I’m the Bomb!

This post is about crafting and reputations, but mostly about the unexpected generosity of the people we know.

As part of my “Pandarian Wish Checklist”, I’ve been going around doing all sorts of stuff.

I figure, once Warlords hits, I am not going to go back and farm things, level or hunt rare pets or seek out mounts or kill world bosses in Pandaria much.

If I have a pet that isn’t leveled or collected when Garrisons and Minions go live, I don’t foresee them getting much lovin’. They’ll be my established buddies, but they better be more cat than dog, if you get my meaning. They best expect to see me when they see me.

One of the things I’ve been doing is crafting stuff every day, using materials gathered on my farms. A few Sky Golems, plate armor for alts, working on the 28 slot bags and cloth armor on my Tailor, and weapons on my blacksmith.

Currently, I’m in the middle of daily cooldowns crafting Pierre, an Agility Sword (for my monk alt), cloth pants for my son’s warlock, and a 28 slot bag.

Plus seeking out Zandalari Warbringers to destroy. I love them, I get such a pirate rush from finding them, killing them, and stealing their big bag o’ plunder.

PLUNDER. No feeling quite like ganking a Warbringer, taking his big sack and finding it FULL of stacks of cloth for your tailor to use.


I was looking over my to-do list, and it occurred to me that one of my top, I mean TOP OF THE CHARTS to do items when Pandaria was first announced had gone undone.

When the buzz over Mists of Pandaria as an expansion first went viral, people were talking pandas, islands, whispers of legendary quests for everyone, all sorts of exciting stuff.

Me, I read Wowhead’s breakdown of the proposed engineering profession, and went nuts over one thing.

The Depleted Kyperium Rocket mount.

When I chose to have my warlock be an engineer, I specifically went Goblin for this mount. I don’t like Goblin engineering usually, because it’s all PvP bombs. Gnomes have fun gadgets like the Poultryizer. Where I come from, being able to turn your friends into chickens is a big draw. Only thing would be better is a Big Bessy Pig-O-Matic. You were once my friend, now you’re potential breakfast bacon.

Here we are waiting for the next expansion, and I’d never made the bloody rocket mount!

As I recalled, the big gate on those were three Orbs of Mystery, which had to be bought from a vendor in the Vale. I couldn’t remember much more, other than they were bloody expensive, and some folks were using them to bypass gold limitations on server transfers by buying them up and then flipping them on the AH of their new server.

So, how much are they stock before I go check for AH discounts?

What they are, is 18000 gold. Each.

The Depleted Kyparium Rocket requires three.

This reminded me why I never made any of the Jewelcrafting mounts either. Each one requires an Orb of Mystery. And you need one of all four chromatic mounts to make the insanely beautiful Jeweled Onyx Mount. That means the Jeweled mount is a minimum of 72,000 gold in Orbs, before you even count in anything else. Like living steel, or stacks of rare gems. 20 rare gems per mount. Plus Serpents Eyes.

18000 gold each. Three of them for a rocket mount.

You know, I could have had 56000 gold for a rocket a long time ago.

At least, I could have if I hadn’t spent EVERY DIME I’VE EVER HAD ON PETS.

Hundreds of thousands on pets. I checked once. Never again, some things we’re not meant to know.

But that’s okay. I can watch the auction house, I can maybe craft Sky Golems and armor pieces to sell to make the gold to craft the rocket. There is still time.

So there I am, bitching about the price of Orbs in guild chat because, hey, that’s a thing, when Rosin whispers me that she happens to have brought a bunch of Orbs with her when server transferring over. You know, to avoid that pesky gold cap. If I wanted to buy some at a discount, they’d let me have them for 15000 each.

For the record, I am referring to Rosin as her because her character in our guild is female. No disrespect intended. 🙂

I want to stop, and take note of this. That is 3000 gold savings off what they had to pay for the Orbs in the first place. That’s a big, BIG discount, since anyone wanting one of these mounts will buy an Orb off the AH for any price less than the full 18000 gold. There is no need to cut the price that much. This is a huge offer.

Of course, all my riches are in pets. I had to thank Rosin, and let her know that I’d be working at saving for that day, but it probably wouldn’t be soon. 🙂

Well, Rosin had a counter offer.

She’d always wanted a Jeweled Onyx mount. Did I have a jewelcrafter with the recipes for them?

Well, no, no I didn’t. My Hunter is my Jewelcrafter, and I’d stopped doing the Cloud Serpent reputation quests at honored. My Warlock and my son’s Death Knight were both exalted though, so I had the Commendation for double rep.

So I said I didn’t right now, but if she’d like the mounts made, I would be happy to go finish the rep off. Give me a week to get my Hunter through and we’d be all set.

I love having a reason to pursue a goal. Someone wants me to make something? Whoopie! I get to go do something for ME (learn recipes) and help someone else too!

Being able to fly a serpent on more than one character is a plus, too.

But Rosin wasn’t done.

See, her offer was, I go grind the reputation and learn the recipes… and she’d let me have her leftover Orbs of Mystery and some Living Steel when we were done.

