Summoners War – Runing for Desired Stats

This post is a quick takedown of how to plan your rune needs when building towards a desired stat. I’m going to include links to some outstanding in-depth articles on the fundamentals of equipping Runes, so if you’re unfamiliar with the concept those will be great places to start.

First, if you are new to Runes in Summoners War, please go read this incredibly well done guide for beginners from the Summoners War Sky Arena website. Seriously, it’s a great guide that covers all of the basics about runes.

Second, a more detailed look at min-maxing Runes, really well done and with that lovely thorough testing and mathematical analysis that you and I love can be found here by abs01ut3 in the official Com2US forums.

Reading the first guide while looking at your own monsters and runes, and reading through the second guide while considering the implications should get most of your questions answered.

But the next step is applying all of this to reach your desired goal for a specific monster. That’s what I want to talk about.

Let’s take a single monster and use it as an example for this article.

I’m going to pick Ahman to talk about, although Verdehile would serve just as well. This is the Big Bear Butt blog, and here we be all about dem bears. So Bear it is.

Ahman is the Awakened form of the Light Bearman.


Ahman is a monster that can only be obtained from a Light and Darkness Scroll summon, or be collecting pieces from the Light Bearman Secret Dungeon.

Ahman is a Healing Support unit with a great mix of abilities, and while he is not the best healer in the game, he fills a very solid role on some teams. I use him on my Giants B10 team with Belladeon, I frequently use him on Trial of Ascension (Normal) when I need to get weaker support allies through, and really as a healing tank he’s outstanding considering he’s a 3 star monster when summoned, and can EASILY be fully skilled up by feeding him other Bearman monsters.

What makes Ahman so good, though, is highly dependent on what are considered mid to late game Runes. And therein lies the problem with Ahman.

At max skill level, his #1 ability, the ability that has no cooldown so the one he uses every time everything ELSE is on cooldown, has a 50% chance to Taunt the opponent. Considering all of his other abilities are based on his max health, that means that he is going to be built and runed for high health so he can take those hits he’s taunting off the squishy monsters on your team.

No, that’s all good. That means you are safe planning on using HP% Runes in position 2 and 6.

The problem comes with his core Awakened ability, Crushing Power.


As you can see, Crushing Power is a passive ability, meaning it works all the time, on every attack he makes… as long as that attack was a critical strike.

The shoe drops. To get a 100% certainty that every single time Ahman gets a turn he provides a heal, you will need to Rune Ahman to reach 100% CRI Rate.

To find what your current rate is along with your total health for computing how much that bonus heal is worth, just look at the monster Info screen.


As you can see my Ahman has reached 100% CRI Rate, and my HP (Health) is a total of 29432.

So, every time Ahman attacks the enemy and gets a critical strike, every monster on my team gets 3532 healing.

That ain’t bad.

It all depends on that 100% CRI Rate, though, if you want it to be reliable.

So, how do you plan for what you need?

First, identify what are important. For Ahman, you need to reach 100% CRI Rate as your primary, but anything over 100% is wasted. As your secondary, you want the highest possible health you can get.

That would indicate a few possible rune choices.

Energy runes have a two-piece set bonus of +15% HP. So those will boost your max health, and consequently boost how much YOUR heal is worth.

Blade runes have a two-piece set bonus of +12% CRI Rate. So those can be an early-stage stopgap to bring up your CRI Rate if your substats don’t get the job done. More on substats in a second.

The Runes in slot 2, 4 and 6 each have different special stats they can be. All three can be HP%, DEF%, ATK%, etc.

Each slot also has a special stat that you can ONLY get in that slot.

For example, only slot 2 runes can have SPD. Only slot 6 runes can have accuracy.

And ONLY in slot 4 can one of those special stats be CRI Rate%.

What we want and what the possibilities are write our rune requirements for us. We will want runes in positions 2,4 and 6 that are HP%/CRIRate%/HP%.

Whenever you see rune recommendations, they will usually be in this format of x/x/x and the types of runes.

As an example, For Ahman maybe you’d recommend to a brand new player “Start out with Energy/Blade x2, HP%/CRate%/HP%.

