A New Podcast – So this Is A Thing Now

This morning, two secret projects went live at the same time.

I say secret, but only because I haven’t mentioned them here on the blog before. If you stalk me on Twitter to see just how bloody stupid I sound in everyday conversation, you might have heard about one of them already.

Secret Project number one

The first not-so-secret project is a brand new Druid podcast being hosted by me and Rel (@RelWoW on Twitter), and the very first episode just went live this morning.

The show is called The Grumpy Druids, and that’s because I’m a Bear and Rel is a Moonkin and we’re, well… yeah.

The Grumpy Druids

The plan is to record the podcast once a week and shoot for about an hour of airtime, and if we go longer because we get carried away, oh well.

The show will be going live at 6:00 am Central time every Wednesday. Just so if you get bored mid-week, hey, there’s a couple idiots talking WoW, why not listen. At the very least we’ll give you someone to feel better than.

“My life is in the tank, but shit man, at least I’m not one of those bliterhing idiots.”

See? It’s almost like we’re providing a public service.

The podcast format is going to be about WoW in general with a “Wacky Druid stuff” segment, and no theorycrafting. As you should already know, Team WaffleCast has the badass Druid theorycrafting on lockdown. They are the shizzle for rizzle.

See? If I can say that, you know we’re idiots. And twenty years too old to be cool.

We’re starting with having segments about cool Druid stuff, grumpy WoW stuff, rays of sunshine coming out our butts so we balance the grumpy with the grateful, and what we’re calling WHY?!?, or What Are You… doing in the game. Because when someone asks us what we’re doing in the game lately, and we tell them, invariably the answer is “Dear lord, WHY?!?!?”

The goal is to have fun, talk about the game we love, and do our own thing in hopefully a moderately entertaining way. We’re not going to be a podcast that reads a news blurb from MMO Champion, and then asks each other, “So, what did YOU think of that?”

Well, we’ll probably inevitably do some discussion about news, but hopefully it’ll only be when there’s, like, actual news.

“Hey, an expansion just came out and Druids got nerfed to shit and lost cat form. What did YOU think of that?”

Yeah, that one might be a relevant news topic.

If this at all sounds like it could be interesting to you, I’d love it if you gave our first episode a listen and dropped some honest feedback. I’d sure appreciate it.

Secret Project number two

Along with the podcast episode is a blog post on the website to accompany it, called ‘Visual Aids’. We talk about a few things on the show that really could use pictures or screenshots to accompany it, so I added a post containing those set to go live at the same time.

Part of the visual aids are pictures and a description of my OTHER secret project…

A Feral/Guardian themed pistol build.

There are a lot more details on the Visual Aid post for episode 1, but here is a picture of the completed project to give you an idea of what exactly this is.

Ruger Mark III with custom modifications

Ruger Mark III with custom modifications

The family went to the range last night and tried it out, and it’s smooth as butter, and yes it turned heads and provoked grins.

Tuesday night is youth night at our local indoor range, and when I took the pistol out of the case on the firing line, a little girl, maybe 11 or 12 years old and bored as hell in the lane next to us took one look and her eyes just lit right up and she got what was almost the biggest grin ever.

Not quite the biggest grin in the world, since that would be the shit-eating grin on my son’s face when he shot it for the first time. He has a new favorite firearm for the range now. 🙂

I think the quote he made was, “I didn’t know a pistol could be that much fun to shoot, or that gentle.”

It’s a .22 LR pistol, and with the compensator and custom work I’ve done on the action, it’s just barely over 3 lbs of trigger pull and almost no kick at all. He loves it. Smooth and gentle.

as I said before, many more details on the pistol build, and the beautiful custom grip artwork that Tish Tosh Tesh designed for it can be found on the accompanying Visual Aid blog post on The Grumpy Druids website.

Wrapping It Up

I’m really looking forward to having this weekly podcast to do with Rel.

I’m often doing something in the ‘real world’, have an idea for a blog post hit me, and then have no time to really do anything about it anymore. But now, instead of those ideas going away unused, I can send off a quick email note to consider it later as a possible podcast topic. By recording day, that can be a lot of things to choose from.

At least, I hope it will be. And I hope some of them are interesting for you to listen to.

Thanks a lot for reading this far, and I hope you’ll go check it out!

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  1. Congrats on the podcast. Will definitely listen. Hope it’s a great success. I am trying to learn to love my druid. The podcast may well do the trick 🙂


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