Summoners War – Glory Points

When you get started in Summoners War, you begin fighting in the Arena on day one. For every loss against another real player, you earn 1 Glory Point, and for every victory against a real player you earn anywhere from 2, 3 or more Glory Points.

If you are fighting in the 900 – 1100 Arena Rating range as I recommend you focus on when starting, going up and down the ratings to stay within a viable point farming league, you should consistently see 3 Glory Points per win.

That may not sound like much, but they all add up. You should realistically be able to reach a minimum of 200 Glory Points a week at the very beginning, and could easily reach 600 or more in a few months as you level up and Awaken / Rune some natural four star quality monsters for your team.

So… why care about Glory Points? What do you want to use them for? Are they good for anything?

In the in-game shop there is a tab specifically called the Glory Shop where everything you can buy with Glory Points are listed. And there are a lot of buildings in there, as well as some immediately gratifying, nay tempting items for purchase.

Probably the most tempting items to purchase in the Glory Shop are the summoning scrolls. For 240 Glory Points you could purchase a Mystical Scroll once a week, giving you a guarantee of a three star monster summons, and it could, COULD strike lightning and be a four or even five natural star monster!

It’s called striking lighting because when you perform the summoning of a monster, the screen has an animation it displays, and when you proc a super bonus like a higher ranking of monster (or an awakened version of a monster) then lightning bolts dress the whole thing up. It’s very satisfying.

On a side note, you can get lightning when a monster you summon just randomly comes as the Awakened version. When a monster is summoned as an Awakened, it comes as one star quality higher than normal. If you were to summon a three star Fire Inugami, for example, and it procced as the Awakened type from a Mystical Scroll, then it would appear full Awakened, named Raoq, and be four stars in quality with the namx possible level of 30. Still only level 1, but it’s already been leveled up to a four star and Awakened for you.

Pretty cool, right? Yeah, except don’t be surprised when you see people telling other people “RIP” in chat when someone summons a five star monster… because what they summoned was a natural FOUR star monster that came as Awakened. RIP as in “Dude you got RIPped off.”

I can only imagine how much it must suck to summon a monster, see lightning strike, have it be a five star monster… and then realize it was Awakened so it’s really a natural four star. Like, YAHOO!!! oh damnitall. Still good, but it wasn’t Zaiross, know what I mean?

Anyway, there are more summoning scrolls than just the once per week Mystical Scroll in the Glory Shop. You could also, for only 300 Glory Points, purchase a summoning scroll dedicated to one particular element. The scrolls work exactly the same as a Mystical Scroll with a three star or better monster, you just get to specify whether it be a Fire, Water or Wind monster.

It’s so tempting. I mean, it could be a four or five star! It could happen.

If I said I never bought one, I’d be lying. I’ve purchased the scrolls many, many times. And I’ve been wrong to do it every single time. But that temptation of a chance at riding the lightning is very, very strong.

There are far better things to spend Glory Points on.

When you just start out, your number one Glory Point priority every single week is to amass points until you can purchase your once-per-week Devilmon. Do this every single week. Don’t ever miss. Nothing else in that store is ever more valuable than getting your Devilmon for the week. You use them to skill up monsters, and you should save them for use on a monster that is a natural four or five star, because the three star monsters can get skilled up by feeding them other three stars of the same type… and you’ll see plenty of the three star monsters of that type over a few months.

Good luck finding 10 or 12 natural five star monsters to skillup just one. No, you save those Devilmon to sink into your first Veromos or something similar that is a total badass you will want maxed out.

Saving them for Veromos unless you get a different great natural four or five star monster first is a smart bet. Don’t waste them skilling up Belladeon, for example, because you can farm Inugamis to feed to Belladeon from Faimon Volcano, Telain Forest and Garen Forest. They ain’t rare.

So, step one every week, buy a Devilmon. Seriously, if you had any idea how critical that is…

So what else to spend Glory Points on?

You’ll quickly earn more than the 180 pts per week you need for a Devilmon.

Your second purchasing priority is the Mysterious Plant. NOT scrolls! Save up your Red Premium Crystals to buy the 750 Crystal Premium Packs, that’ll net you 11 Mystical Scrolls in one pop, AND get you Mana Crystals and Angelmon to feed to them to level them up. The feeling of summoning 11 monsters from Mystical Scrolls is far more satisfying than just one.

The Mysterious Plant has ten levels. It costs more Glory Points every time you level it up, but it’s well worth it.

Energy is the resource in the game you use to do any activity. The Mysterious Plant speeds up how quickly you regain Energy once you spend it. The faster your Energy regenerates, the more play time you get without being tempted to spend Red Crystals on Energy refills.

Max out your Mysterious Plant to level 10 as your number two priority.

Your third priority after the Mysterious Plant is also Energy related; max out the Sanctum of Energy.

The Sanctum of Energy is another building that has ten levels. Each level gives you a +1 to your max possible Energy.

Now, it may seem stupid to spend all those Glory Points for a measly +10 Energy. WRONG.

What you have to remember is this is a big game, and Energy is your resource for doing everything cool. The more the better.