What that means is you’re suggesting they use two Energy runes, four Blade runes (2x the two piece bonus) and that in slot 2 you have a HP% rune, slot 4 you have a CRI Rate% rune and in slot 6 another HP% rune.

That’s all well and good, but the reason we’re discussing Ahman is he’s a special case. He is one of those monsters that has a specific cap we’re shooting for. We have a target we want to reach and a plan for how to get there.

We want 100% Crit.

To know what we need to do we need to know two things. What Ahman’s base Crit Rating is at max level 40 / 6 star, and what the max value our CRI Rate% rune can reach once we level it all the way to +15.

To find Ahman’s base CRI Rate, something you will notice you CANNOT see once you have any CRI Rate runes on him at all, you can find the info on your favorite database website.

My website for choice that I love referring to for everything is the Summoners War Wiki.

By referring to the page for Ahman, you can see his base CRI Rate is 15%.


It also gives you a good idea of the stats of your monster as you level him up, so you can compare him with others for the role you’re using him for (such as maybe a single target nuker attacker) and see if at max level he’s going to be as powerful as others you have as options.

So here we can see we’re starting with 15% CRI Rate, and everything else will have to come from runes.

Our next step is to see how much we can get out of that CRI Rate % slot 4 rune. What it can become is based on one thing; it’s star quality. A 1 star quality rune can be leveled up to +15 just like a 6 star rune, it just has far, FAR lower potential stats.

Here is an extremely useful chart that provides you with the exact values you will get from a given rune based on star quality and stat type;


This chart came from that excellent Min/Maxing Runes guide by abs01ut3 on the Com2US forums I linked to at the beginning of the post.

From that chart you can see that if you get a 6 star CRI Rate% rune, and level it up fully to +15, it will have +58% CRI Rate on it.

Do the math. If base Crit is 15% and the slot 4 rune fully maxed is 58%, you’re at 73%. Even if you had two sets of Blade runes, that only gives you another 24% Crit, leaving you at 97%.

So what do you do?

This is where substats come into play, and also where you start to see the depth and detail this game can have.

You see, every rune has it’s base stat which improves as you level it.

However, as you level a rune, it also acquires BONUS stats. Every time you level a rune to 3, 6, 9 and 12 it acquires a new bonus stat. Completely at random. The only hard and fast rule seems to be that you can’t double up on a stat, so for example a Slot 2 SPD rune won’t proc a SPD bonus stat. Because the stat is already on it, got it?

Okay, so WTF, you’re thinking you get the rune of your dreams to drop, an Energy slot 2 6 star quality rune with HP% on it, but then it’s crap and you can’t use it because after you invest a ton of Mana Crystals in it to level it up, it never procs CRi Rating as a bonus stat, OMG, right?

Well, yeah, kinda. It all depends on if you get enough CRI Rate on other runes as substats to make up for it.

See, there is a way to rig the system in your favor.

Sometimes your runes can drop as or be purchased in the Mystic Shop as a boosted quality, just like World of Warcraft gear. All runes are acquired as level 1 runes with a star rating from 1 to 6, but they also have a color rating.

White runes start with zero bonus stats. Green runes start with 1 bonus stat already on it. Blue runes start with 2 bonus stats. Purple runes start with three bonus stats, and orange runes start with four.

There can ALSO be a bonus stat directly under the core type of rune. It’s not in the bonus stat list, it’s under the rune type itself, like right under the big bold “ATK%” there might be a smaller rune type like “HP%”.

All these extra stats are your substats. The extra stat that might be listed immediately under the stat name will never increase in power. What it be is what it be, bro. You know?

The other runes, the ones a bit lower down and off to the left, those are the bonus stats in the positions you WOULD have gotten them as you leveled up the rune.

Guess what?

When you do level the rune up, when you reach +3, instead of giving you a bonus stat, you instead get one of those substats INCREASED by a solid amount. Which stat is chosen at random each time, but this means that +3% CRI Rate substat on your blue rune, when you hit rank 3 might get boosted to be more powerful. And a blue rune would normally get TWO bonus substats, so you get two chances at having that CRI Rate substat boosted.

