It’s the end of the world as we know it…

Or the beginning of the most massive spontaneous exposion of player whining we will ever see in World of Warcraft.

All I have to say are eight little words to tell you everything you need to know;

“Wide open paid PvE to PvP server transfers.”

That’s it. That’s all that needs to be said.

WoW Insider moved fast and has already posted a solid story about it.

It’s been announced on Blizzards’ main page, and as you might imagine, the WoW Forums are erupting. 

The news is only a few minutes old.

My take?

Well, I have always strongly respected Blizzard for standing firm that if you wish to be the ganker, you must first earn the right by enduring 59 levels, or 69 levels, as the gankee.

However, from the perspective of fun with friends, there are folks that I know that would never dream of playing on a PvE server, that would be fun to server transfer a 70 alt to go join just to bum around with. Like, oh, Bellwether?

But there is one issue I want to touch on briefly, just to throw it out there.

I wonder how many people in raiding guilds on PvE servers right now are only there because they started on a PvE server, got to max, and when their real life friends started on a PvP server, they didn’t want to start over with a new character and PvP up?

Or who are in PvE raiding guilds right now, but secretly always wanted world PvP, and would love to go PvP without having to level up the hard way?

In short, I wonder if raiding guilds are about to get a sudden case of “Where did my raiders go?”


Oh, and since it might have seemed ambiguous, my position is simple… “Okay.”

It does not affect me, personally, in any way. I don’t have any emotional involvement in this, one way or another.

I think, in the short term, those people who pride themselves on being having earned their positions as 70s on a PvP server and sneer at those on carebear servers will be very, very unhappy… but I think that, in the end, with the majority of people being at the highest levels anyway, this will simply give those people who leveled up on a PvP server, have played that way forever and have mad skillz a new group of lambs to slaughter.


You should be grateful, Blizzard is opening the gates to send you new victims!

I’m sure some of them will find out that when they try to level when Wrath is released that trying to perform quests when you have to watch your back and compete with folks that can simply gang up and kill you if they run across you is pretty tough. And some of those folks might just up and leave again.

But I think in the long run it’ll be just fine. But what do I know?


Sidhe Devils prepares to assault Zul’Aman

Monday evening, we’re going to go on in and have fun going after the bear boss in ZA.

What, you heard all this before?

Well, yes, it’s true that I’ve been in ZA before… and yes, it’s true I’ve tanked Nalorakk.

And it was lots of fun.

So I think it would be cool for those that would like to, to get to see the fun of the main gate opening, and the bear fights, and what the heck… it’s not like doing the first boss takes all that long.

In talking to Cassie, I realized that there is an extra benefit to doing ZA in Sidhe Devils.

Everyone can go talk to Griftah in Lower City and get the ZA quest to the Ghostlands, and once we get inside, can get their 20 slot bags if they haven’t already.

And once he’s down, we can bring any other 70s from the guild in to get their bags, too.

Hey… 20 slot bags don’t just grow on…

Oh wait, you can buy 22s now?


Okay, well, nevermind.

It’s still going to be fun.

Warm reception or the cold shoulder?

Interesting article by Scott Andrew’s in Officers Quarters on WoW Insider last night. The email he quotes raised some issues I’ve been seeing on the WoW Forums lately.

The first part of the article simply indicates that a lot of progression-oriented guilds seem to be hemorraging players that are losing interest in hardcore raiding right now.

I’ve seen the effects of this on the WoW Forums, guilds that are either breaking up entirely, or are starting to really ratchet up recruiting efforts to get back on track. 

It’s the summer. I think most players… and it’s an assumption based on my own experiences, it’s true, but I think most players are in the 16 to 24 age group. And at least for me, summertime during those years… I didn’t spend a whole lot of time indoors. Fall, Winter, early Spring, indoors, but Summer?

