Would You Be My RAF Buddy?

So, here’s the thing.

I went out and bought two full sets of World of Warcraft, the Battlechest and Mists of Pandaria on US servers.

Everything needed to play the game, with the 30 days that is included.

I intend to give these two sets of the game away to two people who would like to play the game as my Recruit a Friend buddies.

If you are one of the two, I’d follow the process of sending you the RAF invite, and then email you the codes for the game. They’re yours, period.

I would hope that you’d have so much fun you’d keep playing the game, and along the way pay for the two months of time that would send a reward back my way.

If for some reason you decided you didn’t really enjoy the game though, I would not hold you to any obligation to do so.┬áMaybe I’m crazy, but if you play the game and after a while decide you don’t like it, I’m not going to expect you to pay for more game time. Screw that, who makes their friends resent them with that kind of thing?

The disclaimer. I can’t promise that I will level a character all the way to max with you. I work full time and pop on and off a lot for family stuff.

I also tend to go in bursts of enthusiasm, playing the hell out of an alt before some other shiny catches my eye to obsess over in the game for a week.

That said, I do have one empty character slot left on my main server, and one low-level character, a level 40-something Shaman. So it is possible I could do some leveling with you.

What I can promise is that, if you are on Alliance side, I would be delighted to run you through anything and everything until we get to content I can’t quite solo on my Warlock, such as some of the Firelands bosses. That is a lot of stuff that your character will be able to see and loot as you level.

I can’t make that same promise Horde-side, I don’t have a high level Horde character. Sorry.

So, you get the game for free, and the benefits of teleporting each other around (and I do have a Mage so that can be handy whenever you need to get somewhere fast) and someone to chat with and run you through stuff.

I potentially get an RAF pet or mount if you decide you like the game enough to keep playing it three months from now. And I also get a new friend to run shit with, because you know, it’s nice to feel needed to do stuff in game and have friends.

If you are seriously interested, send me an email at thebigbearbutt AT gmail DOT com, and let me know why you’d be at all interested in being my RAF buddy. Not looking for an essay or anything, just want to be sure you have some idea of what you’d be getting into.

First two folks who contact me and seem serious are in. This ain’t a contest, no hoop jumping. Just a handshake and taking a lot on faith.

Hope to hear from you soon!