On the Edge of Glory


I stand on the very edge of glory, and I only need to reach out and grab it and hold fast, and I too could be the stuff of legends.

For quite some time I’ve been following the Dragonwrath Legendary quest chain, not as an all-consuming purpose but instead as something I do when the opportunity is there. Someone running Firelands? Sure, happy to go. Nobody is collecting that particular drop? Great, I can use them.

Now, that time has past.

I finally reached the stage where certain tasks were Delegated to me.

I had to gather four Charged Foci to be able to unlock a gate within the Firelands, and take on a special raid boss that you can only access in this way. Not that has loot, but that does provide the next step in the Legendary quest.

I have done this. I have the four Charged Foci in my possession. All that waits is to gather a group and go.

Ah, but what then?

After I have completed that part of the quest, things return to a ‘gather lots of stuff from raid bosses’ cycle. To continue on the quest, I’ll need to kill Firelands bosses often.

Maybe even clear the instance once a week.

Like maybe… as a regular thing?

So I am sending out the call.

I would love to have a few people join me in clearing Firelands each week. I’m not sure of a day yet, but I’m leaning towards Monday. Thursday isn’t out of the question, but Monday seems like a nice, innocuous day where little is left to do but wait for a server reset.

If you’re interested in going, please let me know. I’m not thinking of anything too formal, just getting together and knocking over Firelands in whatever difficulty we’d like at the time for transmog and such.

I know it can be done fairly smoothly with three, since Pankration the monk tank, Tom the Disco Priest and I on my Warlock cleared Firelands 10 normal in very little time last week, and that was including my screwing around with all the charged Foci. Get five or six of us, and the world is our oyster or mollusk of preference.

Even better… since I’m fairly far along on the Legendary quest already, there is room for more to get started collecting stuffs.

So, who’s interested in going back into Firelands with me and kicking a little molten ass?

Contact me on my Battle-tag, BigBearButt#1737

11 thoughts on “On the Edge of Glory

  1. Have fun on your epic adventure! Though I can’t join you (wrong faction, wrong timezone) I certainly hope that the adventure is a legendary memory.


  2. I’d be up for some of that. I’d love to bring my druid just for the chance to get that fire kitty staff 🙂
    I’ll give ya shout in guild sometime

    -Daogan (Scarvis)


  3. Just an FYI for you from someone who has completed this chain – If you want to get the items the fastest, do the raid on heroic 25. More collection items drop per boss.

    Good luck! I loved that chain!


  4. I’ve been itching to go there for a while now. I’m pretty sure I’m not adequately prepped, though, and then there’s that whole “free time” thing that I have even less of now that I’m funemployed. How long are you planning to do this sort of thing?


    • Probably going to try to run Firelands weekly for a couple months. And if you’ve got Timeless Isles gear, you’re prepared enough.


      • Cross Server raiding is the best thing. Though I just saw that they are connecting Azuremyst and Staghelm tomorrow, so if I am reading things correctly it’ll be like we’re on the same server XD


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