Wanting a Warcraft Done Up Diablo

In playing the new expansion, questing through the new areas, I’ve been struck by how… how just completely wonderful the experience has been.

The areas are beautiful, lush with life, expansive and gorgeous to look upon yet still in keeping with the Warcraft that has come before.

Most of the settlements I’ve seen evoke feelings of original Warcraft city or village design, but expanded upon.

As an example, my very first impression of the new starter city, Boralus, was that it was what I thought Booty Bay was going to be like when I first journeyed there. The actual Booty Bay, when I first saw it… well, let’s just say it brings to mind a favorite old quote from the movie Roadhouse; “I thought you’d be bigger.”

Boralus is the style of Booty Bay, while being as large and bustling and alive as I could hope for a coastal trade city to be. And it’s not even that it’s that much larger than Booty Bay, but it rolls on into the rest of the massive city and dock areas smoothly, giving a sense of scale that Booty Bay never really did.

Booty Bay, for all its history and place in the world, is still a one dock, one ship town. I always felt like a ragtag band of misfits could take it over with a rusty saber and a stuffed shark. Not so Boralus!

So yes, establishing shot. I love the look and feel of the areas. I love traveling in the wilds between quest hubs and seeing the wide variety of non-aggressive wildlife to be found everywhere. It’s very nice to not have to fight every raccoon, fox, deer and eagle I see. Sometimes, I’d like to feel like I’m part of the environment with the wee pretty critters rather than El Destructo, massacre lord of skinning, killer of all he surveys. Sometimes. Depends on traffic conditions that day.

But there is another key ingredient to my enjoyment, nay my delight in adventuring in Kul Tiras.

I never see another living soul once in the game.

Call it hitting that blessed sweet spot between the vast horde racing to max level but not yet bored enough to shift to all alt leveling all the time.

I travel from town to town, righting wrongs, interacting with people along the way, finding treasure chests and piles of ore, and generally being immersed and having a great time.

Somehow, and call me an old antisocial curmudgeon if you like, but my immersion has never felt enhanced by running into <I’dSapThat> the rogue sitting on his largest mount on top of a quest giver. Or any of a thousand other annoying dipshit things people do in an anonymous world filled with other people to hopefully troll.

Cassie started playing this expansion before I did, and she says that as soon as she hit max level, boom, there were all those world quests and players phased in with her everywhere you looked, racing each other for mobs and resources. And she hadn’t finished questing in the third zone yet, so she’s now trying to deal with that while enjoying the quests and story and environments. Yay.

So looking forward to hitting max level now.

The truth for me is simple. No matter how many ‘fixes’ or modifications a developer tries to put in a massively online game to prevent trolls from trolling, it’s not the actions of the trolls that annoy me nearly as much as the forced awareness that the trolls are there in the first place, in your face, trying to be a little dick. Or just being, well, “me first me first” annoying little gits.

I don’t want to play a massively multiplayer online role-playing game anymore. I don’t like strangers in general. I don’t even like people in general. I like individuals I meet on a case by case basis. The world is a very big place, and just sharing the fact we both like World of Warcraft is no longer enough to make me include you in my band of brothers and sisters. Lots of assholes play the game too.

Case by case basis.

But, and this is the sticky part, I do love playing with friends in games. I like playing solo, but I love having an online guild of friends to chat with and be there to help or just hang out if the opportunity pops up Or to come see their awesome new transmog, pet or mount.

I like grouping up, but in small groups.

I like having every challenge in the game be possible to achieve solo, but fun in groups as well.

Basically, what I love is World of Warcraft, but if it had the Diablo 3 multiplayer system.

You know, funny thing about Diablo 3. Somehow, there is this big world in the game, and yet they don’t force all the players to share the same small cramped zone to save server space. But you can still play with friends when you want to!

You can group up with friends, drop in on their game and help them out or just roll with them killing stuff, and somehow this does not destroy the game world or shut down servers. Up to four or five, can’t remember off the top of my head, people can play together at any given time. You can even trade loot back and forth too!

Basically, Diablo 3 has the most perfect “I want to play the game and also be able to play with friends but not have to deal with dicks” system I’ve ever seen in a multiplayer game, and I dearly wish, oh HOW I wish that it could be applied to World of Warcraft.

I’m just saying.

This game would be freaking awesome if it wasn’t for all the damn people.

7 thoughts on “Wanting a Warcraft Done Up Diablo

  1. Nice to see you writing again.
    I left Wow sometime during Mists of P and came back again at the end of legion. When I came back I pretty much focused on Draenor and then started Legion once I got the pathfinder. When BFA came out, I stopped with the Legion content for now but i will revisit. I just dont have the time to have multiple alts anymore so recently been playing my main 120 and a level 90 something death knight when i get some time.
    I had to pretty much relearn everything on my toons, redo all of my add ons, that took some time, reset my talents, learn which stats are important, still dont even know if glyphs actually do anything anymore, 😉 but yeah I did go with a spec on a site, for the most part anyway, some of the options I tried and went to a different one, some I went back to others I left my talent set the way I want as it doesnt seem to be impeding my play style enough to bother me.
    I kind of feel the same way about the population, I tend to run solo most of the time, but like to have a guild there to chat with or help out if they need it, plus the guild perks are always a plus. Pretty much now whenever someone is just annoying me in chat, I ignore them and go about playing.


  2. Perhaps this says more about me than the rest of humanity, but I don’t really run into situations anymore (outside dungeons) where people annoy me. Shared tagging of mobs, shared mining/herbing, and shared quest clicky things have eliminated pretty much all the competition. Shared tagging is particularly helpful in speed things up when you aren’t alone.

    The opposing faction tagging mobs and killing NPCs is an occasional annoyance, but that just sort of adds to the flavor of the game.

    In either case you can still quest in a small group of up to 5 friends, or alone, and ignore the rest of the population for the most part.


  3. I endorse this product and/or service.

    I’ve long thought that WoW would be much better for me as an offline single purchase game that I could play with friends if occasion permitted. The massive multiplayer aspect was never the appealing part.


    • I agree! The sheer amount of things to do is incredible, and the artwork is beautiful. I just wish it was less massively, or that instead of adding systems that shoves other players in your face they gave us things to make them vanish.


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