Healers, Will You Accept The Challenge?


Short notice, but here goes.

I have a group that is all set and ready to go for taking on Challenge modes.

The plan is simple; help Suicune’s fiance achieve silver in the Challenge modes, get the Phoenix mount.

We have a tank and three DPS… what we don’t have is a healer, a skilled healer that plays Alliance US that would like to join us and complete these modes with us.

And the biggest catch? We want to start Monday night at 8:30 central time. We’d like to blow through these THIS WEEK. Or make a damn good effort.

Are you willing to take the challenge with us?

Your gear is automatically scaled down to 463, but there are things you can do to maximize what you’ve got. The key is the skills, not the OP gear. Which means I’m in trouble, but I’ll be studying, you can bet your butt.

We’re not worrying so much about going for the Gold, it’s all about those sexy phoenix mounts. We’re deadly serious about those phoenix mounts.

If you’re up for this, please send me an email at thebigbearbutt@gmail.com, let me know.

I’m not kidding when I say we want to be hitting it today, Monday, at 8:30 central time PM if at all possible.

Here is a link to the Challenge mode guide on WoWhead.

Here is a link to the WoW Challenger  website that Suicune says is a badass resource for best gems and itemized pieces, etc.

I understand that Resto Druids and Discipline Priests are kicking the most ass as healers in there, but obviously I’m open to anyone that is up to really go for it.

I hope I hear from you!

Update- it looks like we have a healer, the talented Joonces will be bringing some Resto Shaman goodness on board.

If you have contacted me since I heard from Joonces, I will certainly keep your name close in case something comes up.

I guess now it’s time for hilarity and hi jinks?

7 thoughts on “Healers, Will You Accept The Challenge?

  1. There’s a couple of “ifs” on this. So here goes….

    If you haven’t already found someone and if I am actually able to get home by then. I would LOVE to join you. I’ll email you my real ID email addy.


  2. Wish I had seen this yesterday doh!

    Anyway good luck on the challenge modes. You will do great! Excited nervous is a good kind of nervous…just remember that you are alot better than you give yourself credit for



  3. Well dangit, Bear, I’ve got a healer of every class and any one of them would love to help out (and get the pretty pandaren phoenixes for me), but alas, they’re all Horde. I hope you find someone awesome for your group!


    • It seems we have a healer signed on, Joonces is going to fill the last spot on the team. It’s safe to say I am nervous about tonight, I’ve never attempted a challenge run before.


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