Summer during those years for me was the time to get out and play volleyball, go surfing, play rugby, do some solo me-vs-wall speed racquetball (a good way to go for a heart attack at my age, btw), go rock climbing or simply kick back with friends around a bonfire in the desert as dusk falls and have some beer and BBQ.

It’s Summer! Am I supposed to be surprised progression guilds, Hell ANY guild, are going to lose some players for a little while?

A discussion topic related to this would be, and was brought up in the article, “Are hardcore raiders losing heart now that level 80 raids are coming closer?”

It’s a good question… but one I’m not going to talk about. Something else caught my eye. 

The email Scott got was from the leader of an old, established casual fun guild that has had a bunch of former members abandon their hardcore progression guilds and want to come back and have fun in a friendly environment… and the guild leader is worried these guys are going to leave again just as soon as the expansion comes out.

These people started playing in his guild, got geared up and ready, and then left to join a new guild and play with different people. And now they are tired of raiding and want to come back.

I’m curious what Chick GM would think of this subject, from any angle, but I want to talk about my opinion from the point of view of the GM of a guild of players dedicated to fun, family, friends and horsing around…

What we have in our guild is a special, precious, and unique thing. We don’t take new members based on progression goals, and we don’t make people put all their toons in Sidhe Devils.

I want to say that again. We don’t try to make people put all their characters in Sidhe Devils. 

But if someone parks an alt in our guild and then never, ever plays it while they spend tons of time on their main in a raiding guild… we know where you want to be, and we’ll eventually remove the alt. It’ll take several months of ‘has not logged in since xxxx’ and total silence while we see you spending every night in SSC or The Eye in another guild, or just being gone on your main on another server, but sooner or later we’ll get around to it.

We only want people in Sidhe Devils that want to be there. We only want to play with friends. Otherwise, whats the point? 

Once you’ve chosen to move on… don’t be looking to come back. You made your choice. 

You are the one that decided that you would rather play with other people than with us. Well, following that awareness of where we all stand, we decided that we’d rather move on and forget you too.

Kinda sounds like a 20-something relationship, doesn’t it?

“It’s been fun but I’m too young to be tied down. I think we should see other people.”

‘Well, if you decide you want to play around, don’t expect me to welcome you back into my bed.”


I’m not talking about taking a break for a while from the game, either. Real Life comes first, remember?

If a guildie came on our forums and said, “Hey, summers here guys, so I’m probably not going to be playing all that much for the next several months…” Well, heck… my response to that is, “Awesome, we’ll all miss you, but drop into the forums once and a while and let us know what hijinks you’re getting up to! Pics please! Have fun and get a tan! Look forward to seeing you again soon!”

No, I am specifically talking about a player who makes the decision that they would rather spend all their play time playing with other people in another guild, for whatever reason. Normally, it’s to seek out progression and new lootz.

Well, guess what? Once you get tired of raiding all the time, or of doing whatever… when you finally remember that you actually used to have fun playing with ‘that other guild’, we will have long ago made the decision that we would rather play with our friends, and not with you. 

A few other points were raised in Scott’s article, about “But what if he has high-end gear now, and experience in the more advanced content, and could help our guild?”

My counter-question is… help your guild in what way? He’s not a friend you can trust, so the only help he could provide would be to help you advance your progression. 

That changes things, doesn’t it? Because if he left your progression guild to go somewhere else that’s more hardcore and succeed, and now he wants to come back, is it because he REALLY wants to play with you? Or is it because he couldn’t take the stress of playing with the big boys or their schedule, and now wants to come back and be the big fish in a pond full of minnows?

Any time you consider accepting a new member based on what he or she can do for your guild’s progression rather than on their merits as a person and potential new friend of the guild, you’re making an interesting choice, aren’t you?

If you seriously consider taking someone into your guild that you don’t really WANT to play with, because of their gear or knowledge or skill or class, then stop calling yourself a fun, friendly, casual guild.

