A Heaping Helping of Horseman

This last weekend…. I took advantage of having a lot of level 90s. Maybe just a little.

Every year I’ve watched other people cycle through all these characters on holiday events, but hell no, I wasn’t gonna do that. Not me.

This time, I’m the one abusing the system. Why? Four words.

Mounts are account wide.

From the moment the new All Hallows Eve event went live on Saturday, I dove in neck deep.

Have you been doing the new Horseman? Are you trying to jack his ride, or steal his blade?

Maybe you’d like to wear a green glowing bucket on your head.

Me, I’d like the mount. Cassie won it years ago, and every year when this event rolls around, there she is, casually dropping it into conversation.

“You know, I have that mount.”
“Yes dear, I know.”
“It’s very pretty, isn’t it?”
“Yes, dear.”
“Don’t ‘yes dear’ me.”
“Yes, dear.”

I didn’t realize just how many level 90s I had at this point, and bless Blizzard for the iLevel 496 Timeless gear. With that and just a little playing, and some BoA iLevel 450 or 470 weapons from killing rares, finding treasures in Pandaria or Archeology, everyone is at least viable in an LFR low level group.

Fortunately I’ve so far been spared any bugs. I know Cassie has encountered the ‘I zoned into Scarlet Monastery and it was the normal run without the Horseman.’ Bug.

She has also had the ‘zoned in, killed boss, DC’ed on loot window’ bug, right after winning the roll. Thankfully she was still there and the item was in her bags when she relogged.

Me, I’ve just been logging into a character, queueing for Horseman, and spending the time until it pops cleaning up my bags.

So much crap in my bags, so many toys to D-E-L-E-T-E that are already in the toy box, so many reagents scattered to the winds that can be consolidated across characters and stacked in big piles.

So many Spirits and Motes of Harmony to track down.

Now, I have a confession to make.

I queued first and figured out ability bars later.

I did not realize how extensively some of my characters had changed. In most cases, the first time I looked at a character and what abilities they had was when the Headless Horseman was landing and I was expected to attack it. Somehow.

Did you know Feral Druids lost Mangle? WTF, right?

I’m sitting there running up as a big happy purple kitty and WTF where’s Mangle? Shit pop cooldowns to remove positioning requirement and Shred.

Hmmm…. it appears that Shred no longer HAS a positioning requirement. So, that’s my new Mangle then? Also, I had Swipe on my bar, next thing I know, no Swipe. Swiper, no Swiping Swipe please and thank you. Drag that sucker back on the bar.

Fury Warriors… just what in the world. I don’t even. It’s the same, but sorta not the same?

Some classes seem to have Talents that you can take that really change how some abilities function, making it a ‘choose your own class’ adventure. Bloodthirst I’m looking at you. Others appear to be exactly the same, but how procs and timers work have them feeling way different.

I have one of everything at this point, none of them tanks or healers, not a single one. Funny how that worked out.

Of everything I’ve run through Headless Horseman, I want to say the most fun has been, shockingly, the Shadow Priest. There is something to how the abilities were blending, the combination of long casts and procs that just popped and said “Hey, shit this is fun!” to me.

Second would have to be my Hunters, and third would be the Warlock. I’m starting to adapt to my Warlock, but it’s taken a lot of practice against the Iron Horde elites around the Red Portal. I’m using them because they’ve got a reasonable level of power so I can get some rotations off against them, there are usually a mixed threesome in a group, and their mechanics are solid to work against. A charging knockback, a caster with an erratic fire splash, some grenades. It’s pretty useful to practice AoE stuns, interrupts, moving out of the fire while attacking, and getting a feel for the Warlock survivability. Also, there is always the possibility I could get a Bronze Whelpling to drop.

Not that I have to get one. My friend Sarlas took pity on me and gave me one of his. He has apparently mastered the art of Warlock farming of the Iron Horse. He owns that town in the hills.

On the subject of relearning to Warlock, a personal note; to whoever took my Ember Tap and nerfed that ability into the ground, fuck you and the pale horse you rode in on. I hate you. Why did you want to hurt me so baaaaaad?

Oh, and thank you for buffing my single target DPS, I appreciate that, thanks very much. I’m feeling much better in raid now.

P.S. I really mean it about the Ember Tap thing, you asshole. /cry /weepsaltytears

I know I just got my Rogue all kitted up in some nice gear, I ran a single Throne of Thunder LFR and it was enough to get Friendly with Shado Pan Assault to unlock all those iLevel 522 items for gold. A little over 2000g later and I’m doing better on my Rogue than on other 90s that I’ve had since the beginning of Pandaria. I should be all amazeballs about the Rogue, right?

Yeah, even with that, and as much fun as stealthing around playing the Assassin has been, I’m looking at my Shadow Priest and wondering if maybe I shouldn’t give her a chance. What would happen if I replaced those 496s with some 522 gear? If it was that fun with lower gear, what would an LFR feel like in bolder threads? I like the feel, it was like the first time I played an enhancement Shaman, and I got a Windfury proc off a Wirt’s Leg and it procced another bonus Windfury. That feeling, mmmmm so good. Like, face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot.

