How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Raiding

Slim Pickens Eat Your Heart Out

Slim Pickens Eat Your Heart Out

For many years, I’ve played World of Warcraft more as a dedicated but solo gamer than as a raider, hardcore or otherwise.

I say dedicated because, to paraphrase an old Marine Corps line, I’ve got more time in the shitter in Grizzly Hills than you’ve got in the game, sunshine. For a given value of ‘you’, of course.

I say solo gamer because while I’ve been in great guilds and known a lot of cool people, I log in, do my own thing and log the hell out on my own time. Coordinating things with other people on the internet is something that mostly happens to other people.

Which is funny, since these days that’s my day job. Scheduling other people tasks to do when I want them done.

Ah, but that’s a job, and the game is (in my headspace) meant to be fun, so maybe that’s why I hate scheduling shit with other people in game. It’s supposed to be fun, not a job where people have to show up and clock in and put in their time. It’s a game, fun, crazy, we’re being wacky over here, spontaneity and shit, y’know?

For the longest time, I didn’t raid. When I did raid, I did what raiding can be done by a bunch of goofballs who put friendship and playing with family and spending time arranging everything to suit everyone’s schedule over downing bosses.

Newsflash; it’s a lot of fun if you don’t care if you ever kill any internet bosses, but if you’d like to see some content or get some loot, it’s not really a blueprint to craft an engine of boss killing destruction.

It’s the Hello Kitty of raiding, and that can be all right. But sometimes, I found myself hungering for more.

But I refuse to compromise my principles. The main principle being life is too short to waste it spending time gritting my teeth and pretending I can’t hear the AMAZING ASSHOLE that is talking in vent right now, just so I can kill shit and get shinies.

Way too short. WAY too short.

Remember back when Blizzard was going to make it mandatory that real names were revealed when you posted on their official forums?

I know why they relented. It’s easy and obvious.

Someone at Blizzard finally ran a progression raid and realized if that forum name shit went live, people in raid teams all over the world would be taking planes, trains and automobiles to hunt down that ONE ASSHOLE in their raid team and kill him. Or her, or her, let’s not discriminate.

Principles. It ain’t much, but it’s there.

Years I’ve spent playing this game. Years playing everything I could do, but stopping short of progression raiding.

Whatever the current raid tier would be, I’d usually be found about two steps back. Or more, lol, Outlands and endless Karazhan runs I’m looking at you.

This last year, all that changed. I’m in a guild of generally awesome people, and eventually I was invited to be a warm body to fill a gap made when someone with actual SKILL left the progression raid team, and somehow I have clawed my way into sticking around.

They haven’t booted my ass yet, but there is always tomorrow.

The way things are looking, I might even still be raiding with Team Wanda when level 100 and 20 person Mythic raids roll around. That’s my plan, anyway. they may have other ideas.

It helps that the raid schedule is one that I can commit to and maintain happy family wavelengths.

So. All those years as a filthy casual (as some seem determined to keep calling it), and now over a year of killing shit on the front lines. Well, the reasonably close to current lines.

It’s a total change in perspective.

Here’s the deal.

I’m not in a raid team that is, like, farming Heroic Garrosh kills or some crazy shit.

At the start of summer, the 10 man team added a flood of new people, converted to raiding 25’s in anticipation of Mythic in Warlords, and have gone from a complete reboot to farming Heroic Siege through General Nazgrim, and knocking hard on Malkorok’s noggin. That ain’t too bad when you consider that aside from the core, the team formed over summer, a normally dead time for playing.

Good people. Still that one on vent, but you know, it’s not that bad. I just remind myself that even in the Marines we had to deal with that 10%, and in a 25 person team, only one on vent means we’re ahead of the curve on asshats. Hur hur Ahead of the Curve. Yeah, sorry.

My item level on my raiding main Ursinerate is 580, compared to my non-raiding characters like Beartrap, who even with lots of Flex items and drops from Ordos is only at 557.

In the old days, Beartrap would be my fantastically geared main, my ‘woah this is Keanu god-level Matrix type shit’ main, and it would have required tons of time investment from raiding a lot of Flex with friends, crafting, reputation grinds, etc.

The other thing to consider…. normally, by the time I would get a character like Beartrap to where he is now, it would be the very tail end of that Tier of gear. I would have gone through most of the expansion with the early range of gear, patiently working up to a stronger set, so that just when I finally qualified for an entry level position on a raid team, they were all bored with clearing all heroic modes and quit until the next expansion.

Not so as a progression raider. There is no delay, no year-long ramp up.

As soon as new raid content comes out, you tear into it. You start learning it, and wiping on it, but you get victories and loot.

As a raider, you start getting the very strong gear right at the beginning when the new content is fresh and tasty, and there are fewer folks competing for the rare spawns.

What I want to tell you is, I had no idea for all of those years what a huge impact that has on quality of life in the game. Just, no idea.

Yeah, I know you can imagine how ‘ooh neat’ it must be, so leet, very cool, who gives a shit. But I’m trying to say, don’t write off raiding if you’ve never really tried it, ESPECIALLY now that the normal raids will all be open to cross-server raiding right out of the gate.

I want you to open your mind to the possibilities if you’ve never done this before. OpenRaid is an excellent community of people that have cross-server raids of all kinds, from achievement runs in old content all the way up to regular raiding of current stuffs. If you can’t find a pre-forming raid with the perfect times for you, try starting your own, and even say up front what days/times you’ll go and if you’re looking for a raid leader if that role scares you. Give it a shot.

It’s been over a year of my having one character that was a progression raider and the rest being my alts.

Such a difference

Challenges are good in the game, but having strong gear means that when you’re playing on your own, you can go do something you could never do before without finding a bunch of friends that have the time AND the interest in joining you right then.

This last year, as new content came out I was able to charge right in on one character, while the others had to do the usual build up.

Here are some of the differences that really stood out.


To try and get desired loot upgrades, I would have to queue for LFR on my alts. Before the multi-queue situation, it would take at least 30 minutes of waiting before I could get into just one raid, and then you never knew if it would be at the beginning or in the middle, and remember what I said about life being too short for assholes? Omigod.

LFR is a social experiment designed to prove that there is no bottom to the lowest common denominator, that negative numbers truly exist. I’ve seen good people log off the game, hands shaking they were so upset at what went down in an LFR. Good people who swore, “Fuck this game, and fuck those people.”

Nobody needs that in their life.

In a scheduled raid with my normal raid team, there is none of that. NONE of that. Plus, there is no pressure to raid at any other time. No thoughts of, “I really should be queued for LFR right now, I need to try for that weapon to drop, my 502 is so crappy. I should be trying to get more Legendary item drops, ugh, I need all the wings.”

Scheduled raiding with friends not only eliminates that asshole factor, but it frees up ALL of your other time to do whatever the hell you want except raid. Raiding and possible upgrades and team fun is already covered, so go farm dinosaurs for 3 hours guilt free!

Progress Matching Pace

When you’re raiding and getting current gear drops, your power level stays strong in comparison to your new foes.

New content comes out with parts designed to still be challenging six months after it is released. It’s expected to take most players several months, maybe longer before their gear becomes powerful enough to trivialize all the new stuff.

When you’re raiding and getting those drops, the grinding stuff is already trivial. Blow through it in a few minutes, get it out of the way, move on to the fun stuff. It’s the hard stuff that is now a legitimate challenge and fun to do. You get to leap right into it.

A few examples? Soloing Primal Devilsaurs and all the other dinos on the Isle of Giants, hunting down and soloing the Zandalari Warbringers, going back and soloing achievements or farming transmog gear in old raids that are still sort of not that old, taking out rares on the Timeless Isle like Garnia for the Ruby Droplet, all without having to wait for someone else to join you just to survive. Soloing old raids like Eye of Eternity and Tempest Keep each week for mount drops.

Power Overwhelming

It also means that when you only have a few friends to run with, there are more possibilities in what you can do together.

It was just a week ago that Cassie, the Cub and myself went and completed Blackrock Descent, from start to finish, just the three of us. There was I think once or twice someone died, but the end result was never in doubt, and it wasn’t all that hard either. We all had a good time, took our time looking around, and got some nice transmog gear to boot.

So yeah, good gear is fun, it changes the game in almost every way. And raiding with a regular team of people you know is a real game changer, because it takes so much of the stress out of raiding through LFR and having a new week reset hanging over your head. And having a raid already scheduled means you don’t have to worry about what you should be doing but don’t want to, you can just do what you feel like.

Do what feels good for you.

Looking Ahead

There is one other thing raiding regularly does as well.

It gives me something to look forward to each week, something to steer towards. Whether it be food, flasks, farming new transmog to display at the raid, or whatever. Having that raid coming up gives you something to look forward to in the coming week that keeps you logging in and staying current with whats up. There continues to be a purpose to playing.

And as long as you don’t have the ENTIRE current raid and all of it’s achievements on farm, you continue to have a challenge to strive to overcome.

Blah Blah Blah already

We’re coming up fast on Warlords of Draenor.

We’ve got a character level reset, gear reset, everything reset coming up.

Now is the time to consider, if you’ve never raided before… would you like to? If you would, what’s holding you back?

Is it not finding anything that works with your schedule? Maybe you can figure out one or two days where you’ve got some time you could commit to having free, and then look for the right fit on OpenRaid?

Is it not liking how your current main plays, and not wanting to raid with him or her? Warlords gives you that perfect opportunity to dump the old and begin anew!

