Experienced, Bored, Dangerous?

Pop quiz, hotshot.

So, what happens when you’ve been playing a video game for a very, very long time and you’re bored?

What do you do?

What DO you do?

Experience and boredom. A dangerous combination.

What I’m doing is combining race swapping with race/class specific quest items to mess with people and pay tribute to my best friend Manny, all at the same time.

See, here’s the thing.

I like lightsabers. Back in the day, there were lightsabers in World of Warcraft, and I had a character with one (lost long ago on a server far, far away), but I don’t any longer.

I also like Warriors as alts.

I have one at level 85 (or 86, or something), a Worgen. Kinda okay, but the look of a Worgen Warrior isn’t stirring my interest, plus, no lightsabers.

When Cataclysm came around, a lot of stuff changed. One of them was the lightsaber. They’re pretty darn rare nowadays. Used to be super rare world drops, might still be, not really the point.

There IS still a 100% guaranteed way to get a lightsaber in the game.

Roll a Gnome Warrior.

The Gnome Warrior starts in the revamped Gnomeregan area, and the level THREE quest Arts of the Warrior gives you a Very Light Sabre. With stats! Totally transmoggable.

But I don’t like playing Gnomes. I wanted to make a female Night Elf warrior like my bud Manny used to play.

Also, the Very Light Sabre is a two handed weapon. I wanted to wield it in one hand, like a, dare I say it? A lightsaber. I could go Arms and two hand it, but I wanted to have it in one hand. Kinda the point, bored and messing with stuff, don’t be typical.


But what if, WHAT IF we were to start a Gnome Warrior, get the Very Light Sabre, race change to a Night Elf, level up to 38 and then switch to Fury for Titan’s Grip?

And what if I had two heirloom Bloodied Arcanite Reaper two-handed axes to equip?

And what if I were to transmog them both to look like the Very Light Sabre two-handed sword? Something you can do now, you know.

Why, if I were to do that, it might look something very much like this; Warrior transformed

That is what my Warrior looked like in Eastern Plaguelands, when I was wearing the cultist disguise for the quest to blow up the cauldron, with my main hand weapon enchanted with Crusader, and no enchant on my off hand.

Note how wispy the unenchanted Very Light Sabre looks in that pic.

Looking at the picture, it occurred to me, I hadn’t even begun to plumb the depths of this rabbit hole.

The Very Light Sabre, when unenchanted, looks ephemeral. Not very saber-y at all. The glow associated with Crusader bulked up the apparent ‘blade’ pretty nice, but applied a strong white tint.

So, what would happen if I started messing with different colored weapon enchants? The blade itself is a glow, and weapon enchants appear on your transmog so I’d be applying a glow overlaid on a glow.

Ah, what fun. What fun.

You might get something like this;

Crusader and Elemental Force

Which is what you get with Crusader in your main hand and Elemental Force on your off hand.

Elemental Force? But isn’t that a higher level enchant? Why, yes it is, enchants scale with weapon level now so you can use ANY ENCHANT YOU’D LIKE irregardless of former ilevel restrictions. Use a MoP enchant on your weapon, by all means, the effects scale down… but the enchant stays the same. ūüôā

So, interesting. A little red added to the blue, doesn’t bulk up the forward half of the blade at all, but interesting effect.

How about going all in on the red?

Twin Greater Savagery - red

Let’s try one of the more vibrant reds in the game, twin Greater Savagery.

That’s pretty cool, but you clearly see that the wispy end of the Very Light Sabre doesn’t get converted by the weapon enchant. In this case, I tried it in combat and it looked REALLY cool, but what would happen if we overlaid a solid blue enchant on the wispy blue Very Light Sabre?

Maybe something like this?

Twin Windsong - blue

If you compare that shot of twin Windsongs with the earliest shot of an unenchanted Very Light Sabre, you’ll see the Windsong has bulked up the wispy blade graphic, making them look like true lightsabers.

Here’s another view, not very good I know, Hellfire Peninsula has a bad filter;

Twin Windsong - blue posed

See, now this is the kind of trouble you get into when you know about weapon enchant colors, unique items from racial and class quests, tricks to transmogs, class mechanics and how easy it is to grind Justice Points to grab some heirlooms.