Here is an example of a rune that starts at level 1 5 star but is a green quality, and has one substat.


This is where you game the system.

You look for not just a rune that is the type and start quality you want, you also look for one that has the substat you want already on it, knowing that it gives you a chance when leveling it up to get some REALLY tasty CRI Rating bonus.

Let’s take a look at one of my runes, for example.


This is my slot 2 HP% Rune. You can see it’s not Energy or Blade, it’s Violent. I’ll talk about that in a second.

The important this is to look at the substats. In this case, I have +6% CRI Rate from this rune, and that came from this rune starting with CRI Rate already on it, and then getting boosted again while leveling.

I have another rune with a substat of +11% CRI Rating. That one I really hit the jackpot on, bt it happened because I knew to look for a rune that already had the right substat on it, and in that case it started out as orange quality so I had FOUR chances for CRI Rate to be the stat that got boosted… and it actually happened 3 times. So glorious.


This rune is only level +12, and can continue to be leveled to +15. However, +12 is the last rank that you get a bonus stat, so it’s the last rank where your substats have a chance to get boosted. That’s why I stopped there for right now. Well, that and I forgot I wasn’t done leveling it yet, lol.

See, when you reach your final 3 level multiplier at +15, instead of boosting a substat or getting a new one, your MAIN stat gets boosted a lot instead. In this case, when that Violent slot 3 rune reaches level 15, it’s going to be worth 160 Defense, as you saw on that leveling chart up above. Great, especially for a tanking healer, but not critical right this second.

So those are all the fundamentals for planning out your rune goals.

In this case, you might have to start out with three sets of Blade runes for that +36% CRI Rate, but as you get better runes with solid CRI Rate substats, you can begin to switch runes out.

Now, why am I running Violent Energy?

Because Violent is considered the backbone Rune set of end game, with that great bonus chance at getting an extra turn, and when you heal your team for 3000+ health PER MONSTER every time you attack, getting an extra turn is just… beautiful. I’ve seen Ahman pop off three attacks on his turn and top everyone to full, and it’s just wonderful. Add that in to his taunt on skill 1, and multiple strikes in a turn give an even better chance to pull an enemy off of a weaker buddy.

The problem with Violent runes is you can only get them from the Magic Shop, or as drops from the Dragons dungeon. Dragons rune farming is where it’s all about, but to get there you have to get your Giants rune farming locked down first and farm some sweet runes there. Starter runes, but still solid ones like Fatal and Energy.

See, Energy and Blade runes are easy to farm, coming as they do from Garen Forest, Kabir Ruins and the Giants dungeon. That being said, If you have to use all Blade sets to get to the CRI Rate requirement, your max health will suffer for it, reducing the amount of the heal you’re getting.

This is exactly why you’ll see most people recommend Ahman as a powerful mid to late game niche healer. By the time you are able to get the Violent runes with the CRI Rate substats to get the most use out of his abilities, you’re already well past Giants and the regular campaign.

This makes other healers such as Belladeon, Colleen and Rakaja far more useful in the beginning, being easy to get and max skill up, but using easier to acquire rune sets to get the most out of them.

To recap.

Find out the base stat for the Awakened monster, what stats are most needed to maximize the effectiveness of the skills that matter to you, what main runes can have those stats and by how much, what rune types can give you set bonuses to help, and finally what substats you need as well.

You might think my Ahman is pretty good. max level 6 star monster, optimal rune set with Violent/Energy, 100% Crit and almost 30,000 health.

What if I were to tell you that the top Ahman I’ve seen on the global server has all that, but with a max health of over 36000 health?

That extra 6000 health is all from substats. He not only has the CRI Rate% on his substats, but he has lots of HP% in his subs as well.

I did good on mine, but I didn’t take it anywhere near as far as it could go. And the higher that max health, the higher the heal every single team member gets per strike.

I hope that this has been helpful to you. I really do. There is a lot of pleasure to be had in carefully planning out a goal to max the power of a monster for what you want it to do.