You’re a progression guild. You might ALSO be fun, friendly, and casual, you might not have enjoyed much success in progression yet, or have a heavy raiding schedule, but you’re making recruitment choices based on progression goals. End of story. 

It’s something I think that is critical for every GM and officer to think about.

How do you truly, in your heart, make your decisions when you invite someone into your guild?

That question, in my mind, holds the key to whether or not you take someone back.

But enough about me… what do you folks think?

For the raiders out there, does the thought that your old, casual guild might not want your T6 wearing butt back bother you? Did it ever even occur to you that a guild wouldn’t want to play with you no matter what gear you wear? Or did you think that you were so l33t that any guild would love to take you in on bended knee?

“OMIGAWD, he raids Black Temple and Sunwell! And he wants to join our guild? We got to take him! He is uber! He could totally carry us through SSC!”

Seriously, you KNOW it’s been said, or thought, by some GMs and players.

I’m really curious…. 

If you moved to a hardcore raiding guild from a casual one, have you stayed friends and continued to play with and have fun with your old guildies? 

Or did you move on, and never look back?

Big Bear goes bugshit insane on podcast

Read the title again, so you know exactly what I’m gonna tell ya.

So, last night I was scheduled to meet with Fimlys and Breana at 11:30 PM my time (whch is the same as my server time) on Skype to be interviewed for the Twisted Nether podcast.

All joking on my other post aside, I intended to be mostly professional about it. You know, show up on time, sober, rested, read-up on topics of the day and focused to be coherent and attentive.

I respect the hell out of what the two of them are doing, and I really enjoy their show. It just works, and works damn well. As they get practised and comfortable with the medium, I can see them becoming as well known and enjoyed as The Instance.

Well, being professional were my intentions, anyway.

Things kinda didn’t really happen like that.

See, I was supposed to run a Heroic Slave Pens with the guildies Friday evening after dinner. Cassie and I logged off for dinner, though, knowing that Dax was going to be unavailable, Doodle had a Pox night he’d forgotten about, and Squirrelz was still really sick. That didn’t leave much in the way of heroic-geared 70s.

After cooking up some sirloins on the grill (olive oil infused with garlic, brushed on both sides and fresh salt and pepper, grill at medium-low for 8 minutes on each side… YUM) we logged back in.

Cassie logged in first, and I was slow as I was installing and configuring MobInfo 2 and the DB. Which is pretty damn cool, btw.

When I log in, the first thing I get is Cassie whispering me that Wulfa and Ishvi, who are both 68/69, are planning on doing Black Morass, Squirrelz and Nasirah are going in with them… and Cassie got whispered by a stranger asking if we wanted to take part in a Karazhan pug.

We dithered about it for a few minutes, but it was early… and just as I was leaning towards no, Doodle logged in to heal the Black Morass, so we said sure, we’ll do Karazhan. This was at about 7:30 PM. Why the heck not. I’ve got 4 hours till it’s time for the podcast, right?

It was a true PUG. People from everywhere, and every gear level. Our starting team had two hunters, each of which were in greens and PvP epics. Period. Others were pretty well geared for kara, but I expected a wipefest like no other. I packed in 80 candles, Flasks and food and scrolls. I was ready for a painful hellrun to get two bosses and maybe three Badges.

I’m not really going to go into the people in the group that much. I am not going to name names, or guilds. We had some really great players, and we had a few… well, some not so great.

I started the evening, completely by accident, in a Karazhan pug with a rum and coke by my side. This was not intentional, fate just works that way sometimes.

Four hours later, Attumen, Moroes, Maiden and Opera (big bad wolf) are down, we’ve had one wipe on Nightbane and moved on, and we are working on trash on the way to Curator. I’m on someone else’s vent, only 7 members of the PUG are actually ON vent although all directions are being given on vent, and Cassie is number 2 and I’m number three on DPS according to recount. At other times in the night, Cassie would be at 1 and I’d be at 2. At the point right before Curator, I think she was at 3 since she’d died at the start of a boss and missed doing damage, so I was temporarily above her in DPS.