And there is still farther I can take this, I haven’t even farmed up the JP to upgrade all my Heirlooms to be good from 80 to 85 yet!

One of the great things to look forward to is, I get to start browsing for brown cloth items to try and make a Jedi Robe appearance, and I get to really scour the plate drop lists for transmog gear to farm that would look good on a Night Elf dual wielding lightsabers…

Way back, the first few months I played WoW with my friend Manny, he had two characters he loved, the male Dwarf Hunter (and his cat), and his female Night Elf Warrior.

Manny hasn’t played in many a year, but having made this character and bopping around with her, it takes me all the way back.

Good times. Good times.

How much better when I’m running down the streets of Stormwind, and someone stops me and asks me where the HECK I got the swords from?!?


What do YOU do with your dangerous knowledge when it’s the wee hours of the morning and you’re feeling bored?

Great Vengeance and Furious Anger

I like that blog post title. Almost sounds like an old 70’s movie, right? Like Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. Or maybe a comic book… but not something from Marvel or DC, more like one of those flash in the pan Chaos! titles from the 90’s, the kind with gratuitous cheesecake on the cover,¬†like¬†Lady Death, something that sold for no other reason than a graphic cover with scantily clad goth chicks.

Of course, I just pulled it from Jules in Pulp Fiction, but we can pretend that I had some loftier source in mind, right?

Oh, and not that there is anything wrong with goth chicks. Nope. All in favor, myself. Anything that breaks people out of the normal everyday is all right in my book.

Mah point, I say mah point, son, is to talk about the furious angah part in that there title. Now pay attention, boy!

(Why oh why hasn’t anyone ever done a live action Foghorn Leghorn movie? That’s what I want to know. A live actor portraying a cartoon rooster portraying a live actor. Recursive loop is recursive. Win!)

I’ve been liking my Warrior quite a bit over the last few days. I shifted to dual wield swords Fury spec, and blew through the last 13 levels. I dinged 61 last night, and there’s gonna be no sleep ’til Brooklyn or Bust, baby.

I’ve been having so MUCH fun, in fact, that I looked ahead to see when I could finally get Titan’s Grip.

Level 69? You can’t get your max Talent Tree ability until 69 now? Gaaah!

So anyway… I’ve got one of the Bloodied Arcanite Reapers, those wonderful two-handed axes, enchanted with Crusader. Okay, to be honest, I’ve got one of every type of Heirloom currently in the game except for the ring, I’m always too busy with that real life thing¬†to be in the Saturday fishing tournament. I’ve even got two of each Trinket, and the old Emblem daggers.

But here’s the thing. With the Titan’s Grip thingie, and the way Orcs get Expertise from axes, does it sound like a good idea to dual wield Heirloom Bloodied Arcanite Reapers?

It’s not that hard to get another one, because I’ve got a character maxed out with the Argent Tournament. Heirlooms for Justice Points is a sucker’s game, the markup is ridonkulous, but for Crusader’s Seals, it’s just right.

You see, a Bloodied Arcanite Reaper costs 95 Crusader’s Seals. That sounds like a lot, right? The thing is, since 4.0 went live, getting a Crusader Seal in your blue bag from some of the¬†dailies is now guaranteed. Something like Threat From Above, which of course my Druid can still solo easily, is now worth 3 Seals all by itself. And when you unlock all of Argent Tournament, there are all those extra dailies that give Crusaders Seals.

Even without running ToC, I’m pulling in 12 Seals a day, easy. I could get more crammed into a day, but why bother? It’s not like I’d be 69 by Friday.

But should I? For those of you with Fury Warriors, does  it sound like something that would be worth doing, for the fun of it as well as the gobs and gobs of DPS? My Hit Rating obviously would be in the tank, so whaddaya think?

