Creating a DPS Trinket macro

Hello! Welcome to a single, short post that I hope might help one or two folks in getting the most use out of their DPS Trinkets.

Now, we all see these great Trinkets.

They have a wonderful Equip function… and then they have an ‘On Use’ function.

Now, for tanking Trinkets, I prefer to keep those on my bar for me to choose precisely the right moment to pop them off. The ‘On Use’ function may not get used at all in day-to-day questing, but I know that I have control over thier cooldown. I use my judgment on when it is apporpriate to key them.

But for DPS… for a DPS Trinket, frankly, I don’t really worry too much about whether the cooldown is ready or not. I prefer to get 100% use out of the damage boost. I want them to trigger every single time the cooldown will let them.

So what I do, no matter what DPS class I’m playing, is choose a frequently cast ability, like Mangle for a Druid, or Steady Shot or Arcane Shot for a Hunter, or Mind Blast for a Shadow Priest, and I tie my Trinket activations into them.

Allow me to demonstrate.

First, you choose your ability, and your Trinkets to equip and have activated. For the purposes of this example, I am using my Hunter. So the ability is Steady Shot, and the Trinkets are Empty Mug of Direbrew and Bladefist’s Breadth.

First, open the Macro window.


Click “New”, and then in the new window type in whatever you want to name this macro. In this case, I chose “Trinkets”.


Next, click on the icon of the Question Mark. This will allow us to have whichever ability we are using to be the icon graphic that is displayed.


Next, we do two things.

First, we enter in the text portion of the macro.

You can simply copy the following text, and paste it into Notepad.

(Notepad or another plain type editor will remove all of the hidden HTML coding entries that are invisible. Likewise, if you use microsoft Word to copy/paste, there will be invisible Word formatting. Just use a plain text editor for copy/pasting macro text. Okay?)

#showtooltip Steady Shot(Rank 2)
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();
/use Empty Mug of Direbrew
/use Bladefist’s Breadth
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
/script UIErrorsFrame:Show();
/cast Steady Shot(Rank 2)

The first line is the piece of code that determines what graphic icon you will be displaying on the macro button. To get the actual name of the ability, in this case Steady Shot, open up your spellbook just like we did, and with your cursor at the appropriate pplace for the first word, Shift-Left Click the icon in the spellbook. VĂ³ila! The name Steady Shot(Rank 2) appears.

For the Trinkets, you can open your character paper doll page, and Shift-Left Click on the Trinket, and the appropriate name will appear.

It is important that on each line, there are no extra spaces anywhere after each line. It will mess up the activations.


After you are done, the next and last thing you do is simply drag your new Macro button down to replace your previous Steady Shot, or other ability. This is your new Steady Shot button.

The difference is, it will try to use the first Trinket it comes to that has an available cooldown. It will trigger the Empty Mug of Direbrew first… and then, when the shared trinket cooldown is up, the next time you use the macro it activates Bladesfist’s Breadth.

At no time will it ever interfere with your casting Steady Shot. Or Mangle, as the case may be. And the intervening codes prevent you getting error messages from ‘trinket not ready’.

I find it very nice to know that I am getting the most use out of my DPS Trinkets.

Did anyone else level to 70, mostly solo, and rarely if ever remember to trigger a trinket?

This is one way of helping us slackers use ’em.

I take no credit for creating this macro.

I originally found it from the Shadow Priest forums, in a thread somewhere long, long ago, for using Trinkets with Mind Blast. And I’ve been using it cross-class ever since.

If you play a Shadow Priest and haven’t visited the unofficial most-excellent forums, please go to the links section at the sidebar of the blog, and go see. They are an amazing community. Truly great website.

I hope this has, in some way, helped a few of you the way it has me!