Beastmaster No More!

When I first started World of Warcraft, this set the tone for everything that came after;

What is the first thing you see when you hit the 38 second mark?

A Hunter, out in the harsh winter wilderness, alone but for his bear friend and companion. From 38 seconds to 1:08, the Blizzard cinematic team introduced me to something I had never seen in gaming outside of tabletop role playing games; the concept of a Hunter and his pet adventuring together in a wild, crazy world.

Immediately after that, of course, was the Night Elf Druid, shapeshifting in the wild on the fly to race towards danger.

Funny thing is, up to that point, those two classes were the only two I ever preferred to play myself in AD&D. A Ranger with animal companion, or a shape-shifting Druid.

When it came time to play World of Warcraft for the first time, I had a hell of a time choosing which I’d play first. I’d play both of course, but which first?

In the end I chose a Druid, but it was a near run thing.

The cinematic helped cement in my imagination the idea that in World of Warcraft, a Beastmaster Hunter was about a Hunter and his (or her!) pet, alone against the world.

Survival was all about them traps, and Marksmanship was all about those stings, but Beastmaster was all about dat pet.

So I was Beastmaster. So it was, so it is, so it shall ever be.

Fast forward to the end of Warlords of Draenor and ten years of class changes slowly accreting around that core idea like the layers of a pearl.

I was vaguely dissatisfied with the whole damn thing, though I would have been hard put to explain why.

But with the Legion artifact quests it all came home to me; Beastmaster was no longer a duo, it was a symphony.

Nothing shows that better than an artifact that permanently gives you a second pet.

Over time, the Beastmaster class has changed from the idea of a Hunter and his single badass pet to more of a, well, a BEASTMASTER. Someone who is the master of all pets found in the wild.

This should not have come as a surprise. I mean, seriously, this was my generation after all;

The Beastmaster Hunter is pulled from the concept of the original movie; seeing through the eyes of an eagle, running fast as the panther, having tons of pets to do your bidding… not just one.

So it’s a perception issue for me. I’m not into a Beastmaster / literal master of all beasts (Ranger) class to play in the game.

Apparently, I’m more wanting my pet to be the Claude Rains to my Humphrey Bogart.

Oh come on, you know the reference.

You may be getting the idea that I’m having fun writing this post. It’s not everyone who gets to put together an article referencing both Vanilla WoW cinematics and Casablanca. This is why I don’t do this as a job; nobody would pay me to do this. And with good reason.

Believe it or not, there is a point to all this.

I chose Beastmaster to play as a part of a beautiful friendship, only to wake up ten years later with a Titanic weapon throbbing in my hands as part of a mènage á trois.

Queue the dancing bears!

Okay, so I didn’t want to do the Beastmaster artifact first. I didn’t WANT a permanent second pet. Heck, the gun and second pet was actually the least of it, especially after I found out at max level you can complete a special process that lets you have your spirit pet take on the outward shape of any other pet you’d like, so you’re not stuck with a wolf forever.

No, the core issue was all of my abilities summoned more pets, temporarily, to go after the enemy.

Over the years I loved the addition of each and every one of these cool spells / attacks.

I admit it. The scope that shot a woodchuck at the enemy was delightful in it’s place.

Taken all at once in their final form, in any given combat the legitimate question could be asked, “Hey, have you seen my pet around? Is he in there? I can’t tell amid the flying snakes, stampede of rhinos, flock of crows and various random environmental critters mobbing that poor murloc.”

“What, there’s a murloc in there?”


I didn’t want to play a Beastmaster anymore. I just wanted it to be me, my weapon of choice, and my best friend.

This may be my favorite post ever. I’m just saying. Now I’m bringing in Walken bouncing off the walls. Heck yes!

So now what? I’ve identified the source of my problem; I don’t want an army of pets.

But I’m a Beastmaster, ten years strong. What the heck else could I possibly be?

I did queue the dancing bears earlier, right?

Survival is right out, because melee. A cute idea and I’ll certainly mess with it someday, but seriously. If I have issues about tons of pets, can you imagine how freaked I’d be if I played a Hunter without a ranged weapon? I mean seriously.

So this Marksmanship thing… like, what’s that all about man?

I heard you don’t even get to HAVE a pet if you go Marks, man. No pet? I gotta have a pet. I mean hunter, pet, that’s a thing, man.


That’s kind of a deal breaker.

I read all about it on Icy Veins.

And then I promptly switched to Marksmanship and I’ve never looked back. Not once.

See, here’s the thing. Before I can pick something, I have to know what I want.

I want to be a rugged individualist.

I want a pet, ONE pet, my bestest friend ever, because friendship is magic, damnit.


I’m getting to the point already, sheesh!

I want a weapon, a ranged weapon, that shoots projectiles. Maybe it shoots hot loads, hot magic loads, I don’t care but what I don’t want it to do is shoot squirrels, snakes or other assorted living creatures downrange because seriously WTF is up with that?

Is that really so much to ask?

From what I read on Icy Veins, yes, YES when you are in a raid or an instance Marskmanship is strongest when you’re running the Lone Wolf Talent without an active pet. So they recommend the whole no pet thing while running in groups.

Sue me, bitch.

It’s not mandatory. I mean, it’s not like I’m raiding. They don’t make you sign a waiver swearing you’ll never sneak out and quest with a pet, no not even that cute little foxy… fox… that you got in the Eastern Kingdoms two expansions ago.

For all non-raiding general questing have fun poking my nose into shit that doesn’t concern me, having Steady Focus and an active pet works just fine.

All my usual misdirection shenanigans are good to go, for example. Pets still get Talent specs like tank, they can still Growl, they’re still, ya’know, pets.

So if for example I went Marksmanship, and for Talents I took Steady Focus, Lock and Load, Posthaste, Patient Sniper, Binding Shot, Barrage and Trick Shot, what I’d end up with is a build that has me, my weapon that hastes me so I move faster, my tanky bear pet that I can misdirect Barrage to like a BADASS, and not a single other extra from Marlin Perkins’ Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

No, no link to that. There are some lengths I’m not willing to go for a sight gag.

“And now let’s watch as Jim goes down the river and wrestles a rhinoceros in heat. Be careful there, Jim. He looks horny!”

Oh, who the hell am I kidding.

Sorry about that pun. No, no I’m not.

So what I have now is a rotation something like this.

I have a misdirect macro to my pet, of course. So I’ll run up to a large group of monsters because Barrage and Multi-Shot so fuck it, pull ’em all, let Blizz sort ’em out.

I misdirect to my pet, often while in camouflage since it doesn’t break stealth, then Barrage a whole group to dump aggro into my bear.

Then I’ll pump a few multi-shots into the group until my Hunter’s Mark proc lights up the multi-shot and arcane shot icons, indicating my next casting of either spell will dump a Hunter’s Mark on all affected targets, setting them up for a big boom.

Then, with Hunter’s Mark on them, my Marked Shot icon lights up. This attack is both single target and multi-shot. However many targets you lit up with a Hunter’s Mark on your last shot, the Marked Shot attack will hit them all. So if you’re single targeting, then you’re doing Arcane Shot and Marked Shot. If you’re firing into a group, it’s Multi-shot and Marked Shot. It’s not rocket science here.