We had taken a break before Maiden to put Alex to bed after he had had a big day… he loves T-ball and is proud of his new hat for it :).

And it’s 11:25. OMIGOD I have a podcast to do.

I load up Skype, and start up a call with Breana and Fim.

I am on the pulls prior to Curator, we have lost four people and gotten replacements over the previous four hours, and we’re getting ready for the pull. So far I got the Handwraps of Flowing Thought from Attumen, and Cassie got Badges. And since I got loot, I find it hard to bail before the pull.

So what the hell to do? Well, let’s see if I can multitask.

I turned down the volume on vent, I muted this one immature kid that was swearing incessantly that eventually just lagged out, and we started the podcast interview.

And I continued to run Kara with Cassie and a pure PUG.

While I talked with Bre and Fim we continued on to down Curator, and Cassie won the Tier 4 glove token… we cleared the trash after that and I won Ritssyn’s Lost Pendant from a trash drop.

We cleared through to Illhoof, wiped on him once, then took on Shade of Aran, wiped on him once, then after we explained to this one moron priest that, no, you DO NOT MOVE ON FLAME WREATH TWO FREAKING TIMES, you complete asshole, and no saying your Deadly Boss Mods was not installed at the time is no excuse when we are screaming in vent at your dumb ass, we downed him. And Cassie won the Drape of the Dark Reaver.

With so many drops going to the two of us, we both agreed on whisper we could not bail on the group. We owed it to them to make sure they got all the loot they could. And I’m still on the podcast, live.

So we continued on, and we cleared Chess, downed Prince, and killed Netherspite.

Cassie got the bloody-be-damned Tier 4 helm token from Prince, since she was flat out the ONLY person that could use it… being there were no pallies or shamans in the raid and she was the only Rogue.

I’m not sure exactly at what point the podcast was over and we said our goodbyes.

All I know is, I was pugging Kara and clearing bosses on a marathon all night run that didn’t end until 3:30 AM, and for one and a half hours I was also on a podcast with Bre and Fim, and I honestly have no idea what I said.

I’m pretty sure I committed to writing a blog post about how to use a focus macro to help control aggro on three or more mobs for just-starting out undergeared druids. After I collapse, I’ll get started on that.

I think I remember being told I have a Canadian fan that wanted to know what I ate and drank while gaming. And someone wanted me to sign their shirt, and I swear I think I remember exactly who that was, but I refuse to speculate in case I remember wrong… but it was very funny and flattering.

But all in all, it was a blur, and the whole time a little voice in the back of my head said, “You are batshit insane to be doing this. Drop the pug and focus on the podcast. Pugs come and go, but this podcast will live forever, you dumb shit. And you sound like a complete basket case.”

And then I thought… well, after all… I love Bre and Fim and all, but there is a certain attraction to winging it the best you can and being yourself. And there was no time to try and fake it, that was all me, baby. Sadly, that was all me.

There is no way in HELL I’m going to listen to that podcast when it’s done.

Oh yeah, and after we downed Netherspite we went back and downed Illhoof in a one shot. So except for Nightbane, it was my first ever one night Kara clear. I think. I certainly don’t remember just clearing the whole damn thing in one night before.

Cassie made out like a bandit. She also hit exalted with Violet Eye for her last ring upgrade. And 20 Badges! Holy cow!

I will say, there were quite a few members in the pug from Uprising, and they were very good, skilled, and nice peeps. They kind of cycled in and out, and they were very nice to play with.

At last count on my Recount we had had 18 different characters in the pug doing DPS over the course of the seven and a half hour Kara marathon. So yeah, some shuffling of folks quitting and new ones being added all the time.

I know one thing, I’d run with quite a few of them again anytime.

