in them for the platforms yet. Lovely little wipe. Did it take more than 17 seconds to recover from the wipe? Yes, I think it did. Did that person give a shit? Of course not.

Bottom line, I have never been embarassed to play World of Warcraft before, but trying to see the game through the eyes of a new player, seeing how these oh-so-vocal ‘experienced’ players talk and act has finally gotten me to that point.

I’m starting to come around to thinking that if people like that are going to be the most prominent part of every group activity, vocal and proud of it, then I feel embarassed to admit I play World of Warcraft. I already feel like I have to whisper people to tell them ‘all players aren’t really like that’.

Especially when I wonder if that is still true.

All I know anymore is me and thee, and I’m not so sure about thee.

6 thoughts on “A Serpent in the Garden of Azeroth

  1. If I was Blizz I’d heavily nerf the LFR instances. We know LFR plays a big role for many people this MoP expansion, and yet the experience there is getting increasingly unpleasant.

    In Dragon Soul LFR, by now the LFR runs were on cruise control. Almost never a wipe. Similarly for the previous raids this expansion many weeks after the LFR launch.

    However, SoO LFR is moving backwards. There were even frequent wipes prior to the level 90 boost.

    Blizz has already said that they realise that LFR is now “tourist mode” and they shouldn’t make it challenging. If that’s the case, hit all the ToT / SoO LFRs with an immediate big nerf to mitigate the pain everyone is experiencing now.

    My sub expires in April… for the first time since Day 1 of Vanilla. I’m a sad bunny 😦


  2. My current sub is almost up… and I have been wondering whether I should unsub or at least reduce the subscription to 3month… but Ive managed to get into a SoO raid group and we are doing well, we need to fix our Garrosh but other than that its going well. When Im not raiding Im on an Alliance server (1% ali vs 99% horde) playing a rogue and a new warrior (leveling the old fashioned way)… Im avoiding lfr, Im trying to make a living on the server (AH took 45 secs to scan) adn Im only leveling the warrior cause I need an enchanter and a bag maker…

    I didnt think much about the lvl 90 boosts cause I got wrapped up in the D3 expansion hype… LFR is horrible so I havent really been doing that but I am not looking forward to waiting til the next expac, so for me I cross between D3 and WOW and when writing essays I play Hearthstone on the laptop (only so I can earn enough gold to buy a new pac of cards)

    Hopefully something comes along soon to hold us up til WoD


  3. I’m so happy with my Crusader – glad to support Blizz AND not have to deal with WoW Asshats any more. D3 is good enough for me.

    Although I’m sorely tempted to go and troll the bad ‘elite’ players by noobing it up on a fresh 90… but not quite enough to resub.


  4. The thing that gets me is they didn’t have to release the new lvl 90 now. WoD isn’t even in beta. It’s going to be conservatively 6 months before WoD launches. As far as I can see, being the cynic I am, they released pre orders and the paid 90 boost to get a shot of revenue for this quarter. I can see no other reason for doing this. It’s probably more of a risk than anything they have gained, as those new players they’ve pulled in may not stick around over the next 6+months for the next expac. Especially with the lack of training/information available to them. Existing players are getting bored and looking and cancelling subs until WoD, filling up LFR with inexperienced players isn’t an incentive for existing players to keep playing.

    It’s a bad business decision with incredibly strange timing. They aren’t going to be able to quickly capitalise on the influx of new players, and they have nothing to keep the existing players interested in logging in. I can only make any sense of it as a money grab to prop up their next shareholder report.


  5. I was on the very last leg getting the 12 secrets when the 90 boost came out. What was a simple matter of running the last LFR of the previous raid content, and the first LFR of SoO (for the guaranteed drops, to hell with RNG) turned into a nightmare. Once I figured out it was all the boosted 90s that simply did not know how raids functioned, much less how their chosen class/spec functioned, I logged out of that character for a couple weeks. I almost gave up getting my legendary cloak, because I just can’t deal with that level of frustration.

    I did make it back in, got my last few secrets and got my cloak. But one this is for sure, it closed the book on LFR for me in this expansion. The worst possible group of people are in LFRs now. People that know what they are doing and are trying to finish the quest line, and people who don’t know what the heck is going on, and are just trying to have fun. There is nothing wrong with either group, but man when you mix them together it gets downright toxic.

    It would, and could be quite fun to have a 100% group of new 90s just pop in a raid and go “WOW, This is COOL”. But mixing them in with other peeps doesn’t make for the greatest experience for either group.

    I am thinking about starting a new 90 warrior, but even with half a decade of bear tanking experience under my belt I would never equip my warrior with Timeless gear and then try to go tank a raid. I find that to be pretty inconsiderate.


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