Bear Video of the Week #2 – Bear on Bear action

YouTube is hosed for me, but it looks like FileFront rocks a butt anyway.

I know it looks wide, at least to me, but it works.. so screw it. I[ve got three hours invested in trying to get Youtube to work, and 15 minutes for FileFront and they have no size limitations. I can make much higher quality movies for FileFront. So screw YouTube.

I am so tired. I was happy as hell with how this one turned out… but that was three hours of uploading frustration ago. Now I’m just upset and tired.

I hope you like it, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

EDIT: I’ve been told by friends that Firefox may have issues… one of the things I like about using FileFront is that you have the option of downloading the actual file, and watching it hosted on your own computer without dealing with laggy connection issues.

The link to the actual file for free download is at DEAD LOCATION.

This is actually the lower resolution version that you see streaming in the embedded player. I have a medium res version I haven’t uploaded that is about 310 MB. If there is interest in that, for this or future videos, I can upload that to FileFront as well, and add a link to it’s location for you to download.

One other thing… thank you Dani, but that wasn’t strictly heals… that was me tossing out a quick Innervate.

EDIT: The quality of this is horrible, I know, but FileFront ate my file. If the file doesn’t get used, OFTEN, FileFront removes it wothout email or any warning. I’m working on it, I swear!


Bear Video of the Week #1 – Red Tape

Red Tape Video

Okay, welcome to my first attempt at recording in game footage. And then doing the whole mixing thing, and such.

On the whole, I think I accomplished my objective; me playing game, set to music of my choice.

On the subject of the video… yes, that is me, locked in high-pitched PvP battle against Fandamn, guild leader of Legatum Ignavis. It was, if not my first duel, at least one of them.

I think it says a lot, when I say I kicked his ass. Twice. So we must both suck at PvP!

Of course, that’s not his main. So maybe it’s only an indictment against me.

Now, I have no idea how clear anything comes out, but that is my UI… and that is me clicking on icons to activate them. So sue me, I don’t PvP. I have my button bars steamlined and sequenced the way I like, and I don’t get any complaints.

On the other hand, I know that hotkeys are the way to go. And a Nostromo would be even better. What can I say? I’m stubborn. No other reason for the clicking.

I hope that you enjoy this first, horrible example of Big Bears run wild. I’ll be back next week… hopefully with much better quality video.

One last thing… this wasn’t the music i wanted this week, but iTunes store doesn’t like me. I wanted to put up something else, but I had been holding onto this gem for emergencies just like this… Agent Provocateur’s Red Tape. Enjoy!