It turns out it’s easy bein’ green

As a quick follow up to my previous post, I have found an armor combination that goes pleasingly well with the Horseman’s Honkin’ Hat.

The blacksmith-crafted Fel Iron Plate armor set, with the Fanblade Pauldrons which drop from the first boss (Shirrak the eyeball dude) in Heroic Auchinai Crypts.

The colors of the shoulders may not be a perfect match, but the itty bitty little skulls had me sold!

Mogging for fun and… well, fun!

No big guides here, just wanted to make sure everyone interested in MOG planning had whatever little tips I could pass on.

I’ve been having lots of fun designing just the right look for my Worgen Warrior, and hopefully some of you out there are enjoying spending time doing the same thing.

Now, if you want a big guide, I’ve got two suggestions for you on picking the right set for the appearance you want in the armor style you wear; WoWhead News, and the Visual Roleplay Gear List.

The Visual Roleplay Gear List is fantastic. It is, in my opinion, the best place to go to browse armor sets and find just the right look. You can pick from among the Tier sets of your Class, OR you can browse the sets that are of your chosen armor type that are non-class specific. Plus, there are accessories to browse. The name of the game here is ease of use and quick visual links of complete set styles.

WoWhead News, on the other hand, has been running a brilliant series of articles on Transmogrification by Perculia, articles that really are going to end up being THE definitive guides on learning about mogging, getting started, and understanding just what all the choices can be. For the newer player that started after earlier content was obsolete and don’t understand what might be involved in getting, say, Tier 2, WoWhead News is already the cats meow.

So far, there are four Transmogging articles by Perculia on WoWhead News that I know of.

The first one is a comprehensive compendium of Tier, Class and PvP gear sets with selectable links and ‘how to get them’ discussion. A great starting point, and some might say enough to satisfy anyone, right?

Perculias second article is an awesome piece delving into some Top Picks of the most interesting and unique items out there, weapons and dungeon gear and such, for you to browse through in the database. Also touches on some of the non-class specific recolored Tier lookalikes.

The third article goes into much greater detail on all those Tier lookalike sets out there, the ones that aren’t class specific.

And finally, the fourth article that is out goes into the most useful for our low level alts… the armor sets that can be made by matching Green quality items at all level ranges. Now that… that is service above and beyond the line of duty. And written with such charm and flair!

Okay. Now that I’ve directed you to the true guides and exhaustive resources… let’s get personal.

What I’m finding to be the smoothest way to plan my stunning fall ensemble is to start with the Visual Roleplay Gear List.

With my class in mind, and the type of armor, I consider the backstory for my character, and then begin browsing the lists looking for something that takes off.

Now, this is NOT what I’m doing with one of my characters, but I decided I should have an example.

Therefore, I present to you the Worgen Death Knight, CharliFoxtrot

CharliFoxtrot, or CF for short, was, in her life, a Paladin, brave and true. Doubly cursed, first with the Worgens bestial nature and second by death and raising as a Death Knight in Arthas’ service, CF spends her time warring on the undead, seeking to single-handedly rid all of Northrend of the foul undead abominations. For fun, she likes long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and timed runs through Undead Stratholme.

CF wants to put aside her Worgen curse and forget the horrors of unlife as a Death Knight and resume her former life as a Paladin, but she can’t. She has not forsaken the light, but as one of the undead the light has forsaken her. 

So, CF cannot take up the blessed mantle of Judgement, the Paladin Tier 2 set available from Ragnaros, Onyxia, and Blackwing Lair. The iconic set.

But if she could, what would it look like?

Well, we know what the Paladin Tier 2 set looks like courtesy of the Visual Roleplay Gear List website, which shows the set on a female Draenei.

But, how would it look on CF?

That’s where the WoW Model Viewer comes into play.

The WoW Model Viewer, which can be found in its most recent incarnation here all suited up for Cataclysm, allows you to define a character by model, appearance and such, and save it. Then, you can pick and choose what gear items you’d like displayed in each slot. Including items in hands and tabards. You can also use the built-in filter when entering the names of items (you get the names from the VRGL) for each slot to keep from having to scroll a billion items each time.

So, with the magic of the WoW Model Viewer, we get this for a female Worgen in Paladin Tier 2;

Umm, interesting cowl on the muzzle there, but hey, not too bad.

But I already determined I can’t wear that.

But wait! Browsing the VRGL shows that under plate armor, there is a very attractive set that uses the exact same models, but has a different color scheme. It’s called the Recolored Judgement, and it has no class restrictions.

Oh my! How does it look on my Worgen?

Okay, now maybe it’s just me, but for a fallen Death Knight that used to be a Paladin and yearns for what can never be, I can really groove on that set.