Enough Orbs to, coincidentally, craft a rocket.

I certainly wasn’t going to hold her to that, that’s a ton of money for something lots of people can craft for you. On the other hand, friends do crazy things sometimes because they can, and they know it’ll really make your day.

Regardless, I had a goal. Get Cloud Serpent to exalted.

Did you know that the Crimsonscale Firestorm serpents that fly over the Timeless Isle can drop Quivering Firestorm Eggs that are worth a core 1000 rep to turn in with the Cloud Serpents? With guild rep and Commendation bonuses, that makes each egg worth 2200 rep. More if you’re a human.

That is twice the rep you get from the Onyx Eggs you can discover in the Cloud Serpent area, Onyx Eggs that I found out are heavily farmed. STILL.

Nobody was farming the elite Crimsonscale serpents, though. Not until I came along.

Wowhead lists the eggs as a 7% drop, and that feels about right. I killed quite a few Crimsonscales, and by the time I went from zero to 39 of the 50 weekly hourglass charging embers, I had 5 of the Quivering Eggs.

Those, plus doing every single quest available and all the flying quests actually got me from midway through honored to exalted in just one day.

I let Rosin know that I had the recipes, so did she really want the mounts made?

Yes, she most certainly did.

Time for the next hard decision. Quantity or quality?

See, there are five jewelcrafting mounts, the four chromatics and then the fifth epic mount. The fifth mount is made by combing the first four. The first four cannot have been learned to use them this way, and once combined, they’re gone.

So if you want one of all five mounts to ride around on, you actually need to craft TWO of each of the four chromatic mounts.

That there be a lot of Orbs of Mystery.

I had all the gems needed, the Serpents Eyes, the Living Steel, so the question was if Rosin wanted all five at once, or just the crowning Jewel of the mounts.


jeweledonyx - Unnaa

I think she chose… wisely.

Damn, that is one pretty mount. Just, really pretty.

Can you imagine a hunter with that mount, and the metallic cat pet? I know I can.

Rosin turned around, thanked me, and yep, gave me three Orbs of Mystery and a passel of Living Steel, too. She told me she had wanted to do something to be nice for my having written about bear tanking all those years ago.

That goes a good ways past being nice, and I really appreciate what a wonderful gift it was…

Because that means this is the mount that Rosin built.



I’m sorry, but I look at that, and the rocket mount still lights my fire.

I want to make machine gun noises while I strafe fields of sheep doing flyovers.

This is the mount that Rosin built, and the funny thing is, I know myself too well.

A couple years from now, we’re going to be at the tail end of Warlords of Draenor, and I’m not even going to be able to remember the name of our current expansion, or any of the bosses in the raids before Siege of Orgrimmar. I’ll have flushed most of it down the old age drain.

But I’ll remember Rosin and her generosity every single time I mount up and ride that rocket down just like Slim Pickens, and you can bet this mount is on my new short list of must-ride mounts.

At this rate, my only complaint is I’m running out of Wish Lists.

I gotta come up with something to keep me busy!

Maybe I should learn Cloud Serpent riding on every character? But who needs a serpent when I’m THE BOMB, BABY!

Yeah, that’s the last time I say that. Ever.

Rosin/Unnaa, thank you very much for your overwhelming generosity. Thank you ever so much. I hope you enjoy your Jeweled Onyx Panther and ride it in very good health. 🙂

Me, I have to find me a field of sheep to strafe.

Almost Feels Like Stealing

When I got home this evening, Alex was in the shower and Cassie was getting some dinner ready for them, and I had a few minutes to myself because I’m feeling pretty sick.

I logged in for my nightly chance at the Ahune staff on my Priest… nope. As usual, year after year.

I logged over onto my Druid to exchange more Justice for Honor, got myself a new PvP mount, and then checked the LFD box.

Satchel of Exotic Mysteries up?

Why, yes it is!

Shifty-eyes back and forth. I gots a few minutes, nobody is looking for me, let’s sneak one in.

I get End Time.

The group starts out a little inauspiciously, one of the players doesn’t react as we kill the first couple of packs of trash in the Ruby, but you know, things happen. I ask if everything is okay, and one of the other players says that person is just lagging back and is trying to reset their computer.

Okay, no problem, we hang out, do some Bear dances. A few minutes later they log back in, and from that moment on…

It’s a perfect run.

We had bosses go down with perfect smoothness. Everyone did their role, moved in concert, happiness and joy in abundance.

We had a few moments waiting for one of the other players in Obsidian, so we engaged in even more Bear dancing. More Druids! We want More!

It was everything a run should be. Fast, steady, smooth, people typed in complete words, there was even punctuation a time or two!

Nobody was rude to anyone, nobody complained about waiting for a few secs, and you know what?

Even with the waiting, things died faster than in most “go go go” groups I’ve been in, and dear lord I’ve tanked a lot of runs this week.

When the final boss died, I was sad to end out the run. I didn’t have time for another, but that was a group that simply all played well and made me happy to be a tank and do a random PUGged LFD.