When Marked Shot goes off, it clears the Hunter’s Mark, BUT it applies a Vulnerable debuff that lets your ‘stand-in-one-place’ Aimed Shot do more damage.

And that sets you up for squeezing off two Aimed Shots before the Vulnerable wears off.

Once Vulnerable is gone from your target, return to misdirecting, Barraging, and multi-shot / arcane shotting until you get another Hunter’s Mark proc.

Really, that’s it.

The only real other change is your artifact has a powerful single target attack that you can cast whenever it’s up, but once you gain a few levels of artifact power you can choose an ability that lets the artifact attack directly apply the Vulnerable debuff. So no need to wait specifically for that whole ‘arcane shot lit up shoot it now Marked Shot now Aimed Shot Aimed Shot’ sequence.

Instead, you can Misdirect, Barrage, Windburst (the artifact ability), Aimed Shot, Aimed Shot, then Arcane Shot fillers until shits off cooldown or you get a Hunter’s Mark proc.

Now does that sound complicated?

No seriously, does Barrage, Windburst, Aimed Shot, Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot x3 to refill focus sound that bad of an opening sequence?

And wonder of wonders, it perfectly fulfills my desire to play as an adventurous wanderer making my way through the world, my rifle on my shoulder and my trusted companion by my side.

Come at me, world. Bring it.


A New Pet for an Old Bear

Following up from my post about the Scourgestalker Hunter armor (black recolor), what pet goes well with the Bear In Black?

According to Elynea, an obsidian kitty from the Molten Front.

The what to the who now? Ain’t that the place with a hundred different spiders, all sharing one thing in common… they’re spiders, as in ew?

I may have to turn in my Hunter card, but I haven’t been spending all that much time hunting rare pets this expansion. I have my Devilsaur, I got Barry the blue Triceratops from the Isle of Giants, I tamed a really pretty rare tiger in Jade Forest that required some fun tracking/stalking skills… yeah, that’s about it.

My pets are like my friends, I tend to hang out with the same ones forever.

So. Challenge mode pets from Molten Front.

I’ll admit, I went and did a few of the challenge spiders when they were first added in the Molten Front, but I stopped that once Pandaria came out. It didn’t seem quite as sporting, and I don’t like spiders. Also, Pandaria had awesome tracking challenge pets for hunters, so cool.

I must have been too hasty. Obsidian challenge kitty in Molten Front? Totally missed that one.

A quick scan of Petopia revealed that a black gem cat, a rare named Skarr, could indeed be found in the Molten Front.

Kinda pretty. Okay, sure. Let’s do it.

We’re sifting the final embers of a dying expansion now, I’m sure I’ll be able to just pop over to the Molten Front and snag it up. He’ll just be lying there like a diamond on a black sandy beach. Anybody that ever wanted a rare already has them by now, right? RIGHT?

I know tone of voice doesn’t come through very well, so let me explain. That was sarcasm. This too. Hmm, okay, most of this holy shit my entire writing style is sarcasm WTF.

It all started as a whim.

From such flimsy threads are spun the steel cables of obsession.

First, where is Skarr normally found, and how do I get there?

The Molten Front, my lad, where adventure and fortune await! Also, endless dailies to get satchels for chances at pets, let’s not go there.


The route to Skarr is simple indeed. Step through the portal found in Mount Hyjal, gaze upon the lush flame of the rock and flame and see all the flaming flame. And rock. Then head straight across the Alliance staging grounds for the big fields of flowing fire called the Furnace.

Fortunately, I’ve already completely unlocked the Molten Front on my Hunter, bought all the rewards and became bestest of buddies with them. I can just bop right on in, wave hi in passing and ride up the gentle grade of the Furnace.

Ow! Ow! Shit, that’s hot, DAMNIT I’M DEAD.

I guess fire still hurts, don’t it. Screw you and your percentage-based damage mechanics.

Okay, so how to SAFELY get past the fire of the Furnace? I can death run/rez past it, but repair bills are a thing. I’m cheap.

To get safely past the fires of the Furnace, all you need to do is complete the initial four daily quests, turn them in, and then go to General Taldris Moonfall who will offer you two follow up quests; The Molten Spire, and Into the Fire.

Into the Fire is a quest you can take that allows you to escort a druid who will slowly walk up the Furnace, putting out the flames as he goes. Just be patient and follow him from a few paces behind.

Voila! You don’t even have to turn it in, the flames are now suppressed and you can run around the Furnace all day long with impunity. Impunity. It’s like impish exuberance and annoying attitude, but with fewer letters.

Or, you know, you can just deathcharge it and eat the repair bill, whatever.

So there you are, facing the very simple parkour jumping challenge of the amazing disappearing/reappearing floaty rocks.

Yeah, so I died the first time, sue me.

There are two places Skarr can spawn, both of them marked in gold dots of the above map, courtesy of Wowhead. Both of these places are best accessed after you jump up to that floating island on the Northwest labeled Fireplume Peak.

As you can see from the following picture, Skarr appears on floating platforms just like this one.


Skarr also shares this spawn point with a rare gem-pattern crab named Karkin. I’m glad he does, because I was able to test the taming process out on Karkin, who spawned long before I ever saw a Skarr.

So, you see where I’m standing? You see the player out there on the floating rocky bit?


What I found, much to my profound shock, was that Molten Front is cross-server, and the farming for Skarr is still fierce. Annoyingly, trollingly so.

It was a rare stretch of time when there wasn’t at least one other hunter somewhere in sight while I stood there waiting for a spawn. I’d stand there for a few hours, and hunters would pop in and out checking, run past, ride past, jump onto the platforms and sit, stand on top of me, fire their traps onto the platform (including fire and snake traps), flag PvP on the rocky bit, you name it.

Totally amazing.

Something about all of this took what was an idle whim and forged within me a strong desire to stick with it. I spent many hours over the last few days standing there with NPC Scan waiting to tell me when Skarr appeared. About all I did since my last post, really.

Fortunately NPC Scan has a honking loud klaxon to warn you when it sees a rare, so I could read my book while waiting.

Silly. I must have told myself a dozen times I didn’t really care that much about the pet. I never heard of it before this week, is it really going to kill me to go hunt for a cool spirit wolf like Skoll or Karoma?

I even followed up on that, telling myself that this time was really and truly the last time, by Elune I am leaving Molten Front and this time I’m not coming back, I’m going to go to The Storm Peaks and wait until Skoll appears. If that many hunters are all desperate for the kitty, they can have him!

Apparently, the perversity is strong with this one. I kept slinking back. “Just a few more hours can’t hurt. Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky.”

I got so annoying about camping for this pet, that while I ran out to do chores Cassie would sit at my desk prepared to tame him should he happen to spawn in those scant few minutes I was away from my keyboard.

I even found myself getting up super early before work to spawn in and see if he was there. Nope, just other hunters hanging around, hoping for rare lightning to strike.

