WoW That Escalated Quickly


Well, here’s a post I never thought I’d write.

Heck, I never thought I’d be able to write it. There was a time I never thought this day would happen, that it was just, well, impossible.

I guess it just goes to show, nothing is impossible, and everything has to end sometime.

When it comes to playing World of Warcraft, I played constantly since the launch of the Warlords expansion. Not a single day went by that I didn’t plop my big butt down at the keyboard to spend at least an hour in the game.

The last few months of 2015, my playtime shifted away from doing FUN things to just keeping up maintenance of my Garrison. Log in, spend some time running through my characters completing and reissuing Garrison Missions, gather some shipyard loot, maybe do a quest or two on someone I was leveling.


Things shifted into overdrive at the end of 2015. The special in-game holiday saw me spending hours every day in a frenzy to take full advantage of every daily on every level 100 character I could, amassing wealth and mounts, selling things on the auction house, getting all those lovely rewards for turning in crates of loot.

The very day the event was over, I stopped. Stopped playing, stopped logging in, stopped World of Warcraft.

I burnt out.

I didn’t make a conscious decision to stop playing, it just happened.

I stopped logging in before work in the mornings to do Garrison missions. That time was better spent on sleep.

When I got home from work, instead of going downstairs to log in and do, hey, Garrison missions, I’d rather do chores instead. Dishes, trash, straighten up. When it came time to do something, I’d consider logging in, but then I’d do the daily for Marvel Heroes instead. Or, increasingly, watch anime on Netflix or log into Destiny on the Xbox.

WoW just became that thing I used to do. I could log in, but why? And do what?

Since January 1st, I’d say I was actually logging in to clear out Garrison missions only once every four or five days. I don’t know, I didn’t track it or anything. I’d just have that sense of time passing as the garrison resources stack neared cap, that knowledge that there were probably a lot of Tailoring cloth work orders built up, so maybe I should go in and clear that out, give it a chance to build up again.

Burnt out. And really, why bother logging in? There was nothing I wanted to do, and with the things going on in the real world, a soon-to-be teen in the house and other games to play, what is there in World of Warcraft so exciting, so pressing that it’s worth a toss to log in?

With hundreds of thousands of gold in the bank when in previous expansions TEN THOUSAND GOLD was the most I ever had in my hands at a single time, why bother killing myself just to keep doing missions each day? How much gold does one player really need?

No new content, too many alts, everyone has nice transmogs, no time for raiding with friends on a consistent basis…

I could feel myself drifting away.

And now it all led up to this, the thing this whole blog post is about. This thing I never thought could ever possibly happen to me.

A few nights ago I logged in to my Warlock character, the one that holds all the gold for my account, and I thought about where I was at in the game. So many alts at maximum level, so many maxed Garrisons, maxed transmogs, all the mounts and the pets. So much gold, just an insane amount of gold.

I thought about all that time spent seeking out rare drop mounts from dungeons and raids over the years.

I went through the motions like I do every time I log in, go to the auction house and see what mounts might be for sale that I don’t have, how many pets. As has been the case for a long time, none. I have all the mounts and pets that are usually seen there.

I checked the Black Market Auction House vendor in the Garrison, just to see what big ticket things I don’t care about might be found there this time.

What I saw this time was new. The proto-dragon that Skadi can drop from his dungeon was up on the BMAH, for about 60,000 gold and was only a long wait, which is supposed to mean anywhere from two to twelve hours.

Meh, I can fly out to the BMAH, drop a bid. Why not? I’m never going to bother logging in every day to run the dungeon, let’s see if I can nab it from the BMAH. Probably not, but it’s all good.

I flew out and dropped my bid on the mount, and instantly was informed I was outbid.

Wait, what?

As far as I know, you put a bid down and that represents your maximum bid right then. What you see the bid displayed at IS the maximum bid, so if you bid more you’re the new top bidder until someone else comes along and actively outbids you.