It’s Orange Fishwrap

Whatever you do, I hope that you try to do one thing before Warlords.

I hope that you try to find some raid group that you can join that does Flex or better, and that can kill Garrosh, and do it before the pre-expansion patch comes around.

Maybe Blizzard will change their mind, but the last word was, once the pre-expansion patch is released, your character’s very first Garrosh kill (on each difficulty setting) is a guaranteed drop of an Heirloom weapon appropriate for your class and selected spec, an Heirloom that will scale from level 90 all the way to 100.

Don’t discount how nice that will be for questing when the expansion comes out. You will have plenty of other gear to worry about replacing, but wouldn’t it be real nice to know that when you finally hit level 100, and face having to attain Silver on a challenge mode just to enter five person dungeons, you’ll at least have a strong weapon to do it with?

I’m being totally honest here. Being able to just swing around Pandaria and bully Warbringers to farm the dinosaur mounts whenever I wanted, that was crazy. And yes, I did get all the mounts, something I doubt I ever could have done if I had never gotten back into raiding.

Now I’m farming dinosaurs on the Isle of Giants, to get 9999 bones. And I’m getting a thousand bones a day, so at the end of ten days, no problem.

I can absolutely assure you there is no freaking way I would ever do this if I had to try to find people willing to farm three times the number of these dinosaurs so we could all share out enough bones to accomplish it. Talk about a grindfest horror show, blech!

For those of you who have always raided all along…. yeah, I’m loving it too.

But never forget, raiding doesn’t give you an excuse to be an elitist asshat. The people who don’t actually raid mostly don’t do it because they can’t find the time, not because they lack the skill.

Raiding success does not grant anyone the right to be a douche. Fight the stereotype. Be a progression raider that’s cool and friendly.

All right, you can still do it from the back of your Heroic Garrosh kill mount.

So Long Old Friend – the Dead Authenticator Blues

Last night, I lost a good friend. A true friend.

A friend that has been there for me for six years, keeping me safe, always looking out for me, protecting me from the evil that lurks in the dark corners of the world.



My Blizzard Authenticator finally died.

I feel cold and alone, now. I log in and wonder, have they found me? Is this the moment when they sense my weakness and attack again?

Will I find my character standing there, naked, wearing only a cock ring?

I purchased my authenticator in the very first wave when they were released, shortly after the original Blizzard announcement in June of 2008.

In all that time, my little Authenticator remained faithful and true, and served me well, granting me safe access to a world of wonder.

Keep in mind, I am one of the many who have had their accounts hacked in the past. Oh my, yes. Such a lovely little Christmas present THAT was.

Since today brought the announcement of the Warcraft 10th Anniversary and we’re all being invited to take a trip down memory lane, I invite you to click that link to an old post of mine from 2007, wherein I regale you with the drama from my account dickery hackery lock on Christmas Eve, 2006. You might detect a touch of vitriol as I discuss in extremely accurate (and profane) terms my Blizzard customer service experience circa 2006.

Blizzard, you’ve come a long way. But let’s be honest, you had a long way to go.

Love ya. /mucha smoocha

Oh damn, was I pissed. PISSED.

That was then and this is now, and my happiness is brought to you by the letter AUTHENTICATOR BITCHES.

Wait, that ain’t a letter, except by the editor.

I still remember the day the postman rang once, and brought me my little bundle of joy.

That moment is one that can still bring tears of joy to my eyes. Such strong, true feelings.

Okay, so the feelings are mostly FUCK YOU HACKERS DIE PRICKS MUA HA HA HA HAAAAAA. Ha. Ahem.

They’re still feels.

Fortunately, my period of vulnerability will be a short one.

Replacement authenticators are available on the Blizzard store for only $6.50, in stock, free shipping. Yes please and thank you.

You might prefer the totally free mobile authenticator app, maybe you think you don’t need any but hell, free Core Hound pup, why the heck not.

Me, I like the tangibility of my security solution.

I like to have that physical embodiment of solid protection, like a Paladin bubble protecting my account from all the little hacker pricks the world over.

Holding the Authenticator in my hand feels like… victory.

My PSA to you, if you’ve been using an authenticator as long as I have, think about replacing it soon, and ABSOLUTELY make sure you enable SMS protect on your cell phone of choice with Texting plan, it makes updating your account, changing passwords and removing dead authenticators absolutely hassle free. Word up.

From Subscription to Event Driven

I long for the day World of Warcraft openly embraces being an Event Driven game.

The early promise of World of Warcraft for me was an online persistent fantasy world to adventure in.

Raiding didn’t enter into it. Raiding as a thing wasn’t part of my lexicon, it wasn’t what everyone talked about.

Everyone talked about the races you could play as. The character classes you could be. The way you could get quests from characters in the game that weren’t controlled by a GM or other players, and whenever you played, what you had done in the past carried on in the world to be shared with others. Persistent.

I remember in the early days talking with my friends Manny and James about World of Warcraft and the potential of games like it. Back when the idea was new and fresh and who knew what the future of such games might hold?

We’d talk about what new things online games might bring, like player-created quests and storylines with XP and rewards, or monster NPCs controlled by other players when taking a break from their player characters.  Or smaller-scale MMO games with special events where live GMs might be in control of key main NPCs or commanders, and you could join their army as a player character and fight in one of these vast wars as the GM-controlled commanders led you forward into battle.

Early days full of promise, where the main draw of World of Warcraft and other MMOs was in how similar they were to tabletop pen and paper role playing games, and not in how they were different.

In every game where there are levels and experience points, there comes a time when you have to address… what do you do when you hit the level cap?

In tabletop games, at least in my experience, you either retire the characters and make new ones (usually in a new game system that just came out), try a few runs in a world where your old characters are now the new high power NPCs that rule the area your new players play in, or nuke the game from orbit and reduce everyone in power from some calamity, it’s the only way to be sure.

In a programmed always-online persistent world, the level cap happened, and it made us stop, look around, and go… so, what now? Where has the story gone? What do we do when the quests have all been done and there is no GM across the table to improvise?

The response was to have raids. Big raids. Raids with lots of players against static content, one big battle that you fight over and over and over. Every week, over and over.

Why? Loot. Upgrades. Shinies. More power.

If we’re capped, then what difference does that make?

Ah! What comes next. The big question. Are we done, or is there more to come?

And so a game that lured me (and my friends) in with a lush fantasy world, leveling, questing, rich story and familiar classes and races where the point was to adventure in new lands and meet new peoples became a game where I waited for the next scheduled event to begin. We began playing the waiting game, spending time on alts and pvp waiting for the next new event that would move the story forward one chapter at a time, adding new raid battles.

Events that had a beginning, a middle, and a definite ending.

We played World of Warcraft one way at the beginning, and a different way at the level cap. We had to, once at the level cap our actions to grow our characters were complete.

Do you remember when the majority of players only had one main character, and those with alts were few, and mostly those that couldn’t stick with one thing long enough to max out?

An Event Driven game does not keep you in with long and exciting questing adventures, it keeps you in by having a timed event that you must take part in while it is active to gain the rewards.

While an event is going on, you have filler content, preparations, small quests or gathering to do, but the focus is the big battles, and each event includes it’s own end because if you fight a big battle, once you’ve won, you know how that story ends. The only question remaining is how many times you’ll have to repeat that same battle until the timed event is over, and everyone has been given a reasonable chance to finish it before the next event comes out to push the story forward one more chapter.

That is what World of Warcraft really IS now. It’s not the subscription based role playing game that I at least still think of.

It’s an event driven game, and how engaging the game is can be traced directly to how long it’s been since a new event was released to take part in and stir the senses anew.

Each event brings new rewards for taking part, new parts to the ever-growing story, new bits and pieces of shiny things like mounts or armor or titles. Or achievements.

The death of an Event Driven game is lack of events. You’ve got to have a new event ready to go as soon as the last one gets stale.

There is a point to this, and it’s one that has been bothering me with every ‘expansion’.

Blizzard does not act as though they realize what kind of game we’re playing. They act as though we continue to play World of Warcraft as a questing and leveling experience, even as more shortcuts to max level are baked into the core experience.

You have to ride the wave of new events to keep the players pumping quarters into the change slot. If you distract us with new shinies, we keep collecting them.

I want to collect them. I need to collect them. if you give me more shinies to chase, nobody will get hurt.

There is an interesting series of articles at Venture Beat that Albert Reed, the CEO and co-founder of Demiurge Studios has been writing about their extremely successful game, Marvel Puzzle Quest.

This is a series that you should take some notice of, because this is welcome candor from a man that is focused on how to separate a player from his money, and what methods he has used to become ever more successful at it.

The third chapter (there are eight so far, and each one is extremely good reading) discusses how Marvel Puzzle Quest has really taken off by embracing being an Event Driven game. If you read it and other articles in the series and really think about what is being discussed, there are a lot of similar elements going on in World of Warcraft, but they’re not shown the same level of awareness.

They’re not even close to being the same kind of game, but we are all video game players, and most of us seem to respond to the things that an Event Driven game offers, and that World of Warcraft gives us in spurts and false starts.

World of Warcraft expansions and content patches give us a new chapter to the story, and the main instrument in that chapter to advance the story are multiplayer raids with ever-higher power loot items as rewards.

The catch is, of course, when there are no events… we are all left flailing around looking for something to do to fill that time, and I at least usually feel as though somehow I am to blame for not being able to find something fun to do in the game.

