Pump Up the Positive with Pets!

Oh, is there drama out there? Controversy? Bah!

You call this controversy? I call it Wednesday.

Another week, another outrage, more noise, blah blah blah.

Let’s talk about something actually important.


With the coming of this pre-patch pause, I’ve cranked up the pet battling from, zero to “oh hell yeah”, and begun my preparations to dominate the pet world… within the walls of my own private Garrison.

My pet collection is the most impressive one possessed by anyone named Bigbearbutt on the Azeroth-US server. It’s pretty badass. All other Bigbearbutts on Azeroth that I asked agreed, it’s pretty boss.

Now that I’ve whittled my desired pet collection list to under 15, and spent several years worth of WoW subscription on pets from the auction house, it’s time to go after pets that might take a bit of effort on my part.

Go figure, right?

So yes my friends, it’s time for…. An Awfully Big Adventure!

Trunks the tiny elephant will soon* be mine. For a given value of soon.

It feels like I spent all of last expansion preparing for this achievement. So many battles that have to be fought by two pets carrying dead weight. Dead weight in the form of the cutest little plushie that ever rawred.

Anyone that plotted out courses across Pandaria to powerlevel carried pets rubbed their hands together in glee. “I got this!”

And then I faced reality. over the course of the expansion change, my Pet Battle Teams addon broke.

Oh, there is a fix and I used it, but…. every one of my previously saved teams I crafted to destroy my opponents and level pets? Gone. /cry

All those strategies, washed away like tears in the rain. Tears I shed for thee, little Celestial Dragon!

Now, you may ask yourself, “What’s the big deal? You can jsut rebuild them by remembering what you used. You did them daily for months, you can remember, right?”

Hah. Oh, you’re a funny one, aren’t you? Remember what teams I used? Memory is something that happens to people with intact brain cells. I can’t even remember how to write or spell anymore. I don’t know how to do it. What I do, is I throw a sentence at my hands and they type on their own, and I watch what goes on the screen in dumbfounded amazement.

“Hey Cassie, look at this, my fingers know how to spell!”

“Not very well.”

Yeah, what do you expect from some dippy digits, anyhow.

Get to the point, already.

I has no teams. After all those battles across an entire expansion, I’m starting fresh.

Ah! But not unarmed or unarmied!

I still have me well over 200 battle pets of rare quality, leveled to 25 and hardened across a thousand battlefields. More than a thousand if that achievement is tracking right.

So I have the pets, I just need to figure out how to use them against each target, right? And I already did every one of these before, so how hard could this possibly be?

Heck, I’ll even stack the deck, and fully level Hiemalis the Elekk Plushie to 25 so she has max health and can survive the slings, arrows and AoE of outrageous fortune thrown at her.

Still, maybe someone has a list of where all the tamers I have to beat are. That would make this so much easier, a list broken down by zone of where the tamers for the achievement are, so I can just swoop around and go zone by zone.

Recognize them by name and remember where they can be found? Seriously, you really are funny, aren’t you?

A quick stop at Wowhead netted me a list, I’ve got a little list, oh I’ve got a little list of pet tamers I need to put in the ground.

Such a marvelous guide to the achievement, with the tamers grouped up by tab, It’ll certainly make the time just fly on by like mad.

Now, here is the funny bit. No, really, this is kind of cute.

So I start off going to the older regions first, and what do I discover?

Apparently, and this is news to me, there are pets that people are big fans of that I never used! Yep, still had them at level 1, never saw a day of combat.

Pets like, oh, the Imperial Eagle Chick, and the Pterrordax Hatchling, and the Zandalari Anklerender, and the Spring Rabbit, and the Darkmoon Tonk, oh and Iron Starlette, mustn’t forget Iron Starlette.

Most of my pet battles back in the day were done with Anubisath Idol, 3x Chrominius, 3x Pandaran Water Spirit and 3x Unborn Valkyrie. Which, I now notice, are mostly not even mentioned. Except the Idol, who I personally code-named “Overpowered”. What, he ain’t nerfed yet? Wow, I lost that bet.

Well, this is just going to go swimmingly.

I prepared for the wrong war! And I can’t remember my own strategies, so what the heck, might as well wing it and smile.

All joking aside, using the pets I do have I managed to clear out all the tamers in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend, the Cataclysm zones and Pandaria last night.

That leaves me with Draenor tamers which I haven’t even done on normal yet, the two Darkmoon Faire tamers, and all of the Celestial Tournament.

The Celestial Tournament.

Oh boy. Now doesn’t that just sound delightful, doing the Celestial Tournament tamers with two pet combinations.

All I can say is, this Trunks pet better have a “Massive Fart” ability that wipes out an entire team with one mighty puff of green death.