The time will come when you reach level 50 as a player. When you do, your max Energy without the Sanctum of Energy building is 80. Maxing the Sanctum tacks on another 10.

You go to sleep at night, you wake up to 90 Energy instead of 80 ready to burn through quickly on 3 guild wars battles(30), 3 World Boss battles (30), one Giants B10 run (8), one Hall of Magic B10 run (8), one Hall of Essence run (8) and three runs through Faimon Volcano hell level 1 with a friend’s monster along (15) to complete all the daily accomplishments. Do them all every day plus the Arena and summoning/leveling stuff, it’s a free ten red crystals, after all.

But okay, so what?

With a maxed out Sanctum of Energy, every time you spend 30 red crystals in the shop to recharge your Energy, you’re getting an extra ten Energy for free.

So what again, right?

Listen up my friends.

There will come a time when you will want to spend your red crystals on Energy recharges instead of 750 crystal Premium Packs.

That time comes right around when you can clear the Caiross Dungeons Giants level B10 100% of the time, and begin farming it for the best 5 and 6 star runes.

At that point, running Giants B8 – B10 constantly and using red crystals to recharge your Energy will get you as many if not more Mystical Scrolls as random drops as the same amount of Crystals spent in a single 750 block getting 11 scrolls from the shop.

And at the same time, you’re getting damn good runes, Rainbowmon drops, regular scrolls, and items you can eventually use to craft specific runes or other stuff from the new crafting shop.

So long term, you will come to a point where you will stop spending crystals on Premium Packs. And at that point, you will cherish your super fast Energy recharge rate and extra +10 Energy max cap.

Okay, so you max both buildings. NOW what? It’s Mystical Scroll time, right?

Wrong again, turkey breath.

There is one more key building that is a must have, and it will suck down all your Glory Points for a long time to come;

The Sky Tribe Totem.

See, there are other buildings you can buy in the Glory Shop, and they are unique in that they are like extra rune effects that apply to ALL your monsters, ALL the time, EVERYWHERE.

The Sky Tribe Totem is a building with ten levels or stages just like the Sanctum of Energy or the Mysterious Plant, and what it does is increases your speed. ALL your monsters speed. ALL the time, not just in the Arena.

In this game, speed is king. Most of the best synergies come from combining fast monsters that buff your teams’ speed with monsters that slow the enemy team down. More turns for you, less turns for them. And more speed for you means more turns as well, and going first to get your stuns on them before they have a chance to blink.

To go from zero to a level 10 Sky Tribe Totem will cost you, in total, 11,400 Glory Points.

Buckle up sally, that’s gonna be a long ride.

But in the end, that level 10 Sky Tribe Totem will provide every single monster on your team in EVERY piece of content in the game a +15% increase to their core base Speed stat.

For normal monsters, that’s great. For a monster that has a high core speed like Bernard and which you’ll equip with the best Speed rune you can get in slot 2, it’s insane.

That +15% Speed boost will make your life and success in the game easier in ways you can’t begin to anticipate. The only place it really won’t help is in the Necropolis, where there is a hard speed cap of I believe an effective speed of 140.

Once you’ve finished that building, sure, you want to spend them somewhere else by all means go ahead.

But by the time you have played Summoners War long enough to have amassed enough Glory Points to have purchased all three of those buildings to max, you’ll probably know ore about the game and be better at it than I am, and you can come back and tell ME what the next step should be. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Summoners War – Glory Points

  1. I also didn’t have notifications turned on I guess. Thanks for the answer, still trying to get where I can start getting to good stuff, my blue bear butt is slowly but surely leveling up!


  2. Question about runes. They come with stars and color. What’s better, assuming the primary stat is what you’re chasing?


    • Stars. Hands down. Higher the stars, the higher the max level of that rune can be. The color is a secondary consideration.

      With that being said, I’ll attempt to explain why the color is important (but if it gets confusing, refer to my initial comment). The “better” the color, the more substats are initially included on the rune. When you upgrade them, every three levels a substat will be added or improved, based on the initial color. White is lowest, and has no subsets, so substats will be added every three levels. Next level up is green, which comes with one substat. That one substat will get a bonus boost at the first upgrade (which substat to boost is chosen randomly, but for greens there is only one choice), and then every three after that a new substat is added. Each subsequent color starts with an additional substat that gets a boost (randomly, so sometimes boosts go to previously boosted substats, or sometimes they are spread out), and will start added at a higher level (so one original/green boosts at 3, adds at 6. Two originals boosts at 3 and 6, adds at 9, and so on). The color of full upgraded runes will always be orange, as the color will change once you get past the original tier. The benefit, then, to obtaining higher color runes to start is that you have the opportunity for more boosting of the substats, making it an overall better rune, substat-wise at max level. The primary stat will be the same no matter what color it started, as that is based on stars. Hopefully that kind of makes sense?

      It means that early in the game, stars are the main goal. Later in the game, when you have a lot of max star runes, you start looking at substats and original rune quality. And none of this is even considering grindstones/gems which can alter substats in certain ways (and are also more “late game” oriented), but that’s probably enough Bogarting the comments for one day.

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    • Sorry, I forgot to turn email notification of comments on. Cause I’m an idiot.