Whether it be Skarr or Karkin who appears, they seem to have about a three to seven hour timer. Not sure if cross-server affects that at all.

I know I saw three Karkins while I was out there waiting for a Skarr to appear. So random is random.

Of course, patience does pay off sometimes. Also, blind crazy luck.

Saturday evening, we were all tired after a fun day out and about, so I offered to run out for Taco Bell.  Cassie, darling enabler of obsession that she is, offered to watch the computer for me, but I told her to just log off. If Skarr appears it’s not like someone deserving won’t get it, right? Just as long as it’s a hunter that tames the rare it’s all good.

Just please, not another Rogue killing the rares just to piss of the hunters, which yes, I was privileged to witness during my vigil, accompanied by the broadcast howls of outrage.

I got back with a sack of tacos, only to find that she had spent the entire time watching for Skarr.

No, the kitty didn’t spawn.

I left Beartrap standing there while we went upstairs to eat. I figured even if I missed Skarr, at least NPC Scan would tell me he appeared so I could relax for at least three hours as the timer reset. Right? Maybe I could take a catnap, come back and camp the rest of the night.

HAH I’m too old for that.

I could get up really early before work though.

After about 5 minutes munching on tacos, I darted downstairs to hit the spacebar, make Beartrap hop about so he didn’t go afk.

I saw the klaxon had gone off.

Sure as hell, Skarr had appeared in those few minutes of my eating tacos.

For want of a taco, a rare cat was lost.


Of course, I look closer, and there was someone sitting out there on the platform, someone… looking closer… is that a gnome?

A gnome that looked like a metal cat?

Wait, what the f*&)? HE’S STILL THERE?

There Skarr was, still sitting there and staring right at me, as if taunting me to tame him. Or to show me that I could have had him, but I was a second too slow as some other hunter is taming him right now any second move move move omigod where is the Tame button oh shit where did I move it why the bloody hell did I move it on my bar oh right I put it next to the Counter Shot button HOLY SHIT COUNTER SHOT.

Not that my sudden buck fever was warranted. For what I swear was the first time in three days, there wasn’t another hunter in sight. Anywhere.

Now, there is a trick to taming Skarr, although the Glyph of Tame Beast is a massive help.

You don’t have to be standing on the same platform he is to tame him, you can do it at range. He won’t chase after you.

What he WILL do is cast fireballs at you, and will usually start with a long cast time spell called Fieroclast Barrage. If he gets it off, it stuns you, interrupting your tame, and also every time he gets any spell off, whether it’s Fieroclast or a regular fireball, he gets a 10% cast speed haste buff.

You want to have your Counter Shot ready to interrupt the Fieroclast… but dear god make sure you’ve got it bound on a macro with a /stopcasting on it, or after you interrupt you’ll autoshot him and could easily kill him.

I can’t even imagine the sad, salty tears if a poor hunter interrupted the cast and ended up killing him with an autoshot.

I WAS prepared, oh yes I was, and with shaking hands I began the tame, properly interrupted the Fieroclast Barrage and began taming again, finally catching him.

Lucky, oh so lucky.

Every time a rare spawns, someone has to be the lucky player to be there at just the right time, and this time that lucky player was me.

Allow me to introduce you to my little friend.

I call him Facet.




As you can see, the Eye of Eternity was no match for a talented kitty like Facet.

Elynea was right. Facet really does fit that armor style well.

Also, have I mentioned how much I love the Scourgestalker shoulders on a male panda? It’s so nice to have shoulders that make a panda look muscular instead of tubby.

Thank you for the suggestion on the pet, Elynea. And I totally blame you for the hours I spent obsessing over it. Blame!

Hunting Something New

Tonight I’ve checked off another desire from the expansion… I’ve finally replaced the outfit my Hunter has sported from Cataclysm with something new to take into the Warlords era.

It may not be new, but it’s new to me.


I mentioned on a blog post quite some time ago that I liked my Firelands outfit, but I’d love to gather together the black Scourgestalker pieces from Ulduar 10.

I just never did anything about it, because busy. So, so busy.

I’m really glad I did it though, you know? I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Along the way, I learned a lot of things about Ulduar while romping around in the playground of the Titans.

There is a big difference between soloing something and raiding with a team; time on site.

When you’re with a team, the focus is always on moving your ass as quickly as possible to the next fight, and once AT the fight, in killing the boss as quickly and cleanly as possible. It’s all about time management and efficiency. Nobody wants to be that one person that drags the whole team down.

When you’re by yourself, you have all the time you care to take to get screenshots, drive around, mess with different vehicles, poke your nose into all the nooks and crannies and generally be a pain in the ass to the Titans.

Take Flame Leviathan on ten player mode and the trash on the run up.

It is accurate to say the reason Ulduar wasn’t on my roflstomp list was the trash and Flame Leviathan. The few times I’d gone in solo, without any research, the trash took so long that once I got to FL I wasn’t all that interested in figuring out what’s what. Also, I’d always drive a tank, and when you kill the last defender in front of the gates, Flame Leviathan instantly breaks through, aggros on you, the energy barrier springs up trapping you in with him, and you either kill him RIGHT NOW when you’re already wounded or you die before you ever get started.

It’s annoying, and helped convince me to go do something else the few times I tried.

Well, if you bother to do a little light reading on WoWhead, you find out that Flame Leviathan with the towers crushed is easily soloable. Only problem is wading through a half hour of trash to bloody well GET there.

On ten player, if you talk to Brann first to activate easy mode, then get in a tank and set forth to crush all the trash and topple the towers, it’s a long slog to get to the big bad tank boss. It’s really the only hard part, staying awake while slowly crushing trash.

Ah, how nice it would be if your tank SPEED also scaled with your iLevel the way your health and DPS does.

Anyway, I always took a tank to kill trash and topple towers. In a group, that meant other people in turret, or trying to race to each tower and wave of trash.

Running it solo, I found out that when you’re in the driver seat of a tank, you can click on the turret position on the vehicle icon on your screen, and you will instantly move up there. You don’t have to leave the vehicle first!

My biggest annoyance had always been having to chase all them little dwarves in the tank to crush them under my treads. You wouldn’t think it to look at them, but those little legs can move!

Now I know I can drive the tank up to a tower, smash it, then pop into the turret and rocket the hell out of all the scurrying mobs. Saves time all around.

Bonus points, the turret rockets do MASSIVE damage to all the big wandering giants!

So once I learned that, I had an answer for getting killed by Flame Leviathan at the start of the fight, too. Just drive the tank to extreme range (outside the area the energy barrier springs up) and use the turret rockets to aggro and kill the last gate defenders! Boom, they die, Flame Leviathan breaks through the gate, and I can safely drive my tank away to reset.

Beartrap no go boom. The sheer novelty of it.

So, what else?

To solo Flame Leviathan on ten man mode, all you have to do is get in a Devastator (one of those catapult thingies), drive it just inside the gate area, then hop out and get in the other, drive up and park right next to the first. You get two in 10 man mode, and they have a purple barrle catapult mode that does massive damage to FL. You just start shooting Flame Leviathan with purple barrels from the first Devastator until you run out, then jump out of that Devastator, run over to the second one, hop in and finish him off.