Most of my runes were bought over several months from the Magic Shop. I knew what perfect runes I was looking for, and when I saw that 5 star HP% slot 2 Violent rune in blue condition with CRI Rate subs, I snapped that SOB up no matter that it was 400,000 Mana Crystals or more. Because I knew that there rune was like solid gold for my Ahman.

I guess it’s like the rush a dedicated antique collector feels seeing that perfect piece in crappy condition in the back of someone’s barn. You know what it is and what it’s worth, and that makes the acquisition all the more satisfying.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

When introducing your son to Star Wars goes horribly wrong

A long time ago I mentioned my son was finally reaching an age where I could share all of my favorite geek movies with him.

I even specifically mentioned Star Wars.

I never shared the aftermath.

You see, it all went terribly, horribly wrong.

Let’s face it, when you have kids one of the best things is watching them grow up. It’s so cool. One day they’re like this and it’s awesome, but then some time passes and they’re bigger, more nuanced, and it’s awesome in a completely new way.

But they can’t handle all the neat things you want to show them on day one. You have to plan it out.

You have to wait for that optimum juxtaposition between youth (still interested in neat stuff), maturity (able to grasp just how COOL the neat stuff is), and naiveté (still thinks Dad could potentially have a remote clue what is cool, the poor deluded waif).

Star Wars is one of those things.

So is Raiders of the Lost Ark, and I blew it with that one. I introduced my son to Raiders of the Lost Ark too soon, not anticipating the reception a cave full of spiders and skeletons with spears sticking out of their heads might get. Also, he had no idea what nazis were or why it’s so much fun to hate them and okay to cheer on a bunch of Nazis getting incinerated by the breath of God. Kind of like how it’s okay to hate fat old white men now, if you see them getting tortured or killed that’s all right then. Just, you know, nobody else. But white guys, that’s funny TV. White men; society’s modern Nazi. He didn’t have the correct cultural conditioning to know when you see a Nazi, you’re eagerly waiting to see how the foul beast will die, and I consider that a failing on my part.

Oh come on, you know I’m right. Take the book “The Keep”by F. Paul Wilson. The book is basically you watching eagerly as a team of Nazi SS get eaten by a hideous nightmare creature, and yes the point of the book is to be conflicted over watching a hideous monster eating people and feeling “well, but what if it eats someone I care about?” It’s wrong to root for the monster.

Nice piece of work pointing out the fallacy inherent in ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. No, the enemy of my enemy is just my enemys’ enemy, no more, no less. My apologies to Howard Taylor, I know it’s his line.

Great book, though.

Wait. Where was I going… oh right, Star Wars. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Nazis. Fat white guys.

Okay, back on track.

I tried to introduce my son to Raiders of the Lost Ark, and instead of falling in love with the adventure he got creeped out by spiders and things that stick spears through your head. That can happen.

Lesson learned. I held off on Star Wars. Some things, you just can’t rush. It’s not worth the risk.

It was great fun to debate the HOW of introducing him to Star Wars, too.

Obviously, you can’t start with the books, the expanded universe, anything like that. You have to go with the movies; the foundation of all things.


To Jar-Jar or not to Jar-Jar.

Or to bottom line it… Watch Phantom Menace knowing the truth of Darth Vader’s origin or not?

I grew up with the movies, so I can’t make an unbiased decision. I watched them in the theater in real time.

I lived the life geeks of a certain age experienced after Star Wars came out in theaters. All we had were playing cards showing scenes from the movie in little packs with cardboard we were told was gum, action figures that I somehow thought were great even though modern toys make them look like blister-packed piles of cat poo wearing Jawa cloth swatches, and a book.

That book.

You know that book.

Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, by Alan Dean Foster.

Talk about trying to get a kid to hate Star Wars… that damn book. I won’t say it’s a bad book, but let me tell you, when that wikipedia article says it was written so it could be filmed as a low budget sequel… well.

Can you imagine telling an author to write a book of science fiction about an amazing adventure, but hey, make sure it’s like, not too cool or awesome or uses the imagination TOO much or it’ll be too expensive to film on the cheap?