That moment, that point in the game at the end of a content patch or game chapter where I have completely exhausted the raiding by doing the same ones thirty or more times, repeatedly, is exactly the moment when a new event should begin.

The lesson that Marvel Puzzle Quest and other games is teaching us, is that those events do not all have to be major battles or world-shaking story arcs. They can be smaller stories, told on a more personal scale, with smaller rewards of a more cosmetic or even temporary nature, but because they are new to us, they keep us engaged.

World of Warcraft had that same awareness, once upon a time. There was a time, a long, long, LONG time ago, when the seasonal events in game were something new to look forward to.

The problem is, once released they have been abandoned, and rarely get refreshed for a new year.

For several years now, the only question we have is, “Did they bump up the power of the drops from last years event? No? Pfft. Well, maybe my 8th alt can use a mole machine to get to BRD.”

I get the feeling from Blizzard that they’re not looking at the upcoming calendar year and discussing what content will be released at what time to space things out right, and have plans in place to provide filler events at key droughts.

Or, worse yet, they are planning it by the week, but they are including out-of-game Blizzard events like the release of a Diablo 3 expansion as WoW content.

Content from a company that is not actually in the game is not content, it’s competition.

Break my immersion in your game with a different game and you have no assurance I’ll ever return.

I’d like to think that the developers lift their heads from the gorgeous art they are creating and the quests and NPCs and zone terrain, and have a team meeting where someone breaks down the upcoming year one week at a time.
“Okay, now we’ve got 52 weeks in the year, we’re on week 22. What do we have going on that week. How many weeks since the last new thing to do? What, 8 weeks since a big content patch with raids and Tier armor? Two months, that’s a long time to be hitting the raids for progression, people will be needing a palate cleanser. What do we have new coming to break it up? yeah, Tim, what do you have?”

“Maybe we could have a one week event where we use that great design work that went into the Argent Tournament and jousting. How about we make that week a new max-level jousting tournament? Phase the argent tournament area for max level characters only with a bread crumb from the faction leaders, add a new questline, update the vendors with some new rewards with a new currency token that expires just like other seasonal currencies. Players can joust against familiar NPC opponents that will be exciting if we tweak them right, or PvP against other players. They can use the tokens to maybe buy pieces for a transmog set of jousting armor without stats, something that will look neat for roleplayers, and a new armored mount as the most expensive reward to keep people tilting all week. By the time the event is over, people will see raiding as a fresh break from the tournament, and an opportunity to show off their new pets or mount of armor look.”

“Okay, what about week 23? The week after a jousting tournament, do we want to give folks time to recover after spending a week playing more than average to try and earn those tokens?”

It just makes sense to me that you as a game designer, maintaining a game where time played is your number one asset, would be looking at the content in your game on a week-by-week basis to make sure you have planned for each week to have something that will keep players engaged and looking forward to logging in, but not feel like it is their job to have to log in and clock in those hours each day.

So you have planned events with just enough time for the majority of players to complete everything, and then you move on to something else, and some events be intense battles and major upheavals and others be story builders and setups for the events to come.

An event doesn’t have to be the release of a full raid tier. An event cane be a fresh week of seasonal content that is actually fresh. It can be a small quest chain that is newly added that leads you to search places around the world seeking treasure, such as the treasure maps of old.

What an event has to do is give you something fresh to do, have the chance to offer you a reward no matter how small it is, and be something that breaks you free from a daily grind if only for a little while.

Sometimes, like in the first half of Mists of Pandaria, it seems Blizzard does everything right. And then we come to where we are today, and look around, and wonder… “Are they playing the same game we are? Or are they playing the alpha and have forgotten we’re stuck in the Timeless Isle, and all we want is to grab the skipper and Maryann and get the hell off?”

However World of Warcraft started, whatever the original goal, it’s event driven now.

As much as the game has grown and matured over the years, the philosophy behind content scheduling seems to be lagging a bit behind. I hope that the planning improves soon, because I’ve seen some of the new competition coming up, and while there is no such thing as a ‘WoW Killer’, there are certainly some developers who seem to be chomping at the bit to entice players away by promising them frequent content updates.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how big the content update, because when you’ve had nothing new to do for a half a year, anything starts looking pretty damn good.

If you be standing still while the lean and hungry go racing around you, maybe you be moving too slow, mon. And maybe you be the meal they waiting to eat.

Azeroth Choppers – When It’s Done?

Let’s talk about this web series Blizzard and Paul Jr are doing, okay?

Azeroth Choppers, a show whose time really hasn’t come.

Here, check out the most recent episode.

You’d think I’d love this show, because it’s got two things I really like; World of Warcraft and Orange County Choppers…. oh wait, I mean Paul Jr’s custom bike builds.

Thing is, I don’t like it. It’s not even okay, it’s annoying as hell.

In fact, I’ve got a LOT of problems with this thing. Enough that I want to drop the flag and call bullshit on the whole thing.

The first and least irritating point about the whole scheme is, not once, in either episode, has anyone mentioned that the World of Warcraft developers and art crew have already designed two choppers and put them in the game.

If the whole point of the show is to see how incredibly awesome and cool it is to have this guy design two Warcraft themed motorcycles, one Alliance and the other Horde, why in hell wouldn’t you mention that you’ve already done your own take on it yourselves?


If you didn’t play World of Warcraft, you could be forgiven for thinking the choppers on the graphics intro to the show were created specifically for the intro, and weren’t really in the game.

Not once, at any of these meetings where artwork was passed around, ideas traded, concepts tossed out, not fucking ONCE did anyone happen to mention, “Oh yeah, and we already designed our own take on these two faction choppers, here, check it out, tell us what you think.”

Not once? Really?

Or… did they intentionally not film any of that because this is supposed to be some kind of wonderful new collaboration?


If this is to drive enthusiasm with the existing fans of the game that also love badass hogs, then why not show us exactly what Paul Jr thought of the Blizzard designs already in the game.

Seeing what Paul Jr, a master custom bike designer, thought about the existing bike designs would have been actually relevant to the show and to Warcraft game fans. It would have been an awesome thing to see. Pretending they don’t even exist feels like they’re aiming the show at everyone except WoW players.

I for one, having long familiarity from watching OCC and the bike build offs, would have loved to have seen what Paul Jr thought of their designs from his experienced artistic eye.

Guess talking about chopper design in a video game in a TV show about chopper design in a video game was too much like crazy talk.

I mean, come on. They’re passing around these beautiful full sized high-rez concept art pieces, but nothing about the in-game choppers? No big pictures of bikes with sidecars, the PWN license plates, the trikes the Goblins use, none of that? Not once while talking about what a Horde or Alliance motorcycle might look like did the thought come up.


Fine, let’s move past that.

Let’s move on to the big “who are you, and what did you do with Blizzard” part of the whole thing.

What we supposedly have here are some of the real powerhouse artists and creative people in Blizzard going to another artist, one that works in chrome and steel, and commissioning two custom pieces of artwork inspired by World of Warcraft.

We’re talking the BIG TWO, here. Chris Metzen and Samwise Didier. These two guys are amazingly talented creative geniuses who have created something that has absorbed my free time and my life outside of family for over eight years.

But let’s not bullshit each other here. They are the heart of a company that is world famous for their mantra – “We’ll release it when it’s done.”

“When it’s done.”

Think about it. Before there was a crazed fan base or a WoW, there was a company named Blizzard that had made it’s bones by saying they wouldn’t release crap just to make a ship date. They’d release it when it was done and up to their standards, and if you want it you’ll just have to wait instead of playing some buggy half-assed shit pushed out the door to turn a fast buck.

So what are we getting here, from these creative giants that have spent years putting quality and artistic vision and excellence before bullshit ship dates and arbitrary deadlines?

In the second episode, we get “We gave you ten weeks when we first commissioned these bikes, but now we’re telling you you’ve only got five. Because fuck you it’s dramatic.”

What the flying fuck is that about? No explanation why.

Put episode one and two together, and what you get is, “Hey guys, glad you could come to this meeting where we are supposed to talk about the design sketches and concept art for what the bikes will look like. What’s that Paul Jr, you say you already have platforms made with frames and tires and shit? ALREADY? Wow, totally blown away. Oh, and I guess it’s a damn good thing you’re already that far along since surprise, we just cut your time in half, hahahaha fuckers.”

Horse puckey.

Either it’s all pre-scripted bullshit for artificially pumped up drama, “oh wow, impossible time to complete, impossible man, oh my god what’ll we do, oh wow.”


Or it’s all true, it’s not scripted and fake, and the time being cut really was a surprise for Paul Jr, and especially for his two build teams.

Probably not, but let’s pretend. Let’s pretend that it’s being honestly presented.

I’m not going to bitch about not adding more people to each team in the face of changed deadlines. In complex systems, adding more people to a project can actually make things take longer if the existing people have to take the time to train up the new people.

On the cynical side, if they brought ten more skilled craftsmen on board to complete the builds, where would we get the fake drama from? Also, how would we get to know the builder’s personalities if there was an army on the build? And we probably shouldn’t outsource components to other machine shops in the area that had extra waterjet or CNC capacity to make the deadline, because there isn’t much thrill in competently getting things done. Without raging around kicking things and whining about deadlines.

Regardless, we’re pretending that this is all honest and on the up and up.

WHAT THE FUCK are these two artists or Blizzard management in general doing going to another artist and telling them there is a deadline that must be reached and to hell with quality craftsmanship and beautiful art?

Blizzard setting arbitrary deadlines for another artist? Really? We don’t care if it’s ready or not, you have to make the ship date? REALLY?!?!