My hunter is only flex geared, and I was able to destroy Flame Leviathan with only one Devastator before running out of purple goo to shoot, so the second one is really just a “I missed a few shots” backup. It’s really that easy.

Suddenly, a whole new world of soloing awesomeness was opened unto me. With the Flame Leviathan barrier become nothing more than tissue beneath my feet, there is a whole raid to wander around in like a lost cub looking for honey.

And all the bosses were easily soloed, right up until Thorim. But more on that in a bit.

I took my time wandering around, and I did no research at all on the bosses. Hard modes? Just do what feels good!

Like killing each of the Iron Council one at a time, and damn that little dwarf I left for last is a baddass little prick, grrr, THERE! Oh, there was an achieve for killing him last, okay.

Or Hodir. You kill him without ever stopping and you’ll get an achievement for not getting all frosty, JUST like when killing the last boss in the Nexus. Plus kill him quick enough and there is bonus loot. Who doesn’t like bonus loot?

The most fun was getting to Mimiron and hitting that gorgeous, big honking red button. OMG that red button, who can resist it’s siren song, it’s sensuous allure. I want to do bad things with that button.

I learned three very, very important things soloing Mimiron after getting up close and dirty with his button.

First, self-healing abilities are awesome. Instead of Iron Hawk, going with Spirit Bond for the constant self-healing is overpowered and makes a huge difference.

Second, you have to spread your DPS on phase four across all three units so they die within 10 seconds of each other. Somehow, over the years I’d forgotten that fact.

Third… don’t kill the little fire extinguisher bot dudes. They’re just trying to help in their little halon way. If you DO go kill-crazy and shoot them as fast as they appear… well, don’t bitch about all the fire covering the floor, it’s your own damn fault.

On the subject of Mimiron… the tram! Oh my, that tram! I’d never actually taken the tram before, I’d just teleported straight to Mimiron’s launching point. That was a place to explore all on it’s own. So cool!

So much of Ulduar is just… well, neat. And pretty.

Thorim is the only real pain in the ass, because while a SKILLED Hunter can apparently solo Thorim, I found it to be too damn tricky to run back and forth from arena to tunnel trash and back, trying to keep from resetting the attack and dying to a ball of bloated boom boom lightning. Also I’m too lazy to buy or make speed pots, apparently.

The thing with him is, someone has to stay in the main arena room while someone else opens the gate and runs the tunnel gauntlet to get up there behind Thorim and push him over the edge. Kinda hard to do that solo. It can be done! Just tricky. That whole skill thing.

So if you really need to kill Thorim, the General and Yogg-Saron in Ulduar, you’re gonna want a buddy. I’ve been really lucky in having friends come join me for that last bit while I was in there, so it was easy to finish it up.

Me, I really needed to kill Yogg each time. I wanted his pants!

Last night, we killed Yogg, I stole his pants and I put them on immediately. They may have been dripping in green ooze, a bit smelly and tinged with crazy evil, but darling they look FABULOUS.

I can see making Ulduar a regular thing. Just gonna need to find a friend so we can always kill Yogg. I’m sure he’s got other goodies we can wear (after wiping away the goo).

I’ve wanted to complete that Hunter set for transmog a long time now, and there is something about it that feels perfectly balanced to me. The Firelands set makes a dramatic statement, but the shoulders are very narrow compared to my big bear belly. I look at it, and I look… fat. Which is a totally acceptable look for a bear, really!

The Scourgestalker set, on the other hand, has imposing shoulders that make the whole thing very… solid. Those padded shoulders, they have such a slimming effect, don’t you think?

Omg I rediscovered 80s fashion! First padded shoulders, what next, a power tie? Big bow for the hair?

Plus, that eyepatch looks really sweet with it, it comes from a quest chain in Blades Edge Mountains, and of course the Wolfslayer’s Sniper Rifle adds authority.

Now I have the hardest decision of all to make.

What pet can I tame that will look awesome with this set? I can’t run around with a big flame-red Devilsaur! That’s like wearing white leather after Noblegarden, it’s just not done.

I suggested finding a big black wolf, and my son said I couldn’t do that. The wolf would keep eyeing my rifle, and feeling sad.

What pet can I find to accessorize with my new black metal armor?

Oh geez, and even worse, I have to figure out new ground and flying mounts to color coordinate!

I need swatches. Someone get me swatches, this is serious!


OMG Best Knight Evar!


Just the best night ever, wow wait ’til you hear this!

So there I am, right? Brand new Hunter all set to take on the world!

I ran Throne of Thunder, got a cloak, then did the Celestials at the reset today and lucked out, got a nice PvP necklace, and those things are buffed way up, iLevel 550. Just the thing a gear starved newbie Hunter needs to break open the bonds holding me back from the GLORY that is LFR Siege of Orgrimmar.

But I can haz problem. My DPS, she is low. Very low. Like, still only 66k DPS. WTF, amiright?

Wait a minute, there is something I forgot.

Gemming and enchanting and reforging and all that shit!

My Horde Hunter, she has no support system in place. On Alliance side, I have every profession maxed and all the mats stored up for whatever. Horde side I don’t even HAVE a profession yet!


Neutral Auction House to the rescue!

When the thrill of cocaine loses it’s zing, you can always count on the neutral Auction House to stir the juices, as you put big ticket items up for a 1 gold buyout and pray it’s still there as you frantically flip account windows.

Did someone snag that 28 slot bag you had up for 1 gold? DID THEY?!?

This time I played the Neutral AH game and won. All my items made their way Horde side with nary a squabble.

Ta da! Enchants, gems (including the meta!), even a belt buckle and a scope or two. With extras, against that optimistic (or cynical) expectation that as soon as I enchant something, I’ll get an upgrade to drop that very night.

And reforging, yes reforging into proper levels of Hit and Expertise, no noob Huntard here, bars and macros all set up identical to my Alliance Hunter, I’m going to be the best damn brand new boosted 90 they ever did see!

Which ain’t saying much.

So many things to do just to be prepared for LFR without being THAT DAMN HUNTARD.

Reforged to optimal stats? Check!
Gems? Check!
Enchants? Check! Except for the bracer and the legging armor, those damn things are expensive. Save those for upgrades!
Pet in DPS mode and has GROWL TURNED THE FUCK OFF??? Checkaroonie!
Took my Talents? Check!
Used the right Glyphs? Check!
Macros, Focus Targets, Misdirection for Tanks, etc? Yepper!
Food and Flasks? Wow, really going down the ol’ list here, aren’t we? But check and check again!


Let’s do this thing.

I queued up for Siege of Orgrimmar LFR with a lump in my throat. What would I get? How long would I have to wait? Would I get the first boss, or would I be dropped into a failzone? Would I have time to prep, or would I be plunged into an orgy of add slaughter?

Seconds after queuing I dropped straight into the LFR.

Oh shit, failzone, here we go!

I appeared amidst a sea of purple explosions, yep, raid flailing to the trash surrounding the Sha of Pride. Kaboom! Kaboom! Run, you little bastards, run!