Hey, now I know what hell must be for writers. Wonderful.

Anyway. 1978 was lean times for a Star Wars fan who had an imagination burning in the glow of the fires of a million lightsabers.

And nothing, NOTHING fired the imagination as much as the most brilliant marketing ploy of all time; releasing the fourth part of the story FIRST.

OMG, I can’t even begin to describe the flights of fancy and ‘what ifs’ dancing around what stories might have been in those first three stories we didn’t see.

The word on the big fan magazines like Fangora, Starlog and Questar was that there would be six movies! They were going to give us episodes five and six to finish the trilogy, then go back and do the first three!

Yeah, geeks our age didn’t realize what time meant. We thought that meant, like, next year. It ws only three years until Empire came out, but a lot changes in a child in three years, man.

Shit, High School, the entirety of High School, is only four years long. Fucking eternity.

Star Wars Episode IV came out in 1977. I saw it in theaters in 1977. I was 9 years old.

I had no idea what the heck it was going to be. Nobody did. And I know nobody cares, water under the bridge. It’s only relevant because if I saw it at 9, that must be the right age. Right?

I decided no. I saw it, I loved it, I didn’t really fully understand it. That took nothing away from my enjoyment of it, not at all. pretty simple story, really. I grokked it.

But the sequel didn’t come out until 3 years later, in 1980. When I was twelve.

The Empire Strikes Back is, arguably, the best movie of the series, especially for shattering expectations.

But how much of that awesomeness was enhanced by having to wait three years speculating on what would come next in the third and final part of the trilogy in 1983?

1983. I was in High School. Only six years from start to finish, but I went from age nine to fifteen. BIG changes there.

How would all this play out now to a kid that has not just all three original trilogy films at the touch of his hands in an easy to watch format that tore apart all that was good and decent in the world by making it look like Greedo shot first and Han was slow in returning fire when clearly Han shot first establishing that he was an unscrupulous rogue that didn’t sit there like a patsy waiting to get killed by the first nerf herder fresh off the fields with his daddy’s blaster thinking to make a quick credit off a bounty by Jabba the Hutt?

Um. Sorry. I have issues. Unresolved issues.

Anyway, my son doesn’t have years to sit around waiting for sequels to be made, letting the anticipation and excitement build. He’s got instant gratification waiting, the whole damn thing sitting right there available for a weekend marathon.

Gotta do the original trilogy first. Have to build that suspense. The big reveal. “Luke, I am your father.” “I love you. I know.”

I mean, come on, has to be the original trilogy first. But what age?

I settled on twelve. Twelve is a good age, right? Twelve is the right age to appreciate Empire, and you know as soon as Star Wars is done you’ve gotta pop in Empire.

So, we waited.

I bought the movies on blu-ray. I prepared.

When I felt the day had come, I asked him if he’d like to watch Star Wars with me. You know, the original classic.

“No, that’s okay. I already know what it’s all about.”


“Oh sure, I’ve seen the story plenty of times before.”

This required further investigation.

It turns out, get this, it turns out that he’s seen the entire thing before. Oh, but not the MOVIES.

No, no, what he saw is the story… in every form EXCEPT the movies.

So there are these cartoons called Lego Star Wars, maybe you’ve heard of them? Apparently they are Lego’s way of FUCKING RUINING STAR WARS FOR AN ENTIRE GENERATION OF CHILDREN BY PITCHING THE CARTOONS AT A YOUNGER AGE THAN THE FUCKING MOVIES ARE INTENDED.

Those worthless fucks.

So I thought I was going to be introducing my son to the greatest character that has ever breathed life to a screen, like this;


And instead, children’s cartoons introduced my son to this;


Are you kidding me?

No. No, that’s real. That’s my son’s introduction to Star Wars. And to Darth Vader, thank you very much.

That, and apparently every single other cartoon that had writers strapped for original story ideas who decided, “Hey, in this episode let’s phone it in and do a Star Wars mockup, everyone loves those.”

You know, like Phineas and Ferb.