Either way, it’s got no heart.

Don’t get me started on Chris Metzen representing Alliance. Yeah, like he has ever, ever shown a preference for Alliance. Yep, when I think Alliance fanboy, I think Chris Metzen. Talk about scripted for TV.

It’s just a shame. I love me some OCC, I’ve enjoyed all the bike build shows that have been on for over a decade.I’m personally more a fan of Russell Mitchell and his Exile Cycles, when I finally buy one of my own that’s where I will go, but I still love all the build shows.

I still sit around the office with my maintenance crew and we’ll talk about some of the builds that Paul Sr and Paul Jr have done. I think the Dragon bike that OCC did was amazing, and showed what they could do when given a rough idea and were let loose.

Just, why? What benefit do you get from telling an artist working with chrome and steel that he has to rush it?

The carry away here really is, either the whole thing is completely fabricated made-up scripted bullshit, or they really did just tell an artist that the quality and craftsmanship of his final creations isn’t important, just throw some shit together in red and blue with spikes on so we can get this show pumped out to the fans.

Such a great idea for a collaboration and a show that had me so enthusiastic, and here it is I’ve watched episode two, and I’m laughing.

I’m laughing, but it’s not funny. It’s sad.

Holy crap Samwise, Metzen, you’re supposed to be living the dream! Making your own rules, having a blast, showing the world that the old labels of geek and nerd and all that other crap dumped on computer programmers and graphic artists is so last century, you’re fucking AWESOME, you’re Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta, you’re geniuses that have done it YOUR way and now you make the rules in the new world, you are the ones everyone else watches and tries to race to catch up to

This is what you come up with?

Is this really the best way you can think of to get the greatest custom Warcraft-themed bikes that ever were?

Because if you’re not trying to get the greatest goddamn custom bikes to fit your vision for Warcraft, what the hell is the POINT OF THE SHOW?!

Massive Soapbox – Impressionable Youth


Some days, it feels like I’ve been writing here forever, other times it’s like my first post just went up yesterday.

Mostly, it’s the yesterday thing.

So many things have changed in just the short time I’ve been writing, and whatever direction my writing takes next, I want to get this one thing out there.

We can spend so much time championing the things we believe in that it’s easy to lose sight of the world as it is right now. 

When my first post went up, I was considered crazy for including my real name on my website. It just wasn’t done. You hid behind a pseudonym, you don’t put yourself out there bold as brass. There can be repercussions, your work might find out you play games, or talk about things. 

Times have changed. There can still be repercussions. Retribution. People will still attack you for speaking your mind, if they don’t agree with what you’re saying. But I’m no longer thought crazy for doing it, most folks are fine with putting their name to their words.

Everyone has always had a voice, but now you can make that voice heard… or at least put it out there for anyone to find.

Today’s social media reminds me (in a good way) of the old film Pump up the Volume, with the ham radio operator broadcasting his complaints about his high school and having fun playing rap music and being a goofball. He was unique at the beginning because he had the equipment, he had the know-how. He touched a lot of people, and many of those people wanted their OWN voices to be heard. At the end, the credits were overlayed with all these pirate radio stations springing up everywhere, inspired by his example to share their own voice and to listen. To no longer be alone.

I’m not the trailblazer on my blog, not by a long shot; I’m just one of the many people who have raised their voices to be heard, on blogs or podcasts or videos or whatever social media is the flavor of the minute. More people like me join every day, talking about everything and nothing, as we choose. HOW we choose.


Everyone has a voice, but does everyone have an audience? No.

Is everything sunshine and daffodils and long walks in the park? Hell no.

Changes keep rolling on, building up all the time.

Things change, and they’re still changing all the time. Nothing stands still. The only certainty in life is shit be changing all the time, yo. Yes, even now.

But the one big change I have seen is how, when someone stands up and speaks their mind, others rise to challenge it, to oppose it, to debate it.

It’s taken for granted and that amazes me. Have people forgotten the past so easily?

Being able to challenge someone in public, to argue with them and have your own voice be heard, your counter-argument, your words of opposition, your reasoning… that is massive.

Yes, I’m saying that it is a good thing. A great thing.

It’s not about challenging someone and winning an argument, or converting them to your point of view, or humiliating them or striking them down or raising up a mob against them.

It is about having another point of view brought up, recognized, talked about, SEEN.

When the challenge is made, when the issues are discussed, when the controversy makes us all talk about it… our children hear. And they get to hear ALL the sides of the debate. The debate exists, and informs, and they learn.

Our children get to see us question authority, question why things are the way they are, why people think they way they think, why we believe what we do and get to hear the reasoning, the justifications, and in some cases get to hear people caught out in lies.

This is what is important. The argument. The discussion.

The world doesn’t end with our generation. We’re not the final form. Our preconceived ideas are not the ultimate end result.

As we fight to change things, as we champion our causes, the next generation is being born and growing up surrounded by the argument. They are having their ideas formed amid freedom of research, sharing of ideas, and some of the most incredible propaganda bullshit I’ve ever seen. But they still have it all right there in their face.

Our children still hear and see racism and misogyny, but they also see it challenged wherever it is visible, and seeing it hidden and concealed in shame is a lesson all on it’s own. 

People stand up and are heard, challenging what we see as hurtful, hateful, oppressive and wrong. That is the miracle to fight for, to keep alive.

We are no longer a people that pretends we didn’t see the wounds. That pretends we didn’t hear the hate. Some do, but the next generation is building on this and taking it for granted. 

This is my point. This. This huge change.

It’s not that shit is all better. It’s that when someone speaks their mind, it gets challenged immediately and everyone EXPECTS IT.

It is now okay and accepted for there to be immediate debate over what people say.

When the debate turns into one side trying to destroy the other emotionally, financially and even with physical pain because they don’t agree, that is where shit goes off the rails. But the argument, the immediate challenge… that is precious.

This is the most incredible victory for our future I could imagine.

This is what our future will be built on. That someone can speak their mind and have it spark a lively debate without fear of being stoned to death. That is where we need to always be heading.

Phil Robertson is asked a question in an interview, he speaks his mind and it sparks a lively debate.

That is a good thing. That is a GREAT thing! Never lose sight of that one fact; it is right and good to challenge people on their beliefs, and have an open discussion. An OPEN MINDED discussion.

Bring it all out, talk about it, get everything out there. Get some thinking going on. Show our kids that we can talk about these things like adults, apply some serious thought to them. Challenge age-old preconceived ideas and test them. Shine the light on our beliefs, ask where they come from, why are they this way.

You may not change minds that are set, that have been raised believing that anything that challenges your blind faith is a test that must be resisted.

But the discussion will be heard by more people than you know. And seeing one person defending calling a type of love evil or a sin, and someone else saying that love comes from God, that Jesus IS love… it can help the open minded to think. Really think, not rely on blind jingoistic rhetoric.

Our greatest task is to encourage the debate, the argument, the discussion without going too far the other way. An open-minded exchange of ideas is what is grand and good.

It does not matter what the subject is, if someone speaks their mind it should be an opportunity to stand up and say, “I do not agree with you, I think this whole other thing here. I’m not saying you’re evil or wrong for thinking your way, but this is what I think, what I see, and I’d love to talk about it.”

I’m not saying that you shut someone else up. You don’t act to silence the voice you don’t agree with. Debate, yes. Challenge, yes. Silence? Why should you be able to silence someone you disagree with? Sure, silence them, but only if we get to silence you when we don’t agree with you, too.

Who decides which voice is allowed to be heard? Those with the power to enforce their decisions on who is permitted to speak.

THINK about it. If you desire the freedom to live your own life in accordance with your faith and belief system, then you MUST allow the free and open exchange of ideas. Give someone the power to silence the people you hate, and sooner or later something you think will add you to the list of the silenced. If not you, then your children.

It is not right to try and hurt someone else for thinking differently that you do. To silence them, to attack them, to gain vengeance upon them. 

There seems to be this idea out there that if someone speaks their mind, and what they think doesn’t meet the proper criteria, then it is an offensive and hateful attack that deserves the ruination of the speaker’s life, driving them to hide in their home, lose their jobs, and be hounded by the media around the clock. Anything is justified in punishing these evil beings, including having their families physically threatened as some kind of ‘justice’.

Try and have perspective. If you’re offended by what someone says, then open your voice and challenge the ideas, win over the hearts and minds through passionate debate and a coherent, well reasoned argument.

Stop with the violence. Do not give in to your own hate, even if hate is what you think you see. Hate is ugly. Even if your cause is wonderful and your passion is real, if you are consumed with hate then you are doing more harm than good. People with open minds will see your hate, and rightfully judge you by it. 

Challenge what you see is wrong and rejoice in having the freedom, the power to do it. Just don’t let the power of the mob make you feel the worm has turned and it’s time to get even, to gain revenge for every wrong, real or imagined, that you think has fallen your way. 

Again, the fight is not to convert the person whose words you challenge. You can’t expect someone to just abandon deeply held convictions because you said so. If you expect someone to respect the depth of your own feelings, then you MUST have the capability of respecting that they may feel theirs just as strongly.

The fight is to present a competing idea, to present more than one point of view, to get everyone seeing that there is not just ONE ‘right’ way that everyone must obey or fear ridicule.

The violence towards those that speak what they believe… that is the danger I see for our future.