We got the trash killed and cleared, the dead risen, everyone to their places.

Everyone to their places.

Everyone to their places.

HEY! DUMBASSES! If you’re DPS, get the hell away from the tanks and go to the other side of the room!

Yes, Warlock, that means you. Do you heal? Okay, do you heal something other than your pet? No, lock rocks don’t count! Sigh, look, just get yer special snowflake ass over to the other side of the room. See that axe in the floor over there? If you can’t hump the haft, you ain’t in the right spot. Now git!

Oh, and drop some of those cookies.


Warlock rocks.

Drop a soul well, for the love of…

Warlock, and I mean you with the name in purple, you have a spell, you can summon a soul well. Perhaps you’ve heard of it or seen it before.

Tell you what, could you check through your spell book, see if you can find it in there? It’s okay, we can wait.

No, you didn’t have to learn it at a trainer.

You know what, that’s fine. It’s okay. No, really. We’ll run this without one, and when you’re done running in this, the most advanced group activity currently in the game, maybe you could take a few minutes and peruse your spellbook, see if anything looks neat to try for next time?

Whew. After the butt chewing that poor Warlock got, I’m glad I took the time to get all prepped and ready to rock, ain’t that right, Sweetbite? We’ll show them all we ain’t a Huntard, we may not have the best gear but we know all the right moves. We can do the Safety Dance, we can play pac-man if called on, we can do this.

We can achieve our goal; a run through LFR without being mocked as a dumbass.

The tanks pull and away we go!

It’s a Paladin tank on the inside, followed by fast action on the self-reflection, ooh pile up on the prison but wait! What’s this? Everyone swaps to the manifestation and it’s down, OMG it’s down, this raid is going to do it folks, this raid is going to get the Sha down, but oh no, what’s happening, we’re seeing bursts of damage to the raid, what’s going on, let’s take a closer look at the field.

Oh no, looks like some problems in the Bursting Pride area, the raid is having problems dealing with how to move out of stuff exploding at their feet. This could spell trouble.

Oh no! The raid is down, the raid is down, this is horrible, Bursting Pride has laid the raid low. And there go the recriminations, looks like some of the players are feeling a bit special and want everyone else to know it wasn’t their fault. Will the raid recover from this terrible blow to their fragile little egos?

Yes, yes it looks like most of the players are quietly rezzing and getting ready again. Perhaps we will see some healthstones, maybe, maybe, nope!

Nope, nope, nope.

The raid is putting it behind them, dusting off and getting ready for another try. They’ve only got one stack of Determination, this is very early days for weariness to set in. What’s it look like, how did they do on that first attempt? 5%? Oh, they’ve got it for sure this time, let’s see how they do!

Oh my, look at how smooth that performance was, second try is the charm, and the boss is going, going, yes dead without a single player loss, well done everyone and let’s divvy up the loot.

Look there, it’s all worthwhile, a fine trinket drop for our Hunter, congratulations all around, and a fine end with a strong finish. Well done everyone.

Now let’s look at the scoreboard and see how we did, and…

Wait, WTF?



Wait, there has to be a good reason for this. Deep breaths, Bear, deep breaths.

Yeah, I’d like to Deep Breathe on something, damn hunter son of a Horde it’s true Horde sucks where’s a can i want to kick it grumble mutter grrr…


Y’know, now that I think about it, I wonder.

Why did I never get any stacks of pet Frenzy? I have the button on my bar, but I never had any stacks at all. Normally I just wait until it’s at 5 stacks then pop it off, unless Rapid Fire or Heroism/Bloodlust is up, then I wait. So I’m used to it not hitting 5 on short pulls, but it should have damn well hit 5 on a 10 minute boss fight.

Is my pet broken? Did boosting my poor pet from 10 or whatever straight to 90 break her? Poor widdle spider, did Blizzard hurt you? ‘Cause if they did, I’m dumping your ass and getting another spider. Be told.



let’s check the passives in my spellbook, what causes my pet to get stacks of Frenzy?

So… so, my pet’s normal attack causes Frenzy. Like, Bite and shit.

Bite. Why look at that, Bite is right there. At the top of my pet’s button bar where I normally keep Growl.

Turned off. With Growl right under it, also turned off.

I think I vaguely recall frantically clicking Growl off in that first Throne of Thunder, when I saw my pet steal aggro twice, and it kept dying. I bet it was Bite I was turning off mid-fight, not Growl. I must have clicked Growl of second when “it didn’t turn off the first time”.

Why, look at that. My pet went an entire raid boss without ever using the basic attack once. Not once.

And by that logic, I went the entire raid in Throne of Thunder without having any pet DPS either.

Boosted 90s. Clearly, this technology is meant for smarter minds than I, since even with hours of effort I still manage to FUCK THE WHOLE THING UP IN RAID.


Excuse me while I click this on.

Bite me.

I Can’t Do It All!

I’m back from vacation with a burning desire to do ALL the things, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

This latest patch had so much awesome in it for Hunters and Warlocks, it’s hard to pick who to do what with.

Yeah, you know me. I’m trying to do it all with both. Ain’t gonna happen.

My Hunter Beartrap is a very happy Dinolord, running around with his buddy Barry. Such a joy to play. I really want to just hug him and squeeze him and kill things with him all night long.

Then there is my Warlock, who… well, I have a limerick to describe where my Warlock is at.

There once was a Warlock called Buttflame
whose gases were the source of his name.
Chilis that made him perspire
let him cut loose with red fire.
The thought of GREEN made him fear insane pain!

I think anything worth saying is worth turning into horrible doggerel.

I bought a jar of special jalapeno salsa in honor of my Warlock and the quest for green fire. Every day that passes that my Warlock doesn’t get the Sealed Tome, I have to eat some chips and green salsa.

This better not take too long or there’s gonna be more than one Buttflame running around here.

In other news, the Sealed Tome can only be looted by Warlocks from the rares on the Isle of Thunder… but they’re not BoP. A Warlock who already has one can loot another, and then give it to a friend… or put it up on the Auction House.  There were two up on my servers’ Alliance AH last night for 40k buyouts each. If I had mad money, I woulda bought one.

Remember the true formula of worth is money = time. You can always spend time to farm something yourself, but at some point you’ll find that your time is worth a certain amount of gold… and you’d rather spend the gold than spend the time.

I ain’t there yet.

If I had to get the tag on a rare, it would be a different story.

The rares on the Isle of Thunder are awesome. You don’t have to be grouped with someone who tagged it, you don’t have to be the same faction as the person that tagged it. As long as you join in and go for it trying to kill the boss, when it dies you can loot it.

Now, I know this still isn’t perfect. Every additional person that tags a rare causes it to increase it’s total health pool by 50%. So, some griefing is still going on with people running up, hitting a rare once to make it increase health, and then standing back and /popcorning. Dicks.

But it does mean that if you run up and you really want to kill it and loot it, by God it doesn’t matter what the composition of forces or if it’s Horde or Alliance, just wade in and fight.

And try to watch for more people who are flagging PvP so AoEs flag you and make you a target. Again, dicks.

