Team Greymane design complete!

So the last Team Greymane pics were so you could see what Tesh had given me as an example of where he was headed after only one day.

No, those were not what was going up for shirts. Not because I wasn’t happy with the design, I was and still am delighted. No, I didn’t put it up because Tesh told me he was using that as a springboard to go a few steps further. He had more ideas. More direction. More polish.

He also has another project based on vector graphics he’s itching to create, and he showed me some concept art that inspired him for the über project. Just, wow. He said it might be done by Christmas, but, you know… he’s a family man. Kids, Christmas… I’m thinking, as ambitious it is, it may just get pushed a wee bit back. 🙂 

But that is a project to drool over for another time.

For now, here unveiled is the true, finished and wonderful Team Greymane design by the inimitable Tish Tosh Tesh, which will grace t-shirts in the BBB Cafepress store by the end of today.

Tesh has also graciously created a 1080p desktop wallpaper version that you can reach by following this link.

I’ve asked Tesh before if he’d think about creating his own Cafepress store so these wonderful creations of his can benefit him, as they should. I have an ulterior motive, of course. I figure, once he had a store, he’d want to do more of his beautiful artwork to populate it. Yeah, I’m sneaky. Hopefully someday. 🙂

In the meantime, as always, any money gained from sales in the BBB Cafepress store will grow until I can use it to get some Cafepress merchandise… to give away on the blog through some silly reader contest.

Look at it this way; the more stuffs people buy, the more stuffs I can eventually give away through the blog.

Oh, and let’s not forget that if you want to see another fine example of an original Tesh shirt design, the Raid From The Heart Cafepress store is still open, and is still configured so that all sales after the Cafepress’ cut go directly to the American Heart Association. I’m not going to close down that design until next year’s event, so you’ve certainly got plenty of time if you’d like to get one of those shirts.

For those of you that have already purchased a Raid From The Heart shirt, and there were many of you, thank you!

The Unveiling of the Awesome!

Tesh took the idea of a Team Greymane design and ran with it, as only he can.

Now, if it was me, I’d be showing you some half-assed thing that was in the early stages of being designed.

Tesh, on the other hand, came up with…

… well, I’ll just have to show you.

Check this out.

I honestly think that he captured the very essence of what it means to be a Worgen.

What do you think?

*Edited – replaced original picture with one provided with more detailed Moon in background.