A little Bear animation data from Andrige

Andrige just emailed me to let me know he’d found a few interesting things… and that he made a YouTube to share them. ūüôā

To quote Andrige;

Found some¬†quite interesting features in the datafiles for Bear.m2, which is not the same model as¬†our Dire Bear for Druids but at least up until right now, we’ve shared the same animations as ordinary bears in our forms.¬†I found it quite odd that they decided that an NPC bear should be able to fish and eat,¬†an issue important enough that they added an animation for it.

So I’m thinking they’ll add these emotes to our bear forms to make it able to eat and fish in forms, as well as showing they are creating animations to¬†shut the gaping hole that is our mouth when it’s not necessary to show your fangs.

And here is the YouTube that Andrige created from Bear.m2. Enjoy!


Nalorakk is dead! Film at eleven!

That title just about says it all, doesn’t it?

Oh yeah, and the music is Breathe Today by Flyleaf and Stand My Ground by Within Temptation.

Damn, did we have fun!

And Graimerin got some darn tasty tanking boots, too.


Akil’zon kill video is live

I’m sorry that it’s taken so long to get this up, we downed Akil’zon the Eagle god last night, but it’s taken all bloody day to get it into a format with a¬†service that would be able to embed.

¬†Thankfully, we are getting into Gruul’s lair as we speak, so maybe next week will take care of itself.


For more precise info, The music is all The Offspring, from the album Splinter. I would have dearly love to use more of the album, since I love it so very much, but I thought these were approriate.

I’ve been asked which addons I use to tank, and the answer is, BigWigs, X-Perl UnitFrames, Quartz, Omen, Recount, Scrolling Combat Text (SCT) and SCT Options, and Fubar with assorted addons. I’ve also got other things going on, but those are the ones that actually do something in a raid. I hope that helps. ūüôā X-Perl Unit Frames is a download, but the others are all installed directly from WoWAceUpdater, and I love it. I highly recommend all of them, as long as you isntall them one at a time and play with them to make sure they’re all happy. X-Perl in particular took me a bit to adjust settings with a¬†widescreen monitor, but it was worth the effort.

Bear Video of the Week #6 – Illhoof, less powerful than a locomotive!

This week I have another boss battle video, of Legatum Ignavis taking down Terestian Illhoof.

We once again have two bear tanks, courtesy of Windshadow on Illhoof and Fandamn on his pesky sidekick, Kil’rek.

The music this week was going to be another Cruxshadow song, Sophia, but that will have to wait for another time. Likewise, my use of Dragonforces’ Through the Fire and the Flames, which was my second choice for this fight.


Because when you’re using a boss fight as your video, you have little control over the length. And the fight just doesn’t last long enough for either of those songs.

But please don’t think any the less of my choice number three, Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull.

I have LONG been a Tull fan, since the first time I was roaring down I-95 in South Florida, the wind ripping through my crew cut as I drove my mom’s 280 ZX while home on leave.¬†Locomotive Breath came on the radio, and I cranked the sound and the speed simulataneously. As soon as the song was over, I whipped on into a record store (you might have heard of those, we had them in the 80s… they sold music on these vinyl record thingies… they looked like Laserdiscs… oh wait, you probably don’t remember laser discs. They looked like CDs, but made out of black runner and 10 times bigger) and bought a greatest hits tape… plugged that sucker back intop the car and roared off. I didn’t stop until the car was damn near out of gas.

These days, it may seem to be tamer than hell compared to what you listen to… compared to Dragonforce, for example. But I still get swept away by the Tull.

Now, yes, I’ve done Jethro Tull here before, I played Heavy Horses for a Raid Song of the week.

But¬†Locomotive Breath really does take me back, and I love it mixed with Illhoofs’¬†hordes o’ Imps.

I certainly hope you enjoy it! 

P.S. If you are interested in an entire album, I strongly recommend Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull. It’s a concept album that is all one piece, much like what The Who did with Tommy or Quadraphrenia. And because it is all of a piece, it’s unlikely you’ll ever hear the entire thing in it’s wonder unless you find a disc somewhere. Radio stations used to play Thick as a Brick as a single, but it’s just not the same.

Bear Video of the Week #5 – Waves and Stars


This week, I’m coming from a different direction on the video. It’s not a raid boss, it’s not a big violent fight. It’s a relaxing vid instead. {waits for the sound of stampeding feet leaving the blog to die out}I’ve been a big fan of Nina Gorden since her days in Veruca Salt. This video features her song “Tonight, and the rest of my life”, from the album of the same name, which was one of the songs Cassie and I chose for our wedding reception CD (songs which we chose together, and burned copies of for all our friends at the reception).Just kind of keeping the whole Valentine’s Day theme of the week going one last day. :)I really hope you enjoy the change of pace. I know I did.

Note: To reply to someone last week… I’m calling these bear videos because I’m the Big Bear Butt. And these are the Bear’s videos. Just so you know where I’m coming from on da name. I do not promise any particular amount of bear buttage in each video.

Bear Video of the Week #4 – Shades of Superbeast


Ok, this week’s bear video is of BBB and Legatum Ignavis taking down Shade of Aran, to the tune of Superbeast.Why Superbeast? Because I like White Zombie, and because of the nature of the fight.

See, Shade of Aran is a DPS race. Since there is no viable tanking, cause he targets whomever he pleases, you are free to load up your catform DPS gear and go to town.

And with a hunter and two feral druids in the mix…. Meow, baby!

Next week I fully intend to post a video that is NOT another loud track. I’m thinking I have an idea for what to film…And my idea… will be revealed next week!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this film.

As usual, you can download the higher resolution video directly to your computer for non-streaming watching at
FileFront HERE.

Bear Video of the Week #3 – A Prince of a Bear


If it’s Friday, then it must be…. Video day!

Today, for your viewing pleasure, I have my guild, Legatum Ignavis, taking down the prince himself atop the sky high towers of Karazhan.

Why yes, that would be me tanking it. How kind of you to notice.

I am especially proud of this video. I was able to tank, while rotating camera views, repositioning myself after knockarounds, and I think I timed the music track to the action pretty good.

Plus, I absolutely love this song. Grinding music for a grinding fight.

Oh, you want to know what song before you waste time downloading this monster?

Why, it is none other than Pantera, with the insanely kick ass Cemetary Gates.

If you have trouble viewing the movie in the player because of it’s size, then why not download it for your later enjoyment, no DRM or streaming or crap like that? WMV format, the full 102 MB size, and free for you.

To quote one of my favorite webcomic writers….

Because I can.

Oh, hell… For Pony!