Cassie Post

Ok, as usual, BBB felt like posting something that irritated him about a game that used to bring enjoyment to our lives, but lately has been bringing nothing but frustration and reflections about whether this is really how we want to spend our free time.

And before I start my actual post, I want to make it clear that this is ALL me.  BBB is at work and has no idea what I’m about to say or that I’m posting at all.  But since this blog is part of my life too and affects my family daily, I get to have an opinion (even if someone will then complain about the blog having too many “guest” posts and tell us they are leaving in disgust – yes, that has happened recently.)

So here goes.

Instead of people who didn’t agree with his Noblegarden post just moving on or politely sharing a different opinion or possible solution, the majority choose to send (and continue to send) comments that were vicious, ugly, filled with name calling, and several who announced that because this blog no longer focused on druids and had lost all of its “former glory”, they would be moving on and hoped BBB was happy to know that he had lost readers because he a) needed to grow up b) needed to stop whining, c) needed to only write about druids and not hunters, guild stuff or anything RL or d) he was ___ (fill in with an objectionable and childish name calling word of your choice since we pretty much received them all)

So once again, people seem to have the impression that this blog OWES them something.  That BBB is REQUIRED to spend all of his free time doing druid research and posting long step-by-step instructions about how to gear/spec/play a druid so that someone else who plays a druid tank or dps doesn’t have to do any research or think themselves about what makes sense for their class. They can go to a blog and get instructions on what to do instead and that it should be this blog.

And while BBB does sometimes do those types of posts, he also said LONG ago and has said frequently, that this blog was about anything he wanted to do write about.  Maybe one day it’s about a hunter, another day it’s about a guild leadership issue that we’re having, or about something in RL that he felt passionate about to share.  We receive many emails and comments from people telling us they enjoy that type of post.  That his story days are their favorite times. That they don’t even play WoW anymore, but they stop by to check things out and see what’s on his mind.  Those are the people that this blog is here for.  You are the people that BBB keeps writing for.

For those who feel that you are owed a certain type of content, that feel they have to right to offer “constructive criticism about content” (their term for nastiness about being entitled to different posts) or who feel the need to be vicious and nasty, I have a simple solution for you – GO AWAY and DON’T COME BACK.  You are not who this blog is for and if you write to say that BBB has just lost a reader, know that we are generally not sad or upset.  Instead we are thrilled to know that yet another person who feels it’s ok to be childish and demanding has left and won’t be commenting any more.

At the time this blog was started BBB, friends of ours were the ones that thought he should start a public blog since they were having so much fun with a yahoo group that was started among themselves where he’d share stories or rants or RL stuff.  So he started the blog and as he wanted to write posts, he realized that there wasn’t really anyone out there writing specifically about feral druids and he personally did SO much research and figuring things out so that he could better himself as a tank that he’d share that with others in case people were looking for help OR could make suggestions to him.  People began flocking to the blog and he somehow ended up the official “Big Bear Butt Blogger” and then got recruited to write for WoW Insider for the feral perspective. He wrote fantastic, long detailed class column posts that were not the norm for that publication and people loved it.  What they don’t know or often care about is that those posts for which he was paid very little, took, in some cases, 5 or 10 hours of writing and research for a single post. Instead of logging on to play the game, he would be spending hours doing math and linking to wowhead stuff and not enjoying the game that he was writing about because he’s naturally an overachiever who felt people deserved the best information; the information that he couldn’t find when he started.

However, over time, game play changes for everyone.  He started playing other types of classes and learning things about those (hunter, shadow priest, etc) and being the genuinely helpful person that he is, wanted to share that information here too.  Then we had guild issues and ended up forming our guild and we thought, “hey people might have advice along the way” so we wrote posts about that too.  And being a person who served in the military and has strong knowledge and passion for American history and issues, BBB would occasionally share posts in that area too.  And then since he’s led a crazy life (in the past), he thought he’d share some personal stories that had made that original group of friends suggest the blog in the first place.

That’s what this blog is about.  Anything that BBB feels passion about at the moment.  If that’s not what you want, go find it somewhere else. Or even better, if you can’t find it, do it yourself.  Start your own blog and get to say what you want whenever you want in whatever manner you want.

But don’t come here and feel that you have the right to be nasty, name-call or just be a jerk to my family.  In the past, we’ve literally had people get so wound up about a post, that someone took the time to figure out where we live, posted a google map to our house and the park where our son plays and say maybe someone should stop by and have a talk with us.  Yes, an actual threat to my family because of opinions about a virtual world and how they didn’t like what BBB said about something about that pretend world.

I’m all for free speech and I don’t and won’t censor opinions because they don’t agree with us, but there’s an adult way to share a difference of opinion and for the most part, we’re not seeing it happen in that way lately.  If you share something in a hateful, nasty way in the space that we PAY to have here and you threaten, demean or hurt us, we (ok, I because I’m much less tolerant about stuff like that than BBB is) WILL take away the ability to make comments and/or will yank this whole blog from the internet entirely.  You don’t get to hurt my family and call it “constructive” commenting.  You just don’t.

And if that offends someone and they leave the blog forever, delete it from their RSS, and move on, well then, I’m ok with that.  I totally am.


PS – Yes, I’ve used my moderation abilities and I’ve locked comments on the other post because we get the point — lots of people disagreed, some did it politely, others didn’t.  But it’s a dead issue. BBB long ago moved on from his frustration about the event (like by the time he had posted the issue) and it’s time others do too, instead of just stirring up the hate and venom for weeks to come.