That one priest that didn’t know to stop moving during the Flame Wreath? Yeah, not him though. Out of the entire run, he was the only flaming jackass. The bitchy tantrum when he lost the roll on Prince’s healing ring to a resto druid was pathetic. I was embarassed to read it, and it only now occurs to me I could have screenshotted it.. but that punk is a walking disaster, and I’d rather not be the one to make it public.

Sigh. There’s always one.

Now if you folks will excuse me, I am going to go pass out for 4 hours so I can get up when Alex wakes up to make him some yummy breakfast.

And Cassieann had BETTER make a damn blog post about her part of the run… the WoW gods demand a blogging for the loot that rained down on her lucky ass.

BOTH Tier 4 pieces in ONE run! Are you shitting me?

Omigawd! App drama ftw!11!!!

Edit for those that haven’t read comments recently… there are big updates below in the comments. Don’t pass them up, I still can’t believe it. OMFG!!! 

I apologise for the horrible post title.

But it seems so very, very appropriate.

I posted my little recap of last night’s gaming, and then went on out into the World… of Warcraft to catch up on news.

Why look! At WoW Insider, my favorite column is up… Guildwatch. Let’s just see what’s up…

Hmm, okay not much happening there…

Oh lookie, there is a mention of a badly done Guild Application by a young mage. Doesn’t sound like much potential for humor, as a former Officer I’ve seen some doozies in my time. Poor grammer is only funny up to a point.

As an aside, haven’t seen that kind of idiocy in Sidhe Devils thankfully, nothing but gold in the apps we’ve gotten. Don’t ask me why, I think no one besides you guys has noticed we started a guild. And the asshats obviously see the ‘we aren’t a progression guild, we won’t gear you for no effort here, we just try and have fun and put Real Life first, no srsly we mean it’ Guild Charter and move on…..

But what the hey. Let’s go check out the application… how bad can it be?

Oh. Oh my.

I’m going to post it here in an effort to preserve it in case of future deletion of that thread.

Vulc 70 mage

1. Tell about yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? How old are you? You are working or attending school? im steven also known as vulc, ima outgoing like to have fun and play wow. very interesd in joining i love to raid and want to get into it alot more. and from what ive seen… ur an amazing guild

2. Tell us about your computer and internet connection. my computer is decdent, have to restart it now in then working on investing a new case and cooling station… my pc overheat’s, connection is very good

3. Tell us about your character. Guild, days played, spec., etc. Specifically…what guild did you come from, why are you leaving, why did they fail, how far did you progress? well i just joined celtic rage, herd about it from a friend, they stunk it up in tk 1st night i was in there. ive got over 110 day’s played and my gear is decent mostly made gear. 1093+ fire dmg

4. When are you available? Can you play during the day? Every night? mostly every night, from 5-11

5. What gear do you currently have/use? What resist gear do you have? Armory LINK is madatory. … orn&n=Vulc

6. Why do you want to join Paranoid? How did you hear about us? im pretty good friends with lof :P and i wana get geard before i go into litch king. i like to be around people that are good and serous at end game i was back in the day.. not the best but 8/8 t1 3/8 t2

7. How much gold do you have? How about consumables? not much trying to pay for a new trinket ( alchamist stone).

8. Do you understand what DKP is and how it works? Yes depending on the guild

9. Are you willing to abide by our rules, at all times, if we accept you? Yes i will

10. What do you consider YOUR role to be in the endgame? To dps as hard as i can and help the guild kill bosses. and progress as much as i can

Okay. Okay, that’s pretty funny. Why? What do you mean, why do I think that’s funny?

Well, okay, let me break it down just a bit. No big analysis, I mean this guy would never in a million years be considered for Sidhe Devils, call me an elitist prick all you want, that’s just the way it is. But I’ll go over what I think are the high points.

