Kicking Something Once Again

I have known about Kickstarter for a while, people talk about it a lot. I, however, like a modern day luddite, never even visited the website.

There are millions of knickknacks I’d love that already exist which I can’t afford, so I didn’t see the point in searching for new things to spend money on that might or might not happen someday. Ain’t getting my hopes up for vaporware, not anymore.

That only changed because a good friend, Tesh, went forward with his own project on Kickstarter.

Tesh has brought his design for Tinker Dice to Kickstarter in the hopes it will get fully funded and become a reality, and hey, when your bud goes for his dream, you’re there for him, right?

Unfortunately, it’s looking like unless there is a sudden big push at the last minute, Tinker Dice aren’t going to happen. There are only four days left for it to be fully funded. We can hope, though. It ain’t over yet. And assuming it ain’t gonna happen, Tesh says he has plans to fall back, regroup and come at it with a different angle. He’s not dead yet!

While I hope Tinker Dice become real, and I’d love to add them to my dice collection, what I’m really drooling over are his designs for his Steampunk-themed playing cards, what he’s calling his Tinker Deck. Hopefully he will Kickstart the Tinker Deck someday soon, incorporating the lessons learned from his dice project.


Tesh’s Tinker Dice have apparently become a gateway project for me, leading me to explore this whole Kickstarter thing you youngun’s created a bit closer.

It turns out, drooling over potential projects is a dangerous drug. It has me imaging all the awesome things you can do with 3D printers, board games, songs, etc and so forth.

It also has me thinking about the obvious jokes, like wondering when someone will come up with a Kinkstarter website.

Come on, you know somebody (besides me) thought of it already. Kinkstarter, the website where you post your ideas for new porn movies or devices, and hope the project becomes fully funded. With Backer rewards like being in the production. In this world, you know it’s only a matter of time.

Distractions aside, I’ve been browsing projects at Kickstarter, and there is a game there that is as close to a sure thing as anything I’ve ever seen.

There is this tabletop miniature tactical game called Warmachine, I’ve heard a ton about it, but I’ve never played it or seen it played. I’m well versed in the genre from playing Warhammer and Warhammer: 40K, so I grasp the basic concept. Just haven;’t had the chance to get my hands on any miniatures for it, and even if I did, I don’t know a single soul in the Twin Cities of Minnesota to play against.

Well, the creators of Warmachine are teamed up with an indie software company to create a computer version of Warmachine, called Warmachine: Tactics, and it freaking looks great.

It looks like a polished version of the tabletop game, both single player campaigns and multiplayer, just like my old favorite Warhammer 40K tactical video games of years gone by. And it will be out years before I could get my hands on the Warhammer 40k MMO.

And here’s the kicker, as it were. For $20, you can be a Kickstarter of it right now, and get the game when it is complete and have all of the extra in-game stretch goal content. It’s already fully funded so there is no worry as to whether it’s happening or not. This ain’t vaporware, they are way past their initial goals on this one.

In this case, you pays your money without taking any chances.

Oh, hard choice. Support the game, help them reach more stretch goals and get rewarded with even more multiplayer units, factions or options once the game goes live? yes, please.

Yes indeed, I threw my support behind it, and I’m darned excited to see the final game. A game with the promise of this one, for only $20? I can defer gratification for a year or more in the hopes that this will be even half as good as their promo makes it look.

If you like tactical games like Warhammer 40k, I strongly recommend you think about using Kickstarter to back this one. Who knows, you might get the chance to play against the Big Bear Butt in multiplayer and crush the very life out of me.

It could happen. 🙂