It’s been a thing. A big thing. And it’s been in his face since he was a baby, apparently. All his life he’s seen the Star Wars stuff played out in parody form over, and over, and over.

It was already too late before kindergarten was done.

I tell you, I begin to see why you’re supposed to isolate the kids from TV, this shit poisons their youth.

Do you know how I got my son even vaguely interested in watching Star Wars with me?

I promised him that he’d be able to see where his favorite Star Wars: Battlefront level, the attack on the Ice Planet Hoth, originally came from.

I had to promise him he’d get to see the actual attack on the rebel base of Hoth! He already knew all about it, but he’d never actually SEEN THE DAMN THING.

Not only did he know there WAS a battle between the Empire and the Rebellion on Hoth, but he’d taken part in it. He’d taken down AT-AT walkers with a harpoon already. Himself. Personally.

Shit, he’d personally flown speeders through the forest moon of fucking Endor chasing down Stormtroopers before he ever saw Return of the Jedi!

How fucked is that. No, seriously, this is bullshit and also awesome, but there is an intended sequence of events here that has been violated like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Causality has become warped beyond measure. I require a time travel device and jellybabies. Also, a multi-colored scarf. Stat.

I eventually got him to watch the movies. Grudgingly. Kinda cranky. They’re so old, after all. He already knows what happens.

Star Wars Rebels, now that’s cool. He likes that. And he did like the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. He did.

He didn’t love it, though. It was ‘all right’. Not as cool as Star Wars Rebels, after all, but pretty nice. A movie for us old folks.

It’s a nightmare. 

The whole thing has caused me to look at my long lists of movies and TV shows I wanted to share and realize, much as I expect my own father did, by the time they’re old enough to be old enough, your shit is TOO FUCKING OLD TO BE COOL.

I find myself remembering vaguely his efforts to get me to realize just how awesome The Beatles were. Like, The Beatles, man. THE BEATLES.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. They’re okay, I guess. Funny cartoon about a yellow submarine, crappy art style but okay.

And Elvis. Really, dad? Elvis? Gee, what next, the Beaver? Little Rascals? Holy crap, the ’20s called, they want their tired old black and white crap back. Maybe you heard we’ve got this thing now called color?

That’s me.

I put Spaced Invaders on, I thought he’d love that. He was so bored we shut it off after 15 minutes. “Who died and put you in charge?” “Captain Bipko.” Ah, that never gets old.

Or The Last Starfighter. “What do we do?” {Eyepiece flip} “We die.” He watched it, it was okay. He watched it dutifully in an attempt to make me happy. That’s all.

You want to know what the only true geek thing I’ve been able to share with him is?

Mobile Suit Gundam models and anime. He LOVES building Gundam models, and he also loves the best anime shows I’ve let him watch, like Fullmetal Alchemist and Sword Art Online.

So it’s not my shit that’s wrong, I just have to fall back, dump the old versions of it, and pick the newer, high speed low drag awesome versions to introduce him to.

I have to use the newest cutting edge geek stuff to give him a taste, then stand back and hope his own interest will drive him into archaeological research into the darkest origins of the art form.

Like how I once dipped my toe into Dark Side of the Moon and that drove me down the full path of Pink Floyd love.

Fucking Lego Star Wars.

You know, he doesn’t read comic books? I have a whole wall of Ultimate Spider-Man, he wants nothing to do with them.

But he likes the cartoons. But he doesn’t LOVE them.

No, what he loves is Rabbids. Rabbids and Teen Titans Go.

Okay. He loves Teen Titans Go.

I can live with that.

Seriously though. If you’ve got kids, you watch that early morning cartoon shit like a hawk. LIKE A HAWK.

You’ve been warned.

Summoners War – Glory Points

When you get started in Summoners War, you begin fighting in the Arena on day one. For every loss against another real player, you earn 1 Glory Point, and for every victory against a real player you earn anywhere from 2, 3 or more Glory Points.

If you are fighting in the 900 – 1100 Arena Rating range as I recommend you focus on when starting, going up and down the ratings to stay within a viable point farming league, you should consistently see 3 Glory Points per win.