There are those who have felt powerless for so long that I think  now that they feel the thrill of being a part of the mob, the taste of blood, that they want more. They want to see the people who think differently from them torn from the herd and thrust into the center of the pack to be ripped to shreds and satiate their lust for vengeance.

Now is the time to recognize the dangers to our freedom. The very act of challenging what you disagree with is already so powerful that it changes how our children see the world. If you unleash hate and violence on anyone that thinks differently, and it’s okay, oh well they aren’t like us… that message will get taught to our children also.

The right to challenge what we see as wrong with reasoned debate… that is so wonderful. It is the very best of freedom of speech. To hear someone say some stupid bigoted crap, and be able to stand up and disagree.

Maybe you don’t see it. I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy. 


That really ends the relevant part of what I wanted to say. The rest of this will be personal stories that directly relate to where my head is at lately. If you read this far, thank you. I hope you have a blessed Christmas, I really do. God bless you.


I’m in my mid-forties. I see my son growing up, I talk with him all the time as he plays Minecraft and I play WoW by his side, and it shocks me how different he is from me at that age.

He sees the debates, he hears the arguments and the way people say something and get called on it all over the place. He sees that it is right to make that stand, and to have that discussion. He sees that you don’t ignore it, or pretend it didn’t happen so as not to make a fuss.

What I’m going to say doesn’t prove anything. It’s just what I see in my own life, my small little section of the country. And it gives me hope.

My son is ten years old, and he goes to a private Catholic school. He’s in fifth grade. He’s gone to this same school his whole life.

I’m not Catholic myself, although my wife is. I believe in God, and I have spent an amazing amount of my time really thinking about it, feeling my way through.

What I am, is a guy that grew up in one of the more violent inner city schools in the country, and I wanted what I think most people want; a better life for our children. Wrap that little sucker up in duct tape so he doesn’t get hurt.

So, a Catholic school promised a far lower chance at the kind of gang violence that was normal in my Miami public school. Oh yeah, and it had a very good academic record. Like I care, my grades were horrible. If he gets hooked on learning, he’ll learn whether grades reflect it or not.

It’s been a balancing act.

I don’t want him to be taught hate towards lesbian/gay/bisexual and transgender people, misogynistic ‘the man is the MAN and priests speak the direct word of God’ crap, or intolerance towards other religious faiths. I don’t want it either blatantly being beaten into his head or have it seep into him through constant immersion. I watch for signs of that like a hawk. You have no idea, simply no idea. It is my one greatest fear for him, that he learns prejudice without us seeing or knowing.

I read, understood and thoroughly grok the Illuminati trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson. I am a true believer in freedom of thought, of raw information and analysis. I just don’t think you need drugs of any kind to expand your consciousness. I get high on my own imagination all the time without drugs. Um, except caffeine. LOTS of caffeine.

So I’m nervous, sure… but his school is a place where bullying and violence simply does not exist. Does. Not. Exist. The people there are so square you could use them as a foundation for the pyramids.

When I was the age my son is now, I carried a gun and knives to school on a regular basis. I lived in fear for my life. I will never forget that. It’s probably fair to say that I’ll never get over it. My son, he just… I’m not blind. I know how clueless most parents seem to be, but my son truly does not know how deep that rabbit hole of desperate fear can go.

His only real worry is not getting an A on his report card, his only stress is how much homework the school piles on each day. He doesn’t have that fear for his life, he hasn’t felt what it’s like to be hunted by people in a place you are required by law to attend, and for that I am truly grateful.

Cassie and I have stopped attending the actual church services because of how bad the sermons got about homosexuality. I live in Minnesota and yeah, it’s been pretty bad. But it’s not in the actual classrooms.

Even if he is seeing it, Cassie and I are a competing point of view, and we’re there more than the school and his peers are. SO FAR. I know that will change, but so far, so good.

It’s hard for someone to sell the idea that other people are evil because they love each other, when there is a competing point of view to be shared. Jesus is love, and I can make a pretty good argument that if two mature adults feel true love for each other, then that love must be a gift from God because love is such a fragile, precious thing.

It’s hard for someone to argue against it, at least honestly, without resorting to “but this book said so”. As I said earlier… hate is pretty ugly. So is fear.

For the record, that is what I personally believe. True love between mature, consenting adults is a gift from God. I truly don’t give a shit, in any way, what race, color, creed, biology, whatever. I am not a champion of a cause, I don’t march, it just seems so clear that I don’t get it and I never will. Love between consenting adults is love, period. Acting as though it were evil or a sin is something I don’t think I’ll ever understand or comprehend. And trying to make it illegal? Just, wtf over.

Evil to me is any mature adult trying to take advantage of an innocent child. Children aren’t capable of understanding what they really feel, and look to older authority figures for guidance and direction on what they need to do to be accepted. The abuse of the innocent, especially by those in positions of authority, that is evil.

But again, I’m NOT an activist. It’s like saying I’m an activist for gravity. I’m watching people saying gravity is evil, and I just… how? It’s gravity! How do you deny it exists, or try to say this kind of gravity is okay but that kind is wrong? Just, OMG I’m going insane.

My son, he asked me the other night, all on his own, if we could talk about the dinosaurs and Adam and Eve.

He tells me that for years now he’s known that the school teaches that God created the heavens and the earth and Adam and Eve, but it bothers him. If that is what happened, where did the dinosaurs come from? He’s heard several things, but he’d like to know what I think to help him make up his mind.

That is my hope for the future, right there. An open mind, willing to get a few different points of view and make his own decision on what he believes. And a desire for empirical research. 🙂

Even with all of this, I face the fact that my son is white, and he’s a guy, and he’s going to a Catholic school. For a lot of prejudiced people of my generation, they will assume and treat him as though he’s a selfish, privileged racist hate-mongering bigoted misogynist, a potential militia member and a probable white sheet wearer to boot. Who would probably own slaves if given half a chance. 

I’ll do my best to raise him so that when he is treated that way, he can calmly challenge that thinking with a clear, coherent and reasoned argument. Not with hatred, or fear, or violence.

I’ll try. Even though I myself think the people who act that way to me are worthless assholes that need to have some sun shining on the mold in their brains. Or a good ass kicking.

Sigh. I guess that whole non-violent thing is kind of an ongoing project for me.

For every person that stands up and challenges what you think is wrong, thank you. You are building the future I want my son to live in. I don’t care what it is you think or believe. What is important to me is that you stand up for what you believe in, and make sure your voice is heard.

Just please, try and temper your passion with a sense of proportion.


Character Development – Is Jaina Doomed?

One of the things I like about World of Warcraft is the rich story and the wide variety of characters that I’ve come to care about.

These are characters that I’ve talked to, done favors for, fought beside and generally been a huge pain in the butt to over the years.

Any RPG is going to be like that, but there is something about the World of Warcraft story that has me actually wondering what those characters are doing during the parts of the game where the focus is on something else.

“What has Sylvanas been doing while we’ve been fighting Sha in Pandaria? What plots are bubbling just beneath the visible surface?”

“How has Kalecgos reacted to the changes in Jaina, and her actions in Dalaran? Is everything still all right with a girl and her dragon?”

“Why was Tyrande Whisperwind suddenly bloodthirsty and impulsive in the scenario ‘A Little Patience’? Was it simply poor writing for a priestess that has successfully led her people for thousands of years, and suddenly displays less wisdom then Varian? Or is there something unseen going on that may turn up later? What if she has lost part of her deep connection with Elune, and is feeling horrible pressure without that reassuring presence?” – just complete tinfoil hat speculation, by the way.

I like these characters, and I want to know more about them, what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and what the future holds in store for them. And of course, I want to know when I get to see them again and go on missions for them. Or attack them in their capital cities. 🙂

Of all the characters in World of Warcraft, it is the future of Jaina Proudmoore that is worrying me the most.

I’m just going to say it.

I don’t want a WoW version of Dark Willow.

If that’s what happens, if that is the direction the story is heading, well, that’s just the way it is. That doesn’t mean I have to like it, though.

Jaina has been one of the strongest people we have worked alongside in Azeroth. And her greatest strength has been her displayed adherence to principles, touched with compassion.

I have seen her sometimes portrayed as the peacemaker, but it always seemed to me that she was less concerned about peace for the sake of peace, and was more focused on wanting to see to the truth of things, no matter who was speaking, no matter what form it took. She did not trust based on appearance, she did not lend the words of someone more weight simply because their tabard was blue rather than red.

She judged intent by actions, not words. She acted on her judgment with conviction of purpose, even when her judgment was that the Orc invaders of Azeroth were acting with honor and her own father was acting from hatred and prejudice.

Jaina wasn’t soft, and has never acted soft, she has instead always been driven to see a thing clearly as what it is, and to act on that vision. To try and convince others to see things as she did. And when they wouldn’t, when she saw them determined to act as fools, she tried to do what she could could to minimize the inevitable damage they were going to cause.


Oh yeah, and she’s the most powerful wielder of magic in the world.

Total badass.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the Dark Willow storyline as it played out in Buffy. As much as my heart ached for what happened to her and Tara, as pissed off as I was that Whedon felt the need to ruin the one perfect relationship in his show, even then I knew we were watching something that was going to become legendary.

Time softens the wounds, but leaves behind the memory of a truly epic transformation.

What I have a problem with, is that it feels Jaina is being groomed for that kind of descent.

You’d think we were past that. Tides of War saw Jaina faced with the tragedy and grief, and suffused with rage akin to Willow when her beloved Theramore and all the family she cherished, the people she took responsibility for were destroyed. Jaina had her moment where rage and grief overwhelmed compassion, and she had her dark transformation. She went all billy badass and wanted to wash Ogrimmar out to sea, let Garrosh have fun swimming with the fishies.