It is clear to me from his spelling and phrasing that he gave no thought whatsoever towards making a good impression with the people he is asking to join. The key phrase there is no thought. Do I want a thoughtless person, someone that does not even for a second remotely consider the point of view of other players, their opinions or thoughts or concerns, in my guild? Hell no. This guy is what you get if you are desperate for more bodies to fill a 25 man raid… and even then, I think 25 mans deserve much better than this. Let me change that to a 40 man. If you were desperate to fill an old-school 40 man, this was your guy. You know he’s only there for the loot, but while he’s there at least you’re getting some DPS in the raid.

Now, I could mention his line about “wanting to get geared before WotLK comes out” for why he wants to join, but hey, I’ll give him points for being honest about wanting to join a progression guild for phat lootz. That’s what he wants, that’s why he’s applying. Give him the phat lootz, and no one gets hurt.

I also have to give him points for saying, even inadvertantly, that his computer is decadent. I know it was a typo on his part, and he meant decent… but I now want a decadent computer. Somehow, I don’t think you get those at Dell.

He loses a lot of points for answering the question about gold and consumables, a question I see as being on the app form as a way to find out of a raider is willing to provide his own raid mats and consumables, by answering ‘not much’ and talking about the crafted alchemy trinket he is trying to save up mats for.

Let’s be serious… The guy claims to have a 70 mage and plays 6 hours a night, EVERY night. He says he’s broke.

I know a lot of people, through their choice of Professions, have a hard time making gold in the game. Our friends at WoWJones even have a blog because of the interest. But the guy is an Alchemist. Gee, do I know any other Alchemists at level 70? Lemme think about that one for a second….

Cassieann plays her main and several alts, on an intermittant schedule, and thanks to her effort and her Alchemy Profession she has bought her own Epic Flying Skill, Windstar’s Epic Flying Skill, she made within days of getting the rep both her Alchemist Stone and the Assassin’s Alchemist Stone, and even then provides ME with raid mats half the time and has, in her words, already saved up enough gold to by my fricken Priest HER Epic Flying Skill. Broke my ass. Hey, punk, if you are playing 6 hours a night five nights a week, go do some dailies and actually make some pots to put on the AH. Maybe farm primals and make some Primal Mights on your Transmute. In three days you can have your trinket. Lazy bum.

Still, we’re nit picking here. From what I’ve pointed out alone, the app is not too bad. But the cream, the uber goodness that shines out, is this little snippet…

well i just joined celtic rage, herd about it from a friend, they stunk it up in tk 1st night i was in there.

Wait, wait, wait a minute!

So, you are applying to join a progression guild, and you are telling me you JUST joined another guild that actually took your ass into Tempest Keep, and you are taking the time in your application to bad mouth THEM instead of telling me specifically about YOU.

Epic Fail.

Now, yeah, it’s a train wreck of an application. If this is your application… well, I’m sorry, but you’re only 16. You WILL get older. Hopefully, you will also grow in maturity. I guarantee, this can either be a learning experience for you, or another way to feel like a victim. At this point in the reading, I am thinking, “He sounds like a typical self-entitled asshat. But the poor kid is right at that age, he might be a good kid at heart and has absolutely no idea how this comes across. I’m glad I’m not that age anymore. Damn I was stupid at that age. Wow, am I still that stupid? Naaahh… Cassie woulda killed me by now.”

Oh…. but wait. It gets better. I read further down the application, to read some replies… and come to a reply made by Hickyfat, apparently the guild leader of Celtic Rage, who surprisingly enough had a little something to say about how Vulc characterized the Tempest Keep run…

Whats up guys,
Vulc recently joined Celtic Rage and has recently been removed. He did attend TK with us on our first night there and yes, we definitely did not do as well as we could have done. However, in the few raids he did make it to his DPS was less than impressive (Mages with less “stats” and gear were able to out dps him somehow). After seeing his performance, I offered up some suggestions. 1) Regem your green gems and get rid of that, dare i say, +8 resilience gem. His response – I don’t want to spend money for better gems when I am going to upgrade my gear soon (not what I was looking to hear). 2) Switch specs and try one deep in fire (10/48/3) was the one I suggested. His response – I’ve played a mage for two years and I’m not gonna take advice from a warrior. While it’s true I don’t play a mage or even another class other than a warrior tank, I do read about other classes and what is most “raid viable.” I don’t need to play a mage to know that a resilience gem has no business in any gem slot. As a raid leader I want to make sure that all 25 people are pumping out as much tps, dps, and hps as possible and if they are not doing so, try to help. Vulc was not open to change to help the raid and acted like a pompous tithead. Hence – hickyfat had to drop the hickyboot. Peace fellas – Good luck w/ Felmyst. Any questions hit me up in game.

