Artifacts of a Lost Age

Since the theme of the Legion expansion seems to be artifacts, let’s go with it.

The Marskmanship Hunter artifact is a bow, a really sweet looking weapon that has an ornamental quiver that appears on your back. It’s a really nice touch that I admire.

At least I would if I didn’t transmog the bow to look like the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle.

Still, that’s not the point.

The point is I mentioned this really cool visual appearance to Cassie as I tried to convince her why she should give Marksmanship a try.

“It’s really cool, you’d love it on your Orc. The quiver is very attractive.”

She looks at me and replies, “I already have a quiver. It still has stacks of ammunition in it.”

… lolwut

Oh yeah. She does.

She still has in her bank inventory a quiver with stacks of ammunition.

It’s the Quickdraw Quiver, and it shows that once upon a time she crafted it herself.


You know, that’s pretty awesome. How many years has it been since we had quivers or ammo pouches? How long since you had guildies group up in front of Karazhan for serious raiding, only to inevitably have someone announce they needed a Warlock summon ready because they had to hearth to get ammo, they were out.

Or of course the reality of paying a Hunter, being in the middle of a guild raid boss fight and being reduced to smacking the boss in the ankles with your stick because you ran out of ammo mid-fight.

I suppose these days the equivalent is chain dying so much without repairs that your weapon is broken mid-fight?

“I may not be doing any dps, but at least I’m not afk like Frank, damnit!” <smack smack>

I stared at my wife for a moment in admiration for a moment, and she upped the ante by announcing she still had Ankhs, too.

I had her go through her bags. She has more obsolete dead gear, and suddenly I understand why she always complains about being out of bag space. Even after account wide transmog!

Ankhs, quivers and stacks of arrows, all sorts of cool “hey I forgot about those!” pieces of history.

It made me wonder… well frankly it made me wonder if it represented sweet sentimentality over a fun time in the game, or the tip of the hoarder iceberg.

But really, do you have a few items like that in  your bags or the bank, something that was a thing back in the day but is now so dead and dated that you can barely remember when they were live and used?

I know what I’ve got in that category…

My Rogue still has the Brazier of Invocation, the Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer and the users manual for the Brazier! All items long dead when they removed the Class Dungeon Set 2 epic gear questlines from the old world.


I mean, how can you ever get rid of something that unique? Especially when you can use it to establish your old skool street cred for wearing that slick Rogue gear set that anyone with some time at the Darkmoon Faire can have now. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Don’t those artifact weapons look awesome? Oh wait…

How about you? What do you have lurking in the dark, ghost-fart haunted recesses of your vault?

And is it there because it reminds you of wonderful times, or is it that you can’t bear to clean even a virtual room!

5 thoughts on “Artifacts of a Lost Age

  1. I have a low level rogue I was leveling purely pvp. It’s bank is full of now useless Rumsey Rum Black Label. It used to give 10 stamina and could only be bought in the escape from durhold keep dungeon by running to southshore and buying it there. It was a good boost in bgs.
    It was nerfed in wod and now gives no stats, same time rogues went rubbish and I stopped playing my rogue.


  2. My hunter still a few keepsakes from the old days including his Tier 0 set and a Harpy Hide Quiver (just in case quivers ever go back in fashion 🙂 ). But my prized useless possession is the Chained Essence of Erakinus trinket, which came from a Vanilla quest chain in the Sunken Temple of Swamp of Sorrows. You were supposed to turn the trinket in as the next step in the quest chain, but it was an incomplete chain and the story would never progress further so I kept it. As long as you wore it, the trapped essence of the green dragon Erakinus would whisper to you constantly begging to be released or threatening you for your presumption of keeping him trapped. Silly and I haven’t touched it in years, but always loved Blizzard’s attention to details with little flavor things like this.

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  3. My hunter still has leftover things from vanilla quests that were removed in Cata. Probably some necrotic runes and things from the pre-Wrath event, too.

    My human mage, the first Alliance character I made, still has Hogger’s claw in his bags from pre-Cata. He never turned in the quest, choosing instead to carry it around like a trophy.


  4. I can’t say anything. Among other things, I still have the pieces of random crap I used to summon my Dreadsteed, back when you didn’t just get it handed to you, you had to go on a massive quest chain and run dungeons to get the parts.


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