OMG Another Alt

My wife says I am the worst leveling partner on the planet.

My son agrees.

They double teamed me last night, Cassie mentions I’m horrible at starting characters with her to level together and then wander off on my own, and it became the two of them bringing up characters of theirs left lying abandoned by the side of the trail when i took my character and leveled past them.

Ow. That stings. The Cub mentioning his Druid left to wither at level 61 hurt. Especially since he hasn’t played the game in so long we finally deactivated his account. In a world of Minecraft, Besieged, Terraria and others he just doesn’t log in to WoW. But he still remembers, oh my yes.

Okay, to be honest, he plays whatever the Yogscasters are playing on Youtube. Especially Yogscasters Lewis, Simon and Duncan. Thanks to them he’s a huge fan of Goat Simulator.

Because goats?

I’m trying to be better this time, honest! Cassie and I have started up a brand new pair and we’re already level 11 together.


As Blood Elves. Female Blood Elves. Starting in the Forsaken zone.

It was either that or Tauren, and I thought a Blood Elf would look dead sexy as a Paladin in plate. She’s going the Shadow Priest route. Healers? This is post 6.1, who needs healers to level anymore?

I’m not saying anything for certain, but I might have respecced to Prot because I got tired of her Power Wording stuff to insta-death before I could get in range.

By the way, whose bright idea was it to give Shadow Priests a 40 yard range and Paladins a 30 yard? Are you people TRYING to feed her ego?

“Oh, did I kill it before you could get there again? I guess I’ll just have to slow down for you. Because you’re slow. Useless. Having to carry you around, slowing us down.”

Thanks, Blizzard. Love ya. I shoulda been a dwarf so I could blame it on those stumpy legs.

On the plus side, it’s a trip. It’s a funky bally high, man. (If you don’t recognise that line, it’s been too long since you saw My Science Project.)

I forced my evil will upon Cassie, and made her heirloom up on this one. I also sent her gold (although she refused to use it) to buy enough heirlooms to hit 35 and get those level one mounts.

Level 1 alts with mounts, full heirlooms, starting in a zone not your own… yeah, we’re a post-modern leveling family.

It is kind of fun. It’s not, like, OMG SO FUN SQUEE because there is an upper limit on how many times you can level another alt, but this combination is goofy enough, and having mounts to cut down on the horrible running around back and forth is cool enough, that it’s good fun when done with someone you love.

Someone who complains because apparently I quest wrong. She’s over there and where the hell am I? I’m over HERE. Killing the wrong diseased bear or something. That bear was diseased, what did you expect me to do?

Last night we’re heading to turn a quest in, both of us riding in our mounts spinning wheelies off the hillsides, and she starts getting chased by a bear. And she objects JUST because I yelled “Get her, bear!” Is that right?

What did she expect? Show me goldilocks and the three bears, and I’m rooting for the bears. This comes as a surprise? REALLY?

It makes it all worthwhile. It really does.

Next stop, Silverpine.

I’ll admit, I’d like some advise on transmogs for a Blood Elf Paladin (female) and a Blood Elf Shadow Priest (also female).

So far, I’ve got most of a set of Bloodfist Plate for the pally, but I guess there aren’t good shoulder options for that color scheme? I intend to look into how to put together a set that looks like the Blood Elf paladin NPCs but frankly haven’t had the time. So much to do in game!

7 thoughts on “OMG Another Alt

  1. My current favorite pally plate is mostly black, but… I have a red set using the legs from AQ40(red cloudkeeper version) and the hyperion set that’s pretty good too. Yell if you are interested and I’ll swap get you the gear list.


  2. Judgement is a little overdone in my mind. Tier 6 is my favorite Paladin set. If you are prot, an ALD (Aldori Legacy Defender) from the orignal Gruul looks great and he also drops a sweet 2her (Hammer of the Naaru).


  3. I really like the Tier 9 Horde shoulders with the Bloodfist set. The Sunreavers Tabard also looks pretty great with it.

    I started an undead priest to go through the Tirisfal/Silverpine quests and boy, with heirlooms? I just dotted stuff up and ran around while they dropped dead. So much fun! So i get where Cassie is coming from. Started that priest on a whim just a couple of weeks ago and she’s already level 70. Amazing how fast it goes now.


  4. It’s a pain in the ass to get, but the Judgement set out of Blackwing Lair is probably the best looking Belf Paladin gear out there IMO. It pairs fantastically with the Blood Charger class mount they get.


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