That may not sound like much, but they all add up. You should realistically be able to reach a minimum of 200 Glory Points a week at the very beginning, and could easily reach 600 or more in a few months as you level up and Awaken / Rune some natural four star quality monsters for your team.

So… why care about Glory Points? What do you want to use them for? Are they good for anything?

In the in-game shop there is a tab specifically called the Glory Shop where everything you can buy with Glory Points are listed. And there are a lot of buildings in there, as well as some immediately gratifying, nay tempting items for purchase.

Probably the most tempting items to purchase in the Glory Shop are the summoning scrolls. For 240 Glory Points you could purchase a Mystical Scroll once a week, giving you a guarantee of a three star monster summons, and it could, COULD strike lightning and be a four or even five natural star monster!

It’s called striking lighting because when you perform the summoning of a monster, the screen has an animation it displays, and when you proc a super bonus like a higher ranking of monster (or an awakened version of a monster) then lightning bolts dress the whole thing up. It’s very satisfying.

On a side note, you can get lightning when a monster you summon just randomly comes as the Awakened version. When a monster is summoned as an Awakened, it comes as one star quality higher than normal. If you were to summon a three star Fire Inugami, for example, and it procced as the Awakened type from a Mystical Scroll, then it would appear full Awakened, named Raoq, and be four stars in quality with the namx possible level of 30. Still only level 1, but it’s already been leveled up to a four star and Awakened for you.

Pretty cool, right? Yeah, except don’t be surprised when you see people telling other people “RIP” in chat when someone summons a five star monster… because what they summoned was a natural FOUR star monster that came as Awakened. RIP as in “Dude you got RIPped off.”

I can only imagine how much it must suck to summon a monster, see lightning strike, have it be a five star monster… and then realize it was Awakened so it’s really a natural four star. Like, YAHOO!!! oh damnitall. Still good, but it wasn’t Zaiross, know what I mean?

Anyway, there are more summoning scrolls than just the once per week Mystical Scroll in the Glory Shop. You could also, for only 300 Glory Points, purchase a summoning scroll dedicated to one particular element. The scrolls work exactly the same as a Mystical Scroll with a three star or better monster, you just get to specify whether it be a Fire, Water or Wind monster.

It’s so tempting. I mean, it could be a four or five star! It could happen.

If I said I never bought one, I’d be lying. I’ve purchased the scrolls many, many times. And I’ve been wrong to do it every single time. But that temptation of a chance at riding the lightning is very, very strong.

There are far better things to spend Glory Points on.

When you just start out, your number one Glory Point priority every single week is to amass points until you can purchase your once-per-week Devilmon. Do this every single week. Don’t ever miss. Nothing else in that store is ever more valuable than getting your Devilmon for the week. You use them to skill up monsters, and you should save them for use on a monster that is a natural four or five star, because the three star monsters can get skilled up by feeding them other three stars of the same type… and you’ll see plenty of the three star monsters of that type over a few months.

Good luck finding 10 or 12 natural five star monsters to skillup just one. No, you save those Devilmon to sink into your first Veromos or something similar that is a total badass you will want maxed out.

Saving them for Veromos unless you get a different great natural four or five star monster first is a smart bet. Don’t waste them skilling up Belladeon, for example, because you can farm Inugamis to feed to Belladeon from Faimon Volcano, Telain Forest and Garen Forest. They ain’t rare.

So, step one every week, buy a Devilmon. Seriously, if you had any idea how critical that is…

So what else to spend Glory Points on?

You’ll quickly earn more than the 180 pts per week you need for a Devilmon.

Your second purchasing priority is the Mysterious Plant. NOT scrolls! Save up your Red Premium Crystals to buy the 750 Crystal Premium Packs, that’ll net you 11 Mystical Scrolls in one pop, AND get you Mana Crystals and Angelmon to feed to them to level them up. The feeling of summoning 11 monsters from Mystical Scrolls is far more satisfying than just one.

The Mysterious Plant has ten levels. It costs more Glory Points every time you level it up, but it’s well worth it.