Oh, and for those folks that may be mourning their “self heal” Blood spec Death Knight, let me tell you, your Blood spec didn’t go away. It simply moved to Fury Warriors. Between Bloodthirst and Victory Rush, and with the Glyphs that extend Victory Rush’s duration and effectiveness and the Glyph to increase healing from Bloodthirst, I’m never below full unless I’ve got 4 or more mobs on me. I sneer at Elites with scorn. /scorn!

Frankly, what with the haste/attack speed procs, it really does feel quite a bit like an old Blood spec Death Knight while running with Unholy Presence for the haste buff. And that’s a GOOD thing!

So, two points to the post. One, what advice do my Fury Warrior peeps have out there for dual wielding Bloodied Arcanite Reapers specifically, and Titan’s Grip in general, and two, hey, if you’re wanting Heirloom items and are kicking yourself for not buying before Justice points went live, go hit the Argent Tournament up for some cheap Seals.

And no, I’ve not abandoned my Frost Mage. Level 63 and growing!

Have fun, ya’all!


Lately, I’ve been enjoying seeking out aspects of the game that are new to me.

One of the things I’m doing is trying out different styles of alts.

I’ve tried every class in the game at one point or another, some of ’em I’ve loved, some of ’em left me feeling pretty bleh.

Specifically, the Human Warrior, Gnome and Human style Warlocks, Gnome Mages, and at least ten different races of Death Knight.

Each one I got to at least 20, in the case of my Warrior I’d gone to 40 in vanilla WoW, but in the end they just didn’t click.

What I recently decided was, maybe it’s not the class I have a problem with, but the class in combination with specific races.

Maybe it’s an aesthetics thing. Or even a spec thing.

What I’ve found in my researches is that the race of the class DOES make a difference to me.

While I didn’t care at all for the Gnome or Human Warlock, my Undead Warlock feels just right for the race/class combination. I played the character to level 20, and spent the last 4 levels in Looking for Dungeon random groups, and had a lot of fun.

I’ve also got a Human Mage alt that I’ve played as pure Frost spec all the way to 40, and that’s also a race/class combination¬†I’ve really enjoyed. I love Frost. ūüôā Having a skilled tank round ’em up, and then unleashing my Frost Nova/Blizzard/Cone of Cold¬†on ’em never gets old. Screw the min/maxers, I’m Frost4Life!

My latest experiment, though, is a bit off the radar for me.

I created a Warrior.

An Orc Warrior.

I do not have a single Orc character. I started an Orc Rogue, an Orc Shaman, neither ever really grabbed me. I’d love a Tauren Rogue, but Blizzard doesn’t believe in sneaky cows.

What I’d do as a Tauren Rogue, of course, would be to sneak down to Westfall and go farmer tipping. Just sneak on up, get behind ’em, /tip and Vanish away! Revenge!

As far as Warriors go, as I said I’d played one as a dual wielding Fury spec Human back in vanilla, and I’d also made a few Tauren Warriors on other servers, but never got them up to beyond 12 or so. They were my “My home server is down, but those bastards are always up! Fine, I’ll make an alt there!” characters.

But no Orcs ever grabbed me for long.

That just doesn’t seem fair, that I’d discriminate against the Orcs. Sure I discriminate against the Gnomes, but, well, punting’s in the blood.

If punting a gnome is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

(Gnomes named Occulus or Larísa excluded)

How this particular Orc Warrior came about, was I played those LFD groups on my Warlock, and tried one on my 40 Mage, and what stood out was the lack of skilled tanks in the low level randoms.¬†Just… wow.

Trained analysts puzzled over the problem, and then Cassie told me her conclusion was that plate wearing DPS were queuing as tanks for faster runs.

Well, that’s not right. A tank needs to be prepared to TANK.

But, if put in the exact same position, could I do any better?

Well now. That sounds to me like a challenge. If, given a low level character, could I do a better job as a tank than what I’d been seeing? Do the classes have the tools? Do other characters have too much burst DPS for a tank to handle?

I’ve got a max level Druid tank. I’ve got a max level Paladin tank. Death Knights start out too high for the purposes of the challenge.

But a Warrior.

I’ve never, ever tanked as a Warrior before. Such ignorance is unforgivable! And my ignorance makes the challenge all the sweeter!

