Challenge Mode Silvers – So We Might Have Lost a Tank

Just found out two minutes ago, our tank has bailed on the Challenge Modes. Lots of stuff on his schedule, wasn’t able to make it.

Um, is there anyone out there that is a tank and would want to do 7 Challenge Mode heroics with us on Alliance-US?

I just checked all of the emails and tweets I’d had, and I have plenty of healers and DPS but nary a single tank.

I think I left it for far too long, to be honest.

5 thoughts on “Challenge Mode Silvers – So We Might Have Lost a Tank

  1. I’d be happy to tank them for you Bear. I’m pretty comfortable with tanking on my monk. I’m familar with the fights via Heroic dungeon mode, just haven’t done any challenge modes.

    Hit me up on bnet if you still need one.

    -Bill aka Ogodei


  2. I’ve got a bear tank I’ve been trying to get through the silver mode challenge stuff, available to run most US evenings until late. He is geared and reforged for CMs already, but I’ve had little opportunity to practice, so might have a learning curve.


    • Thank you, Vertel. Wren Workman has also got in touch with me and is raring to go tonight.

      I told him hell yes, so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t know if he has any idea how brutal the learning curve will be, but we’ll soon find out.

      If we scare him off I will be on the bear phone to you asap!


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