The State of The Transmog 2015

On our first Grumpy Druids podcast, I talked briefly about how I can’t play a character, even leveling up, unless I like the transmog.

I’m spoiled. The days of Outlands clown suits being acceptable are long gone. Fashionista, all the way.

It occurred to me that it might be nice to post all the outfits my ‘played’ characters are currently wearing, not just so you can see what a freak I am but also so a year from now I can look back and compare, see if I find something I like better or if I make a poor fashion choice.

So, without further blah blah, here are my current characters and transmogs. See if you can guess the class!













Yeah… so.

One thing does stand out, doesn’t it? I clearly like looking at heroic, PRETTY, characters when I play my video games.

Also, there are only a few faces in the game I like. Used to be more, but contrary to Blizzard’s expectations I tend to think they screwed up most of my favorites, most especially the Draenei. What they did to Unbearable has darn near ruined her. She used to look unsufferably smug and condescending, and now she looks… welp.

Oh, and the closest character I have to one that I would identify with is Beartrap. I get to be a bear, and ALSO wear visible armor. 🙂

As far as Winterborne… I really did that in tribute to my two best friends in the guild, Tom and Jared, neither of whom read the blog. They both love making the most outrageous slut plate outfits to irritate the rest of the raid, and it was through them I learned the Death Knight starter belt turned your belt invisible when used as transmog. Many belly button outfits were pondered in search of the perfect complement to twin light sabers.

I’m afraid that I have revealed too much… in more ways than one.

7 thoughts on “The State of The Transmog 2015

  1. I agree about the faces, and love some of the names you came up with. The warlock’s is probably my fav, though your mage is a bit punny as well.

    And regarding transmog for leveling… YAAAAAAAASSSSSSS! one of the first things I do when going back to an old toon to level now is play transmog. If I am not happy with how my character looks, I’m not going to level her.


  2. A++ to all of them!

    I’m with you though on the new faces. In general, I’m really glad they updated everything, but I have way less preferred “looks.” Night Elf females — the bodies all look crooked to me. It bugs me! My humans looks ok, but they’re not themselves anymore — and if they’re wearing something sleeveless they have spaghetti arms. Draenei are ok-ish, but the dark skin tone isn’t the same and the lighting on the character screen changed — it makes them look weird (tho they do look better when you log in).

    Thankfully, my main (dwarf female) actually looks better. And the revamp got me to roll a few races that I never liked before (orc, undead).


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