Torn from the pages of Twitter

Hey folks, normally I ignore the existence of my store, but for the first time in a year, there is something new there!

For those of you lucky enough not to have known me for that long, I created a store originally so I could buy the stuff I wanted to wear myself, to share those same awesome Druid themed shirts with you, and then finally so I’d have a way for my non-profit, non-ad blog to generate some cash so I could give prizes to my readers in contests.

If you or your friends have ever purchased anything from the store, thank you very much, I do appreciate it. I really do.

So, on to the topic of today.

There was a recent thing on Twitter, Eli (Jagoex) posted a link to a Warlock on MMO Champion QQing about the lack of promised Warlock quest content.

This QQ was different from the norm… he wanted people to sign a class action lawsuit against Blizzard for not releasing the new Warlock quest content.

The concept of suing for lack of promised content wasn’t what spawned my amusement, though. That seems reasonable enough. If you as a company advertise a product, or in this case content for sale, in order to gain business and then do not actualy provide the content or service or product as advertised, I can see a class action lawsuit as being a potential result.

I wouldn’t think of doing it, but then, I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not a max level Warlock, and that’s not why I pay my monthly fee.

What inspired my amusement was simply the ignorance and lack of apparent education of the person that wrote the post. He has since really fixed a lot of his horrible spelling and grammar, but the original was amazing.

So, there was this thing, and once it was in my brain it was all over for me. I had this mental picture of a Warlock pulling a Darth Vader¬†“Noooooo!”, and it’s all Eli’s fault!

What a simple idea, right? A t-shirt that announces the fact that when bothered by bugs you can hotfix the game, but you simply can’t hotfix stupid.

Along comes Tesh, who thought the idea was worthy of seeing the light of day as a shirt…

Therefore, I proudly present the newest addition to the Big Bear Butt store

Our newest shirt. ūüôā I hope you like it as much as I do.

If you’re interested in a shirt with the image, just click on the Cafepress Store button at the top of the sidebar, or click on the image itself to go right to the Cafepress page for the shirt!

As always, thank you Tesh for bringing my scribbled ideas to bigger and better-than-life glory!


As a special treat for us, Tesh also made a background image, which I happily include here for your enjoyment. Click on the image for a larger downloadable view!

Shirts? We’ve got shirts!

I’m not sure if I mentioned it at the time or not, but courtesy of Tesh of Tish Tosh Tesh, there is a new shirt design in the Big Bear Butt store.

I might not have mentioned it, because I asked him for a design for me to wear for Christmas. Once he was so gracious to design it, I got it on Cafepress and bought a shirt. A shirt I am happily wearing at this very moment, in fact.

Here is the design he did, and a fine bloody piece of work it is, too. I think it perfectly captures that attitude that’s the heart of Bear tanking for me.


Now, that’s pretty darn awesome for Bear tanks, and my Cafepress Store has other fun Bear tanking shirts… but what about Paladins? Or Warriors or Death Knights?

Well, never say I’m not a generous Bear.

I’d be happy to link to any other site that has fun tanking shirts for sale, to give you some more options. If you know of some, just let me know, I’ll add tlinks to them here.

At this time, the only other tanking specific shirts I know of are on the Maintankadin website store, some pretty nice Paladin tank shirts with cool sayings, too!

So here you go. If you have some sporty threads to show your love of tanking… then send those links in!

Cynra’s Tanking Teddy is in the store!

Just wanted to let you know…

The awesomeness is complete. Cynra’s image is now in the store.


 I can now have an entire wardrobe of tanking goodness.

I can hear my wife screaming something, but I can’t make out what it is.

What’s that dear? You say you WANT me to buy all my clothes from Cafepress from now on? Including the shirts I wear to church?

Why, thanks sweetie! That’s just what I was thinking! It’s like you read my mind….

I can haz t-shirts?


Yes, you can haz t-shirts!

It has taken me a while, and I apologize, but I wanted it done right the first time, and I am slow….

But the button on the sidebar that says ‘Cafepress’?

That button takes you to my store page on my website, that has each image that is available on a shirt, and clicking the image will take you to the correct store.

If you go look, you will see that both of Kody’s winning contest images, Neo Geens’ awesome ferocious bear, the¬†beautiful¬†image Andrige did for me and the original, proud, 100% Feral image Nightravyn created for me are all represented.