It was the kind of run that reminds you how enjoyable the game can be when you have a team of people all working together towards a common goal instead of out for themselves or at cross-purposes.

If you happen to be running in LFD, and you see Aggressiøn-Dentarg, or Treetard-Dentarg (yes, I know, I know), or Dariusboo-Dalaren or Abw-Dalaran in your group…

Wave hello, and relax, because despite a certain wince-inducing name, these are all good players and I’d welcome them back in my groups any time. Damn it, I wish they all could be like these people. I really do.

When the run was over and we’d said our farewells, I zoned back into Stormwind, and opened my Satchel of Exotic Mysteries to see what flavor flask I got this time.

Behold, for the first time, something other than a Flask;

I’m telling you right here, right now, getting rewarded for a run like that seems like theft. It’s stealing, plain and simple.

Ah well. I may not have earned it, and I certainly don’t deserve it, but I’m a gonna ride it JUST like I stole it!

I guess it’s just a week for mounts, isn’t it?



I just got the word from The Godmother, and I am zerg rushing the presses on this one.

The most important news to come out of the Beta is here.


Mumper commented on this thread an update, and it’s pretty specific;

This is truly liberating news. I know, I know, most people probably read my earlier post about this issue and thought I’d gone batshit crazy. This is probably one of the most trivial issues you could find in the game, and here I am bemoaning some mounts not being shared.

Heck, Druid Tanks are facing some serious issues in MoP right now, and instead of talking about any of that I spend time whining about mounts.

The thing is, this isn’t trivial to me, because a large part of the fun I and Alex are getting from the game come from the aesthetics of characters, costumes, mounts and pets.

Those of you who have known me through my writing for a while probably know what I’m about to say.

Despite my grumpiness in my prior post…

I went ahead and already got a motorcycle mount. I farmed the materials, acquired the gold, and had my good friend Melpo craft it for me. I learned it on my Hunter, fulfilling my own long held desire, and then we spent an evening going for a ride.

I may bitch, piss and moan about how much better something could be, but in the end I said to hell with it and got me mah choppa!

Now I get to enjoy the fruits of my labors in MoP ANYWAY!

Oh, and I was already working, slowly, on gathering the mats for Alex to fulfill what he has wanted to a long time, to be able to become a Sandstone Drake. To transform into a dragon!

How much cooler that, once that is complete, he’ll know that it will be shared by all the other characters he ever has that rises high enough to do it. And if that has a level 85 restriction on it someday, so be it.

Rejoice! Rejoice my fellow bikers, and go forth to conquer those damn mounts!


Great Bountiful Mountables!

I haven’t said anything. I haven’t even whispered it, even to myself. Saying it may jinx it.

But Blizzard had suggested, along with account shared Achievement and Pets for Pet Battle, they were thinking, possibly, maybe, probably not but could be, that they would make Mounts be shared across accounts as well.

I kept that on the down low. Some things are just too sweet to believe until it happens.

According to MMO Champion (and WoW Insider, of course) the latest Beta build saw Mounts go shared account wide (at least, server wide).

It may be buggy, it may have gaps or quirks, but it’s playable. The time is now. The Mounts have come upon us.

Oh dear lord, yes.

You know, Pets are awesome. My main, Bigbearbutt the Feral Druid, has over 150 pets. I think I’m at 158 now, and I’ve got room to grow. Haven’t gotten any Darkmoon pets yet, for example. I could, conceivably, reach 175 pets before Mists is launched.

But Mounts… ah yes, mounts.

I love mounts. But my Druid is also my main for reputation, for doing stuff, for being there when really cool shit drops… and I only ever use the same three mounts.

I ride along the ground on my Sethekk Halls chicken mount, an iconic mount once requiring a Druid just to activate the boss encounter, thus coming to be thought of as “that damn Druid mount that never drops”.

I fly through the sky snatching Herbs in my Epic Flight Form. Damn, I love my flight form. Always have, always will. Did you know that in the last Beta build I played, you could choose either the Epic OR the normal appearance of Flight Form? Pretty cool, huh?

And then, of course, I have my Epic Dragon Form. It’s mine, and it’s exclusive to Druids. Druids only.

Oh, shush.

This… this changes everything. Now, I actually have a REASON to go out on my Druid and hunt for moar mounts. I have an excuse to go run through old instances, farm rep, and do all the things that I like doing anyway.

But now, instead of being asked what I’m doing, and saying “Oh, just running through some stuffs looking for transmog gear”, I can say, “Farming mounts, of course.”

Or better yes, “Farming mounts for my Priest. Of Course.”

Oh, it’s going to be so much fun!

And so painful, running stuff and not seeing things drop for the 3,000th time trying!

I know there are some folks that will find reasons to complain, but I can assure you, I am nothing but 100% delighted. Those characters that earned multiple reps that other characters already had, just to get mounts, were not time wasted… because I have enjoyed those mounts for all the time since I earned them. There was no waste involved. I enjoyed playing the game to get them, and I enjoyed playing the game with the mounts. Now, even more characters can have the same opportunity.