      Thank the heavens Fulgaris answered you! And he’s absolutely right, higher stars, higher max potential power.


      • Ha. I made myself wait a little before replying because I didn’t want to steal your thunder. Then, I figured you just got pulled away IRL. Whatever the case, glad I could help.


  3. here’s what i have awakened right now, (4 star) – Elucia, Dagora, Teon, Sieq, Shakan.
    still working on materials for water magic knight, Water horus, Light Elven Ranger, Wind Griffon.
    just got a dark charger shark.. haven’t decided what to do with him yet.
    have a 4 star wind drunken master, 4 star water nine-tailed foxm and 4 star fire death knight to figure out as well.

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    • For what it’s worth, I got my Light Elven Ranger to 4*, level capped… and wound up only using him for another week or so. His attacks are all single target, and I found that I needed more firepower and multitarget attacks. I wound up boosting my Water Magic Knight and a Water Taoist to the 4* level cap and they covered things pretty well. I suspect your ‘fox would work better than the ‘Ranger.

      I have a Wind Drunken Master I’ve been wanting to build, but I spent resources on a Belladeon (Light Inugami) instead, and he’s been very good for me. Less attack potential, better healing. Colleen (Fire Harpu) is really good, too.

      Oh, and Wind Griffon is great. It’s primarily a support critter, but it’s key to a lot of teams in a lot of places.

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      • From an “later game” point of view: Bella, Colleen, and Bernard (Wind Griffon) are all still very useful. Anything you invest in them (runes, awakening, etc) is definitely not wasted. I would say most would agree that they are “core” units to most team theorycrafting. The others can absolutely be useful in various situations (so if you really like something, by all means, try to build and find a niche for it), but if you ever are looking for “cookie cutter” teams to try to base your own team on, those three are mentioned often.

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      • I saw Colleen mentioned early as a ‘must have’ monster so I made one, but it wasn’t until I got close to end game that I finally found all the places she is a must have. Now I’m kicking myself for not 6 starring her earlier.


    • I would say any time you are planning to use a monster, waken it early. There really is no benefit to waiting, as it costs the same. By “use,” I mean if you think it is going to be a part of one of your teams (dungeons, PVP, etc). Don’t worry about awakening anything you plan to use as food. If you are in the beginning stages of the game, you may want to target your more useful monsters first (ones you use in a lot of places), but later on, farming those materials becomes a non-issue. I usually have plenty from just the daily, and even when I don’t, it doesn’t take long to burn through those dungeons at higher levels.


  4. Tesh – Generally higher level players do this so they can auto through their wings for the day. Makes for easy/brainless farming of points. So they put a dummy team until they bottom out at a certain point and then a real team to yo-yo back to where they want to be. It’s a game within a game as you don’t want to drop so low that you won’t have enough wings to climb back to the reward tier you’re aiming for, but don’t want to roll too high where you’re not maxing your glory return. I’d guess that’s what you’re seeing in your list, and just bumping into them as they yo-yo. I like to challenge my deck at this point, so I’ll try different combos against a good AD to bump myself back down (aka I’ve never used a dummy D), so my personal yo-yo’ing is pretty small. To each their own… right?

    Triple B – Spot on for most points. I will mention a few “arguable” points that I don’t think are “wrong” but more debated on the reddit. First, re:premium packs… There is a growing subculture of “summoning is fun” so while you’re right on about efficiency… premium packs are just plain fun. I still buy ’em! Totally personal preference, and you won’t be “behind” if you continue to purchase premium packs (and aren’t on the bleeding edge of the competitive crowd).

    Second, re:Glory Buildings. There is a good guide in the reddit resources and has been some debate about the best path. Used to be we’d say get sky totem ASAP after the resources buildings you mention. Some are saying you may want to balance by also maxing the Crid Damage building because it’s so much cheaper and is a solid damage boost. Others say steadily boost all buildings as you go. I took the approach of getting my sky totem out to level 7 and then build the others up to around level 5. I’m about to hit level 9 on the totem and the others will be around level 7. It’s kind of a haphazard approach, but my thought is that a lot of the new content is designed to minimize speed advantage (raid dungeons, necro), so while speed is most definitely still king (especially in PvP), if you are more PvE focused, you may want to decide on a more balanced approach.

    Like I said, just some food for thought.


    • Oh, I don’t have any problems with players doing that. I think it’s messed up *game design* that prompts such actions, but players will min/max, I see no shame in it. It’s not an exploit they are using to scam other players, it’s just a system of rewards that’s being optimized in odd ways. Thanks for the insight!


  5. The big problem I have with PvP in the game is that their matchmaking is… vastly subpar. I’ve been matched against level capped players since I was level 20, and I won’t have a chance against any of them for months, if not years. There are the occasional players fielding a sacrificial team that will net me the occasional win, but on the whole, PvP only makes any sense to keep investing in because a loss still gets you *something*.

    …I do admit to curiosity about the players with dummy teams. It’s not like nerfing your own rating gets you any huge benefits; the most that I’ve seen is that you wind up slumming for a little while and pick up a few cheesy wins, then you’re back in the absurd matchmaking pipeline.

    I’m probably missing something, though.


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