Frankly, I was rooting for Jaina. Except I would have liked to have seen her use one of those thingies Mages can do, wtf are they called, oh yeah, PORTALS, and open one of those bad bears inside Garrosh’s throne room. From inside a volcano. Lava bath for Mr Garrosh, will you accept the charges?

But yeah, we saw that side, but she didn’t go through with it. She had enough strength of character, of sheer will to still listen through her rage and hate when Thrall and Kalecgos tried to reach her.

I would have liked to see more Jaina beating Thralls ass, while I’m on the subject. You know, I blame Thrall for the entire Garrosh saga.

I can see why he would have been motivated to do it. I never forget that Thrall was standing beside Grommash against Mannoroth when Grommash sacrificed his life to take the demon down. I played through the Thrall and Garrosh questline in Outlands. I always keep in mind that Thrall feels guilt over Grommash dying for the Horde and Orc people instead of Thrall.

Was it a shit decision to give the leadership of the Horde to the hotheaded Outlander son of Grommash, a boy that never really LIVED through the aftermath of the Second War? Hell yes. Garrosh just didn’t have that shared experience of being defeated by the Alliance, of experiencing the containment camps and the misery, the despair. the apathy. That was something that happened to some other Orcs, and just like most youth, he seemed to feel that it would have all been different if he had been there during the Second War, if HE had been the one in charge.

Stupid decision. Of course I blame Thrall. And I blame him a second time after playing through the Thrall and Aggra questline in Cataclysm, and seeing the firelands version of Thrall raging against Garrosh, his true feelings exposed, because he rightfully blamed Garrosh for the death of his friend, Cairne.

Thrall felt rage in his heart against Garrosh for killing Cairne. It was exposed, and at Aggra’s direction we helped him to calm down and regain control.

That doesn’t change the fact of his feelings… and yet, unless something Horde side in the story is vastly different, he never acted on those feelings. He never confronted Garrosh. He never called him to account for his part in the massive disrespect he showed to Cairne.

I have heard the Garrosh apologists when the duel with Cairne happened. I read the book, I understand.

My problem from the beginning was the disrespect Garrosh showed Cairne, and the complete lack of honor given to him, the disregard for his words of advice, his council.

It was Cairne, Thrall and Jaina who combined their magics to purge Grom Hellscream of the demon blood. Remember that? Cairne, Jaina and Thrall. They worked together, wove their magics together, and it was only because they did that Grom was freed.

And Garrosh is going to face this wise old tauren chieftain who redeemed his father and gave him the opportunity to die a hero instead of a blood-drenched betrayer of the entire Orcish people, and blow him off? Talk down to him?

Oh, and now that you’ve killed one person that helped save your father, let’s go drop a mana bomb on the other.

FUCK Garrosh. And Thrall let that shit go? Yeah, I blame the entire Garrosh problem on Thrall from the get go.

Got off track, sorry about that.

We’ve seen Jaina have her transformation, face her dark night of the soul, and sure Thrall and Kalecgos talked to her but it was her own compassionate spirit and determination to see to the truth of things that saw her return. Changed, yes. Less willing to listen to the counsel of fools, yes. And why not? Action, not words.

Since the fall of Theramore, it just feels like she’s not done changing. She came back changed, but those changes aren’t done. We’re not seeing just a Jaina with a new attitude, a new view of what she will permit to exist around her unchallenged.

It feels like every time we see a new chapter in the story of Jaina, we’re seeing her less interested in the truth. She isn’t looking as close before taking action. She is making decisions based on her own prejudice instead of a thorough understanding of the facts.

And I hate it.

She isn’t her father, I thought that was the whole point.

I am truly afraid she is being groomed to follow in her father’s footsteps, to come to the decision that in the end her father was right to believe the Horde would never change, and to seek their total destruction regardless of the actions of a few.

I don’t want to see such a strong, principled character, someone who to me represented strength of character and clarity of vision, slide down the slope to become another bigoted, hate-filled genocidal tool.

I don’t really see where else her story is going, though. I was in hope that we were seeing a hard-won wisdom in our words with her at Anduin’s behest while we were seeing the beach landings. Then the purge of Dalaran happened, and that was a thing.

Then we had the whole thing with Jaina and Blood Elf ponytail on the Isle of Thunder. I thought, just for a moment, that maybe Taran Zhu got through to them both, what with the hole in his gut and all that.

But we see the ending cinematic for the Siege of Ogrimmar, and what strikes a foul note? Jaina urging Varian to slaughter the Horde leaders right then and there, “end it” once and for all.

End it? What, all of them?

And once you’ve ‘ended’ the threat, what do you do?

Concentration camps? Or do you learn from past mistakes made by your father, when he ‘let’ the Orcs be kept alive in the camps instead of exterminating them and ‘ending’ the threat?

I don’t like where that little snippet in the cinematic leads us, because that isn’t a Jaina that is true to who she was, someone who is stronger than blind hatred or prejudice.


We’ll see what we see, but I guess my real question from everything we’ve seen so far is, has anyone seen any sign that Jaina is overcoming her hatred? Have I missed a short story or a piece of lore or questline recently where we see that she is changed, yes, but still possessed of her wisdom, strength of character and principles?

Oh yeah, and can I get in one last fuck Garrosh?

War Crimes trial my butt, I want the ghost of Cairne to come back like Uther and shove the bloodhoof runespear right up his ass. RIGHT up. And Magatha too, of course.

I guess, best case, I’m hoping the War Crimes novel by Christie Golden (which I am very eager for) will bring those visions of the past to life, and by living through them a second time give Jaina a chance to grieve, and find some small sense of closure.

Damn, 1900 words. I am very sorry for rambling on that much.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving, everyone.

What is an expansion?

Midst the flood of news recently came a little woolgathering from Ghostcrawler, as he told Digital Spy that they would like to put expansions out more frequently, and as often as once a year or so “would be a good rate”.

I noticed he didn’t say they were going to put them out once a year, or commit to doing them once a year. He only said that they know new expansions bring more people back than a content patch, and they’d like to do them more often.

“We really want to get to a cadence where we can release expansions more quickly. Once a year I think would be a good rate. I think the best thing we can do for new players is to keep coming out with regular content updates.” – Ghostcrawler.

I’m not seeing a promise to put out a new expansion every year, although I have seen folks rephrase it as though this is the new moose. Will we see people yelling at Blizzard years in the future, “But you promised you’d put out a new expansion each year!”

Undoubtedly. Reading comprehension is a fading skill.

But so what? What IS an expansion, anyway?

How does a new expansion differ from a content patch?

To me, an expansion is an entire story arc coupled with new technology upgrades, added mechanics and features.

The story arc is the part I love the most, but the technology upgrades probably have the most impact on my everyday gameplay.

I do not expect the same updates or upgrades to the engine each expansion, or the same bumps in character capability. I just expect that there be some improvements to the software, some technology upgrades, some under-the-hood tinkering.

So, like with Warlords of Draenor. I am hearing people complain and saying how disappointed they are that there aren’t new classes or races announced. “It’s not an expansion without at least one new class or race.”

I can see why you could think that. Burning Crusade brought Blood Elves and Draenei, Wrath of the Lich King brought Death Knights, Cataclysm brought Worgen and Goblins, Mists of Pandaria gave us Monks and Pandaren.

It’s a fair point to make.

I don’t personally subscribe to the belief that what was done once must be done always, until the end of days, world without end amen. So they’re not doing a new class or race this time. Okay.

They ARE, however, committed to updating the character models and animations of every single race out there, and I have heard it said they are adding more hair styles and color options.

I don’t have this mythical new class or race, but what I do have are eleven full character slots on my main server, with five character at max level and more on the way, each and every one of whom could benefit from looking prettier.

New Garrisons. New world PVP. New elite PVP modes for those who want the PVP version of Challenge Modes, skill instead of gear. Item Squishes, gear that changes primary stats based on your current specialization, Heirlooms on a UI and out of the bags, Garrisons, more class levels and new class talents.

Yes, this upcoming expansion is bringing tech and mechanic improvements. So to me, that checkbox is filled.

And we’re getting a new story arc. Warlords of Draenor. Going to old Draenor and taking the fight to the Horde… before they were a Horde, and before they ever did anything to us. So, basically, we’re getting our revenge in first. Preemptive Revenge.

So, if we invade Draenor and kick all kinds of snot out of the Orc tribes, in the years to come will they nurse their anger and thirst for revenge against us? After all, Han Shot First and all that.

What I personally want to see is the part of the story arc after the initial rush. That first content patch after the expansion has been out for three months, when we’ve killed most of the male Orc tribal leaders… and their wives seize control of the clans, swear vengeance and set out to make us pay.

Then we can have a great slog in the mud as everything gets all twisted. The Orcs were manipulated into attacking their former friends, the Draenei. But they didn’t drink Mannoroth’s blood, they still possess free will, and here came these invaders from another world who tore into the Iron Horde and slaughtered their leaders before they had the chance to make their own decision to turn back to the path of justice.

The Iron Horde are not inherently evil, they cannot be, for they are the living parents of our own Orc peoples.

So what happens when we get ours in first, and they respond to that? When they rise to this unexpected challenge? When the Warlords that were duped fall and new leaders rise in their place, leaders that may not have fully bought into this whole “let’s go kill the Draenei and wear their skins as clothes” bullshit, but sure as HELL aren’t going to let us just waltz in and kill their families.

