Rousing the Rabble One More Time

Before we yell ‘last call’ on Mists of Pandaria, I wanted to talk about one last thing that was a ton of fun that you still have time for, if you haven’t done it already.

Unfortunately for my friends on the Horde side, it’s not quite so much of a good time for you.

There is an achievement associated with the Brawler’s Guild on both Alliance and Horde side.

It’s called ‘Rabble Rabble Rabble’, or this for da Horde, and you get it by taking a surprise portal out of the Brawler’s Guild when the queue gets too full.

What happens is, if 20 or more people are all queued at the exact same time for the Brawler’s Guild fight, an NPC named Willard Wilcox or Zippi Gallox will open a portal off in the corner… and the portal lasts for 5 minutes so if you’re engaged in a fight when it pops, you can still finish your fight and run over to take it.

Where that portal takes you depends on your faction. Horde players find themselves outside of Stormwind, and Alliance players find themselves standing in front of the gates to Orgrimmar.

Here is where the fun comes in.

Last week one of the guild members in the Wanda raid team wanted to get this achievement before the Brawler’s Guild closes up shop for the season. It came up at the end of the night’s raid, and a great many of us went down to the Brawler’s Guild in the Deeprun Tram to try and force the portal.

A bunch of us all formed up, and gathering more friends and guildies as we went, queued up, mostly to fight Bruce and see how long we could kite him to extend queue durations while more joined.

Fruit was tossed, spectators punched, and catcalls resounded.

In a surprisingly short time, we had more than 20 people in the queue for a Brawler’s Guild fight, most of them from the heroic Wanda raid team.

The portal formed, and we all hustled over to take it and get the achievement.

We ended up as a group appearing out of nowhere to stand directly in front of the main gates of Orgrimmar, much to the shock of some Horde players who made the incredible mistake of flagging.

We hopped around for a few minutes waiting for stragglers to take the portal, joking and killing the poor flagged Horde that kept respawning there in front of the gates.

it was about then when someone suggested that, since we WERE standing in front of Orgrimmar, why not walk on in, say hi to Garrosh, trade lemon bar recipes and, oh, I dunno, maybe kill him?

Well, why the hell not.

One may not just walk into Mordor, but I can assure you we did indeed just stroll casually through the gates of Orgrimmar, and as the populace watched in disbelief, sauntered on into the main hall of Garrosh and beat the unholy piss out of him.

At one point, some Horde finally decided to do something about this, but Monstre was holding the front doors and, well, yeah. Good luck getting through.

In other news, I have to admit to my fellow Horde that the design of your throne room in Orgrimmar is particularly well suited to defense. Might I suggest next time you actually get in there first and be the ones defending?

We started as a normal raid night and ended up punching Garrosh in the face.

He didn’t drop loot, but damn that was satisfying. A whole year of frustration, released in one big punch to the jaw. And maybe putting the boot in, but who could blame us?

Tonight is your last chance, whether you are Horde or Alliance, to get the Rabble Rabble Rabble achievement before the Brawlers Guild re-opens for business next expansion.

Why not see if you can get your guild together and go get it done?

As extra incentive, you can use this as an excuse to stomp Garrosh, and let’s be honest, Varian deservices any kicking the Horde would care to give him, too, for that damn Test of Patience scenario misery if for nothing else.

It is the final day before the pre-patch. A LOT of people will be online tonight to fill their stocking stuffer wish lists at the last minute. Why not cap the expansion with a good old-fashioned faceroll on your most hated faction leader?

I hope you get it done, and good luck!

6 thoughts on “Rousing the Rabble One More Time

  1. Hehehe…that was flipping Awesome! We just strolled right in the front gates and took him down! Even the guards weren’t much trouble. Were there any Horde players in Orgrimmar at all? I only think I saw maybe 2 or 3. Maybe it was coffee break time or something ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Oh foo ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I can only hope that achievement will be available again when the brawler’s guild re-opens? I was even brawling last night, but as I didn’t know about that achieve I didn’t invite people. That’s what I get for not following your blog regularly anymore. Serves me right!

    Regarding Garrosh the Bully Hellscream. Ever since this expansion I wanted to slap him in the face. I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to join Alliance raids, but the game mechanics won’t allow me to do that! So the best I can do is step aside, /cheer and point Alliance towards the proper building.
    I mean, what proper “Warchief” rebuilds a reinforced Orgrimmar and decides “Oh, hey, how about a THIRD huge open gate, because two aren’t inviting enough! While I’m at it, let’s put my building RIGHT behind the front gate, so that the Alliance can easily find me, kill me, and hopefully not break any stemware in the nearby pub.”

    Now, when Vol’jin takes residence and you Alliance come and try anything other than have a drink at the pub, I’ll gladly show you right back out >:)


  3. Sigh, we were doing normal Garrosh and wouldn’t you know – nobody on in the guild who needed their achievement, much sadness to me. And kicking Garrosh in the face for real? Well, as in for real that he wasn’t a raid boss in a Siege of Orgrimmar – oh why did I try to bring up what’s real and what’s not in an online game…. I shall stop talking and just say, it must have been a really good conclusion to the expansion.


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