A New Pet for an Old Bear

Following up from my post about the Scourgestalker Hunter armor (black recolor), what pet goes well with the Bear In Black?

According to Elynea, an obsidian kitty from the Molten Front.

The what to the who now? Ain’t that the place with a hundred different spiders, all sharing one thing in common… they’re spiders, as in ew?

I may have to turn in my Hunter card, but I haven’t been spending all that much time hunting rare pets this expansion. I have my Devilsaur, I got Barry the blue Triceratops from the Isle of Giants, I tamed a really pretty rare tiger in Jade Forest that required some fun tracking/stalking skills… yeah, that’s about it.

My pets are like my friends, I tend to hang out with the same ones forever.

So. Challenge mode pets from Molten Front.

I’ll admit, I went and did a few of the challenge spiders when they were first added in the Molten Front, but I stopped that once Pandaria came out. It didn’t seem quite as sporting, and I don’t like spiders. Also, Pandaria had awesome tracking challenge pets for hunters, so cool.

I must have been too hasty. Obsidian challenge kitty in Molten Front? Totally missed that one.

A quick scan of Petopia revealed that a black gem cat, a rare named Skarr, could indeed be found in the Molten Front.

Kinda pretty. Okay, sure. Let’s do it.

We’re sifting the final embers of a dying expansion now, I’m sure I’ll be able to just pop over to the Molten Front and snag it up. He’ll just be lying there like a diamond on a black sandy beach. Anybody that ever wanted a rare already has them by now, right? RIGHT?

I know tone of voice doesn’t come through very well, so let me explain. That was sarcasm. This too. Hmm, okay, most of this holy shit my entire writing style is sarcasm WTF.

It all started as a whim.

From such flimsy threads are spun the steel cables of obsession.

First, where is Skarr normally found, and how do I get there?

The Molten Front, my lad, where adventure and fortune await! Also, endless dailies to get satchels for chances at pets, let’s not go there.


The route to Skarr is simple indeed. Step through the portal found in Mount Hyjal, gaze upon the lush flame of the rock and flame and see all the flaming flame. And rock. Then head straight across the Alliance staging grounds for the big fields of flowing fire called the Furnace.

Fortunately, I’ve already completely unlocked the Molten Front on my Hunter, bought all the rewards and became bestest of buddies with them. I can just bop right on in, wave hi in passing and ride up the gentle grade of the Furnace.

Ow! Ow! Shit, that’s hot, DAMNIT I’M DEAD.

I guess fire still hurts, don’t it. Screw you and your percentage-based damage mechanics.

Okay, so how to SAFELY get past the fire of the Furnace? I can death run/rez past it, but repair bills are a thing. I’m cheap.

To get safely past the fires of the Furnace, all you need to do is complete the initial four daily quests, turn them in, and then go to General Taldris Moonfall who will offer you two follow up quests; The Molten Spire, and Into the Fire.

Into the Fire is a quest you can take that allows you to escort a druid who will slowly walk up the Furnace, putting out the flames as he goes. Just be patient and follow him from a few paces behind.

Voila! You don’t even have to turn it in, the flames are now suppressed and you can run around the Furnace all day long with impunity. Impunity. It’s like impish exuberance and annoying attitude, but with fewer letters.

Or, you know, you can just deathcharge it and eat the repair bill, whatever.

So there you are, facing the very simple parkour jumping challenge of the amazing disappearing/reappearing floaty rocks.

Yeah, so I died the first time, sue me.

There are two places Skarr can spawn, both of them marked in gold dots of the above map, courtesy of Wowhead. Both of these places are best accessed after you jump up to that floating island on the Northwest labeled Fireplume Peak.

As you can see from the following picture, Skarr appears on floating platforms just like this one.


Skarr also shares this spawn point with a rare gem-pattern crab named Karkin. I’m glad he does, because I was able to test the taming process out on Karkin, who spawned long before I ever saw a Skarr.

So, you see where I’m standing? You see the player out there on the floating rocky bit?


What I found, much to my profound shock, was that Molten Front is cross-server, and the farming for Skarr is still fierce. Annoyingly, trollingly so.

It was a rare stretch of time when there wasn’t at least one other hunter somewhere in sight while I stood there waiting for a spawn. I’d stand there for a few hours, and hunters would pop in and out checking, run past, ride past, jump onto the platforms and sit, stand on top of me, fire their traps onto the platform (including fire and snake traps), flag PvP on the rocky bit, you name it.

Totally amazing.

Something about all of this took what was an idle whim and forged within me a strong desire to stick with it. I spent many hours over the last few days standing there with NPC Scan waiting to tell me when Skarr appeared. About all I did since my last post, really.

Fortunately NPC Scan has a honking loud klaxon to warn you when it sees a rare, so I could read my book while waiting.

