Using It Before I Lose It

Damn Shaman.

There is one final class I have never leveled to max in WoW; that damn shaman.

I came close on the Kael’thas server, real close, but stopped a few levels away. There were just so many times I could take the last five levels of Cataclysm before I snapped, and my shaman suffered the final price.

But here we are, and the days are ticking down to d-day.

D-day stands for denial day. I say it’s the day when my WoW subscription runs out a month hence. Cassie says it’s the day I try to log in, can’t, break down in a panic attack and resubscribe to the 100-year plan.

I hear if you sign up for the WoW centennial plan, Lore brings waffles or pancakes to your house, your choice.

The game time is there to be used, and, well, you know. Why not log in, just clear out a few of those last little things.

My Bear is sooo close to having a Legendary cloak, after all. I have eleven out of twelve Titan Runestones. I ought to be able to get just one little Titan Runestone next Tuesday, right? I mean, come on, there are the first two wings of Siege of Orgrimmar and the last two of Throne of Thunder, and as long as I leave Lei Shen alive to take his heart once I’ve turned in all twelve, I could have it all wrapped up before the weekend.

Then there is my Horde Hunter. I’ve been fortunate enough to have Tyben of the Elitist Jerks inviting me along to their alt night runs on Tuesday, so I’ve been having a ton of fun there. Listening to them raid and joke around is a hoot, and the vibe is amazingly like being with my own raid team. It makes me wonder if all extremely successful raid teams share similar qualities, being able to focus on what needs to be done next and improve every time instead of falling into bitching about what happened last. Also, having a sense of humor without a bitter, entitled edge to it.

Regardless, I’ve really been enjoying the Tuesday night Elitist Jerk raids, and that has me wishing I had better gear on the Horde Hunter so I’m not dragging them down, and THAT has sent me into every LFR instance trying to get upgrades.

If I set my computer on fire from running too much LFR in a blind rage, I blame Tyben.

Speaking of raiding, I’ve been spending Thursday nights raiding in my own group’s flex alt night on the Bear hunter, and having a blast there as well. it’s all flex, but it’s all right. Lots of fun, and it gives me an opportunity to hang with folks in my friends list.

But there is only so much LFR and Flex that can be done, and so my thoughts turned to that lack of a shaman.

Could I putter around and level a shaman before the subscription ends? I hear Elemental is a lot of fun, you can cast lightning on the run, all that stuff.

What could it hurt if I created a pandaran shaman? Maybe a female with the red raccoon tail, I’ve never made a female pandaran. Pumpken always looks super cool, maybe a mace and shield combo would be fun!

Wrong move, tofu breath.

I managed to level through the turtle isle, but damn did that feel crappy.

First thing was, I thought the wandering isle was kind of empty when I started leveling, which was awesome. “Oh boy, the boosted 90s have cleared out the crowds fighting for the mobs and drops! I have the zone all to myself for RP!”

Um, no. I think it was the Easter holiday effect. By the time I logged in to finish it up last night, there were billions of others cross-server leveling on that teeny little isle. Okay, maybe I’m exagerrating. Maybe. Damnit, I hate sharing leveling zones with a crowd. I want to take my time and enjoy the moment. No, I don’t want to group to power level through. Piss off.

Then there’s this whole elemental thing. From level 1 to 9, you’ve got a lightning bolt, a melee whomp, and an Earth Shock. You get a lightning shield after a while, but that’s not really something you intentionally target on an enemy.

Oh, and every time something starts whomping on you, it interrupts your cast, slows it down, over and over! I found myself kiting shit more while leveling the shaman than I do when raiding.
That’s just wrong. Lightning bolt, lightning bolt, back away, bolt, back away, keep moving, shit there’s four of them!

It was brutal.

That moment when I hit level 10 and was able to choose a spec made a VAST difference. Most classes I’ve played, you hit level 10 and you get more toys but you don’t feel that much more powerful. More tools in the box, not necessarily bigger nukes.

Oh, not so with the shaman! You get passives to reduce interrupts while spellcasting, reduced cast times, boosted power to your lightning, instant cast AoE knockbacks, and flametongue weapons. Stuff that I was kiting all over creation suddenly went down like dominoes. Big difference.