What better way to solve both problems than by making a new Warrior and leveling as a tank running random instances?

My preparations for this were ridiculously easy.

I already had all the Heirlooms I could possibly want from leveling a Paladin alt as DPS/Tank.

A quick transfer of the¬†Polished Spaulders of Valor, Polished Breastplate of Valor, Venerable Dal’Rend’s Sacred Charge (preloaded with Crusader) for tanking, Bloodied Arcanite Reaper (preloaded with Crusader) for DPS/early leveling, the Charmed Ancient Bone Bow for free stats off my ranged slot,¬†twinned trinkets of Swift Hand of Justice,¬†and I was all set.

Yeah, I had them all lying around.

What? Don’t look at me like that! So, I like Heirlooms. And alts. So what if stacking the deck in my favor with gloriously overpowered Heirlooms was, technically speaking, not fair.

Sue me. ūüôā

There ain’t no such thing as a fair fight, and since the other people leveling characters are free to equip ’em if they’ve got ’em, hey.

I took Mining and Blacksmithing right off the bat, and as I ran around leveling as DPS I mined up, leveled BS up, and found out a Warrior Blacksmith can make very attractive armor quite easily.

Except for a shield. Grrr, 5 gold AH fees for a level 15 shield grrr….

I dinged level 16, trained up, sorted out my Defensive Stance button bars, equipped a few carefully chosen Glyphs (ie I asked Brokentree), and Cassie graciously enchanted all my crafted Blacksmithing gear and the Shield with Stamina enchants.

Trained and equipped,¬†off I went on my quest to¬†tank instances as a Warrior that didn’t suck.

Now, prior to level 16, I’d gone with the two handed axe, and I was, for all intents and purposes, a hug green buzz saw. With the Spell you get now that gives you an instant cast attack increased by attack power immediately after killing an opponent, I found it simplest to exterminate entire villages in the Barrens.

I’d enter a village area, Charge, Rend, Heroic Strike, and after that mob died I would just chainthe villagers one after another. Rend/Auto attack to soften, instant cast attack to bring low, Rend tick to finish, next! Charge when it’s up just to speed things along.

Keeping in mind that every single alt I play has every possible Heirloom item, I can honestly say that I have never experienced faster killing sprees than with the Warrior in Battle Stance with the Heirlooms and the two handed axe. And this is even with all my Talent points going into the Prot tree.

Big. Green. Buzzsaw.

It’s actually quite scary. Sure, on the Tauren Feral Druid I was used to things dying as fast as I could get to them, but there was something more brutal about the Warrior.

At level 16, I had my Defensive Stance button bar set up with Taunt, Thunder Clap (AoE) with it’s range enhanced through Glyph of Thunder Clap (+2 yards range), Sunder Armor next plus Glyph of Sunder Armor (affects +1 target just like Glyph of Maul),¬†Revenge and Rend. Shield Block and Mocking Blow were also present, on the periphery.

My expectation was that in random instance runs, DPS would tend to pull instantly at range before the Warrior could get close. Most DPS, after all, don’t seem to engage the brain, or give a damn about anyone but their own DPS meter results. So what if they pull the mob, so long as they have the top DPS spot on Recount?

That being said, and later instances proving it out, I discarded the more reasonable concept of pulling with the bow as taking too damn long.

My intention going in would be to use Bloodrage to build up Rage, get into melee range if at all possible but be prepared to pop Taunt if a ranged DPS unloaded early. Once first mob was in range, engage with Sunder Armor. Assuming a body pull of additional mobs, unleash Thunder Clap once they get in range, keep Sunder Armor up, and toss in a Rend on my current target.

From that point, watch my health, apply Thunder Clap and Sunder Armor as needed, changing targets to spread Sunder Armor around evenly when fighting groups of 4 or more, be prepared to Taunt if anyone showed signs of getting balky, and if things got tight, Shield Block.

My Talents have been spent purely on Thunder Clap, followed by Shield Specialization. After that, I spent one on Dodge. I figure on filling out Parry and Dodge 5/5 before improving Bloodrage.