Silly. I must have told myself a dozen times I didn’t really care that much about the pet. I never heard of it before this week, is it really going to kill me to go hunt for a cool spirit wolf like Skoll or Karoma?

I even followed up on that, telling myself that this time was really and truly the last time, by Elune I am leaving Molten Front and this time I’m not coming back, I’m going to go to The Storm Peaks and wait until Skoll appears. If that many hunters are all desperate for the kitty, they can have him!

Apparently, the perversity is strong with this one. I kept slinking back. “Just a few more hours can’t hurt. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.”

I got so annoying about camping for this pet, that while I ran out to do chores Cassie would sit at my desk prepared to tame him should he happen to spawn in those scant few minutes I was away from my keyboard.

I even found myself getting up super early before work to spawn in and see if he was there. Nope, just other hunters hanging around, hoping for rare lightning to strike.

Whether it be Skarr or Karkin who appears, they seem to have about a three to seven hour timer. Not sure if cross-server affects that at all.

I know I saw three Karkins while I was out there waiting for a Skarr to appear. So random is random.

Of course, patience does pay off sometimes. Also, blind crazy luck.

Saturday evening, we were all tired after a fun day out and about, so I offered to run out for Taco Bell.  Cassie, darling enabler of obsession that she is, offered to watch the computer for me, but I told her to just log off. If Skarr appears it’s not like someone deserving won’t get it, right? Just as long as it’s a hunter that tames the rare it’s all good.

Just please, not another Rogue killing the rares just to piss of the hunters, which yes, I was privileged to witness during my vigil, accompanied by the broadcast howls of outrage.

I got back with a sack of tacos, only to find that she had spent the entire time watching for Skarr.

No, the kitty didn’t spawn.

I left Beartrap standing there while we went upstairs to eat. I figured even if I missed Skarr, at least NPC Scan would tell me he appeared so I could relax for at least three hours as the timer reset. Right? Maybe I could take a catnap, come back and camp the rest of the night.

HAH I’m too old for that.

I could get up really early before work though.

After about 5 minutes munching on tacos, I darted downstairs to hit the spacebar, make Beartrap hop about so he didn’t go afk.

I saw the klaxon had gone off.

Sure as hell, Skarr had appeared in those few minutes of my eating tacos.

For want of a taco, a rare cat was lost.


Of course, I look closer, and there was someone sitting out there on the platform, someone… looking closer… is that a gnome?

A gnome that looked like a metal cat?

Wait, what the f*&)? HE’S STILL THERE?

There Skarr was, still sitting there and staring right at me, as if taunting me to tame him. Or to show me that I could have had him, but I was a second too slow as some other hunter is taming him right now any second move move move omigod where is the Tame button oh shit where did I move it why the bloody hell did I move it on my bar oh right I put it next to the Counter Shot button HOLY SHIT COUNTER SHOT.

Not that my sudden buck fever was warranted. For what I swear was the first time in three days, there wasn’t another hunter in sight. Anywhere.

Now, there is a trick to taming Skarr, although the Glyph of Tame Beast is a massive help.

You don’t have to be standing on the same platform he is to tame him, you can do it at range. He won’t chase after you.

What he WILL do is cast fireballs at you, and will usually start with a long cast time spell called Fieroclast Barrage. If he gets it off, it stuns you, interrupting your tame, and also every time he gets any spell off, whether it’s Fieroclast or a regular fireball, he gets a 10% cast speed haste buff.

You want to have your Counter Shot ready to interrupt the Fieroclast… but dear god make sure you’ve got it bound on a macro with a /stopcasting on it, or after you interrupt you’ll autoshot him and could easily kill him.

I can’t even imagine the sad, salty tears if a poor hunter interrupted the cast and ended up killing him with an autoshot.

I WAS prepared, oh yes I was, and with shaking hands I began the tame, properly interrupted the Fieroclast Barrage and began taming again, finally catching him.

Lucky, oh so lucky.

Every time a rare spawns, someone has to be the lucky player to be there at just the right time, and this time that lucky player was me.

Allow me to introduce you to my little friend.

I call him Facet.




As you can see, the Eye of Eternity was no match for a talented kitty like Facet.

Elynea was right. Facet really does fit that armor style well.

Also, have I mentioned how much I love the Scourgestalker shoulders on a male panda? It’s so nice to have shoulders that make a panda look muscular instead of tubby.

Thank you for the suggestion on the pet, Elynea. And I totally blame you for the hours I spent obsessing over it. Blame!

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  1. Congrats! I remember when I first saw that model in Storm Peaks and obsessed about having it as a pet from then until he showed up where you found him here.


  2. Congratulations on Skarr! My hunter still hasn’t been out to look for him. He looks great with that mog, though and that mog looks wonderful on a male panda!


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