Borderlands 2 – The Things My Friends Shared

Since I’m coming very late to the party on Borderlands 2, there are a few things friends on Twitter have shared with me that have made the game faster to get into, and helped me feel that I was on top of my options.

Buying the ultimate version of the game

First, there is a lot of downloadable content for the game. It’s been out for a few years now, so even though it feels fresh and current tech, there are two additional character classes, several adventures, and two sets of level cap boosts out there.

All of those can be purchased individually, or you can get them in the Game of the Year edition.

I got into Borderlands 2 by getting a deal through Slickdeals. It got me a digital Steam bundle through Newegg that had the Borderlands 1 GOTY edition, and also Borderlands 2. STOCK Borderlands 2.

The deal was $8.50. Not so bad, right?

Except I started Borderlands 2 first, got totally hooked, and then got sticker shock on all those DLC packs. Good lord.

After playing a bit, everyone told me how cool Tiny Tina’s Dragon Keep was as a content expansion, and I wanted to try out Gaige the Mechromancer as a class (the infamous ‘Girlfriend mode’ class dear lord save us from stupid people), and all that stuff starts adding up to real money fast if you were to buy it one piece at a time on Steam.

What to do?

Well, I was helped in my decision making by my son, who loves playing Terraria, Portal 2 and some other games on Steam.

My Steam account.

I got home from work jonesing for a BL2 fix, and I can’t play because my son is having fun on Steam already.

I clearly did not think this through properly.

Ah! But wait!

I found a good deal once, maybe if I camp Slickdeals…

And score.

There was a deal to buy Borderlands 2 Game of the Year edition from Gamefly for $14.99, Steam Code.

Boom! There it is. The game and all the DLC, $15 bucks, all in.

And so a new Steam account was born so I could play my game and my son has inherited… everything else.

On the positive, this means I can keep an eye out for a cheap Portal 2 deal on Steam, and my son and I can play that coop. I hear it’s brilliant, and my son has watched many videos on Youtube of Portal 2 coop.

So, if you want the game yourself and don’t have it yet… I guess the moral of the long ass story is, there be cheap deals out there, be patient, and don’t rush out there and buy the core game like I did without checking things out first.

Shift Codes and Golden Keys

Thanks be to several of my friends on Twitter for letting me know there is a program from the game developer called Shift. From inside the game, under extras, you can register an email address for spam. In exchange, you get access to entering in ‘Shift’ codes for Golden Keys or other things like new heads, skins or weapons.

You can get these codes through following Borderlands on social media, and since the game has been out for a while, there are a lot of codes already out there. The website Orcz has a detailed, updated list of all Shift codes, and by using them all yesterday on my new GOTY account I ended up with over 210 golden keys and some free weapons and character skins.

Golden Keys can be used to open a bonus chest in the city of Sanctuary for random epic loot, so this is a very cool thing. Free epics!

In the game, the loot you get is based on your player level, so you can use a key anytime for level-appropriate goodies. The sotck game max level is like 50, and the two expansions brought that up to, what, 72 or something like that?

With 210 keys, you don’t have to feel like you have to wait until max level to use them. Also, you get epics, not legendaries. So since the REAL goodies are the super ultra rare Legendary drops, it’s not like using keys means loot doesn’t matter. Oh no, not at all. it just means you can play around with some freaky weapons and upgrades while still on the hunt for that ‘next big thang’.

It’s an RPG!

And finally, there are cool skill trees for every class, and yes, if you look on the internet, there ARE places with skill tree calculators and with suggested builds depending on what you’re wanting to play.

So you can have the fun of planning your character out and trying to decide what you want to put points into as you level with a full range of online options and support.

It’s got a good story!

I’ve always liked first person shooter games, but there is a limit to how long I can stay interested in the same maps, weapons and character skins. Unreal Tournament was a lot of fun, but there is just so much.

Adding in a massive, interesting and humorous story to a FPS is a big bonus. We’re not talking Halo here, where the story kind of sucked and levels were repetitious but the PvP was insanely awesome. This is a great story.

I want my own Butt Stallion. And if something happens to Butt Stallion later in the game, don’t spoil it for me.

Adding in RPG style leveling, random quality loot drops, and branching skill trees? Amazing! Letting me EASILY play with friends, expanding and contracting difficulty on the fly?

Now THAT is legendary.

All this and no monthly fee. No free content updates, but you know, I can live with that. I’m not marrying the game or devoting my entire life to it, I’m just playing it for a while.

Oh, and if you take into account the cost, why, for the price of one month of World of Warcraft, I got Borderlands 2.

What are the chances this $15 purchase will last me more than a month? Anyone?

The answer is….

Very high. Giggity.

3 thoughts on “Borderlands 2 – The Things My Friends Shared

  1. BBB,

    You missed (what I think) is one of the most interesting aspects of the game…. Go to your App Store of choice on your phone and download an app called ‘Loot the World’. Put in your Shift UN/PWD and have fun. You ‘loot’ barcodes from anything. JB Weld handy? That is a level 14 shield. Swingline staples for that Red Swingline Stapler? Level 22 Pistol. You get tickets and the tickets will let you transfer them into the game for the first toon that you log into.

    Best. Metagame. Evar.

    Check it out and You will be scanning everything in sight. 🙂


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