What I’m saying is, you can’t see an auction for 60,000, put down a 500,000 gold bid as your upper cap, but have the system only add the bare minimum a bit at a time needed to keep you on top of competitors until your cap has been reached. No, that is NOT how it works. If you put in a bid of 500,000 gold, it goes immediately to 500,000 right now, no waiting.

So that means if I was instantly outbid on the mount, someone somewhere is sitting there camping the Skadi mount and waiting to outbid competitors a teeny bit at a time. On a long duration auction.

Damn, really?

Okay, well, I don’t really give that much of a crap about the mount, but that’s kind of annoying. I was just planning on going out, dropping a bid and then logging off to check in the morning to see how far I’d been outbid. I didn’t expect my bid to last three seconds.

Heck, I even advertised in guild chat that the mount was up because I figured somebody that actually gave a shit about it might be interested.

Well, fine. Somebody wants to camp it and be all “I want the mount super cheap with a low bid but I’m going to watch it for twelve hours to make sure I win”, let’s give you something to chew on.

And I upped my bid to 90,000 gold.

Instantly outbid.

Oh, okay. That’s fair. Let’s go to 125,000.

Instantly outbid.

Oh, really? Oh you want to fucking play games, we can play games. This mount just got expensive, smartass, we’ll go to 250,000 gold.

Instantly outbid.




Um, this is where you are supposed to outbid me.

Okay, no, really, you can outbid me now. You’re supposed to outbid me so you end up paying a lot of gold for that mount. It’s a super rare mount you know.

You can bid now.

Oh well, that’s okay, they’re just going to the mailbox to get their gold back from the previous outbids. It’s okay, I’ll just look in the morning and see how much it eventually went for. I’m sure someone will eventually outbid me, after all it’s a really rare mount and everyone else has lots more gold than I do.

The next morning, heading off to work I remember the events of the previous night and figure, hell, might as well log in and see what it sold for.




Is it Bind on Equip? Maybe I can no fuck me it’s soulbound.


Never, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the day would come in game where I had so much gold and so little common sense that I would end up writing a post about getting into a pissing match on the black market auction house and blowing 400,000 gold on a mount I didn’t even want in the first place.

Fucking sigh. So the days of being filthy rich have come to an end. I’m broke.

All right, I’m not BROKE broke. I still have a little over 100,000 gold left.

But compared to where I was last week I might as well be broke!

A paltry hundred thousand gold? Shit dudes, might as well sell the summer cottage in Darnassus and let them repo the Dreadsteed, how will we be able to afford feeding all these mounts and pets NOW?

Ain’t that a kick in the balls.

Guess I’ve got a reason to log in every day now, don’t I? In the mornings… twice in the evenings… and hey, maybe if I start running Kaz the Dreadlord every week for Felblight drops I can start crafting gear upgrades to sell on the AH again… and maybe I can start selling those 30 slot bags, they might go for a few thousand gold a piece.

Well, shit.

Hey, anyone want a ride?

What, this thing isn’t even a PASSENGER MOUNT? What kind of cheap ass proto-drake can’t even perch a gnome on it’s posterior?

Well, kiss my big ass butt.

7 thoughts on “WoW That Escalated Quickly

  1. If you were bored with the game, having no gold (well, *less* gold) shouldn’t be a problem.
    I let my subscription lapse about a year ago. I logged in recently. I can level for free up to lvl 20. Tanking randoms, wearing either greys or full heirloom gear; playing mind games with the dps just for shits & giggles. Or do a little pvp, just because I was never good at it (and still aren’t).


  2. I did something similar after the flying patch dropped. I got all the other requirements done, but the rep man, I didn’t want to grind the rep. My buddy said “well you can buy those tokens off the AH that up all rep for WoD, don’t ya know”.

    1 day later I was flying around, which was pretty easy considering I was $125k lighter in gold.

    Sadly, I was thinking the ability to fly might make me finish leveling my alts that are not 100 yet…

    It did not. I log in once a week to roll garrison bull spit. I’m not even sure why I still pay my subscription.


  3. haha .. I came really concerned that perhaps you’d got sooo bored you’d stopped playing .. perhaps someone else was concerned and decided to give you something to play for :p


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