It’s going to be interesting as all hell. Where will it go? Where will it end? Blood feuds will come from this. And what of the Orcs of our Azeroth, going back to fight their own ancestors, once lost to them?

This isn’t that long ago, what of Orcs facing otherworld versions of themselves…

Will the Orcs of the Iron Horde think of themselves as the superior race because they did NOT weaken themselves by drinking the blood of a demon? A master race?

Will they be a people capable of both atrocity and compassion, or cardboard cutouts? Are we looking at Orc Socialism on the move?

I am excited as hell because Blizzard has ALWAYS satisfied me with their storytelling and their intricate plots. Go  back and take a look at Mists of Pandaria, track how we started with a lost prince on a mysterious island, grew through discovery of ancient peoples and fascinating cultures, fought a massive war against the Mogu and the overall insidious nature of the Sha poisoning everything, and finally culminating in a faction leader trying to take some of that power and seize his chance at ultimate victory over everyone he sees as an enemy.

Which turns out to be everyone not exactly like him, or the mercenary Goblins he hires.

This new story arc is so full of potential I’m squeeing in glee. So many ways to take this Warlords of Draenor thing over an entire expansion arc filled with multiple content patches.

So much potential for fun.

What is an expansion?

It’s lots of new game features and improvements, and a big honking story arc.

Can they do a new expansion every year?

Sure, as long as they tighten up how long the planned story arc will be to one year in length with the content patches coming  every two to three months. And as long as they continue to have new features and improvements in the pipeline that seem significant when they are unveiled each year.

I know it sounds silly but while I do like having content coming out sooner, I don’t want tons of new content coming out quite that fast.

I think most of Mists of Pandaria hit me at just the right pace. Maybe a few weeks of free time after I had absorbed each one before the next came out.

How fast we play the content is different for each person. For every player that has best in slot gear and has already completed Siege of Ogrimmar on normal, there are probably 50 that are still collecting Sigils or Valor for their Legendary cloak quest.

Just as there has to be new content for us to get excited over, there has to be a codetta afterwards to give us space to breath. We enjoy the content, work hard to reach levels or reputations or gear points, unlock content, and then we take a moment to look upon our works and relax before tearing into it once more.

I would actually like to see something different than a traditional expansion each year.

What I would like to see is one true expansion with the technological marvels and new features with the big story arc lasting a year of smaller content patches as chapters…

And then the second year would focus on another big story arc, new areas to explore and adventures to go on. The Burning Crusade storyline, zones, dungeons and raids without the programming time spent working in two new races, more levels and above all the time spent trying to re-balance it all in playtesting.

Yes, the art assets, quest design, all of that would be just as intense as ever, massive amounts of work for Blizzard to prepare. But without the balancing that new levels or classes impose on us, I think we could get to the new storylines sooner.


What do you think? What features or improvements do you feel are necessary to take something from a content patch and make it a real expansion worth purchasing a box?

And how fast do you really want them to come? Has Mists of Pandaria left you feeling bored between content patches, overwhelmed by all the new things to do that hit before you’re done with the last chunk, or has it been just right?

Don’t Post Angry!

Because we see what happens when you do.

I posted angry a few days ago.

The only thing I regret is that I posted in anger, and the anger had nothing to do with what I was writing about. Also, because I was angry, I rushed to vent my spleen onto the internet without taking the time to make sure I said everything I wanted to. Sent it out confrontational, aggressive, hurtful and with half the things I wanted to say still swirling around in my head.

When I talk here, I always make the standard internet mistake. I talk like I would to folks who I have known for over seven years of intimate sharing. I assume you know what is in my heart. Poor communicating on my part; you can only know what I say, not what I think.

For the record, I stand by everything I said. I do wish I’d have done it without anger, I didn’t set out to hurting peoples feelings or say things that clearly sounded like I hated or was angry with other people in the community.

I regret the anger. I wasn’t angry about what I wrote. I’m still not.

I was angry for other, completely separate reasons.

Stuff is going on with our son at school, not bullying or anything like that at all, but it’s stuff he has to deal with on his own. There is very little we can actually do to help, and I have a hard time feeling useless, having to stand by and watch and do nothing. I hate it, and the anger and frustration I feel with myself for being useless and unable to help is feeding a really good head of steam.

I didn’t really know what was causing me to be so angry, but I sure as hell was. And when I got irritated at the way it feels people are ganging up on and bullying Blizzard to reveal stuff about the upcoming story to assuage their fears, or to make changes without even knowing what’s going to happen past the first chapter of the prelude to a novel, I let that irritation grow into a full fledged tirade.

I’m still angry about the school stuff with the Cub. That hasn’t changed, but at least now I understand why I’m so quick to take offense at the littlest things right now. I’ll let it go soon, knowing where shit is coming from in my head is the best start to letting it go.

Look, I’ll end this with a few points I wanted to make, and let it be done.

First, I feel that we saw some geeks having a great time in the company of friends at BlizzCon, and I think they focused on the ‘boy’s club’ bullshit because all they can share with us without spoilers is the first chapter of the introduction to a massive novel. I think if PR reps had released carefully worded statements, it wouldn’t have gone out the way it did. But these are geeks, with the over enthusiastic explosion of excitement and all it entails.

Second, I don’t think it’s fair or realistic to go after Blizzard community managers in anger at the story and anyone’s portion of it when we have no facts of what is to come after the beachhead in Draenor. We don’t have any facts on which to base outrage. We just don’t. We only know the very tip of what is to come. Voicing concern is fine and healthy, it helps Blizzard know where we are and what our hopes and dreams for the expansion will be. But attacking in outrage and hate is just wrong. Most didn’t act that way, but enough I saw did that it is what spurred my initial irritation.

Third, Blizzard has a history of making some bad, offensive mistakes when it comes to sexism and other topics in the game. I say other topics, but we’ve got rape culture, torture, racism, bullying… there have been incidents at BlizzCons of the past and coded into the game itself. Most of us know that and we all have a right to be concerned when we think we’re seeing it happen again. I know I don’t want my son exposed to it, that torture quest in Northrend in particular still bothers me, and so does some of the creepy stalking of Ji Firepaw, and those damn Oglers and Mina in Pandaria. And other stuff, when I let my mind roam over the years.

I feel that we have to wait until Blizzard actually makes the mistake before we can register our concern aggressively. They have been very good about recognizing the mistakes when brought to their attention by the community, and fixing them. I wish they wouldn’t make them in the first place, but attacking the game designers now before anything is even in beta for us to see in game feels wrong.

Fourth, I agree that it is a good idea to share those hopes and dreams we have for what we’d like to see in the game with the developers. My objection is when some people phrase it as an attack, an accusation, a pre-emptive strike. Getting in your retaliation first. Say what you expect, get the message out, but accept that in the end the story is in the hands of Blizzard, and is fueled by what they are most excited and passionate about.

Some things they can probably add or change, but I think we’ve all got to remind ourselves, the story they’re telling now was written and decided over a year ago. They’re crafting the story for the next expansion now, and the one after that. All we can hope for now is that they can add subplots if the community asks for things they didn’t think of way back then. But those requests should come with a measure of respect, and failing that, some courtesy. Not outright hostility.

Fifth and last. I truly do apologize to the people who read what I write and felt it was a personal attack. I really do. I’m sorry. I am aware that it was uncalled for and over the top, and none of you deserved to have even a moments confusion as to whether I was talking to you, about you, or felt any anger towards you.

I can’t ask for forgiveness, but I can at least tell you that I’ll try to only rant and rave like a lunatic when the emotions I feel go with what I’m talking about.

Peace to you all, my friends and to all who sometimes visit for whatever reason.

Massive Offensive Rant: The Story Belongs to Blizzard

I’m seeing a lot of bitching, pissing and moaning among the community of active players about the story and characters revealed at BlizzCon.

I could probably have truncated that to “I’ve seen a lot of bitching, pissing and moaning.” I don’t have to specify it’s players; it has ever been thus.

“Oh no, I don’t see any strong female leads to base my existence off of and to inspire my daughter to be a whole person!”

“Oh my, all the characters in the story are male, it’s a big boys club, I feel so excluded!”

“Oh, there’s a token female Draenei they mentioned, but she’s described as being like Joan of Arc, and nobody knows what that really means so I’ll make tons of assumptions about Blizzard, the other players, the story, the characters who will be in it and everything ever based on my worldview and prejudices.”

“And then I’ll go rant about it and tell Blizzard how they’re doing it wrong, and need to change things to be more like what I want.”


First and only lesson that everyone who is an actual writer knows, male or female, is that the story does not belong to the reader, nor is the reader entitled to make demands upon the writer.

The story belongs to the writer or writers. They are the ones who are creating it, it comes from their imaginations, they are the ones with the voice.

If you don’t like the story that they are presenting, if you don’t like the characters they are inspired by and who drive their story, you are free to go make your OWN story, with your OWN characters, and build it into something so popular it’s inspiring millions of people around the world.

Nobody, and I do mean NOBODY has the right to tell ANY author or creator what they should do to change their own creative efforts because clearly you know better.

I know people feel entitled to getting their own way these days, but shit, are you people serious?

Do you really think you have the right to demand anyone change their creative works to meet what you think you want to read?

Sadly, the answer seems to be a resounding YES.