Cat Has a Name

Oops, so like 6 weeks ago, I asked you all for help in naming my hunter’s new cat and then um, never came back to tell you what I had decided 😦  I actually haven’t been playing very much the last few weeks.  Just been taking some downtime away from the game overall (you know, when I wasn’t building new forum sites, handling apps, helping to plan raids, etc) 🙂

I loved so many of the suggestions that it actually took me about a week of trying out different names when I’d play my hunter before I made up my mind and actually named him.

So here he is:


The first  suggestion in the thread was Periwinkle, which I really liked (after all, we’ve been a Blue’s Clues household since Alex was very young).  It was a good description of the color that he is, which I’ve always liked (it was, in fact, one of our wedding colors).  However, this cat is much too manly and regal to run around and be called Periwinkle without it affecting his self-esteem eventually.  So I shortened it to Perry.

Some of the others I had tried out mentally were Royal, Morado, Regal, Prince and a few others.  Another of our favorites was Clawdius, which BBB actually ended up using for a bear pet that his hunter pulled out of the stables to play around with.

So thanks for all your suggestions and I apologize for the delay in announcing his name!


Need Some Advice on Guild Forum/Sites

Hi All,

BBB and I need some help from other GMs/Guild Admins.  We’ve been using Guild Portal for our forums/calendar/admin stuff since we formed the guild last year.  We had been happy with them, but we’ve been having massive problems (as has everyone else) for the past month or so.  They were down for 3 out of 4 days in a row last week, posts no longer show as read even after you’ve looked at them many times, and the support is non-existent.  People are complaining in their forums and don’t even get a response.  So we’re considering switching to a new host.

It would be a massive project since we have pretty active forums and there’s no way to export posts, so we’d lose a lot or have to copy/paste into new posts.  Plus the nightmare of setting up accounts and permissions for the over 100 people that are in the guild now.  But we don’t want to pay for service that we aren’t getting and we’ve seen others that offer more features for about what we are paying now.

I’ve done some investigating and really like what I’ve seen from GuildOMatic.  They not only have a demo site that you can test out, but also let you do a free/adware version to try it out for your own setup, so I’ve done some playing around.  I’ve also looked at Guild Launch and MyGuildHost, but they don’t have free options to try out.

We’d love to hear feedback from other guilds who use any of those three or another one that I might not have found from web searches.  We do use forums a lot and we also use the calendar for instance/raid scheduling, so those are minimums that it needs to have.  We’d love a site that automated applications a bit (right now they send a forum mail to my inbox to apply) and we’ve seen features through GuildOMatic and the others that allow tracking of loot/attendance at raids, which would be nice from historical and tracking purposes.  But we’re not a raiding guild, so we don’t need full DKP and crazy tracking systems either.  🙂

Please let us know what you’ve liked/disliked, what kinds of service/support you’ve gotten if you’ve had issues or questions, etc.  Thanks!


Name that Cat!

Hi All,

It’s Cassie and I need some help!  A month or two ago, my hunter, Cassendra, got in a mood to tame new pets (got the Sapphire Hive Queen, a rhino and a new kitty all in the same day) after having had the same companion since level 10 (a snow leopard from outside IF which was a very a long way for a NE hunter to have traveled for a companion).   I decided to tame one of the purple pride watcher cats from Winterspring and spent many an hour grinding him up those last 5 levels to 80.  He is now my hunter’s primary pet, but he is still shamefully named “Cat” 😦

I haven’t found the right name for him yet, so I’m hoping someone will have some good ideas.  It’s definitely a male kitty and I want something regal sounding since he was a protector of the cubs in Winterspring (nothing silly or goofy for him).  Since he’s got the purplish look to him, I’ve played around with different versions of regal or royal and just can’t settle on anything.  My other cat is named Snowpaw (ya know, cause he has white paws) 🙂

Here’s a pic for those not familiar with this particular cat.


So let’s hear your creative ideas!

Final Test

Ok, I think the feed is fixed for posts, but the comments feed (which only 9 people other than BBB and I were using) is still messed up (which drives me personally nuts since that’s how I stay up to date on info).

Anyways, if this post comes through on our feed readers, then BBB will post his news and we’ll continue to investigate the comments feed issues.

Ending 2008 at Level 80 (Twice!)

 Last night (ok, technically this morning) at 12:30 a.m., Cassieann the Rogue hit level 80!  I had just finished Grizzly Hills (after doing ALL of Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, and Sholazar) and started in  Zul’Drak (just so I could ding).  I was doing the quest chain where you put a scourge disguise on and thought I was going to end up dinging as a scourge, but was 1% short (that would have been a cool pic).  But fFinally found a quest that would get me there.   Here’s the standard dinging shot:


Then today around 3:15 p.m, my hunter also dinged level 80 and again had to work for the ding.  Finished all of Zul’Drak (since my hunter went to Northrend immediately at level 68).  Flew from Dalaran toward Storm Peaks (discovering all kinds of areas on the way).  Got to the K3 area in Storm Peaks and picked up some quests.  Did the one to pick up 10 pieces of scrap.  Came back to eagerly turn it in only to see this:


Now if you can’t see from that picture, if you look at the top left bar, I am at 100.0% with NO DING!  Grrr, I was 120xp short.   Flew out of the area and killed one poor Brute Gnoll and finally:


Yay!  My rogue is now wearing her Trollwoven Spaulders, Trollwoven Belt, and Ice Striker’s Cloak crafted by my hunter, along with a Titanium Impact Band made by BBB’s priest.  Eventually she’ll get some more gear from heroics and emblems, but finally she is not still all in Kara gear  🙂

Hunter still needs her Giantmaim Bracers, Giantmaim Legguards, and her own Ice Striker’s Cloak, but those will come in time.   For now, she is off to farm lots and lots of leather for a certain druid who wants all his epics ready when he dings 80.  🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve and start to 2009!