So, what were my results?

I started as level 16, ended as level 18 after a full clear of Ragefire Chasm and Deadmines.

Ragefire Chasm, I had a good group except for a Rogue that d/ced on us early in, but we cleared the whole thing, all the bosses, with 4 players. Everybody wanted to keep going, because it was going smooth.

The threat generation on the large groups? Zero issues. I regularly had 2k threat against next highest player at 200 threat on a mob.

The issue I had was, of course, Rage management. Bloodrage is on a reasonably long cooldown, and I just wasn’t getting enough Rage back when only fighting one or two mobs to start the next pull fully loaded.

At one point, I had the healer say he was bored because, between my 910 health at level 16, two Swift Hand of Justice trinkets and the Crusader enchant, I was self-sustaining.

At the end of Ragefire Chasm, the other members begged me to tank Deadmines. That’s pretty damn gratifying. But my focus¬†wasn’t on damage output, but on keeping 100% threat on all mobs at all times. The other party members were appreciative.

Sadly, because the Rogue had AFKed early and never returned, we could not requeue as a group, and since the instance we were on had finished, we could not kick him. For some reason, you cannot kick someone after the official “instance is completed’ boss is dead… even if they are afk, and you’ve waited for them to leave for 15 minutes.

So, we decided to abandon group and instantly, individually requeue for Deadmines.

I got a whole new group.

Umm… ugh.

I had a Shaman healer that seemed to be on auto-follow, a Hunter that had to fire at extreme range at every target and kept his pet on aggressive… and sent it out usually to the far side of rooms, and a Mage that was, frankly, a delight to play with.

I love Frost Nove, and so did he.

Then there was the Ret Paladin on DPS… just ugh. But all that would be found out later.

First, there was the sadness that I lost the good group of fine folks. Then, the initial pu…. hey! Damn, the Hunter pulled. Okay, grab the mobs and play ping pong until they get back on me… hey! Where’s that pet going? Did he just shoot that other group?

I asked, as usual in these situations, if folks would do my the favor of letting me get to the mobs and get a whack in before they opened up with the killing.

Deadmines was a different proposition than Ragefire. In Deadmines, I was level 17 and the mobs were mostly 18 elites, so it was a more even challenge. Misses could be more of a factor. Incoming damage was more significant to mitigate or avoid.

I found myself using Shield Block much more frequently, and also a couple pots in tight moments, but the Mocking Blow still sat untouched.

In Deadmines, Thunder Clap and Glyphed Sunder Armor continued to rule the threat charts, despite the Mage being level 19, the Ret Paladin being 20, and the hunter pulling things from beyond me.

If it came in my range, Thunder Clap had a very good chance of pulling aggro off the hunter’s DPS. Sunder Armor ALWAYS pulled mobs back on me if they ran by, and Taunt of course, is, well, a taunt.

The Rage management issues, the levels of the mbos and the way the party was more disinclined to work together made it even more of a challenge… but I never felt that I had no control over Threat. So long as I could Taunt or Sunder Armor, I could take aggro back and then hold it.

As I mentioned earlier, I ended the evening exhiliarated at proving that, yes, you can tank successfully and hold aggro at level 16 as a Warrior. Even against the DPS of a level 20.

At the same time, I wondered, with Bloodrage having such a long cooldown, if my best bet to increase Rage generation was to spend the 10 points to fully Talent the Dodge and Parry Talents. With Shield Specialization, every Block, Parry and Dodge returns 5 Rage. So, the more I Parry and Dodge, the more I get Rage.

I just don’t see anything else, besides taking and dealing damage, that directly returns Rage for Warriors coming out of Talents. So if I want more, then so be it.¬†

The only thing I’d like at this point is to get high enough level to be able to have Tactical Mastery to keep some Rage between¬†Stance shifts, so I could start a pull by Charging in Battle Stance right into the mobs (and staying ahead of pull crazy hunters), before switching¬†to Defensive and laying down my Thunder Clap.¬†

Warriors. Damn, they can be fun.

Huh, go figure. ūüôā