If you are reading or watching or listening to a story, and if you don’t like it, you don’t like the characters or something about what the writers have done pisses you off, the appropriate response is to STOP READING IT.

Only in a nightmare world do you think you can call up the writer and tell them to scrap what they were writing and change it all because you don’t like what you’ve heard on the teaser about it, and oh yeah they need to add some new main characters and give supporting characters you like more of a role because you wish you knew more about what Sylvanus was doing while the Horde was rolling through the Vale or something.


If you want an example of a strong character, male or female, how about you log into YOUR character that YOU created, and YOU roleplay it how you think it should be done! Your own part of the story done your way. That is how much freedom you have, to create your own story within the world that has been created by other talented writers and artists.

It’s sickening to me. It really is.

And it’s not feminism, don’t even dare to make that mistake.

Everyone wants someone in a story to identify with. Everyone wants a main protagonist that makes a difference and captures our imagination. Male or female, makes no difference.

We want people who capture our imagination. People we get to know, who we come to care about, and who we are proud to play alongside of in the story that unfolds.

I watched all the panels at BlizzCon.

You know what I got out of it?

I heard that the main villains are going to be the original male Orc warlords of old Draenor.

We’re going to go back in time and kill the evil male Orcs that laid waste to everything good in their own world, nearly destroyed our own world, and succeeded in OBLITERATING THEIR OWN PLANET.

We’re going to step back in time and take down the clans that perpetrated the worst evil, the most insane genocidal act imaginable.

They killed an entire planet.

Oh sure, they didn’t mean to, but that was a direct result of their choices. THEIR CHOICES.

And we’re going back to take them down. Orcs that may not have drunk the demon blood, but who have weapons of mass destruction dumped into their hands and told to unleash that upon their world… and ours.

No women among the evil bastards we’re setting out to destroy?

Well… not at first, but you know, there’s going to be an entire series of content patches throughout the course of the expansion, as EVENTS CHANGE THROUGH OUR ACTIONS, it’s possible that maybe SHIT WILL CHANGE from what happened originally, right?

We’re going to be going back to a key point in the story that is already familiar to us and was written… BUT IT’S GOING TO CHANGE AFTER THAT WHEN WE GET ROLLING.

The other thing I heard was that right from the beginning, the single most important NPC character we are going to meet and work alongside of is a female Draenei of blazing spirit that will be as inspirational and important, will have as much impact on our part of the story as a Joan of Arc.

So the enemy are all evil male frat boys and the only NPC worth a damn so far is a female Draenei. Sounds pretty cool to me.

I heard that Garrosh was only the catalyst that sets things in motion, but it’s not going to be a Garrosh story, he’s cast aside early as things move out of control. Good, we’re all sick of Garrosh, it’s good to know that he’s just the fuel that lights the fire.

And finally, I heard that what they were teasing us with in the story was just the tip of the iceberg, the most bare bones hint of what was to come in a story they had been planning and working towards for years.

A story their creative team has mapped out, played with, finding out where they want to go, what inspires them to do next, what arcs they want to tell for years to come.

I heard them say that they have so much of this story they want to tell, so much they want to reveal that they have expansions lined up for the foreseeable future, that there is no end in sight.

And yet!

And yet.

I see people, people I normally respect and admire talking as though what was shown at BlizzCon was the ENTIRE EXPANSION STORY, that there is nothing but what was said or shown to be seen, and they are apparently building entire ivory towers of supposition and assumption around what they imagine.

Most of what I get from that is, these people are prejudiced against Blizzard. Their default state is to feel Blizzard can’t be trusted. Tough.

And they’re ranting and raving about it in public.

You don’t like what you hear, that’s your prerogative.

Blizzard is made up of enthusiastic geeks and creative geniuses. Dave Kosak? Brilliant creator, driving force behind so much of the game… and a horrible public speaker.

I loved listening to everything he said though. He was so damn enthusiastic!

Did he gush too much, did the message he shared sound disjointed, like Old Draenor was going to be this frat pack rat pack party gone amok? Sure.

But am I the only one that got that he was energetic, enthused, and nervous speaking in front of a horde of rabid fans? That he was excited abuot what was to come but was trying to restrain himself to talking about the bits he COULD without spoiling it?

He was sharing his geekspasm with us.

God bless him for it.

I’m sure the politically correct micro-managing backseat drivers would love to spin webs a mile wide from every word he said, but he’s not a political pundit in front of a teleprompter with a carefully rehearsed and sanitized speech that a team of 15 went over to ensure it was as inoffensive as possible.

He was speaking off the cuff. People need to get a grip.

Have all of you forgotten the massive story arc changes that the Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria took us through?

You were shown a video of us arriving on the shores of Pandaria. Were you really able to infer from all of that the raid on Orgrimmar and a new warchief?


You don’t know shit about what’s going to come.

I just… I can’t imagine this shit happening anywhere else, and then I can.

Is it that we have characters in the game world, characters that we love? Is that what leads some of us to think we’re entitled to a say in the way the story will be written?

Do people think that we’re all working together to build the most epic story ever told? A story written by committee?

I can only imagine Robert Jordan getting mail from fans, “I love the People of the Leaf so much, you don’t write about them enough, please write more about them in the next book.”

Or to Tolkein, “I thought your books were good, but you barely mentioned Tom Bombadil in passing and never returned to that character again. Please bring Tom back and show us more of their family life.”

Or to Heinlein, “Your Expanded Universe is a great concept, and I love what you did with the World as Fiction idea, but you didn’t take it far enough. You only used the classics like Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and others in the cross-overs. Why not do a book where they meet characters from a more modern setting like Star Wars? Chewbacca is my favorite, could you have him where he has to save Friday?”

Just… NO.

/makes swishing motion with rolled up newspaper. NO! Bad fans!

You want more awesome stories with these characters? You think there is a way it SHOULD have been written, characters that SHOULD have been created?


Fanfic goes anywhere and everywhere. Post links to it on all those social media sites you’ve used to rant about how much Blizzard sucks, okay?

Please do, I’d love to see it and tell YOU what YOU need to change to satisfy MY prejudices.

Moar bears, mostly.

Biggest problem I had with the Disney film “Brave” was, not enough bears innit.

I make light, but really. I’m so sick and tired of this elitist entitlement ignorant shit, so disgusted that I want to drop the keyboard, flush the blog and walk away from the entire community.

WoW, I’d Buy That For A Dollar!

There are new items up in the Blizzard store, nice looking hats that can be used to change the appearance of any helm you own, for any character, no matter the armor type.

I feel the price is a mite steep, but they’re mighty nice looking hats. Who’s to say how they’ll do until the folks in game have a chance to vote with their wallets?

I’ve given Blizzard a bit of a hard time over the store, and that’s not to say I’m opposed to the store at all.

I’ve said it before, a Cinder Kitten for $10? Sweet animations, endearing appearance, so cute you almost don’t mind the third degree burns fro cuddling one on your lap. SOLD!

Yep, I’d like to see the Blizzard store do well, and help to keep the game going on at the same high level of quality we’ve all come to expect and enjoy over the years.

That being said, I’m a bit concerned over these items they released, and the price point they’ve set.

I think I’d like to see something a little fancier, a little flashier, but with a price point to match.

This is just me talking, but I’d like to see a new mount in the Blizzard store, one that would have the lore admirers among us sitting up and taking notice.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking.

“Another mount? Don’t we have enough ways of getting from here to there? And that bat mount, whew, well, let’s just put that behind us. We won’t go there.”

I know.

But I have a thought on a new mount that would truly stand out from the rest.

A mount that already has the art assets in the game, a mount that would be fun and would actually fit with a hard-earned (once upon a time) reputation grind and associated title.

I’m talking about your very own best buddy, Kil’Ruk the Wind-Reaver.


Many of you will remember our good friend Kil’ruk the Wind-Reaver. The first of the Klaxxi Paragons that we Awakened from stasis, he stood up for us before the Klaxxi Council, and has carried us to our daily work for as long as we have served the Klaxxi in our honorary role as Wakener.

For months we have been able to approach our friend Kil’ruk, and ask him to take us to where the action is. And each time, he has obliged, a Wakener and his Klaxxi.



A case could be made that Kil’ruk could and should be made a mount available for those Exalted with the Klaxxi, but there is already a mount at the Klaxxi Quartermaster, the Amber Scorpion, and a lovely ground mount it is.

But Kilruk, ah Kil’ruk. Always the pragmatist, he was willing to plead your case to the Council, but when they told him to execute you, well, tough luck pal.

This isn’t someone that just travels along with you, carrying you from village to township out of friendship. There has to be another reason for his service to be placed at your command.

I think a solid chunk of cash slipped to the Elder Gods of Blizzard to earn his undying service sounds about right to me.

This is something I’d be happy to see in the Blizzard store, Kil’ruk would go great with the Wakener title, and I’d think he would be an appropriate buddy for the low, low sum of $20 or $25 US.

I also think it’s an item that would be a fun trend to see on the store.

Imagine it, a series of epic-level mounts tied to reputations or titles we’ve earned in the past.

Can you imagine the crazy lengths you could go if you started with the goal of designing an epic-level flying mount suited for a cash store to go with the “Guardian of Cenarius”, or the “Bloodsail Admiral” titles?

And considering the gold we had to drop for it way back in the day, I think a nice, pretty golden mount to go with “of the Shattered Sun” would be appropriate, wouldn’t you?

Give me my own flying schooner to go with Bloodsail Admiral, and I’ll take my tall ship and find a star to sail her by, have no fear.