“You best start puffing me emerald death toots, Trainee Trunks.”

Now, at this point you might be asking yourself, “Wasnt’ the title of this here blog post something about being positive?”

Damn right it was!

I’m positive that this achievement has been one hell of a good time!

I love the smell of burnt plushie stuffing in the morning.

Smells like… victory.

14 thoughts on “Pump Up the Positive with Pets!

  1. I just thought I’d let you know, that all of a sudden this week after so very very long, my pet teams addon is working! I didn’t notice it on the list of updated ones on curse client but I tend to spam update and not actually look at the addons I’m updating so it must have slipped through my radar.
    All my teams are still there.
    Just in case you wanted to use it still 🙂


    • Argh, I just reread all the comments and missed on the first read through – that you have fixed your addon too, guessing I must have done this without realising how I did it as well. Please delete my comments as they are a bit redundant now 🙂


  2. Thanks for this list Zy. I have most of these. I haven’t been able to get the Unborn Valk yet.


  3. I did An Awfully Big Adventure awhile back and documented the whole thing with my trusty excel spreadsheet. Then I went back and tinkered with it to come up with a manageable guide for friends and guildies. Eventually I settled on a list of 29 reasonably easy to find pets (since not everyone has an Unborn Valk).

    Anub Idol
    Kun-Lai Runt
    Nexus Whelpling
    Emerald Proto-drake
    Spawn of Onyxia
    Crow/Raven (two would be good)
    Moths (need two)
    Teroclaw Hatchling
    Fast Rabbit (S/S breed, need two)
    Scourged Whelpling
    Sister of Temptation (totally awesome for Shademaster Kiryn)
    H/S Restless Shadeling
    Ghostly Skull
    Pandaren Fire Spirit/Phoenix Hatchling
    Eternal Strider
    Frogs (need two, one at least 273 speed)
    P/P Emperor Crab or Magical Crawdad
    Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
    Darkmoon Tonk
    Darkmoon Zeppelin
    Iron Starlette
    S/S Cogblade Raptor

    That’s all you need folks. Nothing fancy or expensive. Some of the fights might have some RNG but are totally doable. And of course this isn’t the list to end all lists, there are limitless options out there. I just wanted to give people a starting point to work from.


  4. I have a week off work in a couple of weeks so I will take the time to set up Rematch. I found a video on it and it looks really good. It has a number of really useful features. If you notice any other addons tonight that you think I would find helpful please post. I have a fair number of pets, and this summer I want to spend a lot more time getting into all the different pet battle daily quests and tournaments. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Hi, what pet battle addons are the best ones to be using right now? I am only using Battle Pet BreedID. Is there currently a reliable addon to save your teams in and can you indicate which specific battle you have it saved for. Currently I am taking a photo of each pet battle set up on my ipad. Before I take the photo I write the battle info on a small piece of paper and put it on my screen. If I could use a reliable addon that would much easier 🙂


    • Mary, right now the most recommended pet team add on is Rematch, found on Curse, and it does everything you just asked for and also much more.

      I personally am still using the Pet Battle Team add on from Curse, having fixed its functionality by following the instructions found in the recent comments of the addon on the curse website.

      I use PBT because I’m familiar with it, and it tacks on to the existing pet frame and is pretty simple. I think I’d prefer Rematch if I took the time to get to know it better.

      There are many other addons you can use, if you’d like I can tell you which other ones I use once I login tonight.


  6. A tip for the Celestial Tourney ones: You don’t actually have to complete the tournament each week to get credit. You just have to beat the individual trainers each one time. It’s entirely possible to go in and beat trainer #1, leave and heal/rez your pets, go in to beat trainer #2, leave to rez, return for trainer #3, etc. Although you do have to beat all three to get access to the Celestial trainers, you don’t have to do it with the plushie. Once you have credit for each of the initial three, you can rez, return, and beat them with a standard 3-pet team, then swap your plushie in for the Celestials. Again, you can beat Xuen, leave and rez, return and beat Chi-Ji, leave and rez, etc. That part takes a little longer because you have to unlock them again every time, but it allows you to use the same pets over and over if you find those pets particularly useful (Water Spirit and Chromy, for example), rather than depending on less reliable pets because your better ones are dead. The Celestial Tourney with Trunks it’s actually more forgiving than the regular tournament in that way; one lost battle doesn’t force you to start over from scratch, just to go back and try that one battle again once you finish everything else.


  7. Druid don’t surf!

    I finally got my garrison in WoW, it’s a curious little mechanic. Not bad, but I can see how, on the long run, it’s not really, well, filling. I’m already only doing quests to get stuff for it. Not really been out in the new world a lot.


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