Congratulations are in order, I think!

This very evening, I played in two heroics on my Druid.

We did Violet Hold, and Culling of Stratholme.

The healing in these two runs was simply awesome!

Oh, wait… you misunderstand.

*I* wasn’t healing.

Oh, no.

No, it was Cassie on her level 80 Paladin. 🙂

Her first time ever as a healer, and she healed my bear butt through two heroics back to back, and the gauntlet of Culling of Stratholme went flawlessly.

One thing you have to admit, Healers have the most intense trial by fire of any class.

As a DPS, you’re learning your role as you level. As a tank, you can still DPS well enough to go full on tanking solo on multiple mobs and see how well you survive and manage them.

As a Healer, you pretty much have to grab some suckers and convince them to let you try and keep them alive and see how it goes.

First time you develop and fiddle with your Healing skills is with an audience… a very captive, attentive audience.

You did wonderful, dear. Congratulations on kicking ass!

Or healing butt, as the case may be.

Bear offers Ret Pally advice, world ends, film at eleven

Yeah, yeah, I know. Cats and dogs, living together, mass hysteria.

I’m playing my Retribution Paladin alt, having fun, soloing in Borean Tundra lately.

Along the way, I came across something that I did not know, got irritated, figured out a quick solution, and then had the thought, “Maybe somewhere out there is another noob Ret Pally like me, and they could use this too.”

The situation?

The Retribution Paladin Talent “The Art of War”, when 2/2, increases the damage of your Judgement, Crusader Strike and Divine Storm abilities by 10% and when these abilities critically hit your next Flash of Light spell becomes instant cast.

Nice, right? Insta-cast self heal in the middle of a scrum, no interruptions.

On my interface, when one of these three activities crits, a little buff icon (with timer since I have the buff timer activated under Inerface Options) pops up showing The Art of War is active for 14 seconds, and of course during that 14 seconds, any single Flash of Light cast is instant, and consumes the buff.

The problem?

Fine and dandy, but on my interface, the only way to tell it’s live is by actively looking at my buff section, and trying to see if it’s popped up or not.

When you’ve got Replenishment popping up and down, auras for various trinkets going off and on, and, oh, I dunno… you’re in a stressful situation where you might actually NEED an instant cast Flash of Light, I personally find it a pain to try and keep an eye on the buff section and see if I can recognize The Art of War active up there before I take time to click the heal.

My solution?

Well, I use Scrolling Combat Text, have for years, and I love it dearly. It already has the functionality built in to display messages. It’s what it’s for.

It has, by default, many of the special moves various classes use already built in and active, and when a buff goes live or a special ability becomes active, it pops up a message letting you know it’s time to activate it.

The Art of War, for some reason, is not one of the defaults built in.

So, you can do what I did, and create a custom event to make The Art of War display.

Here’s how.

First, a simple screenshot of the settings I used in Scrolling Combat Text “Custom Events” to make it work.


And now, as I promised…

Film at eleven!