I’ve killed a lot of rares on my Warlock this last weekend, at least 15 kills, and it’s been fun. I’m not even sad that I didn’t get a Sealed Tome drop, I’m probably not skilled enough to finish the warlock chain if I got one anyway, lol. It was fun just to run up and let loose on the Haywire Construct or Mumta. Mum-Ra? Whatever. And each rare kill, every single one, gives you a Tome drop that is worth an instant 15 valor points. Tasty. 🙂

Anyway, circling back around, there are just an amazing list of things that can be done this patch, and I want to do them all, on two characters. No way. Uh uh, not happening.

What I’ve decided I can do is to run the Throne of Thunder LFR on both characters each week. Then I can run Terrace on my Warlock. And I can try to do dailies on both each day.

Yeah, that’s about it. That’s probably too much, really. I know that I alternated doing dailies this last weekend, one day for my Warlock, the other for my hunter. It’s not that there are LOTS of dailies, it’s just that I’m having fun instead of blitzing ’em.

Oh yeah, and I was fortunate enough to get one of those Loot Run Scenario keys on both characters. First run, disaster. I watched a few videos, but I underestimated the power of the trash mobs in the second room.

The second run I did, I focused on scouring the perimeter of the first room from the ledge, and looking into all the nooks and crannies and walked away with four big boxes, two keys and 14 Elder Charms. Since my Warlock didn’t have any Elder Charms to start, that was very welcome for the Terrace run that followed.

So I know what I’ll be doing, but what won’t I be doing that I’d like to?

I’d love to kill Oondasta on my server. I helped a friend kill him on another server, and it was a white carpet skeleton ride. It would be great to do it for real, where I could get loot. Why won’t it happen? Well, I have too much stuff to do to park on Isle of Giants and hope to be there when it spawns. I’ve got stuff to do in the playtime I have, I can’t just sit there.

I’d love to go look for the new rares in Pandaria that can drop a dino mount, but I don’t really NEED a dino mount, and other people really want them, so I don’t want to compete with them and steal their potential kills. It’s enough for me to know I will get a Golden Dino for sure once I’m exalted with my Kirin Tor Offense faction.

Hell, I’d love to just spend more time exploring the Isle of Giants, but with all the action being on the Isle of Thunder, I can’t find the time to get out there. Definitely something I’ll be trying to get to, once the Thunder dailies are all maxed and the stages are complete.

It’s amazing, even daunting to think how much stuff there is to do right now, and then consider that we haven’t even unlocked all of the Throne of Thunder on LFR, or all of the stages of the island. There are still world bosses we have yet to see.

Simply amazing.

I know I feel overwhelmed, but I’ve got my goals down to a bite-sized piece of Pandaria, so it’s not too bad. I just have to hope something else new and shiny doesn’t get released before I’m caught up with the core fun stuff, right?

Oh, and lets not talk about the new Legendary pet battles. Time, time… ask me for anything but time!

So, now that I’m back, please tell me… what have you been enjoying the most since the patch hit? What are your priorities?

Hunter Gear – Defiant To The End

Since I can’t have my Safari Set, I’m going to make a different kind of statement entirely.

I’m going to go for a set that says, “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

That’s right, I’m going for the Rowdy Roddy Piper They Live Evil Overlord look.

You can tell the set is a true Evil Overlord set, by the fact that there is no helmet that matches this set. No face-concealing helmets, nobody can impersonate him to assume command of his legions of troops.

You know… just as soon as he gets legions of troops, that will definitely be a big plus.

The set I’ve decided to chase is the Scourgestalker Battlegear (recolor), in a delightful motif of black skulls and yellow plaguey flame.

JUST the thing to wear while stalking your prey through the forest, amiright?



The pieces of the set can be found entirely in Ulduar 10 normal modes, although some have a pretty low drop rate.


On occasion I’ll probably be heard to cry out over my Battletag broadcast channel, ‘Anyone up for an Ulduar 10 normal for transmog goodies?’

If I go every week, why, I might have the complete set in only three or four months! Woohoo!

Shoulders – Ironaya’s Discarded Mantle (Auriaya)

Waist – Belt of the Blood Pit (Thorim)

Feet – Boots of Unsettled Prey (Random Ulduar trash)

Alternative Footsies – Tempered Mercury Greaves (Mimiron hard mode)

Chest – Chestguard of the Lasher (Freya)

Legs – Leggings of the Insatiable (Yogg-Saron)

Gloves – Gloves of Taut Grip (XT-002 Deconstructor)

The set definitely says, “Good, bad, I’m the panda with the gun.”

Ascent Into Madness

I’ve been asked before, “Where do you get your ideas?”

Today, I do something different.

Today, I take you through the entire process of where it all started, and where it eventually went.

In the end, you’ll see that you don’t have to be crazy to write here… but it helps!

All this took place in about three minutes in my car.

I was cruising along on the way home from work, and thinking about the design that Tesh did for me just this last week.

Tesh has really been great for no reason other than that he’s a great guy, he’s done these designs just from fun and a love of creating cool stuff, and I wanted to show him how much I appreciated the work he does making this stuff just because “I thought it would be cool, would it be hard to draw?”

So, I asked him if I could send him a shirt from the store, and he’d said yes… the awesome one he’d done a while back based on my son’s idea for a Fish Tanking Pet.

I got shipping notification today, so that got me thinking about the shirt, and that led to me thinking about the original design Tesh did, and where it came from.

Thinking about that design reminded me of how cool it was that Blizzard introduced the Companion Pets that are fish floating in bubbles of water. When we’d originally talked about Alex’s idea, the open-topped fishbowl with the attachments just rocked, but there was nothing in-game to link it to.

Shirt design… floating bubble fish.


So, we’ve got pet fish in the game now, something that didn’t exist when the shirt design was made.

What if… what if we took the design, and the bubble fish…

The original goal was a mechanical Engineer-crafted combat pet for Hunters.

We’ve got a fish pet now. It’s in a bubble of water. So, all that is missing is the mechanical stuff for the fish to ride inside.

Like a mount.

Like the Engineer would craft a vehicle, like a tank chassis, and you’d let your fish pet enter the vehicle, and then THAT would be your Hunter combat pet.

So a Gnomish Engineer could make, in effect, a reverse submarine! The water goes on the INSIDE, and all you do is let your fish get inside, and then it takes control of the mechanical chassis. A little fish-driven turbo tank with drill arm attacks and turtle-style shields. And portholes showing the blue water inside.

Heck, maybe even the fish occasionally opens the top hatch and sticks his head up, wearing WWI biplane goggles, to take a peek around as an idle animation!

That would be so freaking cool.

The purity of the vision, a land shark with a goldfish inside, overcompensating for NOT being born the king of the sea.

Almost like a short Gnome surrounded by giant idiot humans, overcompensating by building giant destructive devices… would there be some kinship there? Some sense of “You and me against the world, we’ll show ’em what we’re really capable of. The fools. For science! Muahahahahahaaaaaa.”

Okay, but we’ve got the Gnomes, but Engineers are traditionally Gnome and Goblin.

