RIFT related question

I’ve got a question for you folks.

I’m asking now, because I DIDN’T ask before I bought DC Universe Online, and I was chided for my stupidity.

I’m interested in trying RIFT, but I’d like to try it first before investing the money. I am only willing to pay one ongoing MMO monthly fee, and I’m still playing WoW.

Is there a trial version of RIFT, or a buddy code, or something along those lines? I haven’t seen any mention of it before, only comments on the Beta and the live game.

If there is, and if someone has one I could use to try it out, I’d sure appreciate it. I keep hearing very good things about it… but DCUO taught me not to spend money on a retail game just because it sorta looks good and people are saying nice things about it.

In other news, James did get a truly excellent reply back to me already, so I’m hard at work on the next chapter of the PBeM. Yay!