I actually already have the Andrige and 100% Feral t-shirts, in black of course, and wear them all the time.

Cynra‘s image is coming, but it’s not quite ready yet. The image is in .jpg, and I need a version with a transparent background or else dark shirts get a big white square on them when printed. But it’s coming!

I am quite proud of figuring all that stuffs out on my own.

Oh, and did you happen to notice, the images are centered? And side by side? With text where I placed it?

You guys ROCK, your advice helped Cassie fix my theme! I can haz images on the blog now, too!

Oh wait… now I gotta go get images for my posts. Oh, nuts.

Announcement of awesomeness

Okay, the announcement I aluded to, is that (as some folks guessed from seeing the previous posts’s comment) I have been chatting back and forth with Andrige, my favorite Warcraft artist.

Now, he said that Samwise is one of his favorite artists, but I’m allowed to like who I like. Sue me.

Anyway, he offered (after much begging and pleading from me) to make me a cute little picture… and I of course leapt at the chance to see BBB as imagined by Andrige.

What I saw this morning, as I opened my email, was the image I now present to you.


Can you believe that? Seriously…

Now, as you can imagine, this fills my heart with burning joy. No, I haven’t had lunch, it isn’t heartburn. It’s joy, damnit!

What is more… although you don’t see it here just yet (since I am still at work and going without lunch to satisfy your curiosity), is that he also redesigned my banner into a thing of true awesomeness.

He posted the bear¬†image as a very nice picture on his website, with kickass background frmaing and everything,¬†and says that he’s still not quite happy with it.

Never being satisfied that your own work is done to your standards is something that I completely understand… even if, as I look at it, I can’t agree. It’s perfect!

I talked with him about it, and Andrige is allowing me to use this image in my Cafepress store, so I can now say that I will VERY, VERY, SOON be wearing a black t-shirt with this on the front. And yes, it’s in there now. That’s where my lunch break went.

And for those of you crazy enough to want to wear a BBB shirt, now there is something there with the actual BBB name, something I had always wanted. 

I’m gonna get a coffee mug too. And I think Alex would look cute in a toddler tee….

I know folks have been upset at my having a store in the past… but bear with me here. I am not asking anyone to buy anything. Would I be delighted to know there would be people out there somewhere walking around driving normal people nuts?

Well, of course! Hell yes!

But on the other hand… broke gamer with a family. Not exactly expecting other people to fork over real cash. It’s cool.

The picture is so good I shiver in joy when looking at it. I mean… just, the perfect look on that big bear face… WOOT!

Thank you very much again, Andrige, from the bottom of my heart. It is just… perfect.

(LOL) My friend Mark just walked by… he poked his head in my office, looked at the pic, and said “Is that your character in Warcraft?¬†I thought you were a tank?” (He never played WoW, only Everquest back in the day. His wife evicted him from having an eLife).

I replied, “Yep, isn’t that awesome!”

He asked me, “If you’re a tank, where’s your¬†armor?”

What could I say? “Dude, I’m a BEAR… I block with my face. With my FACE!!!”

He looked at me and said, “That explains a lot.”

Big Bear Butt has shirts!

Well, and other stuff too.

If you look over to the sidebar, there’s a link to my new Cafepress store.

The very first image is now up and available on a wide range of stuff.


Personally, I LOVE the image.

So you folks know the direction I’m taking the store, there WILL¬†be nice “Big Bear Butt” logos or images available soon on various stuff, but I intend to do more than just have ‘advertise my blog for me, kthxbye’ stuff.

I mean, I do want to have a Big Bear Butt shirt. Frankly, I want to wear it myself. All the damn time. Everywhere. Okay, except church. Cassie would kill me.

But I also¬†really want to have things in Cafepress that I would love to wear as a Feral Druid, and as a player of World of Warcraft. And maybe when I’m feeling in a catty mood.

So there will eventually be quite a few things on there.

For the first image,¬†the first thing that came to my mind that I wanted to see was a shirt that would proudly proclaim to the whole world…

“I ain’t a tree, and I ain’t a chicken. I’m 100% Feral, baby,¬†and damn proud of it.”

I hope you like it as much as I do, and I promise there will be more.