Gnomish Engineers already have one style of Engineering crafted pet, while Goblins have another. Why not Gnomish and Goblin-specific mechanical tank chassis that goes with your Mists of Pandaria Fishy pet?

On both the Horde and Alliance side, every player that completes the quests for the Pearlfin Jinyu or the Forest Hozen are rewarded with Fishy, a fish in a bubble. They don’t have to get it by fishing. So it’s a pet that you as a designer could reasonably expect every level 85 either would or could have.

So, since every character that does the quests will automatically get the Fishy, and it’s Bind on Account, and limited to those players at level 85 qualified to do Jade Forest… why not build around that?

Goblins and Gnome Engineers could have their own inspired design for the Fishy Tank.

Yes, that’s right.


You don’t like it, deal with it. I said it, it’s done.

Fishy Tank.

And come on, you know that the Gnome Engineers would be the first to think of something that crazy. A tank designed for a Fishy to drive, with gear-styled wheels (of varying sizes, probably), and drill arms like Tesh designed, and a big engine on the back with pipes puffing out smoke.

But the Goblins, seeing that… you just know that they’d have to design their own, more impressive counter to this.

Something that has that crazy shark-grin painted on the front cowling.

Oh, how insidious that design would be. A goldfish piloting a vehicle with a sharktooth grin painted on the outside. Oh, lord.

I could even see it occasionally going off on it’s own to pounce on Seagulls and other fisher-style birds, like you see the coyotes and wolves in the wild do in-game. Like… getting revenge. You’re just strolling along on the beach, and your goldfish goes tearing fin across to pounce on and destroy a seagull.

Oh, hell yes.

I can see it. Oh lord, it’s like a shining light, coming down from the heavens.

Goblins. Gnomes. And a design war on who can build the deadliest, most over-the-top Fishy Tank.

That would let Blizzard have fun designing two different approaches to a Fishy Tank, and it would give Hunters a new mechanical-based combat pet they could craft themselves towards end game…

What if this was the alst thing that finally opened the door to allowing Gnome Hunters? We’ve already got Goblin Hunters, why not Gnomes, especially if they could eventually have a mechanical combat pet?

Good lord… Gnomes. Pets. What if the formerly Gnomish Engineer-only companion pet Lil’ Smoky became the design foundation for the starting Gnome Hunter pet?

Gnomes, wielding complex guns, with fancy goggles, sending their programmed combat machine out to destroy the enemy… tossing Big Daddys and smoke bombs here and there…

The horror… the sheer, beautiful horror….

There. You see? That is exactly how we went from a starter idea, to whatever the heck we have now. Pure stream of my wandering crazy.

Look, I tell you these things, I tell you exactly how deep the hole is, and if you keep coming back here to read them, don’t blame me when we all ascend into madness together.

I warned you!

Boneheaded Bear Breaks Bow… and Butt!

Sorry about the title, we were talking about alliteration in guild last night.

In case you were ever in doubt, I’m for it.

Todays topic is:

Tell me the one thing you ever did in a raid, ever, that was so boneheaded you still look back on it and think, “I can’t believe I did that. What was I thinking?!?”

I started this raid week down exactly one Sigil of Wisdom from completing that part of Wrathion’s quest chain.

That left me eager to run Heart of Fear to try and get it, before queueing for Terrace to down the Sha of Anger.

Thus began my night of comedy.

I did get my Sigil, but the groups I were with were… sloppy. Felt half awake, going through the motions. Perhaps just hitting that wall.

We downed trash and bosses, but we usually had multiple people die per trash pull, half the group dead by the end of a boss pull, and we flirted with enrage timers and sometimes even went over them.

Elegon… let’s just not talk about Elegon.

My boneheaded, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment came during Will of the Emperor in Mogu’shan Vaults.

You know, the dude what can drop the weapon upgrade for me.

We played as sloppy as I’d come to expect on the trash right in front of the control panel, and over half the raid died before the trash finally went down.

Some folks released to run back, others were waiting for a ressurection, and some moron decided to start the encounter.

Oh, joy.

This has no bearing on my mistake.

I did my best. I know the fight, I have plenty of tools to work on the adds, and all I wanted was to get the fight over with, see if the bow would drop, blow an extra roll when it didn’t, and then move on with my week.

So, I’m running around doing the add killing dance as fast as I’m able, when halfway into the fight most of my buttons go dark.

Like, ‘out of range’ dark. Or, ‘you’ve been stunned/silenced’ dark.

I could still use my Kill Command, Glaives, all that extra cooldown and pet stuff, but I’ve got no shots at all. 

What, I ran out of arrows? WTF? I know I got tagged by that one Emperor’s Strength, but that stun only lasts like, what, 3 seconds? 

It took me over 30 seconds of trying to figure out what happened to finally get it.

My weapon was broken.

I opened up my equipment list, and sure as hell. All my epics were fine, durability 100 out of 180, or whatever.

The only thing I had broken at 0 durability was my 463 blue Tempestuous Longbow.

Apparently, it’s weaker and more susceptible to breakage than epics? And hey, guess what… I died a lot in that raid.

So… halfway through the last boss fight I intended to do for the evening, I ended up with no weapon, reduced to telling my pet to attack that target, now that target, okay Bestial Wrath and go Kill Command that one. And after that… well, i still had my fists.

Paws. Whatever.

I was reduced to punching the adds.

For over half of the fight, I’m running around punching bad guys and waiting for pet attack cooldowns to wear off.

That’s a long time to feel embarassed.

One of the healers locked out of the raid by the early start began telling us all how much we sucked.

Specifically, how bad us DPS sucked.

In fact, he began talking about the worthless sack of shit Hunter that was so bad he should get out of the raid and kill himself for being so bad.

For over five minutes, and then past when we did finally wipe, he kept up the stream of venom, directed at sucky DPS in general, and the one horribad sack of shit hunter in specific.

I was embarassed because, yes I can’t believe I was in a boss fight with broken equipment, total fail move, but even worse, getting called out for it by someone that really, with that language and hostility, I’d have liked to kick square in the nuts for being an asshole.

Worst part? The feeling that, even though the way he went off was nasty bullshit, I felt he had a point. I was terrible, and I did feel embarassed. I won’t go so far as to say I was ashamed, but yeah, that was pretty fail. There was no good excuse for my not knowing what my durability was going into a boss fight. 

The healer’s tirade increased, and he started linking meters to the raid channel, and calling person such and such with blank DPS out, and such and such did blank…

I suddenly realized something even more horrifying.

He wasn’t talking about me.

As bad as I was in that raid, spending most of it with a broken weapon, punching adds and controlling my pet as best I could, little though it was… I still ended that one fight with a little over 22k DPS.

I wasn’t the worst DPS on the fight.

I wasn’t even close.

It turns out I wasn’t the Hunter he was swearing at like a deranged beast. I thought I was, but he’d never called anyone out by name before. I just assumed I had to have been, by far, the worst in the run.


The Hunter he was talking about had 12k DPS.

I still feel a little light headed thinking about it.

