Webcomics, ah how I do love thee

I’ve certainly made no secret of the fact that I love webcomics.

I’ve posted my ‘squee’ of delight about getting my Richard figure from Looking for Group, my desk photos showed my little Boo from Megatokyo… I eagerly purchase every book that Order of the Stick, Girl Genius, Schlock Mercenary and Penny Arcade put out.

My preferred ensemble is black t-shirts from these webcomics, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally think of picking up a pair of mad spark goggles from Girl Genius… but if I did, Cassie wouldn’t let me wear ’em anyway. 

In fact, it’s safe to say that I read webcomics as a preferred replacement for real paper comics. I don’t have to find time to run down to Source Comics and Games in the hopes something new will be in… and I don’t have to invest in a comics by mail service, either. Those suckers are expensive!

They get paid by my love of their work. They do the work I love, they get paid afterwards. I hope like heck they make money at it, because I love ’em.

Now, Order of the Stick is consistently hilarious, especially for an old AD&D player like me… but it’s great for anyone that loves fantasy gaming, computer or tabletop, I’d think. You didn’t have to play AD&D 2nd edition to ‘get it’. Not at all. The genres and conventions are very recognizable and enjoyable.

But there is another webcomic that is damn near a secret webcomic, hidden and obscure, that is the tabletop wargamers version of Order of the Stick.

The art of this secret webcomic is brilliant, the story is intricate, intelligent, consistent, humorous, sad and wistful, and draws heavily… no, MASSIVELY on internet memes to structure it’s world. But in a cute way.

I’m talking about Erfworld, the webcomic that is ALSO hosted on the Giant in the Playground Games website.

This webcomic is not featured prominantly on the main page of the website, but there is a link to it on the sidebar.

It is a vibrant, rich, detailed world whose personalities and story are really building strong, and I find myself treasuring every page. I can’t wait to see where it continues to go…

If you love fantasy gaming and webcomics, I encourage you to go check out Erfworld.

Don’t let it remain a secret. It really deserves all your love as well!

And don’t despair! They have a link there on the sidebar so you can sign up in your feedreader to get both comics sent directly to you when they are posted! Score one for readers to lazy to regularly visit!


Omigod! EPIC WIN!!!!

Before this day, my favorite webcomics could be placed in order VERY simply.

  1. Girl Genius
  2. Looking For Group
  3. Order of the Stick

Very simple. Very precise. Coincidentally enough, I have every collected edition they have each released to date as well.

God I love those Girl Genius collected editions.

Yes, there are others I enjoy… I have the Schlock Mercenary books (and a shirt), I have almost every Sluggy Freelance book there is, until I stopped reading about a year ago (I still love my Bloody Bun dice bag from the Slugween, and yes I know he is parodying WoW lately… I still think he just lost his sense of humor somewhere in the course of the plotlines, breaks my heart… I miss suicide bikini frisbee), and I’ve got a ton of PvP Online comics and every book by Penny Arcade,  that kind of thing.

But the big three never change.

Girl Genius. Looking For Group. Order of the Stick.

They never change.

Until today.

Today, for a limited time at least, Order of the Stick takes pole position with the most godlike awesomeness EPIC WIN I have ever seen.

I could just link you to the comic that is EPIC WIN, but that would do you a disservice. If you haven’t been following things in the comic, you would get the punchline without having read any of the lead in to the joke.

So if you don’t read Order of the Stick, why not start here at Episode 589… and then read it until you reach Episode 595 HERE.

It’s not a perfect solution… the entire plotline has just been convoluted and entertaining as heck… but assuming you just want to jump in and spend no more than 5 minutes to find out what I’m talking about, this’ll do.


Partially Awesome!

Since it’s getting towards the end of the day, here I am again, plugging one of the many webcomics I enjoy.

If you are having a slow afternoon, and want some witty biting evil fun in your browser, why not pop over to Partially Clips by Rob Balder.

When he’s a genius, he’s a genius.

You want originality? One man, a single image from clip art repeated three times, and a brilliant imagination.

I DARE you to try this at home.

An example of his fun? Try this one!


Edited: And one just for Cassie!


Say hello to The Road to Blizzcon!


It is my personal pleasure to direct all of you to the grand premiere of the new home of loldruid fun and games, The Road to Blizzcon!

Some are calling it a brand new webcomic, but I think that it is a much greater treasure.

 You see, the site is being done by two truly cool people, Doodlebug and Eustacious, and I am fortunate enough to be able to say that I have actually chatted with them both. They is like, teh uber leet coolness x500. I haz had a brush with greatness! Or at least some minor grooming.

The Road to Blizzcon will document the adventures of our two droods as they try to make their way from Azeroth to the epic coolness of Blizzcon.

I am certain that, quite often, hijinks will ensue.

Hijinks, I said!

So check it out, bookmark it, enjoy it… leave your crankiness at the door (I’ll certainly try) and just enjoy the light hearted druid fun!

It’s back! The Richard statue is BACK, baby!

Thank you to a reader known by the cryptic name “twww”… she alerted me this morning that Looking For Group has started pre-order for a second run of the Richard statue.

I got MY order in, baby! [insert evil cackle here]

Ah, that will so damn sweet sitting on my desk next to my Megatokyo Boo plushie with the guardian angel wings.

Whattaya think? Isn’t that the best evil/good match up ever? Richard likes flaming small, furry things… and Boo is a badass small furry guy with a sweet heart full of gold.

Place yer bets! Richard may be powerful, but can I help it if I want to see Boo with a rocket launcher and a jet pack win the day?

And half my readers are saying, “what the heck is he smoking today?”.

That’s cool, that’s cool. I gots me a Richard statue on da way.

Hey, pics!


By way of Booty bay, yet another awesome webcomic

Is By Way of Booty Bay a webcomic?

Frankly, I dinna ken. I think so… it’s comics, and they’re like, on the web. Ya know?

There is just a ton of neat WoW themed stuff, and it’s fun. Be advised, however, some of it’s on the risque side. On the other hand, hot orc chicks and some unsavory Druid cross-faction shenanigans. Amusing, at the least.

For example, there was one that made me think of Squirrelz (a player in my guild), as such;

Bustail the Squirrel

And then there was another that made me want to adopt my new all time favorite Alliance warcry…

Battle Cries

“Unleash Monkey Overdrive!”So hey, go have fun, check it out. I am barely started on their archives, and I’m having a blast.

On the subject of webcomics about WoW

It occurs to me that not EVERYONE in the known universe may have seen a certain…. webcomic.

This blog is, after all, about Feral Druids. I feel I have a certain duty to my public.

(Bellwether is already screaming “Noooooo!!!!!!” I can hear it!)

Yep, there is a comic out there about Feral Druids. 

It’s the one the adult Feral Druids all know about, but no one admits to having seen.

It was posted on the World of Raids website. It features, for the geeky among you, a certain CSI/Judge Dredd theme….

It should be safe for work. Your howls of outrage, laughter, or disgust may not be.

I present to you the “most twisted Feral Druid webcomic of all time that is still somehow appropriate for most audiences”.

You can thank me later.