But we’re not done yet. The set is only half the battle. We still need weapons!

This is where the WoW Model Viewer really shines.

Once you have your character and set saved, you can load it up any time you’d like, and then start browsing through all the weapon styles in the game, right hand or left, writing down the names of those you really like as matches. Then, you can go back to WoWhead and start looking them up in the database, finding out who drops them, where they come from, what you’ll have to do to earn that yummy two handed sword that complete you.

Let’s take a look at my favorite one handed sword choices for CharliFoxtrot.

As a Death Knight using two swords, one in each hand, browsing led me to these beauties;

That would be a Worgen in Recolored Judgement with Latro’s Shifting Sword and Latro’s Dancing Blade. Mmmm, yummy! They have the same model as the epic Blinkstrike, but probably easier to farm.

Ahh, the good old days when one handed weapons were larger than two handers are today.

But wait! What if your tanking Warrior wants to go with this style as an Anti-Paladin, rocking it AD&D style? You are a Warrior, you rock the mace and shield, and you want to have your backstory be that you were a Paladin that willingly turned to the darkness, and not only were you abandoned by the light but your very armor tarnished and darkened!

Well, we’ve got your mace and shield covered, too.

That would be the Northshire Battlemace and Titansteel Shield Wall.

Pretty cool, huh?

As you can see, simply picking the perfect set is only half the battle. Knowing where to find those awesome weapons is the other half.

Yes, that’s right. Knowing is half the battle. Hail Hydra! Err, I mean Cobra! Oh, GI Joe! Dangit, I still want to see Cap’n America in theaters, grumble.

Now, that’s not what I’m doing. That was just an example of the fun to be had.

What I AM doing on my level 85 Worgen Warrior is, well… slightly more garish.

You see, I like bold, bright, festive colors.

Colors like… well, let me show you.

That is the Recolored Lawbringer on my Worgen Warrior, Bigfurrybutt.

That’s right, my Warrior is going for the recolored version of Paladin Tier 1. Which, lemme tell you, I think is too one-note.

The original Tier 1 Lawbringer was, well….

It’s pretty, but it doesn’t quite have that “I am a super hero!” vibe I’m going for.

Now, the Recolored Lawbringer is cool, I really like it. But I really wanted the perfect weapons to go with it. 

I used WoW Model Viewer, and fell in love with Corruption as the new model for my tw0-handed sword;

Fortunately for me, checking WoWhead led me to discover it was a Blacksmith crafted Bind on Pickup weapon, and you can easily get the recipe since it comes from a quest done in undead Stratholme!

My Warrior just happens to be a Blacksmith. Oh, happy day!

Five minutes later I had the recipe, and two hours later I’d farmed the Demonic Runes (16 of them) from Dire Maul East, which turns out to be the best place to farm them, thanks again to WoWhead and their comments. 

I also found some models for Two Handed Axes, should I ever get one;

That is with the Dark Edge of Insanity (the eye in the hilt blinks!) Good luck on this one, it drops from C’thun. A good challenge to while away the lazy Sundays, right? It doesn’t really fit perfectly, but hey, eyeball can’t be passed up.

And also;

Draconic Avenger. Just saying. If you’re gonna kill internet dragons, why not kill them with a weapon festooned with stylized versions of them? Can’t have enough dragons, I always say.

Those poses with weapons were done choosing the “Ready, one handed weapon” pose. It displayed the weapon better to me eyes than the two handed pose.

In conclusion, if you are going to plan the perfect mogging experience, there are only three tools you need to make it easy and fun; the Visual Roleplay Gear List, WoWhead and the WoW Model Viewer.

Without them, I’d be wearing a white sheet covered in holes, and my sack would hold a rock.

Have fun, and if you have time, by all means, share with me what your mogging plans are. It would be cool to know what some of my friends are planning for their appearance and weapon combinations.

Heck, link to screenshots or email ’em to me if you can! I’d love to see them.

I think a call to action is needed here

With Transmogrification becoming a reality, there is only one thing I think needs to be done to make our gaming preparations complete.

WoW Insider, this is a call for you to step up.

Dawn Moore wrote an article, an excellent article, under the heading “WoW Fashionista”

It is time to make that a weekly feature.

Do it. Make it so.

World of Fashioncraft is here, but I am too masculine a Bear to understand which boots go with what leggings. I can’t color coordinate my staves with my gloves. I need help!

I need Queer Eye for the WoW Guy, or something. I need guidance on my Extreme Makeover, WoW Edition.

Just… come on, help bling a home bear out?

Much appreciated, kthxbai!

PS. I really like the Visual Roleplay Gear List. If you have other websites/blogs you like to visit for gear set suggestions, why not link them below? They will be most appreciated.