The healer, seriously, he could go die in a fire. Whatever moron started that run was the person to blame for our overall failure, not one DPS in the group. There is never any call to rant and rave and swear at someone else. You don’t like how someone else is performing, and if you truly think they are doing it on purpose, then you say what, and why, and who, and ask people to vote kick them. If enough people agree, then fine, you kick them and move on. If not, and you feel that strongly? Leave. Or shut the hell up and soldier on.

The swearing and venom? Shove a cork in your ass, I don’t want to hear it.

I feel okay about saying that now, seeing as how he wasn’t talking specifically about me. 🙂

I am still trying to wrap my head around that. With a minimum iLevel of 460, a Hunter (a Beastmaster hunter at that, same as me) did 12k DPS on a  boss fight.

I did almost twice that with a broken weapon, punching the adds. Yes, my pet does reasonable damage on his own so long as I am using all of my Kill Command oand other attack cooldowns, but still. The other person is a Hunter too!  

In other words, as bad as I sucked, how could there have been someone even worse?

I feel like I entered in a “who can suck the worst on this fight” contest, and came in second place.

This did not make me feel better about myself. I mean, if you’re gonna lose, at least lose BIG. If you screw up big enough, spectacularly enough, there is a story in that.

Did I wonder what that Hunter was doing? Yes, briefly. Then I moved on. it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

It’s not relevant in any way. What he did is what HE did, not what I did.

I’m the one that fought a boss with a Broken Arrow.

About that Hunter… here’s a hypothetical for you.

You sit down, queue for a raid, and it takes 45 minutes to get one, which is what it took me. You expected 20 minutes, that is what you’re used to, and that’s what your addon told you was the current average wait time, so that worked for you. You’ve got limited time to play before you have to get your kids tucked into bed, but this is workable.

For 25 minutes after that 20 minute ‘average’, the duration kept getting extended by a minute at a time.  You thought, ‘okay, what is one more minute”, but that was 25 minutes ago.

Now, 45 minutes in, and the hour and a half you budgeted for the run is half gone before the first pull.

You’re running out of time. There are things you have to do with your family. But you can take it to the wire. Maybe this group will get it done fast and smooth. 

But no. The group sucks. Wipes on trash, AFK people, early pulls, all sorts of things that serve to drag this out.

Finally, you get to the last boss, the boss you came for because you’re a Hunter and you need a weapon and he could drop your weapon. You really don’t want to have to do all of this over again later, you don’t have much time during the week to play.

But it’s time to tuck your kids into bed, past time really, so you’re up against it, and when game and famliy go head to head, family wins. Of course.

So, as soon as this trash pull is done, you’re going to tell everyone you need to be afk for a few minutes, so you can at least go tuck your kids into bed.

Then some asshole pulls early, before people have even run all the way back or been rezzed. There are healers locked out of the instance, five people still dead…

Well, that’s an obvious wipe, so you say to hell with it, set your character to auto-attack the boss, sic your pet on it, and go get your children tucked into bed, tell your spouse you’re sorry that the run went so long, and get back to your desk to recover after the wipe.

Sound reasonable? Sound like an outside possibility?

Yeah… I’m not going to judge, and I’m not going to assume anything. It does not matter why someone else had issues, what matters is what I did, what I have control over, and what I can do better next time.

Our second run? Everyone was there, healed, buffed and ready.

We killed the Will of the Emperor easy as could be, and everyone, including that Hunter, did a great job.

After our wipe, I teleported out, repaired, and ran back. I had to, not a single person there would drop a repair bot for me. Fortunately, I got back in time before the pull.

Oh, and the healer that spent all that time swearing and frothing at the mouth?

Didn’t heal a single person the entire fight. Just stood there, metaphorically with arms crossed, watching as everyone around them did their jobs while just afked through the fight.

Isn’t that just special. So apparently, he was so offended at how people didn’t do anything the last run (while he was safely on the other side of the doors, doing nothing), that it gave him the right to do nothing himself to, what? Get back at us? Prove he can intentionally suck worse?


Doesn’t matter. We won without him, easily, so the only thing that got proved was how nobody needed him around in the first place. he was not a value add. 🙂

What matters is, I have furthered the legend of the Huntard.

I haven’t felt so embarassed in a long, long time.

I’m in ur raids, punching ur mobs. 


So tell me, make me feel better. What is your “I cannot believe I just did that” moment?

That was intense!

Panda-man ALWAYS intense!

Gotta love Harry Dean Stanton.

Tonight, I completed the Hunter rite of passage.

I successfully tracked down and tamed one of the new Pandaren rares, Savage!

And Repo Man or not, that was freaking intense!

I did not do this on my own. My inspiration was Cymre (of Bubbles of Mischief fame) with her recent post about tracking him.

It wouldn’t have happened, though, without Euphyley’s awesome post (At WoW Rare Spawns) detailing the how, where and why of Savage, with maps and all. And of course for the reminder that right now, before 5.1 is released, tracks are still displayed backwards, so backtrack ’em. 🙂

I was inspired by Cymre to try my own search for this beautiful white jungle cat with the blueish-purple eyes. I have always loved tigers, and the look of this white tiger is simply stunning. Of all the rares, Savage was the one I hoped the most to be lucky enough to find someday.

I started at the western-most point of the Jade Forest on Euphyley’s map, just below the bridge to the Valley of the Four Winds.

I kept tabbing in and out, comparing where I was on the map to landmarks, trying to get oriented in my mind where to go next. “All right, so if I move to that grove of trees, then I can do a southeastern loop around that lake, then head up toward the mine entrance, staying to the left of the village.”

I stayed on my flying mount for the trip, not expecting much luck on this first excursion, walking slowly, criss-crossing where I thought the trail might be.

I went the entire route, all the way to the eastern coast, when suddenly I saw it! A dot that showed up as a Bloody Track!

I checked the orientation of the paw print, and it showed the claws pointing ahead of me… which meant he was actually heading back the way I came.

I whirled around, popped a flare… and nothing. Uh oh. Oh wait, there’s another track back the way I came!

And thus began a half hour stalking session.

That was intense. I had people whispering me, and I didn’t respond to anything. I couldn’t, I might miss a track or it would fade away!

I was fixed on the screen in front of me, analyzing every trace of land for the sign of the next Bloody Track.

It seemed like no matter how far I went, there were always more tracks in front of me.

It wasn’t until I was almost all the way back to where I started, at the southern shore of that lake south of the mine, that I felt I finally got ahead of the tracks. The southern part of the lake is bordered by a trail and mountains, so it’s a natural choke point. It became slightly easier to see the tracks, and to feel I was ahead of him. It also gave me a better feel that the flare might encompass where Savage would have to walk.

I popped that flare, and the thrill when I saw the giant, white-furred head push into view was amazing.

Seriously, if you are a Hunter, and you haven’t done this yet, please do yourself a favor and go on the hunt for one of these special rares.

Visit WoW Rare Spawns, look at the various rare Hunter pets in Pandaria, and set yourself on a safari.

Wow, what a rush!

Look ma, I’m a real Hunter now!

Thank you Cymre, and thank you ever so much Euphyley!