Energy is the resource in the game you use to do any activity. The Mysterious Plant speeds up how quickly you regain Energy once you spend it. The faster your Energy regenerates, the more play time you get without being tempted to spend Red Crystals on Energy refills.

Max out your Mysterious Plant to level 10 as your number two priority.

Your third priority after the Mysterious Plant is also Energy related; max out the Sanctum of Energy.

The Sanctum of Energy is another building that has ten levels. Each level gives you a +1 to your max possible Energy.

Now, it may seem stupid to spend all those Glory Points for a measly +10 Energy. WRONG.

What you have to remember is this is a big game, and Energy is your resource for doing everything cool. The more the better.

The time will come when you reach level 50 as a player. When you do, your max Energy without the Sanctum of Energy building is 80. Maxing the Sanctum tacks on another 10.

You go to sleep at night, you wake up to 90 Energy instead of 80 ready to burn through quickly on 3 guild wars battles(30), 3 World Boss battles (30), one Giants B10 run (8), one Hall of Magic B10 run (8), one Hall of Essence run (8) and three runs through Faimon Volcano hell level 1 with a friend’s monster along (15) to complete all the daily accomplishments. Do them all every day plus the Arena and summoning/leveling stuff, it’s a free ten red crystals, after all.

But okay, so what?

With a maxed out Sanctum of Energy, every time you spend 30 red crystals in the shop to recharge your Energy, you’re getting an extra ten Energy for free.

So what again, right?

Listen up my friends.

There will come a time when you will want to spend your red crystals on Energy recharges instead of 750 crystal Premium Packs.

That time comes right around when you can clear the Caiross Dungeons Giants level B10 100% of the time, and begin farming it for the best 5 and 6 star runes.

At that point, running Giants B8 – B10 constantly and using red crystals to recharge your Energy will get you as many if not more Mystical Scrolls as random drops as the same amount of Crystals spent in a single 750 block getting 11 scrolls from the shop.

And at the same time, you’re getting damn good runes, Rainbowmon drops, regular scrolls, and items you can eventually use to craft specific runes or other stuff from the new crafting shop.

So long term, you will come to a point where you will stop spending crystals on Premium Packs. And at that point, you will cherish your super fast Energy recharge rate and extra +10 Energy max cap.

Okay, so you max both buildings. NOW what? It’s Mystical Scroll time, right?

Wrong again, turkey breath.

There is one more key building that is a must have, and it will suck down all your Glory Points for a long time to come;

The Sky Tribe Totem.

See, there are other buildings you can buy in the Glory Shop, and they are unique in that they are like extra rune effects that apply to ALL your monsters, ALL the time, EVERYWHERE.

The Sky Tribe Totem is a building with ten levels or stages just like the Sanctum of Energy or the Mysterious Plant, and what it does is increases your speed. ALL your monsters speed. ALL the time, not just in the Arena.

In this game, speed is king. Most of the best synergies come from combining fast monsters that buff your teams’ speed with monsters that slow the enemy team down. More turns for you, less turns for them. And more speed for you means more turns as well, and going first to get your stuns on them before they have a chance to blink.

To go from zero to a level 10 Sky Tribe Totem will cost you, in total, 11,400 Glory Points.

Buckle up sally, that’s gonna be a long ride.

But in the end, that level 10 Sky Tribe Totem will provide every single monster on your team in EVERY piece of content in the game a +15% increase to their core base Speed stat.

For normal monsters, that’s great. For a monster that has a high core speed like Bernard and which you’ll equip with the best Speed rune you can get in slot 2, it’s insane.

That +15% Speed boost will make your life and success in the game easier in ways you can’t begin to anticipate. The only place it really won’t help is in the Necropolis, where there is a hard speed cap of I believe an effective speed of 140.

Once you’ve finished that building, sure, you want to spend them somewhere else by all means go ahead.

But by the time you have played Summoners War long enough to have amassed enough Glory Points to have purchased all three of those buildings to max, you’ll probably know ore about the game and be better at it than I am, and you can come back and tell ME what the next step should be. 🙂