So I’m rolling around on Kargath, having fun as a Thunderbear. We’ll see how it goes, it was fun and frustrating to reach level 10 without heirlooms to make the game easy mode. Things felt challenging enough to have to use all the abilities I had. Now that I have my heirloom gear, will it be too boring to continue? If I don’t use heirlooms, will it take me the rest of the month to get to a mounted level?

Should I even bother messing around with another alt? Is there time enough for May thunderstorms?

7 thoughts on “Using It Before I Lose It

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  2. If you want to enjoy the leveling experience, don’t use heirlooms. I have found that I out level a zone too fast with heirlooms. Of course, if getting to 90 is the goal, then push for 90. I had my monk from 1-90 in less than 3 days played back when my personal guild was too low to give me the xp benefit with full heirlooms (minus trinkets).


  3. Elemental shammy was/is one of my favourite leveling specs… it just felt so powerful and that was in the old paradigm where they saved most of your fun abilities for later, these days I think you get stuff earlier so it should be even better.

    It’s certainly the only caster class where I ever thought “huh, wonder how many of these I can pull and live through it…” What’s better than that when leveling?

    Whether you want to spend your last days leveling… eh, whatever. Follow your joy. If you feel like leveling, level! 🙂 For whatever reason, I don’t find much difference in leveling speed between heirlooms or no heirlooms (apparently 30m vs 45m doesn’t really register to me in a way that doesn’t involve clock watching, it feels similar enough in pace when just playing and efficiency isn’t a goal) that I’m generally only leveling with heirloom weapons these days… I miss the gear upgrades when I use a full heirloom set that I get when I don’t.


  4. Priest will always be my favorite soloing class (and happily accepted in raids) – but I had a ton of fun leveling my second shaman – my only Alliance 90. (I have all classes at 90 Horde side). I’ve loved lightning since watching Big Trouble in Little China – at least as a ‘super power’. So, I have Resto as my duel spec, but only used it for quicker queues and to learn… I’ve never raided Resto.

    There’s really nothing in the game that’s more fun than zapping crowds of fools with chain lightning. Even PVP is pretty fun (I’m not great at it, but knocking enemies off tall locations (Lumbermill, I love you!) is exhilarating.

    Can you get Thunderbear (great name, might steal it) to 90 in a month? Sure, it’s possible, depending on how much time you dedicate to it. You’ve seen all the lore, probably played all the quests – why not do as Joonces asks and play bleeding edge zones – the challenge, even with heirloom gear is there, and you only need a few hours tops in each zone.


    • I picked up my level 83 Shaman on Kael’thas, and I’ve been playing her instead. Up to level 86 now, and enjoying Elemental quite a bit.


  5. Since you have 11/12 titan runestones and lei shen is a guaranteed drop, I’d just queue up for the last ToT lfr. Then I’d fly over and spend some quality time with Wrathion while I waited for the queue to pop. If you should get lucky and get a runestone on one of the earlier bosses, you can tell them you will brb while they clear trash, you just need to turn in the cloak quest. (They should understand that). Then leave instance, turn in quest, return to instance and finish it up by getting the heart. If you don’t get lucky like that, get the final runestone off lei shen, turn in the quest, queue up for the same lfr and kill him for the heart. It will drop even if you’ve killed him before. I killed him twice in the same week for both my mage and my paladin on the cloak quest.

    I had the same experience when I started a shaman. I was like, damn, this shaman is squisher than my baby mage was! Then I hit lvl 10 and it was an eye opener. She’s still only lvl 30, but….someday. lol Good luck on getting all your goals accomplished before the sub runs out! Look forward to hearing about your progress.


  6. FYI, I killed Lei Shen for my last runestone and then queued right back up again for the quest item. It’s a separate item and will still drop for you even if you killed him during the same lock out.

    I also had a hard time with Shaman until the Cata revamp. Getting the abilities you need at level 10 made a huge difference. I leveled to 40ish as enhancement which was a lot of fun, but switched to elemental when I decided to dual spec with resto. I’ve been Resto/Elemental ever since and really enjoy it.

    P.S. If you’re finding heirlooms make it too easy is it possible to level in harder zones?


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