BOOM! Solid Win. That, right there, tells me as an officer everything I really wanted to know. Do I have to explain how many ways Hickyfat just laid to rest any thought I might have had about taking this mage into my guild? Even if it wasn’t about progression, the close-mindedness alone… no, I didn’t think so.

But wait! Let’s not be too hasty! This might just be some self-serving character assassination by Hickyfat, right? Just because the guy says something, doesn’t make it so. Screenshot or it didn’t happen, right guys?

Well… let’s take a look and see how Vulc responded to Hickyfats’ allegations of prior conduct.

Warning: The following is NOT safe for gentle eyes that dislike profanity. I found it hilarious, however.

Vulc said;

yo kno hicky im not the a pompas fucking prick who picks ona mage whos is doing #2 dps in ur raid and is 16 go get a mothetfucking life u prick and also if ur guna fuck around with my game play ur guna have a fucking suprize waiting around the corner u prick

mmmMMMMmmm…. now that is just great, isn’t it? All worry I had that I was being a little harsh in my analysis of his application are simply blown clean away.

Oh, and I have to say… I love the implication there at the end that Hickyfat is gonna find a surprise waiting for him ‘just around the corner’ so to speak. Wait, is Vulc going to lie in wait and ambush poor Hickyfat? Oh noooeeesssss!!!!!11!

There are 7 more pages of this, and I don’t even know if I want to read any further. The drama is so perfect right now, and reading further may spoil it.

But just…. wow. WOW.

God, I love Guildwatch.


Okay, I read further… it doesn’t dissappoint. I will add one new quote, from another memeber of Celtic Rage, who sound like good guys, actually. This noe really does say it all…

Oh… Couldn’t resist the opportunity to throw my 2 cp’s here… Yes, Vulc’s unwillingness to take constructive criticism after 3 days in the guild was a concern for us and he was on the ‘keep an eye on’ list… But just to let anyone who’s thinking of inviting this gem of a mage know…

As we entered TK for the first time his question: “Uh, what are the other mages in here wearing? I’m pretty undergeared, are they going to be able to roll on stuff before me when it would be a bigger upgrade for me?” Sent alarm bells crashing through my head.

Ultimately the clincher for his short-lived membership in Celtic Rage was the hissy fit he threw in guild chat last night because he’d “been in the guild for 3 WHOLE DAYS” and hadn’t been able to raid. Which would make his second hissy fit (in 3 WHOLE DAYS, mind you) the first was when he was not invited to join us in SSC as he was not yet geared and spec’d for the instance (first night in the dungeon, our first kill on Lurker – not your level I know, but we felt good about it :D ).

tl;dr: We don’t have green chat drama in CR. We weren’t interested in him spewing his indignant, mis-informed crap whenever he didn’t get his way.

As to second on the meter… *cough*bullshit*cough*

Not that Paranoid’s seasoned recruiting team couldn’t see his 10 spell hit for what he is…

Quote of the day:
Deloessian: I’m looking at your armory. I’m seeing a number of glaring problems, and I’m a rogue…
Deloessian: Your spell hit is at 10? What’s the mage hit cap Vulc?
Vulc: My what?
Deloessian: The hit cap… Rogue hit cap is 363 with precision… What’s the mage hit cap?
Vulc: Hit doesn’t matter, I’ve got good crit.
Deloessian: …