Would playing a Shadow Priest bring that feeling back? Enquiring minds want to know.

Early days yet. Two days, two complete runs with everyone through Horseman. No mount.


There have been rings here and there, a plate helm on my Warrior that could actually use it (I think I won it on my Warrior last year as well, now that I think about it, and built a green set I’m not wearing anymore), lots of broomsticks and a crazy amount of Sinister Squashlings. I’m about to flood our guild bank with the things.

It’s really funny. If it weren’t for account shared mounts, then I wouldn’t be trying to run everyone through Horseman. If it wasn’t for running everyone in a combat scenario, I wouldn’t have had a reason to look everyone up on Icy Veins to understand their changed abilities and Talents.

And if it weren’t for that…. I wouldn’t have found out I am missing out on Shadow Priest fun.

It’s a vicious cycle. Just when I think It’s safe to take a break, the game drags me right back in.

Damn you Warcraft, stop being so darn fun! Don’t you know I’ve got four season of Castle to watch, two episodes of Agents of SHIELD to catch up on, and the entire first season of Arrow sitting on my shelf on DvD?


10 thoughts on “A Heaping Helping of Horseman

  1. Hey BBB;

    Been doing the same thing with my army of alts for years now, even though I was lucky enough to have the mount drop years ago. Of course, it was on one of my rarely played toons, but once it went account wide, yeeehaw! Got lucky enough this year to win the Helm on my warrior, still trying to get it to drop for my DK and Paladin.

    Brooms are really straange though. It seems that there’s something that makes Blizzard want to give me a broom on toons that already have them. I’ve got 2 toons that have brooms, each of which has 4 now, the other 9? Nada. Oh well, rng at it’s finest.

    Been going through similar things with my toons, on my main server. Log a toon, immediately queue up for the 1st wing of ToT to get them to Friendly and go purchase the 522 gear. I have a complete crapton of Timeless Isle tokens, after running 50 toons through the isle it’s pretty easy to collect that many tokens. I’m very pleased that I’ve got a decent amount of raw gems sitting around, plenty of enchanting mats, and enough living steel to make belt buckles for each toon I’m bringing up to speed post 6.02. I’ve been sticking to one server, after going through all my servers and collecting the cash in the mailbox for the jc/vp cashout. Still a couple of toons to get through and get some gear on them, but at least my ‘main’ server will be filled with toons sitting at least 520’s in ilvl ready for WoD next month.


  2. I’ve always tried to run the holiday events through all my mains (and most of my eligible acts, if there’s opportunity). Got the mount during Wrath, but I still run them to get the updated items – just so you know, on one of my toons I have the Chromium thingie trinket from Wrath, Cata and MoP sitting side by side in his bank =D

    For the current Hallowed event, I plan to get the helm and ring on my boosted Pally, the sword for my main (for future transmog), and complete the Masquerade achievement. Of course, getting some ilvl 540 rings on my lesser geared alts won’t hurt, too =)


  3. AOE is definitely the way to go, assuming you have the gear. I was basically rounding up the mobs at each of the 3 buildings in turn and AOEing them down. I will admit, it got close a few times, and I had to ember tap/cookies, but it worked. All of the lvl 90ish mobs in the zone are supposed to drop them but I got all of mine in those 3 buildings. I know I’m giving away my method, but hey, I’ve really gotten all I needed. πŸ™‚


  4. πŸ™‚ Sounds like how I found out all my disc priest spells had disappeared. Spent first 5 minutes of a dungeon run rebuilding my healing addon (while the tank was GOGOGOGO. Needless to say, that I should have dropped group earlier and not wiped everyone 4-5 times first..


  5. So do all the Iron Horde mobs have a chance to drop the whelpling? Or just the elite ones? I may need to massacre more of those guys…


  6. Glad you are having fun. I understand why they did it but I am not sure I like the changes to Balance druids. I feel like I don’t have much control over damage now but then again I don’t really push the envelope much hehe. I freaked out about Shred and Swipe too. Funny how they become so engrained in your rotation that it is like an appendage being severed when they are gone.

    Btw if you are on and want an instant queue (or near instant) with heals (or my tank from another server) just let me know. It takes just a few minutes to run so I don’t mind re-queuing for it over and over. I did it like 10 times the other night just trying to get the ring hehe

    Keep bouncing

    On a side note I feel like I should change my name. Never watch Bram Stoker’s Dracula and have Gary Oldman’s voice in your head when you make a toon “good eveningah. I am Count Draculia. Velcome to my humble abode” hehehe


  7. You’re welcome Tri-B. Thanks for the mention.

    I grabbed four. One for me, one for my wife, one to sell and one for you. I may grab more if the first one sells. Who knows? It’s just gold at this point.


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